Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hipsville365ad TV7

"Lets take it back to 79"... next one of these will be to celebrate 16,017 days on this rock-but lots of worthwhile stuff here in that farcebook malarky everytime.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Anderson PSI Division "The Four Dark Judges" Recoloured-Part 2

My re-coloured version of Robin Smiths classic cover from 31 years ago-so I was 12 when this originally hit the newstands -more PSmith in later episodes  if I carry on with colouring story.
 Brett on top form (Jack Kirby meets Gustave Dore) I made the dumb mistake of not  multiplying the scan  twice in photoshop on this and the following page  as it brings out the inks better -may come back to these pages ...  but I'm really tired right now ...
Really doing this for fun -most of my times taken up with working as a carer - I've coloured these before back in the 80's with felt tips -this story The Possessed  & Judge Death Lives as well as the first Bad Company book - next up the first few pages of a Star  Wars comic from around same era -but on a real Dredd and Anderson kick at the moment especially enjoyed the latest stories featuring the Texas City coup and Judge Joyces adventures in Brit Cit (most fond of Joyce been a Irish Judge)
great to the word "Feck!" hasn't dissapeared in the 22nd century -just ordered Dredd Year One Omnibus which concerntrates on Dredds early cases (kind of a mystery those years -bit like Jesus in his 20's cept  its Dredd lol so those stories should be intriguing )
Should of posted this a few weeks ago when I did my Trumptonshire post -but its more apt here

More classic Brett Interview with Anderson writer Alan Grant