Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Red Dead Resurrection

Happy Zenta! (kind of special this year as it's 50 years to this day  since The Jams were Kicked! -but I digress ) Just completed story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2- 8 years in the making possibly the best game Rockstar have have made and this will be tough one to top -each chapter raises the bar and like the first Red Dead Redemption it is filled with memorable moments characters and stories -I think I've only scratched the surface racing through the game Arthur's great his story really is about Redemption (all the best geezers are called Arthur-Rimbaud -Lee-Lowe for example ) My Arthur is very Clint in style be it "Blondie" or William Munny - A tough bastard -also reminded me of Tommy Lee Jones  I like him just as much as Johnny M -I probably have more in common with Arthur than Marston- first clip from my play through -Arthur goes for a drink in Valentine  with his mates but things go a bit haywire as expected ..."Never mind that shit comes Mongo!"Hats are very important one prob I did have though is if I nicked a hat like the Sheriff for example and I got killed it would not come back after -not sure its possible to save hats from npcs -it might be if I get back to camp an create a outfit -just have to survive -next play-through I'll do that- reminded me of a level on Red Dead Revolver this scene -but a lot more realistic (I was reared on cinematic bar fights Donovans Reef, Junior Bonner , Long Riders..all that jazz) hope to have plenty more (well at least in game)These Circus guys also reminded me of Revolver -I need to get down to the theatre  when I can

Magnifico even sounds a bit like Dick Dastardly -still got the comedy moments that make Rockstar shine as does the pathos -Arthur in nasty mode here although tune changes as story progresses "Cowboys are Square Indians are Better !" Great music throughout even some Willy Nelson -specially liked this riding music -tried to ride in cinematic mode for a change I did a few times but either ran into a tree or got jumped by bandits- actually succeeded this time around
Sadie my kinda Gal Rootin'Tootin & a Shootin'! also great to see John back in bounty hunting mode -really hope Mexico's next on the cards -would like more story-perhaps a prologue that would be cool -just hope it won't be just multiplayer like GTA V the story is the thing that usually grabs me with these games rather than competition  Still need to get used to the shooting and that weapon wheel but all the good reviews are totally justified - a experience worth repeating and a joy to play... also  best credits scene ever so would be a idea not to skip that.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Devil May Care

Finally Daredevil season 3 has arrived - I just hope there's more to come as weekend was soured by the announcement that both Power Man (I mean Luke Cage ) and Iron Fist aren't up for a third season -then I thought about it -perhaps we'll be getting Power Man and Iron Fist all in one like the classic comic series -that would make sense or a Heroes for Hire series -I hope that's the case  trying to be optimistic here . but back to DD -Vince Ruled as The Kingpin -George Dawes knows the score... he should smile more
Get The Kingpin in a Spidey Movie!!! That  would make a good connection between the  TV MCU and the movies.

But its this guy  Dex -the stuff of nightmares (and I did have nightmares about his character as a kid )-lets just say he's Judge Death to Daredevils Judge Dredd -if there's no season 4 that's just daft much more on target than the 90's movie -got the right guy to play him this time... but wanna see Matt back in red suit or at least the yellow one -Dex was great new addition to cast Deborah's lovely -we do get more of a insight into her character Karen Page although not as I expected -it doesn't follow Born Again directly more inspired by it ..Foggy's perfectly cast too -face and mannerisms totally fits that character -Agent Nadeem was another welcome addition  his story  is a fascinating journey that runs parallel .to  the conflict between Kingpin & DD -also cool to see Joanne Whalley as Sister Maggie -saw her star in a 80's drama the other week on youtube with Phil Daniels (Jimmy the Mod) My only complaint really is no Elektra -she really brown bread now? she seemed to be forgotten about after episode 1 unless Matt grieved her the first time -maybe she'll be back -
But what next -if there is a next -perhaps a story based on  Brian Micheal Bendis The Murdock Papers - Matt winding up in the klink with Kingpin & Bullseye -that would be something.

Arts ok with me -kind of  dank  colours -but its Daredevil so bleak streets about right -I do wish he'd hook up with Widow that's a important part of Daredevils life.. doubt we'll see it though - Avengerworld and Netflix needs to bridged somehow... then there's another fine writer  whose stories would work well on TV-That would be Ed as I liked his run on Captain America.

Maybe DD's world will intersect with Punnisher's or Jessica's - can't wait for those shows to land in 2019

Friday, 19 October 2018

HypTV 53

Just a week to go before I return to the Wild West- I get the feeling this will make Red Dead Redemption look small -and that was a fair sized map -gonnahave to free up some storage space-so plenty of Red Dead amongst playlist and a Western there or two - plenty of Punk rock randomness as ever.
Revolver - Best loading screens ever like a Cool Trumpton -course Jack  was  my fave out of a stellar cast .. I hope he escaped-don't usually use gifs but these were just so cool couldn't resist-

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


One of my fave Christmas Cards ever as it features my sister George - Playlist features a fair bit of Rainbow towards the end  as a nod of respect to Geoffrey  - may seem daft but hey you learn a hell of alot from these shows  b4 you enter the big old world of primary school - I loved this show so much  can't see  my sisters any other way now lol -
Of course theres plenty of other content on playlist too including Sonic Yoof a very heavy essay about Situanionists , Fever Tree , a really cool documentary about the Blues -Martin and Francis , Jenny Hill , Old Skool British wrestling Comic Legends , Ultra Man ,Western starring Fonda,Widmark & Quinn Garage and Surf from Beyond the Iron Curtain plenty of Maurice Mickelwright and the Best Nirvana and MC5 tributes in recent times - just a couple of things  I''ve missed alot - doubt you'll watch them at least its here as some kind of testament to how randomly cool the world could be but aint (just yet) It'll outlive me - I suggest adblocker- and whats algorithm anyhow?-Its wise to keep an eye on that mind control shite,

My other Sister Zippy earlier this year

Friday, 5 October 2018

"Reasons to be Cheerful"-Part 4

After a terrible start  to the week-see last post (and Geoffrey out of Rainbow on the same day)  - I'll try and lift spirit -although by the time I complete writing post bound to be suffering from tonight's hangover -but a nice surprise last night - I hope this is Fenn  or Boba for that matter-we'll have to wait for 2020 or whenever this comes out- could be Kevin McKidd  in that armour?  or dude they mentioned in vid  who has a Boba-esque skin tone although not a Maori  so I doubt its him (BTW Jango's from Concord Dawn which falls under Mandalorian jurisdiction it's worrying that this canon cull  has wiped out  the Bounty Hunter game  and Open Seasons /Bloodlines  comic it seems -but in my mind that's canon as is this story I've been colouring- but the story I've been writing  all that re-pressing the start button   makes it not worth doing -wonder how people who worked on that game and those  comics feel about all that too..

A live action Bo Katan and Sabine  here's hoping... 10 hours worth of  Mando  history unfolding I'm  looking forward to it-
Still lots of Resistance against Resistance it seems -which is a pity as it hasn't even kicked off -different style to Clone Wars and Rebels sure- but those ship designs are  awesome  - it's aimed at younglings  but at 46 I'm  still a youngling at heart so we'll see if it is as good as it's predecessors got to give it time  -glad Clone Wars is returning - I reckon  people should at least give this show a chance before been doomsayers- plenty to whinge about in the real world -dig this stuff as it's a escape from dumbsville.- it's getting worse  that place called reality.

Vonreg kinda Red Wolf mk II - 
Kinda Thunderbirds 2086 and Battle of the Planets in a Star Wars galaxy as long as it aint too corny and you care about characters it should do alright and besides I've got faith in Dave .
The other huge news is Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer that dropped on Monday kind of overshadowed by all the sad news this week but it won't be long till I'm sucked back into the Wild Wests dying days Peckinpah/Long Riders style Gonna be a  real game-changer this one -I doubt open world games won't ever be the same after this- my Arthur may  go for the Chris out Magnificent Seven look  (meaning The Original One)   if Barber Shoppe does that -also hope there's plenty of ponchos - may have to head for Mexico for that -but I can tell this will be crazy good (like the last game but improved big time)Arthur's looks proper masculine too just like me so look forward  to stepping in his boots as he don't look like a sissy like most male protagonists in modern  games

This game also  makes me wonder about ancestors  who did make it to the West- the Gilmours -the Murphys - bound to be some O'Hagan's  out there too -I'm glad there's a Mount Hagen in this game named after Ross who provided voice for Landon  Ricketts  I'm sure there were other offshoots but my Uncle Brian  when I was four or five bought me a Fort  for  Christmas  including figurines of  Paul  Revere -Davy Crockett  hat guys and War of Independence  era soldiers - I  miss him and Dad both died too young - but maybe that's why I like Fallout 4 so much as it deals with that period of history  (kind of)-  lots of history hidden from me - I've been watching show about earliest pioneers of America (Ray Mears How West was Won)  worth investigating   if you want to see how  North America  came to be what it is.-
Sometimes I wonder if you want the truth  you gotta look to the past- not the so called victors truth but the truth as it happened  or as  close as you can get to it - in my mind the truth wins out  it's the absolute rule of things so the people who think they're winning now  are nothing in the eyes of  the good minds of tomorrow -gotta end on a poignant note  been a rotten week but things will rock again once the trash is gone.-lets hope it's soon!...
 ooh b4 I forget -DD season 3 very soon :D

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Sad to hear about the passing of Carlos Ezquerra  just tonight(Monday)  an  artist that has been with me all my life (like Cam and Ian Kennedy)from Rat Pack & Major Eazy to the forthcoming The Spectre  which will appear in Megazine next year -his contribution to comics is up there with the greatest -so I wanted to pay tribute..
Carlos most famous creation has to be Judge Dredd -who's endured for over 40 years as 2000ads  top lawman -I don't speak Spanish but included this vid as it features the first Judge Dredd story to be drawn The Bank Job from 1976-it didn't appear till early 80's in a annual + he's back home in ZaragozaI've featured Interview with Carlos & John Wagner before on this blog when The Strontium Dog fan film came out but I will include videos the characters and worlds he has created
Cover of Judge Dredd 4 featuring The Executioner storyline about a vigilante hitwoman -one of the stories that followed The Apocalypse War and the return of Ezquerra to the strip as he only did a few of the early Dredd's Krong about a robotic King Kong been one and he worked on a episode of Robot Wars the first Dredd mini epic -but after the Apocalypse War in 1981 he was a mainstay on Dredd right up to the present day -but here's a vid featuring the very first Judge Dredd story to be drawn which didn't see print till 1980  in a annual But I would  first see Ezquerra's work first in Battle -Major Eazy been the first -unlike other characters in rival titles he seemed kind of hip -a very cool dude he'd fall asleep in a firefight -based on James Coburn not sure Cross of Iron was even  out when he first appeared -but such a great character  that he's been  revived   in the Dredd universe as Cursed Earth Koburn I guess seeing Battle artists like Carlos, Cam and Eric Bradbury working on 2000ad stories made me investigate the galaxies greatest comic- this story is a perfect crossover from Battle/2000ad looking forward to getting Zombie Army Trilogy to soak up the vibes first seen in this story
Johnny Alpha and The Strontium Dogs are possibly the second most famous Ezquerra creations -if Mega City One tv show gets off the ground I hope we see Johnny and Wulf turn up.

Talking of Bounty Hunters Carlos did a awesome Boba Fett too
as well as 2000ad Carlos worked with Dark Horse for the Mara Jade comic By The Emperors Hand
Another James Coburn inspired character was Slippery Jim diGriz - The Harry Harrison creation visualised -It would make a cool series of movies if inspired by Carlos visuals  and designsOne of th efunniest stories Carlos and John Wagner collaborated on Als Baby -I'm looking forward to seeing there final story together The Spectre -seen some character and vehicle designs looks like future pulp just the way I like it. This really is just a drop in the ocean as far as Carlos artwork and creations go but I will mention his favourite  El Mestizo -a Django Unchained back in 1977 -I missed it first time around but thankfully it'll be reprinted in November -I really hope he had a advance copy of this.
I have to also mention Third World War from the pages of Crisis a very right on publication printed towards the end of the 80's -was a bold attack on how the world was and is goverened and the multi-nationals it also  went well with Punk ethics I was picking up at 15/16 and Steven Wells ranting in the NME a very different comic -full colour which was rare back then -an example of comics actually growing up taking a hard look at the world we live in now-rather than trying to copy Watchmen and getting it wrong which was all the rage back then.
I mentioned "Colour like Carlos" in a past post - doubt I can ever match his expertise -I liked the fact he coloured his own art -course love various colourists like John Burns , Gina Hart Chris Blythe and John Higgins -but Carlos probably biggest inspiration there too as I remember he went through a evolution -I think he may of started with coloured ink and water colour -Necropolis back in 1990 was a high point for me-sickly deathly colours -very much in tune with Judge Death and his cronies taking over MC1- I will check that again for Anderson story I'm colouring  whilst Dredd was out in the sticks -(updated found this video about Necropolis last night so I'll include this too)

but it's the jump to computer coloured art that impressed me the most-he had the guts to do that -other artists tried but then go back to paint or rely on other colourists -but Carlos kept at it and mastered it made it look an expressive form -I used to be anti computer colour believe it or not -but he showed endless possibility -once I attempted it became fun and unlimited but here's my tribute to Carlos and his tribute to Steve Dillon -really massive scan hope it uploads

Friday, 28 September 2018


Sleeve for "Rabbit" my Dad bought this as a gift for my Mum lol -I was also known as Rabbit by my sisters -picked up alot of nicknames in my lifetime-Haggis been another at school - Anaconda at Uni-it seems latest nickname is CJ which stands for "Cartoon John"everyone seems to call me that now in town.
my mate David did this awesome print of me over my birthday. that's not a syrup lol  but a  furry hat -very Russian -colours here are very 1967 -Birthday was kind of tinged with sadness though what with Gary Kurtz and Chas Hodges  passing so there's a few  vids towards the end  featuring them -bit of a mammoth playlist this time around I a had a smoke and a drink &  it kept on going  so a few movies and plays among these and music as ever.-