Saturday, 23 March 2019

Surf N Stomp ! Playlist

I can't even feature a preview image as I've busted laptop screen(rather bust s surfboard but there you go - wish I had a talent for fixing things rather than breaking them) The sad news of Dick Dale surfing into the great hereafter inspired playlist-I'm sure it isn't really complete just yet I'll add a few more vids later if computer (a half screen computer) will allow it

Monday, 18 March 2019


The End.?.. no chance Dreams never End - Mashed Jim and  other nuggets -I had very low key Saint  Patricks this yeah Sundays a non beer day for me (gotta have a day off lol)  but there are a few pipes here and there on playlist.

Must get back to colouring about 4 or 5 pages started should post in a week or too -but nice to see vid about old comic from early 80's awesome artwork.

Monday, 11 March 2019


"Take your Brain to another Dimenson! ..Play Close Attention!"

May be a slow down with these playlists as I've finally got digi box to work again (had a accident a few years ago when ceiling litrally fell on me in my sleep -thought it wrecked tv box thing -but its ok  - but scart lead died as did remote control -so been making own tv channel kinda  to counter a lack of proper tv -kinda done that since I was 4 anyhow lol when I was little I didn't have imaginary friends but an imaginary TV station called BBC 9 which i'd make tv schedules (wall to wall Flash Gordon ,Hong Kong Fuey and Incredible Hulk lol) The Usual mad mix of Superfuzz Indie Kid Funk  Hop
+ plus a nod to Keith and Jean Micheal (becoming too regular these posthomorus tributes lately)
Sometimes the world don't make sense -so you create your own.

Friday, 1 March 2019

Star Wars Colouring Project-"The Stenax Shuffle" Part 1

Cover by John Higgins - I saw the original at my local libary along with other Marvel UK  art from that era - This issue came out just before Return of the Jedi was released  I didn't get to read it first time around I started off on Issue 2 of Return of The Jedi weekly and  that was about half way through the follow up  story-Return to Stenos so I was a bit confused about the events in that story - but caught up eventually as they would reprint old stories right up to the weeklies conclusion in 1986 or thereabouts - Great fun coluring these - here's the first six pages - A flashback story which from what I read in a forum had it's origins in 1979 but never got around to print as Empire Strikes Back came out so it got woven into another story - Han didn't really get a look in for about two years  so it was a nice way to bring him back.

I won't say these are truly complete yet -I guess like everything I colour -just the foundations -want to move on-started off well then got sidetracked . Come back after a week and the imaginary art editor in my head is getting on my nerves -so I want to move onto the next six pages or some of Carlos drawings from his colouring book.
This was the first issue where Mary Jo Duffy took over as head writer on the strip - I found this intriguing interview the other day on youtube where she answered alot of questions that have been bugging me since 86

 You could say she wrote the very first Clone Wars /Old Republic story starring Obi Wan and the Droid RKO- obnioxous guy hassling RKO reminds me of Kenneth Williams -art by Carmine Infantino inks by Bob Wiacek
I hate to think that Sir Alec was just sitting in a hut all that time on Tatooine the odd astro luxury cruise here and there sounds about right to me- maybe this story could somehow be woven into cannon or maybe not (but was cannon in my mind in 80's)

Great news the other week  the Return of Valance and Domina Tagge - apparently Jaxxon the Rabbit is also making an appearence (George won't like that ) and the wonderfully named Amazia Foxtrain as well as Walt Simonson who drew this cover  and Kerry Gammill (who penciled Stenax Shuffle) - a sequel or perhaps prequel seeing as Valance is dead after ESB  to "The Crimson Forever" which appeared in a annual about 1981 perhaps they can resolve other stories in the future -doesn't seem fair the way Mary Jo and Cynthia Martin didn't get around to completing there story arcs as discussed in earlier video -
 Valance-also appears in Cadet Solo comic - could he actually become canon if he survives - might be the reason Hans sent off to Mimban

Sunday, 24 February 2019

HypTV 61

A bit like  Tina the dog who  was around when I was a  kid -then there was another collie crossbreed called Trixy -both had unique character .
I'll plonk this up before latest colouring post as I want to go back to it and smooth things over-got sidetracked last week but Its going well -but full of solid nourishment this playlist nuff said

Vengers very own Boba Fett Warduke (only one episode? -still D&D preferred  a million times over to He Man same story and animation every week )

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Albert "Artist with a Thompson" Finney as Leo O'Bannon  in Millers Crossing -up there with James Cagney - bit overblown playlist  this one -had a few jars last night and couldn't bring it to a conclussion
- but could only end it with Finney apt this is Playlist 60 as he kind of kick started that era

Brexshite gets a good kicking in this one -Maybe I'm just delusional as ever but still can't see it actually happening -I pray it fades away -but its unlikely -it's like tying up your shoelaces together and trying to run -just daft  right now -may of worked in 70's but we've moved on -things shouldn't come undone but should be built upon -but the damage is done -I  think I'll retreat into Star Wars and 2000ad galaxy for the next few years- realities a bit of a dead end -But making progress on "Stenax Shuffle"  6 recoloured pages on the way -having a break tonight - look forward to posting them- decided to colour the Walt Simeonson run after that those are my fave Star Wars comics

Friday, 1 February 2019

Star Wars Colouring Project "Death in the City of Bone"-Concluded

 Original cover by Tom Palmer -my colours .
It's taken 5 years to get to this (finally completed the climax to this story -it's my third attempt as I lost the pages + I gotta look after old folks ) but in order for this story to make sense please check out the first part of this story arc

Next.. The Stenax Shuffle ... well maybe (wouldn't mind colouring Dani as she's a total babe .. also tempted to colour Al Williamson's newspaper strips .. but for now I take a deep breath),, cool to see The Wheel -really would of been a good setting in a proper movie -kinda like a space Vegas - Lando would be right at home .. only proper review I could find of this story on youtube a true Star scholar this dude

Never thought of that Shysa been a German swear word -maybe that's why they changed it to Fenn Rau -
First and last glimpse of Tobbi Dala in his armour pity really as he rocks-I  opted to batter his and Fenns armour up a bit as they are veterans -been fighting the Republic and then the Empire so armour wouldn't be totally spick and span-I also used Dented Helmet and Mando Mercs cosplays for reference although felt the yellow on Tobbis helmet would be a ring rather than the top of the T visor -figured it looked cooler (i always thought the original colour may of been a printing error) but this one goes out to Tobbi There's jungles on Mandalore (well in this story -I'd like to think Sabine and brother may of got ball rolling on that ..Ecological Warfare that would confuse the whitehats I reckon  ) Good to know R5D4 (The red one) will be back in the Mandalorian ..the other droid that says "Demon!" always cracks me upbut how about Boba Fetts droid BL17?(He turns up in my script anyhow)