Monday, 15 January 2018

Corellian Grafitti

 I'm hoping the wait is over by the time I  complete writing this post - The Solo a Star Wars Story  trailer  will of arrived -So I'll leave that  till the end of post promised to arrive today started writing this post last Monday the waits killing me lol -
It's not the first time somethings been called Solo -remember a show in the eighties called Solo  starring Felicty Kendal  -unfortunately she wasn't a swashbucking star pirate bah !(would of been good though) Got mixed feelings about this one-Harrison got that character nailed-like Bogart got Sam Spade and  Clint got Dirty Harry right -but at the same time always curious about his past -what was his childhood like? what with The Clone Wars going on , he'd be old enough to remember it (he's 29 in a New Hope apparently) was he made an orphan is that how he got the name Solo.. there's EU books that came out in the 90's but I'm kinda old skool even then  sticking to Brian Daly over other writers - once the prequels came out for made Boba Fetts origin story obsolete for example so I would read the odd comic and Shadows of the Empire but over versed on the books that came out between the two trilogies . Whether any of the material from The Corellian trilogy winds up in the movie who knows ... but what's Corellia actually like -First time I saw it onscreen was in The Force Unleashed -very snowy -not what I expected

Now this isn't canon anymore because of Disney takeover but if George gave the nod there's a hint of truth to this. I always expected it to be like New York though or a American City industrial & futuristic, a few Battlefront 2 mods (the original 2005 BF2 that is)that depict Corellia -starting wth my fave - great map I like the advert for Max Rebo
Then there's another excellent map but more rural-this ones bang up to date featuring Galactic Civil War II Mod -
I'm not having much luck with EA's Battlefront -I bought first game recently on PC-as I wanted to try out the cinematic tool & make little movies or at least take snapshots waited forever to install on Origin only to be told it failed to download -tried repairing and tried getting new drivers still it don't work -may have to get a new computer just to play this game -perhaps my laptop just aint the right machine-frustrating!
I don't really care about silly backlash about Last Jedi - thought it was a good film mostly -the ending reminded me of the Wicker Man with the sun going down-and it was very much like what Ben said "Their are alternatives to fighting".. Granted some of the dialogue wasn't very Star Wars (why's Hux so hammy ? second generation Imperials seem a bit cheesy and I'm sure I heard  Finn call DJ "a bastard "-which isn't Star Wars language at all surely there's a more intergalactic insult word for that.I didn't like what happened to Phasma - could of kept her going for third movie (she even has her own comic it's a pity her part was reduced in final cut ) Ackbar too hope there's a escape pod waiting and no screentime -but the next movie can now go anywhere- a real guessing game between now and went against my expectations -I've sat through Caravan of Courage but not the whole of holiday special (sounds like that's worth whining about )

But what will Solo's story be like? could the scene above be depicted -Kessel Run seems confirmed - Falcon looks different- before modifications .will  the ship be Han's or Lando's through movies duration?- will we get to see that Sabbac game? " There's going to be a few time jumps  I think it starts when Han is 16 up till he's about 24 - so  5 years before A New Hope  about the same time period Rebels begins Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far Far Away Leone style -(maybe we'll get that  in Bounty Hunter movie or TV series ) but here's a few predictions this youngling knows his stuff
Bollux that name always made me laugh as a nipper - would be nice to see some Espo's who were the Rozzers  in space. I'm hoping they'll portray Solo as Howard Marks in space but it seems unlikely  seeing as Disneys at the helm -he's a spice smuggler  so a bit  on the dodgy side of the law -not sure what the effects of spice are whether they're addictive  and dangerous or just like weed or solid  -he'll more than likely be tricked into it and get his rep that way..
We've already seen Kessel in Rebels -not sure I trust Kallus -he's a Rebel now  with great hair lol-but I don't trust no bloke with great hair anyhow -he's a right git here to  the Stormtrooper (more than likely a conscript) so I reckon he'll sell Kanan and his comrades out by the end of Season 4 -a leopard don't change his he thinks he's a cut above -and all about self preservation -then again I could be wrong  I have been many times before.

Well I waited it's now 2 in the morning-cheers what a bunch of feckin bollocks went out had some beers watched a movie listened to Parliment -nuthin' some of of us give a damn -some of us wanted a Solo movie since 78 but whatever -  may update post but bored as crud waiting  tonight Yankees get first see I guess - not that they deserve to after voting for a Hutt

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Indy 5?

In a Indy mood after watching Crystal Skull on TV the other night -classic cover by Howard Chaykin -Have Marvel bought rights to Indy?  I'd like to read more further adventures -his experiences in WW2 remain a mystery would be fertile ground for writers and artists to explore. So cool the look of Indy dreamt up by another comics living legend Jim Sterenko -note ciggy -a nod to Bogart - not sure Indy smokes -no time.

The first time I saw Indiana was on a kids show The Saturday Show I think it was called in the Tiswas slot a very violent scene for a kids show they wouldn't dream of putting this clip on a kids channel these days -They also showed clips from the Blues Brothers the very early 80's had it's moments. Indy V? -Really should be lol been finding tonnes of Youtube poop based on Indy and Star Wars nice to know there are total nutters out there (but in a good way)makes me laugh as I'm kinda immature .Non poop but very good - would like to see an animated Indy show like Rebels or Clone Wars  even got Denholm Eliots grin righ here Watched the Young Indy Chronicles when they were on TV -I bought the first boxset rather excellent as they also contained documentaries about the historical figures Indy met along the way-so very good if you have an interest in 20th century history -I'll have to place an order for the other boxsets only got as far as Mexico 1916 course Indy will survive after Indy 5 except he'll lose an eye somehow -the original show featured a Indiana in his 90's but these were edited out of the boxset for some reason.- and then there was the Harrison Ford guest episode"The Mystery of the Blues"

7 years before Crystal Skull ...but what will the Mcguffin be in V? rumors are it'll be The Bermuda Triangle -maybe Indy winds up in Nam? (1968 seems to be the year stories going to be set-roll on 2019)Hopefully they'll do a good job this time around -Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had it's detractors but I enjoyed it - they did grand job  with Blade Runner 2049 so final movie has to be Raiders quality (and only Harrison can really play him at his peak -by time movie comes out he'll be 77 and still at his peak -very curious to see what happens)

Sunday, 31 December 2017

18 (And I hope I like it)

Never know what New Year will bring hopefully not more of the same -Plan to stay in tonight I've already had my share of beer last night -but best laid plans of Mice and Men  a  bit like this time last year this post except songs about the # 18 Johnny Rotten auditioned with this for the Pistols- actually prefer 19 and 20 -it's all downhill after that wish I was frozen in carbonite back then but possibly more dim back then too May struggle finding cool songs -but remember these guys from back in the day a song called 18 Wheeler this time around. The Big O The Bobster Well it does contain 18 in it's opening line lol-any excuse for The Pogues Prince been a sexy MF cOOL THAT iactually got to see these guys -very out of it though -met Ian Dury that night. "Only 18 exiled he was .." Left school by then (sixth form seemed really square used to drink martini during playtime -then chuck up when I got home lol-think I out grew uniform ) far too manly for school
Some early Roses
For Long Distance Clara More Trucks GTA style "18 Years of American Dream" bit of a Alice influence in this one lol.. well it's got the number 18 in it lol Glad 2017 was a good year for some of my friends -I had a bad year -least I'm still alive and kicking at least I miss my mate Chris should really be here now sounded a bit angry yesterday hope mood lifts - felt better by end of evening but feel like crap today-1812 will stir my spirits I'm sure - May 2018 be a magical year and things begin to sort themelves out -I want my life to change for the better -gonna set my sights on that .

Saturday, 30 December 2017

"Out Demons Out!"

:(Fuck 2017 - a total stinker - need air freshner for 2018 good job I got no sense of smell cut through all the lies and deceit.Why did things go tits up so badly -remember watching this a few years back-the writing was on the wall  then and only a few people fecking noticed- as young Jimbo said "Wake Up! " Sounds familar this is why tiny handed worlds most expensive vapour sea slug comb-over head thinks he's king-I've never seen such panto and it's all real - and yet another grand theft I hope people cotton on and remove this tripe before it's too late perhaps it is... losing faith in people but not all -
2018 21st centuries almost grown -but I tell myself that everyday at 45 and still nonedewiser  how do you combat mass bullshit and bullshitters ? - I dunno gonna drink myself stupid tonight a curse all the cowards and betrayers ,daft eejits that buy this crap and BS Artists that provide it -well least it's a start. forgive me I modded out for a second lol- my Neph got me Odessey & Oracle for Crimbo whatta dude Not sure anyone really gives a monkeys about me -- but Christmas was alright coming back home not so -a total dampner so I'm getting blasted won't celebrate New Years Eve probably build a Anderson Shelter instead -
Needed to hear some beardy lunatic rock - but it's good beard not lego  beard

Thursday, 21 December 2017


Err a tiny bit Christmassy but not too much -not unless you think Swans are christmassy lol- Xmas bug hasn't bit me yet

Sunday, 17 December 2017

"Can You Feel the Force?"

Had to call post something this tune popped into head some old skool Disco Funk Finally saw The Last Jedi today- I'd say it's a 8 out of 10 -Bittersweet ending like all good Star Wars movies -seems like it's a divisive movie many people not liking what's not been explained -  that's bound to be explored in Third Movie -few scenes may seem unbelievable and no Knights of Ren..Del Toro wasn't a Fett lol but a guy called DJ -I won't go into spoilers but I do hope all the loose ends are tied up by episode 9-perhaps they'll find Star Peace .I still wonder how George would of handled it -but so good to see Luke & Leia again almost teared up in that scene as well as a few surprise characters which I won't mention here... it's own animal  -not how I  predicted -not mad with the movie like  some people - things will never be the same again-how long will the time jump be by episode 9? would be nice if the comics pick up directly after the closing scenes of the movie just like the 70's or 80's - doubt they'll do that but they have the space to do that now... there could be a three year gap between these two films like there was with a New Hope and Empire - so plenty of time to work with there,

These red guys remind me of an episode of Mr Ben hen he becomes a knight lol-I still think Royal Guards are cooler though -space ninjas- if they keep making these separate Star Wars movies like Rogue1 and Solo maybe they'll get around to seeing them in action.

Talking of Solo spent a fair bit of time on his home planet lately - I do hope it's a little like this excellently modded BF2 map Been playing both The original and EA's  Battlefront but thanks to the great work done by modders been able to play a few maps from the cancelled Battlefront 3 and it's very good even in it's Beta stage

Solo next very little info on that even now ..hopefully a trailer or a clip will appear by end of the year -and there's the second half of the final season of Rebels to also look ahead to.

Monday, 11 December 2017


My first Action Man -The Adventurer - guess my Dad didn't like the militaristic theme- (next door neighbour had tanks and jeeps all sorts)I  guess he's more like a folk singer who gets lost in the wilderness- possibly the most sussed of all the action men- Playlist features documentary all about Action Man , Brian Wilson , Bowie, Iggy & Woody, and a ocean of Soul...the usual. Oh and this guy pops up throughout ...