Saturday, 26 May 2018

Twelve Easy Parsecs

-The Lowdown-Fine  the kid did good -movie served function had a nice set of locations and variation of styles -I'd see all these one off movies as a piece of a puzzle , rather if we see Alden again in Lando or Boba but Solo 2 no point. better everyone gets story told

Better than The Last Jedi -although very different in it's objective -eventually Last Jedi and Force Awakens questions will be answered -I'm thinking Rey is the result of The Emperor tinkering with midichlorians and cloning om Jakku -and Snoke or his entire species Palpatine made contact with them before death- her parents were junkers but not her real folk as she's a clone... Planet of the Snokes they could be hive mind species -bloody millions of them most likely wrong but it's fun to theorize . No spoilers has a nice pattern starts off as a noir-moves onto war on Mimbian kind of like trench warfare , then western with train heist, then it becomes Pike City always dug those guys(even though bad guys-good scum like Vorcha lol) Lando was like Chuck Berry and maybe a little bit of Little Richard  so he did well enough for his own spin off.Wonderful performance from whole cast although seemed there was no time to grieve.Ben & Boba next I'd go Spaghetti western on this one -no helmet removing -better to focus on the legend rather than the man itself -the characters trying to escape him could be the movies protagonists Fett himself the movies motive like Yul in Westworld . Sound advice.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Revolution Summer 2018

Summers here and time is right for... ? (Depends on State visit.)
I hope last RS playlist confused people  seemed to get more hits than usual  Harley Davidson 1 Logo  to a warped mind that might equal Amerika First -but I'll always be Earth First  (you never know when Extra Terrestrials will in invade  ) Killer live playlist precursor to Trooperpalooza on another blog  -all good stuff in Johnsville.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Star Wars "Death in the City of Bone" re-coloured Part 3

More of Leia and Fenn Shysa's adventure on Mandalore re-coloured by me Art by Gene Day & Tom Palmer
Total nightmare this page -thought I'd  use paint bucket and alternate between layers and background in order to colour in the prison bars (interesting experiment Gene was trying out here-I guess he was trying to show events through Tobbi's eyes perhaps?) but I either have to work out how to colour in multiple layers or colour the way I've been doing and not rely on shortcuts- can't believe I coloured the Black Major in it's entire form without layers -would of been so much better  with layers
 Oooh bugger! just noticed 3PO's wiring (which are various colours  -I'll come back to this one  once 'I've completed rest of story)

Enter Tobbi Dala !

That's more like it.... love these wraparound pages -- my laser bolts aint  too straight - but I'm human not software  I've noticed how colourists have worked out how to do laser blasts over the years -but they'll never top my  explosions . About 8 or 9 pages to go I'll try and stick with it through the Summer

Onto  "Olie  A Star Wars Story "
or the original Captain Obvious- (b4 that unfunny advert that copped his nick name) whatever happened to Ric after a Phantom Menace? I checked Wookipedia  seems like his story ended- but he must of been kicking around during The Clone Wars and beyond He totally deserves his own spin off movie in my opinion  could point out obvious things throughout movie (such as  Palpatines true identity- maybe that's how he met demise) Ralph's the best hope he gets a chance to reprise role

. Who is this guy? is it just an empty suit of Armour or A Mando bodyguard -or the Fettser himself?
I noticed Voss has foot soldiers but not half as cool as this dude- trying to avoid spoilers is gonna be tricky next few days - I won't go by reviews which  seems positive on the whole but not earthshaking -I just expect an interesting  and fun Space Western -nothing too heavy  I get a feeling all these films will have loose connections would like to see Jyn again perhaps characters in Solo will bump into her either in Kenobi or future movie- Ms Nest is only 16 apparently sounds about right for a gang -she's also signd up for more movies The fate of  the mighty Boushh So I guess he's still alive -would like to see these events put into a RPG game or something they seem to be random snippets from a much bigger story nice to see Skorr the Bounty Hunter from Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson's newspapers strips hanging about in background too.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


I always figured Kojak was well into Ska .. trouble with this is they screened Kojak at a un-earthly hour if you're 4 or 5 -must of seen a few of the though at the time At least I got to seeing Starsky & Hutch on regular basis as that would be a Friday so I was allowed to watch that.. back to earth (after last playlist) almost .

Friday, 4 May 2018

Thee 4th

Howard Chaykin (I know he don't like his own Star Wars art -But this panel Rocks!"... SW playlist -funny sad musical vibrant, educational  possibly nerdy but sports to me is the ultimate nerding

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Always liked Gloster Jets -I guess  it might of been the first -although Me262 saw far more action  these would of been  used more so in The Korean War -which fingers crossed is finally over at long last.
Started off with a Batman theme but strayed into other avenues of coolness ...
Next playlist is beyond the nerd as it's May the Fourth soon look forward to posting that one.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Bourne Again

Charleys War is  back in print  courtesy of Rebellion (The backwards S was always the best logo ) I actually had a stab at colouring this image myself a few years back along with the first two episodes -  
(I sound a bit snarky here -probably had a few beers that night plus it was post brickit  or The Pig Head distraction incident-what  I was trying to describe was somebody complaining about Polish immigrants  kinda  makes me mad when people don't know there history- and distort it to there own fantasyland - perhaps this is why I like  this comic so much, alongside Joe's artwork it tries to tell the truth ) 
As much as I  love this story maybe it would of been too much of a challenge to colour  and maybe I'm more suited colouring  more fantastical stories set in the future or  Star Wars galaxy -it's become a thing to do  rather than a carrer goal -seeing as I have to work as a carer - still it would be my dream job-and  my eyesights getting  much worse . They've done a nice job on the covers here- I  left background white  in mine -but that wouldn't work on a front cover as its negative space I was thinking along the lines of inside cover at the time  as that image was used on the Titan Books inside cover back in the 80's - I now have Charleys War on disk as well as the Hardbacks with photo covers and  historical essays and the first volume of The Rebellion collection -with the other two volumes to follow in next couple of monthes -(I have to mention in the first edition the lettering is much better as before it was done mechanically as opposed to hand -I think Peter Knight and Steve Potter took over those duties in the later volumes  it's  also nice to see the colour pages inserted as they did not reproduce well in the hardback versions - But here's the writer Pat  who can explain Charley waaayy better than I  ever could.

I guess my next purchase has to be "Colour Like Carlos" I coloured this page today and I'm halfway through a Dredd pic but watching this vid it's not the full pic so alongside this book I'll have to buy a scanner -I wouldn't want to ruin originals anyhow but here's my colouring of Strontium Dogs  Johnny Alpha, & Durham Red and  Mega City Judge Joe Dredd himself-I'll have a go at Carlos and Alan Hebdens creations  Major Eazy and El Mestizo (Django before Tarantino's Django in the American Civil War) once I get a copy
I figured Durham would be kinda pale as she's always in need of blood .

"Alec Trench " lol -bit of a in-joke  -America has Jack Kirby we have Carlos -I hope one day Third World War will be collected .