Monday, 14 January 2019

Order! Order!

Great Star Wars cover by Roberto Campus -much better without the  text as it obscured what picture was all about -kinda of Days of Future  past in the Star Wars galaxy ..
I  needed to do a Fallen Order speculation post - it's whats preying on my mind as I try to complete "Death in the City of  Bone" colouring -I need a beer tonight so gonna take a rest from that and post this instead (still two pages away from completion) -Jedi: Fallen Order -I'm hoping is final chance for EA to get it right  with Star Wars license -sure Battlefront 2 had a nice story -could of been longer would be neat to actually use novel as a source for a prequel dlc  but doubt that'll happen   but its good it added a  lot more this time around and I did enjoy the maps -on both games  but I wasn't  fond of the grind or  lootbox micro transactions thing -online I don't want to be stuck forever on same planet either (that's why I love the original pandemic  game as now  it's got mods skins -no limits really that game improves with age I guess-should be the plan with new game but new player made maps don't exist ..yet)
I can't seem to run  the original Dice game on  my computer -it's like the Bionic Nien Nunb -(but I'm just a peasent with a laptop -may get a proper geek machine eventually)

Here's my predictions for new game that'll land in November (lightsabres crossed)
Protagonist is called Cal according to leaked report  the story takes place  5 years following The Clone Wars (I hear alot of griping online that it isn't durring CW's - but I don't mind 5 years prior to Solo is a time period  we haven't seen -maybe we'll get Stormtrooper with Picklehaube inspired helmets -here's hoping -actually it'll be more like a transition period  so Clone/Storm  crossover look I reckon -Could get Proto Tie Fighters/X & Y Wings -the more Ralph Centric in design always a good thang

 I wouldn't want to play a 13 year old for duration of game either -I figure Ashoka's about 12 or 13 in Clone Wars movie  about 16 by Season 7  so if story begins with Padawan around her age during Order 66  a five year time jump seems about right for a character - Order 66 was a bitch - I don't think Clones were evil- they had that nasty chip in there head -they were created for sacrifice on the battleground to further Palpatines ambitions  but I'll talk about Clonetroopers in a sec as I'm very fond of them.

Poor Commander Gree the David Attenborough of Clone Troopers beheaded by Yoda? (was a bit of a expert on galactic natural history )..
It struck me today that   Yoda reaching Dagobah actually didn't make the final cut - but rather it's a deleted scene - could it  be possible he turns up in this game? More work for Frank Oz  would be neat after Grovergate (One of his best performances it's just   they didn't mic him up right- besides it's not in his character to say such  a word like that )Maybe Yoda went around galaxy trying to sort out various messes created by republic before putting himself in exile - perhaps he stuck around on Alderaan or Polis Massa  for a  while Yoda  would have a bit of business to sort out before retirement  this scene may of happened but a good few years after Sith -then again may be in novelisation  he went straight to Dagobah but hey  the books aint the movies....
I know theres meant to be some kind of mentor character called Ceres  whether she's a pirate or a sage of some kind we'll have to wait and see - doesn't seem force connected way I read it - It would make sense if everyones hunting you to lay low -maybe after Order 66 this Cal character is in the klink and nobody can detect him/her perhaps on The Citidal on Lola Sayu - would make a cool setting more volcanic planets apart from Mustafar -I can imagine a jailbreak mission on this planet.. I hope to see a Clone companion in this story -I had this idea of a Cyborg Clonetrooper(Valance Style) who had his inhibitor chip blown from his head in battle - could be Sev from Republic Commando would make a good connection to original computer game - if not could be some other random Clonetrooper but would be a nice gateway to revisit that title as gamers have been waiting for a sequel  a long time and it was a boss game and it  seems  good way to bring it back
and my homeboy Valance - Carmine Infantino  Thee Man!!!..  Carmine sure it's not Al Williamson but still showed another brand new style and its solid and cmon he's up there with Jack- kinda created Terminator in this story dude you weren't there so you are so wrong in this video

anyhow all beer gone coffee awaits no idea whatsoever what this game will be like - but I got some cool ideas - actually good we know jack right now as I like surprises Hope they're good 1's

Updated -it slipped my mind whilst slurping my Guinness and typing the above that it would be cool to see the old droid Huyang  in the new game-voiced by David Tennant -possibly he would eluded the Empire -he's been around even longer than Yoda- would make a good companion to young Cal  -I expect him to have great survial skills -would make sense
The most recent list of 66 surviours I could find on youtube -they didn't actually make it obvious about Jocasta in Vader comic ..but more 7th Sister please -she's a babe 9th Sisters a bit like a Sith Nora Batty Very sad news about open world created by EA Vancouver project Orca like Ragtag would of rocked - Ragtag had a really cool story from the sounds of it involving Alderaan (I do like these codenames Episode 9's codename is Trixey same name as my dog I grew up with lol) -still back to Ragtag I had the idea of the first mission actually been set on Alderaan hunting down crime bosses daughter in the mountains then a speeder chase through the Alderaan streets and escaping just in time as the Death Star turns up -not sure its what they had planned but would of made a neat opening that mirrored The events in a New Hope- but who knows may have a story that sees the light of day like what they had planned with Ragtag and Orca - guess not as soon and not as expansive as it really should of been-gonna Guess we'll have to" be patient  young padawan" -but at my age I should be a Master
Still I have high hopes for Fallen Order but mega gutted for Project Orca  project -it shouldn't really be about hitting deadlines but putting out quality products -thats why people come back to these games rather than go onto the newest thing-thats why games don't seem to be as good as they used to be -with the exception of Red Dead 2 and Spiderman recently -A game about Scoundrals and Bounty Hunters sounds right up my hyperspace lane -if they're smart about this they could create a Jedi series and a Scoundrals series  to follow that maybe that's why it'll be a smaller game (I hope they don't mean literally though like Renegade Squadron or something -it's all about the big screen -then again whatever this smaller game is could tie in with The Mandalorian or Cassian Andor show)

Friday, 4 January 2019

2019 Year of the Pig (guard)

Last seen on the set of The Mandalorian -which may mean story may concern the aftermath of Jabba's reign on Tatooine -perhaps Jabba's absence has bought about a power struggle between the Former Imperials and the Galactic Crime Lords - seems like IG  will be about too seeing as Jon Favreau tweeted this image over Christmas
 Would be neat to finally see the IG strut his stuff in live action -plenty of his kin in The Clone Wars animated series but a living breathing IG88 should be fascinating to watch hope  it aint just going to standing around looking like a high tech pipe cleaner- a little info on Gamorreans  + a vid about Iggy88

Not sure IG's dead though he'd upload his programming into other droids according to Tales of the Bounty Hunter he actually became the Death Star 2 but I guess that story don't count any more but here's some earlier IG's who are surprisingly agile 2019's the most important year (so far) in Star Wars history as it concludes the Skywalker saga - I hope they can pull it off as there were plenty of disapointed fans with the Last Jedi - there were things that didn't sit well with me but figured that this was a centre piece of a trilogy so I let the final film arrive and then judge that movie -but yeah some of jokes fell flat on me but story made sense towards the end very unfair how people are singled out for all the wrong reasons makes me sad -but the payoff is the sagas climax I hope they can manage a satisfactory conclussion- and look forward to the return of Lando and Leia.
Fallen Order I'm hoping will be a decent game -set five years after Revenge of The Sith -should be an interesting time period -I think the Vader comic concluded 3 years after Sith -that was a decent comic to put it mildly - but will it begin durring Order 66 perhaps this Cal character completly missed it and got away that way- Cals an interesting name too -reminds me of Caligula the mad roman emperor - I hope you can determine Cals fate -perhaps you can keep fighting the good fight or even become an inquistor - maybe turn Grey -3 different endings -I like stuff where decsions matter and sets up a sequel - I hope they've come up with a decent story enjoyed BF2 for the story but not a multiplayer person - but I'm glad they did that at least- but get a feeling the game mechanics will be closer to Force Unleashed
The Motive game also sounds fascinating an open galaxy game (kinda like Mass Effect especially the second game in that series would be welcome ) whether story centres around Dodger or a totally new character(s) (your own customisable character or squad  would be great)
Any way onto the main feature -saw this over Christmas  reminds me very much of Vader Comic -it needs a part 2 -I think it may feature a Cyborg Mace Windu(got my own plans for him in my script but won't give anything away right now gotta sit down and write the thang) but we'll see if ever comes around but not bad for a opening chapter

Saturday, 29 December 2018

19 Not Out

I'll have a stab at 19  songs linked to the number 19 Sesame Street style like last year-start with the most obviousA war that should never of happened -JFK didn't want it thats why they rubbed him out -I haven't heard this version since 80's- now a little older and learnt more about Vietnam War -now song isn't just some wicked beats that  you can break to but a sad truth about war -god knows what the average age of a boy soldier is in all the conflicts that rage around the world in our present day-always some scum profiteering from  wars- they're the ones that need sorting.. so plain to see

Never understood cricket -rounders was more my thing at school -maybe Rory can break it down

I hope this doesn't happen another year with a madman with finger on red button (nothing new about that I guess) but this guys an Orangeman so doubly dangerous -amber alert!Mick, Keef, Bri,Bill,and Charley :)top bass on that track-Gotta be Muddy 192000 a vintage year if you're a Timelord or Timelass these days I guess -More Keef I mean Murdock err The Drop Nineteens ? doing the B Boyz -a bit like a slow Loose - but hey they knew how to party back then...Hey Joe (The greatest  hairline in rock -mystery how he kept barnet? )  
Mind you these chaps disagrees - but I  think you can be 19 inside the head if you don't play the game they want you to play-21  is the beginning of road to squaresville  best stay 19 or younger  in ones outlook -people these days want to grow up too fast-always figured that was phoney and a trap of some kind lol

Halfway there and no Stooges? ...till now that is.. ahh thats better - needs a sequel
5years later..
The original New Order -but have to feature New Order II goes back to my ranting at start of post Bowie future shock funk at it's best (must of been checking Issac Hayes when he came up with this one) Annie sporting Winston Smith chic] Had to be the demo  though -if only Jimi saw 1983 he'd probably would of dug Aqua Man too The Count dicusses #19

Lemmy -the world don't seem right without him or any of the classic Motorhead for that matter - I guess they won't be commemorate the 1919 invasion of Russia by allied forces -I think the establishment want  people to forget that conflict...but even after armistice they were up to no good .


I was hoping Patrica would wake up lol -can only end this post with something Joyous- just hope 2019 beats the crap out of 2018 it would need too..

Saturday, 22 December 2018

HypTV 56

Not very Christmassy to start off with - but gets more so as days change in the making of this - a big nod to John Mellor and thee Clash -very 70's and 80's how I tend to remember Crimbo - I'd like that to change 1 day but at heart not sure its possible -childhood is the most valuable time-preserve it if you had a good 1 if you can.,, back soon- Merry Christmas and all that!

Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Mandalorian Question.

Art work for Hasbro's Fenn Shysa figure that came out a few years back-I think I went by these colours and the original comic book but jazzed it up a bit rather than the blue flight suit that Boba rocks - but lately I've  hit a  few asteroids in my colouring projects - lost the final few pages  of "Death in the City of Bone" and The Judge Anderson story I was colouring (both almost complete ) so its a major pain -haven't been in the right mood to start those pages all over again - not sure many people check them out anyhow so the sense of urgency just aint there at the moment -I'll need to dust myself off in New Year and try and see through newer eyes - I  come this far so I intend to complete story...but not right now.

This time next year may be Mandalorian overload -its awesome that  the first subject of a live TV action Star Wars show will be  a T-Head -is this dude a  Protector ? or a Death Watch  squad member -colours suggest not -perhaps he's a Bounty Hunter - my  take he's a Imperial Hunter seeing as Dark Troopers have been seen on set or at least black  Stormtrooper armour- Jon Favreau no stranger to Mando culture seeing a he's the voice of Pre Vizsla
Reminds me of Kirk Douglas if only they had Star Wars in the 50's lol -nice to know Kirk celebrated 102nd birthday the other day.
Closer to Mando instead of all this Brit BS Brexit - Bob on the lads giving the  Teth 5.0 probs.. probably had too many drinks in local Cantina- proper BF2
I'll have to get lazy enough to sit through Narcos see if dude in that is good -Always busy but I'll catch it -Charles Bronson vibe which is good but rather not see boat race when it comes to bucket heads (except Bo Katan and Sabine naturally ) I think Narcos also stars Cassian Andor - man so much potential in that show too -possible Vader and Jabba appearences -actually everyone around that time - Smileys People in space just to get one up on Sir Alec for dissing that young  fan all those years ago - IE gotta be good and not underestimate audiences intellengence - kinda make a show as good as both runs of The Vader comics and it'll be right (well in my book ) anyhow "White Lines don't do it"glad I listened to the Grandmaster when I was 11 steered me right..
Herzog thee Herzog is gonna direct a episode  -Wrath of The Sith (I should write this)any excuse for JD- Same year too Fett's debut and Joy Division guess first time I saw a Mando armour was in a catalogue for the 12 inch rocket firing Fett always at the back of mind to get one at school -course it never went on sale (too dangerous even as a toy)as far as I know in UK but may be getting confused -but his dope nefairous look stuck in my head Next year should be good as long as they don't muff it up -in all honesty they didn't  this year except bf2 lootbox thing -Solo I liked as it expanded the universe -didn't really care he was nowt like Harrison-dude was like Solo(I would like lots of films about crime and underworld maybe tv series will serve that aspect better) any how Brings me down people viewing  Last Jedi and feeling bad hopefully that  will alter when Ep 9 lands -I expect it to be good resolution and it ties up loose ends maybe expand upon them (might be based on Revenge of Jedi Draft -force ghosts helping out in final battle )Glad Landos back too ... hoping we'll see a wee teaser soon .

Friday, 7 December 2018

HypTv -55

John Heartfeild meets Riot Grrrrl cool- lost a good 1 today. All be fine by Crimbo .

Sunday, 25 November 2018


Bit of long one this-started this before computer went on the blink - so a few nods to Stan and more recently Nic (probably featured a few of these b4 but more relevant now)Lots of Arthur and John