Saturday, 27 February 2016

Panther Power

I saw this the other night on IPlayer -Always had an interest in the Panthers from when I was a teen -it was something you didn't learn much about in a english school-I really got there from listening to Public Enemy ,MC5 and James Brown -My Dads nickname was Huey so I thought Huey Newton was a cool dude

The more you learn in documentary there were other great men and womenBobby Seale -Eldridge Cleaver, Fred Hampton -killed in his prime-Brothers Stokely Carmicheal & Rapp (as in the James Brown song),Angela Davis all historical figures to me-now histories trying to repeat itself -but I think it's too late -history cannot repeat itself as I'm hoping America has evolved from these times -I find that guns are the problem not the solution-but America aint England .. Only way this can end if people used there minds as a weapon as oppossed to a firestick.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hipsville 365ad TV- Playlist 1

Radio stations folded-and I tried messing around with Spotify but can't make head or tail out embedding player or button or whatever (maybe it's just for paying members idk )so I gave up on that -time to broaden horizons and create a TV station that is kind of like radio playlist but better as I can add mad random stuff -and the odd documentary and movie clip -so much like other playlists on other blogs but not so much specialised- I won't say whats on it just cool stuff..I'll do one of these once a month see how it goes

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Drive In Sunday-Biker Movie Double Bill

Bit of Sunday Roast-First up a dirt cheap biker flick from Florida awesome opening  featuring" The Wind"-stories not so hot -bit Mike Gambit vs  Johnny Kidd but a good starter...
Intermission- Nice tribute to the Outlaw Biker Movie Genre-
Good Sounds too.. 

The Worlds a less sane place without Hunter...Would of liked to hear what he'd say about Trump.
Tyne Daly b4 The Enforcer and Cagney and Lacey -least protaganist in this film has principles.-excellent flick not fuzzy sound  wise but a good modern Western.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Love is the Law

May come back to  this after I complete "Death in the City of Bones" The Star Wars story I'm re-colourng (for fun  not profit)but got the inclination to colour this on Valentines Day always a 2000ad  Star Scan that stuck out in my memory-Steve Dillions  fab -love the expression , body language and drains(seems comic artists are always thinking about drainage systems -see Dave Gibbons comments about fire hydrantswhn working on Watchmen )-not used to using pink either so may re-think  this when Iget back to colouring Anderson PSI Division story .. always wanted Joe and Cas to be a item since  Judge Death Lives .. Poor Dredd never known real affection -devoted to the law - his characters  fascinating as he can show  real  humanity one minute and he next he's a total fascistic tool -Andersons the opposite -highly strung -and instincive -brillant characters hope they go on forever.. ..and marry in retirement lol  when I saw this illustration again -made me think of this song -hence title of this post..

John "Dangermouse" Squire  .I really hope there's a third Roses record on the way .. don't care if they're middle aged like me-don't believe in term you are as young as your soul dictates not the media -bound to be quality if it is on the horizon.

Monday, 8 February 2016


Thinking alot about I'm  writing this Boba Fett story -need to do my research -feel like it should have at least a smidge of Leone's style about the story and how it will look and play out.So I'm making it a Sergio Evening.I guess he's in my Top 3 directors

Deffo my fave Gangster movie of 1980's..a true work of art... messed up order here damned embed codes ..don't matter really.

Monday, 1 February 2016

El Tel

A few Wogan interviews from 80's -sad to hear he's gone -seems like I'm just blogging about people who you think will be around forever in Terrys case he was on TV nearly every weekday night (I initially I was none too chuffed as I wanted Cartoon Time or Kick Start back-but Cartoon Time wasn't all it seemed ) first up Madness always remember this .. b4 weekly show Terry had show on saturday evenings were they did "Driving in My Car" wish I could find clip of that -but heres another classic -perfect for a Monday morning- I remember towards end of the 80's that The Pixies were to go on Wogan -never happened sadly -should of -maybe it happene in a another dimenson ... El Tel was always good withh the Craic ..trumpin' again Les? another comedy genius.. Rik .strangeto think he's gone too.. Rikk would write these guys letters lol..great find :) A few movie legends,, eight="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>there's the full interview on youtube -no feckin sound...unless other people have dog hearing ? First time I saw Prims was on Wogan-wonder if Wedding Present did show I'll look in a minute. Course El Tel was one the first R1 DJ's but more of a Peel guy -sister and mum ould listen to his show though -and I always recall the bitching betweeen Tel and Jimmy Young as they'd handover show. Terrys arch nemesis I always looked forward to his appearenceon Blanktey Blank.. Two Bobs worth.. First time I got drunk was watching Roger Rabbit with schoolmates on cider (never touch the stuff now)sadly I've never re-captured that moment since (well that's my excuse lol) Bobby De guess he was playing Max Cady at the time. Charton keeping his vest on Roy Kinnear another great. Stranglers doing Kinks-bit MOR or SAW most the time but you do find the odd gem -I'm sure to find others in the weeks ahead.. Great show to watch when you're Mashed Gonna miss the Blarney.