Saturday, 29 December 2018

19 Not Out

I'll have a stab at 19  songs linked to the number 19 Sesame Street style like last year-start with the most obviousA war that should never of happened -JFK didn't want it thats why they rubbed him out -I haven't heard this version since 80's- now a little older and learnt more about Vietnam War -now song isn't just some wicked beats that  you can break to but a sad truth about war -god knows what the average age of a boy soldier is in all the conflicts that rage around the world in our present day-always some scum profiteering from  wars- they're the ones that need sorting.. so plain to see

Never understood cricket -rounders was more my thing at school -maybe Rory can break it down

I hope this doesn't happen another year with a madman with finger on red button (nothing new about that I guess) but this guys an Orangeman so doubly dangerous -amber alert!Mick, Keef, Bri,Bill,and Charley :)top bass on that track-Gotta be Muddy 192000 a vintage year if you're a Timelord or Timelass these days I guess -More Keef I mean Murdock err The Drop Nineteens ? doing the B Boyz -a bit like a slow Loose - but hey they knew how to party back then...Hey Joe (The greatest  hairline in rock -mystery how he kept barnet? )  
Mind you these chaps disagrees - but I  think you can be 19 inside the head if you don't play the game they want you to play-21  is the beginning of road to squaresville  best stay 19 or younger  in ones outlook -people these days want to grow up too fast-always figured that was phoney and a trap of some kind lol

Halfway there and no Stooges? ...till now that is.. ahh thats better - needs a sequel
5years later..
The original New Order -but have to feature New Order II goes back to my ranting at start of post Bowie future shock funk at it's best (must of been checking Issac Hayes when he came up with this one) Annie sporting Winston Smith chic] Had to be the demo  though -if only Jimi saw 1983 he'd probably would of dug Aqua Man too The Count dicusses #19

Lemmy -the world don't seem right without him or any of the classic Motorhead for that matter - I guess they won't be commemorate the 1919 invasion of Russia by allied forces -I think the establishment want  people to forget that conflict...but even after armistice they were up to no good .


I was hoping Patrica would wake up lol -can only end this post with something Joyous- just hope 2019 beats the crap out of 2018 it would need too..

Saturday, 22 December 2018

HypTV 56

Not very Christmassy to start off with - but gets more so as days change in the making of this - a big nod to John Mellor and thee Clash -very 70's and 80's how I tend to remember Crimbo - I'd like that to change 1 day but at heart not sure its possible -childhood is the most valuable time-preserve it if you had a good 1 if you can.,, back soon- Merry Christmas and all that!

Thursday, 20 December 2018

The Mandalorian Question.

Art work for Hasbro's Fenn Shysa figure that came out a few years back-I think I went by these colours and the original comic book but jazzed it up a bit rather than the blue flight suit that Boba rocks - but lately I've  hit a  few asteroids in my colouring projects - lost the final few pages  of "Death in the City of Bone" and The Judge Anderson story I was colouring (both almost complete ) so its a major pain -haven't been in the right mood to start those pages all over again - not sure many people check them out anyhow so the sense of urgency just aint there at the moment -I'll need to dust myself off in New Year and try and see through newer eyes - I  come this far so I intend to complete story...but not right now.

This time next year may be Mandalorian overload -its awesome that  the first subject of a live TV action Star Wars show will be  a T-Head -is this dude a  Protector ? or a Death Watch  squad member -colours suggest not -perhaps he's a Bounty Hunter - my  take he's a Imperial Hunter seeing as Dark Troopers have been seen on set or at least black  Stormtrooper armour- Jon Favreau no stranger to Mando culture seeing a he's the voice of Pre Vizsla
Reminds me of Kirk Douglas if only they had Star Wars in the 50's lol -nice to know Kirk celebrated 102nd birthday the other day.
Closer to Mando instead of all this Brit BS Brexit - Bob on the lads giving the  Teth 5.0 probs.. probably had too many drinks in local Cantina- proper BF2
I'll have to get lazy enough to sit through Narcos see if dude in that is good -Always busy but I'll catch it -Charles Bronson vibe which is good but rather not see boat race when it comes to bucket heads (except Bo Katan and Sabine naturally ) I think Narcos also stars Cassian Andor - man so much potential in that show too -possible Vader and Jabba appearences -actually everyone around that time - Smileys People in space just to get one up on Sir Alec for dissing that young  fan all those years ago - IE gotta be good and not underestimate audiences intellengence - kinda make a show as good as both runs of The Vader comics and it'll be right (well in my book ) anyhow "White Lines don't do it"glad I listened to the Grandmaster when I was 11 steered me right..
Herzog thee Herzog is gonna direct a episode  -Wrath of The Sith (I should write this)any excuse for JD- Same year too Fett's debut and Joy Division guess first time I saw a Mando armour was in a catalogue for the 12 inch rocket firing Fett always at the back of mind to get one at school -course it never went on sale (too dangerous even as a toy)as far as I know in UK but may be getting confused -but his dope nefairous look stuck in my head Next year should be good as long as they don't muff it up -in all honesty they didn't  this year except bf2 lootbox thing -Solo I liked as it expanded the universe -didn't really care he was nowt like Harrison-dude was like Solo(I would like lots of films about crime and underworld maybe tv series will serve that aspect better) any how Brings me down people viewing  Last Jedi and feeling bad hopefully that  will alter when Ep 9 lands -I expect it to be good resolution and it ties up loose ends maybe expand upon them (might be based on Revenge of Jedi Draft -force ghosts helping out in final battle )Glad Landos back too ... hoping we'll see a wee teaser soon .

Friday, 7 December 2018

HypTv -55

John Heartfeild meets Riot Grrrrl cool- lost a good 1 today. All be fine by Crimbo .

Sunday, 25 November 2018


Bit of long one this-started this before computer went on the blink - so a few nods to Stan and more recently Nic (probably featured a few of these b4 but more relevant now)Lots of Arthur and John

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Red Dead Resurrection

Happy Zenta! (kind of special this year as it's 50 years to this day  since The Jams were Kicked! -but I digress ) Just completed story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2- 8 years in the making possibly the best game Rockstar have have made and this will be tough one to top -each chapter raises the bar and like the first Red Dead Redemption it is filled with memorable moments characters and stories -I think I've only scratched the surface racing through the game Arthur's great his story really is about Redemption (all the best geezers are called Arthur-Rimbaud -Lee-Lowe for example ) My Arthur is very Clint in style be it "Blondie" or William Munny - A tough bastard -also reminded me of Tommy Lee Jones  I like him just as much as Johnny M -I probably have more in common with Arthur than Marston- first clip from my play through -Arthur goes for a drink in Valentine  with his mates but things go a bit haywire as expected ..."Never mind that shit comes Mongo!"Hats are very important one prob I did have though is if I nicked a hat like the Sheriff for example and I got killed it would not come back after -not sure its possible to save hats from npcs -it might be if I get back to camp an create a outfit -just have to survive -next play-through I'll do that- reminded me of a level on Red Dead Revolver this scene -but a lot more realistic (I was reared on cinematic bar fights Donovans Reef, Junior Bonner , Long Riders..all that jazz) hope to have plenty more (well at least in game)These Circus guys also reminded me of Revolver -I need to get down to the theatre  when I can

Magnifico even sounds a bit like Dick Dastardly -still got the comedy moments that make Rockstar shine as does the pathos -Arthur in nasty mode here although tune changes as story progresses "Cowboys are Square Indians are Better !" Great music throughout even some Willy Nelson -specially liked this riding music -tried to ride in cinematic mode for a change I did a few times but either ran into a tree or got jumped by bandits- actually succeeded this time around
Sadie my kinda Gal Rootin'Tootin & a Shootin'! also great to see John back in bounty hunting mode -really hope Mexico's next on the cards -would like more story-perhaps a prologue that would be cool -just hope it won't be just multiplayer like GTA V the story is the thing that usually grabs me with these games rather than competition  Still need to get used to the shooting and that weapon wheel but all the good reviews are totally justified - a experience worth repeating and a joy to play... also  best credits scene ever so would be a idea not to skip that.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Devil May Care

Finally Daredevil season 3 has arrived - I just hope there's more to come as weekend was soured by the announcement that both Power Man (I mean Luke Cage ) and Iron Fist aren't up for a third season -then I thought about it -perhaps we'll be getting Power Man and Iron Fist all in one like the classic comic series -that would make sense or a Heroes for Hire series -I hope that's the case  trying to be optimistic here . but back to DD -Vince Ruled as The Kingpin -George Dawes knows the score... he should smile more
Get The Kingpin in a Spidey Movie!!! That  would make a good connection between the  TV MCU and the movies.

But its this guy  Dex -the stuff of nightmares (and I did have nightmares about his character as a kid )-lets just say he's Judge Death to Daredevils Judge Dredd -if there's no season 4 that's just daft much more on target than the 90's movie -got the right guy to play him this time... but wanna see Matt back in red suit or at least the yellow one -Dex was great new addition to cast Deborah's lovely -we do get more of a insight into her character Karen Page although not as I expected -it doesn't follow Born Again directly more inspired by it ..Foggy's perfectly cast too -face and mannerisms totally fits that character -Agent Nadeem was another welcome addition  his story  is a fascinating journey that runs parallel .to  the conflict between Kingpin & DD -also cool to see Joanne Whalley as Sister Maggie -saw her star in a 80's drama the other week on youtube with Phil Daniels (Jimmy the Mod) My only complaint really is no Elektra -she really brown bread now? she seemed to be forgotten about after episode 1 unless Matt grieved her the first time -maybe she'll be back -
But what next -if there is a next -perhaps a story based on  Brian Micheal Bendis The Murdock Papers - Matt winding up in the klink with Kingpin & Bullseye -that would be something.

Arts ok with me -kind of  dank  colours -but its Daredevil so bleak streets about right -I do wish he'd hook up with Widow that's a important part of Daredevils life.. doubt we'll see it though - Avengerworld and Netflix needs to bridged somehow... then there's another fine writer  whose stories would work well on TV-That would be Ed as I liked his run on Captain America.

Maybe DD's world will intersect with Punnisher's or Jessica's - can't wait for those shows to land in 2019

Friday, 19 October 2018

HypTV 53

Just a week to go before I return to the Wild West- I get the feeling this will make Red Dead Redemption look small -and that was a fair sized map -gonnahave to free up some storage space-so plenty of Red Dead amongst playlist and a Western there or two - plenty of Punk rock randomness as ever.
Revolver - Best loading screens ever like a Cool Trumpton -course Jack  was  my fave out of a stellar cast .. I hope he escaped-don't usually use gifs but these were just so cool couldn't resist-

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


One of my fave Christmas Cards ever as it features my sister George - Playlist features a fair bit of Rainbow towards the end  as a nod of respect to Geoffrey  - may seem daft but hey you learn a hell of alot from these shows  b4 you enter the big old world of primary school - I loved this show so much  can't see  my sisters any other way now lol -
Of course theres plenty of other content on playlist too including Sonic Yoof a very heavy essay about Situanionists , Fever Tree , a really cool documentary about the Blues -Martin and Francis , Jenny Hill , Old Skool British wrestling Comic Legends , Ultra Man ,Western starring Fonda,Widmark & Quinn Garage and Surf from Beyond the Iron Curtain plenty of Maurice Mickelwright and the Best Nirvana and MC5 tributes in recent times - just a couple of things  I''ve missed alot - doubt you'll watch them at least its here as some kind of testament to how randomly cool the world could be but aint (just yet) It'll outlive me - I suggest adblocker- and whats algorithm anyhow?-Its wise to keep an eye on that mind control shite,

My other Sister Zippy earlier this year

Friday, 5 October 2018

"Reasons to be Cheerful"-Part 4

After a terrible start  to the week-see last post (and Geoffrey out of Rainbow on the same day)  - I'll try and lift spirit -although by the time I complete writing post bound to be suffering from tonight's hangover -but a nice surprise last night - I hope this is Fenn  or Boba for that matter-we'll have to wait for 2020 or whenever this comes out- could be Kevin McKidd  in that armour?  or dude they mentioned in vid  who has a Boba-esque skin tone although not a Maori  so I doubt its him (BTW Jango's from Concord Dawn which falls under Mandalorian jurisdiction it's worrying that this canon cull  has wiped out  the Bounty Hunter game  and Open Seasons /Bloodlines  comic it seems -but in my mind that's canon as is this story I've been colouring- but the story I've been writing  all that re-pressing the start button   makes it not worth doing -wonder how people who worked on that game and those  comics feel about all that too..

A live action Bo Katan and Sabine  here's hoping... 10 hours worth of  Mando  history unfolding I'm  looking forward to it-
Still lots of Resistance against Resistance it seems -which is a pity as it hasn't even kicked off -different style to Clone Wars and Rebels sure- but those ship designs are  awesome  - it's aimed at younglings  but at 46 I'm  still a youngling at heart so we'll see if it is as good as it's predecessors got to give it time  -glad Clone Wars is returning - I reckon  people should at least give this show a chance before been doomsayers- plenty to whinge about in the real world -dig this stuff as it's a escape from dumbsville.- it's getting worse  that place called reality.

Vonreg kinda Red Wolf mk II - 
Kinda Thunderbirds 2086 and Battle of the Planets in a Star Wars galaxy as long as it aint too corny and you care about characters it should do alright and besides I've got faith in Dave .
The other huge news is Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer that dropped on Monday kind of overshadowed by all the sad news this week but it won't be long till I'm sucked back into the Wild Wests dying days Peckinpah/Long Riders style Gonna be a  real game-changer this one -I doubt open world games won't ever be the same after this- my Arthur may  go for the Chris out Magnificent Seven look  (meaning The Original One)   if Barber Shoppe does that -also hope there's plenty of ponchos - may have to head for Mexico for that -but I can tell this will be crazy good (like the last game but improved big time)Arthur's looks proper masculine too just like me so look forward  to stepping in his boots as he don't look like a sissy like most male protagonists in modern  games

This game also  makes me wonder about ancestors  who did make it to the West- the Gilmours -the Murphys - bound to be some O'Hagan's  out there too -I'm glad there's a Mount Hagen in this game named after Ross who provided voice for Landon  Ricketts  I'm sure there were other offshoots but my Uncle Brian  when I was four or five bought me a Fort  for  Christmas  including figurines of  Paul  Revere -Davy Crockett  hat guys and War of Independence  era soldiers - I  miss him and Dad both died too young - but maybe that's why I like Fallout 4 so much as it deals with that period of history  (kind of)-  lots of history hidden from me - I've been watching show about earliest pioneers of America (Ray Mears How West was Won)  worth investigating   if you want to see how  North America  came to be what it is.-
Sometimes I wonder if you want the truth  you gotta look to the past- not the so called victors truth but the truth as it happened  or as  close as you can get to it - in my mind the truth wins out  it's the absolute rule of things so the people who think they're winning now  are nothing in the eyes of  the good minds of tomorrow -gotta end on a poignant note  been a rotten week but things will rock again once the trash is gone.-lets hope it's soon!...
 ooh b4 I forget -DD season 3 very soon :D

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Sad to hear about the passing of Carlos Ezquerra  just tonight(Monday)  an  artist that has been with me all my life (like Cam and Ian Kennedy)from Rat Pack & Major Eazy to the forthcoming The Spectre  which will appear in Megazine next year -his contribution to comics is up there with the greatest -so I wanted to pay tribute..
Carlos most famous creation has to be Judge Dredd -who's endured for over 40 years as 2000ads  top lawman -I don't speak Spanish but included this vid as it features the first Judge Dredd story to be drawn The Bank Job from 1976-it didn't appear till early 80's in a annual + he's back home in ZaragozaI've featured Interview with Carlos & John Wagner before on this blog when The Strontium Dog fan film came out but I will include videos the characters and worlds he has created
Cover of Judge Dredd 4 featuring The Executioner storyline about a vigilante hitwoman -one of the stories that followed The Apocalypse War and the return of Ezquerra to the strip as he only did a few of the early Dredd's Krong about a robotic King Kong been one and he worked on a episode of Robot Wars the first Dredd mini epic -but after the Apocalypse War in 1981 he was a mainstay on Dredd right up to the present day -but here's a vid featuring the very first Judge Dredd story to be drawn which didn't see print till 1980  in a annual But I would  first see Ezquerra's work first in Battle -Major Eazy been the first -unlike other characters in rival titles he seemed kind of hip -a very cool dude he'd fall asleep in a firefight -based on James Coburn not sure Cross of Iron was even  out when he first appeared -but such a great character  that he's been  revived   in the Dredd universe as Cursed Earth Koburn I guess seeing Battle artists like Carlos, Cam and Eric Bradbury working on 2000ad stories made me investigate the galaxies greatest comic- this story is a perfect crossover from Battle/2000ad looking forward to getting Zombie Army Trilogy to soak up the vibes first seen in this story
Johnny Alpha and The Strontium Dogs are possibly the second most famous Ezquerra creations -if Mega City One tv show gets off the ground I hope we see Johnny and Wulf turn up.

Talking of Bounty Hunters Carlos did a awesome Boba Fett too
as well as 2000ad Carlos worked with Dark Horse for the Mara Jade comic By The Emperors Hand
Another James Coburn inspired character was Slippery Jim diGriz - The Harry Harrison creation visualised -It would make a cool series of movies if inspired by Carlos visuals  and designsOne of th efunniest stories Carlos and John Wagner collaborated on Als Baby -I'm looking forward to seeing there final story together The Spectre -seen some character and vehicle designs looks like future pulp just the way I like it. This really is just a drop in the ocean as far as Carlos artwork and creations go but I will mention his favourite  El Mestizo -a Django Unchained back in 1977 -I missed it first time around but thankfully it'll be reprinted in November -I really hope he had a advance copy of this.
I have to also mention Third World War from the pages of Crisis a very right on publication printed towards the end of the 80's -was a bold attack on how the world was and is goverened and the multi-nationals it also  went well with Punk ethics I was picking up at 15/16 and Steven Wells ranting in the NME a very different comic -full colour which was rare back then -an example of comics actually growing up taking a hard look at the world we live in now-rather than trying to copy Watchmen and getting it wrong which was all the rage back then.
I mentioned "Colour like Carlos" in a past post - doubt I can ever match his expertise -I liked the fact he coloured his own art -course love various colourists like John Burns , Gina Hart Chris Blythe and John Higgins -but Carlos probably biggest inspiration there too as I remember he went through a evolution -I think he may of started with coloured ink and water colour -Necropolis back in 1990 was a high point for me-sickly deathly colours -very much in tune with Judge Death and his cronies taking over MC1- I will check that again for Anderson story I'm colouring  whilst Dredd was out in the sticks -(updated found this video about Necropolis last night so I'll include this too)

but it's the jump to computer coloured art that impressed me the most-he had the guts to do that -other artists tried but then go back to paint or rely on other colourists -but Carlos kept at it and mastered it made it look an expressive form -I used to be anti computer colour believe it or not -but he showed endless possibility -once I attempted it became fun and unlimited but here's my tribute to Carlos and his tribute to Steve Dillon -really massive scan hope it uploads

Friday, 28 September 2018


Sleeve for "Rabbit" my Dad bought this as a gift for my Mum lol -I was also known as Rabbit by my sisters -picked up alot of nicknames in my lifetime-Haggis been another at school - Anaconda at Uni-it seems latest nickname is CJ which stands for "Cartoon John"everyone seems to call me that now in town.
my mate David did this awesome print of me over my birthday. that's not a syrup lol  but a  furry hat -very Russian -colours here are very 1967 -Birthday was kind of tinged with sadness though what with Gary Kurtz and Chas Hodges  passing so there's a few  vids towards the end  featuring them -bit of a mammoth playlist this time around I a had a smoke and a drink &  it kept on going  so a few movies and plays among these and music as ever.-

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Equinox Day

Something to aim for. Outlived JC by 6 years -feel like I've done so little -guess its a incentive to keep on movin' Birthday tomorrow so a birthday post featuring people born the same date - surprised by who I share birth date with-born on the Equinox just like John- he knew this so a good theme for 23rd of September Share cake eating day with Brucey too -There's Batman and there's  the Bossman  both Bruces  though.-song about Fred Sonic Smith Patti's husband another hero -here's Brucey's version Share birthday with the original  KK too-Kublai Khan a name I first heard in a Frankie Goes to Hollywood song- this will give me a better idea what they were harping on about
Talking of 80's also born on 23rd and a nod to my Dad  as he liked this (he didn't buy many records -Chas and Dave(R.I.P Chas only just heard on the news) and this one Julio Captain Suave

Coined the phrase "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned " Euripides "Kneel before Dionysus!"--
Born on the same day as Augusts Caesar the first Roman Emperor-he Judge Fargo of Emperors-it had to be Melvyn and Mary narrating this -as they know there onions Trigger Happy Punk Mickey Rooney -I saw him once walking around the seafront as he was performing that night -you couldn't really miss him if you've watched lots of old movies.
theres's lots of films about Dilinger it seems almost a folk anti hero-
 Nice to find out I have the same birthday as The Falcon Anthony Mackie....

this is the Cap I like- whys he turned into a fecking beardboy ? that just aint the Cap or Steve Rogers- I know he's quit but he should be stuck in 1940's style wise-never a hipster- neither is that Thor with his short back and sides? should have the Walt Simonson look -maybe they'll do that eventually Gotta catch up with all those movies-so many of them now hard to keep up...Civil War and Ant Man were the last ones I saw -but that's not a bad thing the more he merrier as long as they can keep up the quality -one day I'll have a MCU movie marathon...Thyphoid Mary (not the Marvel one-but the real one)

Born under a Badass Sign. featuring the Raelettes :) -well that was fun and educational -should have a birthday more often -but don't wanna get too ancient

Sunday, 16 September 2018


Spidey selfie in The Guinness suit (well he does look like a slim line can of Draft Guinness in this get up -fave outfit so far -kind of close to black outfit so a pleasant surprise towards end of story - never  do selfies in real life though -too old to be like that. Old Kenny Everett sketch -mind you it's probably very sweaty been Spidey so perhaps he don't need to pee - I'm having a blast on the new Spiderman game so thought I'd do Spiderdelic post -first up a few Spidey related tunes There's many surf versions of Spiderman theme as your attorney of all things cool I'd advise you to check them all-
Wish I could live in Spiderland rather than Brexitville (whatever that is?) My mate and old guitarist used know a geezer from Slint he said they met at same art college I think he went onto playing in The Breeders at that time -no idea what happened to my old guitarist Jules  -I tried to track him down on Feckbook but he seems to have vanished into thin air like alot of people...some of them up there own arse I'm sad to say 
But back to Peter ..good kid -bound to dig Slint - if he was born in 70's that is ..but the real Pete would of been born in 1947 making him about 70 -71 if he aged in real time like Dredd does -did they ever do old Spiderman ? bet he'd still have same abilities just old boy probs instead of growing pains - but what a character far more interesting than the usual concept of a Superhero- Spiderteen may be more on the nose -Adrian Mole with Superpowers I have most of these paperback form from when I was 4 or 5 still got it as I fished it out of the attic when we moved house -somewhere in my bookcase now  so I'll revisit these stories -I was more a DC kid to start off with those eye-catching Joe Kubert and Neal Adams covers -Aqua Man too wtf have they done with him lately in that movie ? -Aqua Hippy lol nah man he's pure Shatner (just like my Dad was-) kind of under water Flash Gordon -The Injustice video games got Arthur right though...mind you I haven't moved on from 1978 me.. First Marvel Comic I owned was a Super Special featuring Thor vs Hercules- my aunty bought me I guess I was 4 -this one- pure vivid Kirby
I dove in and out with Spidey I remember a great slugfest with Scorpion -glad he's in new game -very badass- the Boba Fett of the Spideyverse. Talking of bad guys who exactly does Spidey go up against  in the new game.And Black Cat DLC to follow the ideal woman when I was a teen and now I guess lol even if she's prematurely white haired-If you had to make a choice of been Peter Parker or Spiderman  she'd be a strong case for been Spidey all the time.

Mary Jane gets plenty of coverage in game-lacks her moddish style she had in 70's but hey it's 2018 stylewise  she's kinda like Jessica Jones in new game would be nice if you cold high five JJ  down on the street -maybe they'll have guest star pedestrians -but not sure what copyright situation is there..But her office is about as is Matt and Foggys place -might be possible.
My first attempt at a cover here in game cameras a stroke of genius I could get addicted to trying to come with a cover image -might even be possible to create some sequential art from it.
I came back to Spidey in mid 80's after Secret Wars -that's when the black suit was first introduced -my fave story from that era was The Sin Eater- a team up with Daredevil - might see a life action version of him in DD III but my moneys on Bullseye- here's part 1 amazing what you can find on internet I wonder how they're going to do Venom seeing as Secret Wars and the Beyonder isn't part of the movie universe - I guess we'll find out soon enough Top marks for new Spidey Game I share Joe's sentiment towards game -looking forward to more

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

HypTV 50

I remember when this got to #1 although they won't admit it- playlist kicks off with lots of Will and Jim -followed by Powell and Pressburger (a couple of Burgers towards end too- I wonder if Stan Lee ever met Andy? )The original Anakin trapped in a nightmarish universe -the usual -I'm stuck on Spiderman ps4 Vulture and Electro so a quick break from that - but plenty of musical Spiders -Stan thee Mans first creation - and a nod to Crimes Johnny Strike and Lindsay Kemp Bowies mentor  R.I.P
I enjoy been this guy on  Ps4 -but I could never multitask like him- will he ever hit 24? -looking forward to the DLC - best Spidey game yet (b4 that it was Spiderman 2 on ps2 ) but this tops that .

Thursday, 6 September 2018

A View to a Thrill

Dredd & Anderson -Art by Robin Smith -with my my colour based of James Bond poster featuring Roger Moore and Grace Jones -I tried to use similar colours from that original movie poster probably not as good as original as that was nicely coloured for it's time anyhow-but needed the practice been a colourless summer since I lost that Star Wars splash page.- I will get back on that and Anderson -but things are kinda hectic.
Bit of a speculative post this time around about Mega City One TV series (I imagine the wheels are in motion ) but first up the MC4 (I'm always harping on about the wonders of The MC5 but Mega City Four were also awesome- saw them I guess in 1990 or 91 my friend Sam was a bit of a blagger  managed to get back stage and briefly chat with them-she did the same thing with Neds Atomic Dustbin- as well  -we chatted more about Viz rather than where they got moniker from -then after that it was totally Pogo City  but a few songs from them first

But back to the 22nd Century - what is a Mega City anyhow? well this video will give you a better idea and  a  insight into it's history if you are unfamiliar with the Dreddvesrse

Not sure shows going to be as Dredd centric as people expect -he's bound to be within cast but I get a feeling it'll be partially about The Wally Squad who are the undercover judges would also serve as a good way to see the underbelly of the City -The criminals and the stories behind there criminality -
 I deduce this as  the shows writer Rob Williams wrote Low Life -so I imagine we'll get to see Lenny Zero ,DeMarco PI ,Jack Point, Amiee Nixon and Dirty Frank in a few episodes.Newish characters but a great way to see the underwold of MC1 -A few vids about those stories- Shane MacGowan meets CyberPunk

Here's interview with Rob (they'll be a few of these vids throughout post)

I do hope we do get the classics though - started reading Dredd in the mid 80's I had lots to catch up on so thank grud Titan bought out those chronicles among the first ones I read was The Cursed Earth Saga - I liked how it was structured it's the first story really where we see how the Mega Cities came about the history behind them and the Justice system - here's an  old drawing I did back in 94 or 95 featuring Nova a mutant boy with the power of telekiensis I always wondered whatever happened to him - Dark Autumn I think that episode was called -he sided with JD and Spikes Harvey Rotten   against The Mutant Brotherhood (also really terrific looking characters)
One of my all time faves Cursed Earth -also thats when they  started drawing Dredd's helmet better in those stories the bubble headed helmet looked kind of soft so I'm glad Mick  and Brian changed it up a bit good to see story in full glory as I had the Titan Albums and two stories were omitted hence "Uncensored"- hope we get to see some of the Cursed Earth on the telly although like these new books about the origins of the Justice system would make a another good spin off show- another bit of old (incomplete) artwork I guess halfway through George W Bush residence in White House  hence the crazy  Helicopter and the Mek Troopers looking the way they do - I've  always wanted to see The Battle of Armageddon  in Death Valley - So my Fargo looks much like Dredd but a couple of years after I did this page Origins came out -and it made sense that the judges uniform was different been 30 years prior to Dredd's first appearance in 77 and Prez Booth was captured elsewhere - I thought of Darkies Mob panel when I  did the Mek Troopers - I will colour that original panel  soon as it's a all time fave  featuring Japanese soldiers  yelling "Banzai!" I read recently in "Be Pure Be Vigilant Behave! Pat Mills secret history of 2000ad  that Dredd and Solomon  the Judge in the cloak  in my pic were based upon monks at Pat Mills school- so Pat is very much a father figure to JD as John Wagner  and Carlos at least in the early days ...I s'pose they have something in common with Morton Judd

I'd like to see The Sovs make an appearance perhaps see Orlok the Assassin getting up to some sabotage  of some kind -just as much a nemesis as Judge Death - I'd wait though a few seasons for Block Mania and Apocalypse War to really kick off - would be a essential story  and alot of destruction to look forward too-whether story takes place before or after AW is yet to be known.

I've watched this dudes videos before about other comics so I know he likes a drink too lol -He mentions future slang here -there's a section in The Judges Avalanche book that covers that very subject- looking forward to reading Lone Wolf  at end of the month.Great he mentions Fred Gee here  -classic Corrie PotMan (not that type of pot) A Jack Duckworth prototype in a way.

But here are a few more Dredd epics that might be featured in Mega City One -no idea when shows coming out but very excited as the possibilities are endless The Pit would be great as well as America - lovely thing is it's ongoing and takes various view points - especially enjoyed The Pit as it was like a cop show far different and mature than the 1995 movie which came out  around the same time  -it also leads up to the events of the second Robot War and the return of Orlok -

 whilst America deals with The Democracy movement -and Total War terror group which reflected what was going on in the news at that time and even more poignant today without been all preachy in the way it's told - it's down to the reader to make out who the good guys or bad guys are-if they even exist at all -such as it is in real life -(I think  America's parents were Porto Rican  not Mexican -which they state in video) read this back in 90 -1st issue of The Megazine - Quality -astounding artwork by Colin MacNeil the artist was very young too at the time , blows my mind he did this whilst at college .Judge Beeny's a fave glad she's on The Council of Five - gives me hope positive  change will come to MC1 I've featured Judge Death alot here-and once I'm up for it I'll continue colouring The Four Dark Judges --really goes without saying that they should get live action debut on MC1 TV but always liked The Judda -really great bad guys - kind of a pity they're all dead now at least in the comics. worthy adversaries to Joe -possibly because they are him-excepted brainwashed by there creator who also is Dredds' creator "But any monkey can shake a test tube " I think Dredds retort to Judd when they finally meet up... might bring them back in a fan fic thing that's been cooking in my brain  called "The Lawbreakers" -would love to have another go at Dredd -not sure how I'd approach it though  just yet.

It's been 41 years now -am I meant to feel ancient yet? nah still feel the same.. guess that's thrill power at work.

Monday, 3 September 2018

"Reasons to be Cheerful" Part 3

Kinda of like a Ultra Violence version of Haysi Fantaysi lol - 48 Minutes - kind of takes the surprise away-but at same time been waiting to see how game stacks up -not the finished product -perhaps they could have dialogue cut scenes every time like Fallout does makes it more like a unique experience that way -not sure they'll do that though.It's certainly not for young kids -but old kids like me  it should be a good ride .The city is kinda like Mega City One minus fatties and kneepads but I hope Rebellion are taking notes for a Dredd game (I'd imagine it would have to feature The Cursed Earth and Under City to add some diversity- but more about that later )Hope this comes out soon- but not too soon though  as it usually takes a good while to get through a Rockstar Epic - And I'm really looking forward to this one -looks like it'll be a immersive experience-hopefully story will be first class too like it's predecessor
Yep I put this trailer up before -still waiting for follow up once that's out I'll stick it under here-Arthur reminds me of Pierce Brosnan -remember seeing him in a western a few years back on telly with Liam Neeson  it must  of been this one

slaying fascists as I'm going through Sniper Elite series in chronological order- it's debatable if Karl was on heavy psychedelics by the time Zombie Army Trilogy happens - would be cool if he visits Greek islands in a prequel to give The Green Devils grief-I just wish there was a Major Eazy skin though .. Dude who gives Karl a voice was also Tony the Tiger for Frosties There's DLC on both game where you can assassinate Hitler -it could be his double though -need to see X-Ray cam to see if any of his bits are missing I guess ' Yep that's him alright no doppleganger lol not sure I wanna shoot my Russian allies though -better have extra good reason for that -I blame Patton probably got pissed up on vod and created Cold War in one evening ... Zombie Army looks the most fun kind of like Sniper Elite Red Dead Nightmare look forward forward to playing this-dig the colour I've seen in clips I've seen and the  Zombies look awesome too Plus there's a updated Rogue Trooper out on consoles  -I may give this another go -I'm hoping more comic characters get a chance to be featured in games seeing as Rebellion print 2000AD so if there's a Dredd  Strontium Dog or ABC Warriors  on the way it should be done with the love and care that's put into Rogue -as it's one of he best future war games out there

Sunday, 26 August 2018


Possibly the first Matchbox soldiers I owned as a kid - I always thought the artwork on these boxes were astounding -need some inspiration for a panel I'll be colouring featuring lots of charging Japanese soldiers yelling "Banzai!" -must get down to work on that  lots of WW2 related vids including  Flying Tigers  documentary I mentioned I'd feature in earlier post - but started playlist  after hearing about Aretha the other week so begins very soulfully  -but needed a history lesson towards the end -

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful-Part 2

Withnail Thrawn? seems a possibility with the casting of Richard E Grant for episode 9 - voice fits too but might be a red herring as is the name Mara -possible that they are the junkers Kylo spoke of (would like to see Withnail hit it off with a chick for a change lol so maybe Mara's the other Junker consuming the finest wines in the galaxy ) -I still think Rey's a clone made from DNA of Lukes hand by Palpatine -seems like the best theory-that  would shut up those misogamists that came out the woodwork yelling" Mary Sue" whatever that means (nice combination of names sounds like the perfect Cowgirl to me ) but if that's the explanation of Rey's connection with the force soon as she touches Lukes lightsabere  that would make perfect sense  -Rey  been Han Solo's lovechild -man that's just  a boring theory ... what if the Knights of Ren where all Rey clones ? -just a thought...I'm sure I've posted this before on  other playlists but nobody has time to watch all those I imagine -perhaps I make them for historical reasons and maybe its just a blast too  but Withnail and O - pure undiluted Genius

Thrawn's very real though not un-canon so would be very neat casting  if his happens.Another grand E Grant moment - one of my faves altouugh I do not agree with the sentiment -Bruce Robinson been smart againyep Richard would be a  ideal for Thrawn totally. Seems like the rumor going around about the Live Action Star Wars tv show is that it's centered around Mandalore -I can imagine a show like Dallas or Dynasty but with really cool armour lol I can imagine opening done in that style   -just jesting - but sounds fascinating - what state is planet in?  will we visit other planets under Mando influence (like seen in Rebels and Clone Wars) a live action Bo Katan and Fenn Rau would be most welcome and Sabine of course but she's out there in the Unknown Regions searching for Thrawn and Ezra - I do wish this dude would wear hat correctly very D.R.I  or Flavour Flav -but hat is designed to be worn forward lol  but hey that's just me been old

 Currently reading The  Avalanche  -although on computer rather than in paperback  which I would of preferred  (there is  a limited edition but I was a too late  ) but The Origins of Mega City One has fascinated me since reading The Cursed Earth - although Fargo Dredd's old fella  kind of  isn't the main character in this more of a looming figure that has bought in the Judges to fight the rising crime rate in America  -it's the conflict between the old law enforcers and the new Law whist  Mega City One is under construction -if  the Mega City One tv show takes off  man this era would make a good spin off - but Judge Fargo -who was he? we only get glimpses -perhaps Dredd's heritage could be explored better in literature rather than comics - would be cool see more though of The Man behind The Law .I know more is on the way :)

Mr H Epic voice! Micheal the writer of Avalanche sounds like good craic & always a good interviewer  the moustahey cavalier dude or is he a roundhead lol sounds more cavalier to me - used to know a geezer who did those English Civil War battle reconstructions- hope he's doing well. Booth is Mega Trump - then again Bush and the neo cons would of been main influence back when Origins came out whilst Nixon or Johnson perhaps for Pat Mills Booth in Cursed Earth- scary thing going on with Iran right now -Up to there old tricks again...Neo Cons that is.
Fargo of course  has been portrayed by Max Von Sydow whilst not a big fan of the 90's movie -that was good casting-You can see Dredd in Max-would of been better than Sly about the right age too
been fooling around with Fallout 4 as usual decided to make a Dredd -seems to fit that world or maybe Fargo more -not impossible to create him either - I did create a Cursed Earth Koburn with Maccredy- but maybe a settler would be better Deacon 's meant to be Johnny Alpha here lol but Cait makes an excellent Durham Red whilst Pipers a good Beeny - ps4 so I can't mod really just changing the look with all the ps4 mods I can use -maybe heres a better helmet for Dredd out there but this is the best I can do right now speaking of computer games nice to see Rat Pack appear in latest Sniper Elite Comic -I can see these dudes and others from Battle and 2000ad etc.. appear eventually in computer games
 Big reason to be cheerful though is that its only two months to go before October and Red Dead
Redemption  2-  which is bound to eat into my life- gonna be epic.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Insight 90

A nod to my Dad on his anniversary even though he wouldn't been into this music although I think he dug Joe Strummer as he saw a little of himself when he was younger - hence Wired interview which we watched together - I think his ears perked up working with the Pogues(he liked them naturally ) plus he was old school Grease no time for that Ted nonsense - looked like a Stray Cat without the mullet mixed with Captain Kirk in old photo I saw recently I  barely got any photos from that period though it ain't like today where you people snap or video everything guess it was was like that in Ireland in the 50's -
This one is from Christmas 1984 so I'm 12 here Dad very Del Boy /Arthur Daley here
I will get a new scanner soon-want to do a few Colour Like Carlos scans- haven't been feeling very arty lately after Star Wars page failed to save - maybe  a new scanner will sort out that mood and wetter weather  -but that's a typical 80's boy jumper lol - be nice to scan some more old photos .

I did want post John Peel show from today's date from 1990 -only heard one song as I was devastated and it what starts this playlist off - but when I heard Insight by Joy Division it made perfect sense at that moment in time could of been playing anything usually Kylie and Jason or some poppy shite as it was back then but no it was Ian and the boys - kinda special in a weird way lifted me up- those words meant a great deal to me as I was already heavily into JD since I was 14 or 15 - but it's like JP knew what had happened and what was going through my mind and it's odd I heard this in the afternoon but BBC would shift his show around back then for some reason .
This Playlist was originally going to be music from that very Baggy year 1990 but so far not so baggy what I remembered I was big on grunge and fuzz usually American stuff and a bit of shoegaze as they called it back then , but did like the Mondays, Roses Charlatan's and Carpets all the good ones so I need to get back to this tomorrow -(updated playlist is growing and growing maybe I stop at 90)

I feature a bit of Nils  Lofgren here as I met him the day my Dad died-sounds strange I know but my mate Gav wanted me to see him with him and yes it helped a great deal took me away from doing any damage although I know I drank whiskey then so if I was a eejit  back then sorry  but  heavy shit had gone down prior -so long ago - but I was glad to hear music -keeps you half sane I guess.

Nice to think of my Dad when he was around I do it constantly - want to move forward from that though but it's difficult . He went to the great hereafter  just as Iron Curtain collapsing  - he respected the Russians more than the Yanks at that time  (he always thought about what they went through in the war) I think both my Mum and Dad met G.I 's when they were litlle though as they were training for D-Day in Ireland - just He wouldn't buy into all this propaganda crap not that he was a Soviet or anything just he was human being - grew up in a era of East vs West- always struck me as stupid -course had no idea until teens what Stalin was up to but well aware of America and Vietnam   but these days worlds more corporate and daft - the last few days of my Dads life was when Iraq invaded Kuwait and the first Gulf War never got to see the outcome of that -or how Russia changed (he thought Boris  Yelts was an eejit -but liked Gorby ..I have no idea what he'd make of Putin-) but we did have a Ronald Reagan dog toythat squeeked  lol Spitting Image style..

I watched great documentary about behind the scenes of Spitting Image last night -(didn't realize it was such hard work and the Crossroads connection lol ) we did enjoy a good old laugh on a Sunday throughout the mid 80's so a good excuse for a bit of this.
It's a odd one 1990 it began with much hope for the future-a new decade a fresh start - then tragedy struck -sometimes feel like I'm frozen in time -on the inside at least even though so much time has passed -sometimes feels life is something that happens without your permission , guess the only way to get through that is within your head.only you alone can work things out -

Friday, 3 August 2018


First week of August is always rough for me - steering clear of beer tonight and social media (God I got so drunk the other week blurted stuff out I should of not - it would make Trump blush -if he was capable -except I'm Johnny Nobody .Lifes a rough sea gotta navigate it the best you can so a  rare outburst - hard to bury all this grief sometimes ) I hope not too many people read it -it was gone after a hour since I ranted away - very dangerous thing a conscience but I have no reason to be ashamed it's others people lack of shame that brings me down who vanish and forget there past and have no idea of the ruination created.
I'm not sure I've spoken about that awful night 28 years ago back when I was 17 on this blog  -the night I lost my Dad or the fact that the scumbag who put my Dad in a grave got away scot free because some juries are stupid or prejudiced maybe they had it in for the Irish I dunno always struggling to understand everything life became obtuse from the very moment they let that waste of air free - can't make head or tail of anything -I can only follow my own rules as nothing has any truth to it -only family matters and a couple of mates I spose  I guess I'll never have one of my own a family that is -not sure about that probably left it too late  I've been in a rut all this time besides my one chance has gone back home and got on with her life I can't give her the things she'd expect &  the whole of society would have to change before I can even begin to think about that.
 So this playlist is  a bit of exorcism and a  bit of a laugh too -Malcolm and Sheldon (good to find that again -Johnny and Yoko - news from Detroit 1967 -John Lee Hooker Scott Morgan -plenty of Eels lol Bobby Mitchum double bill,The Equals , Darth Mauls voice doing comedy-and the original B-Boys - anyway least I can get things off my chest here -blogs better place to put your emotions down  than some silly wall which is only there as they think you want to buy products -and be totally ignored as there so much other shit going on good job I'm sober too rare thing for me on a Friday

Talking of Eels old drawing I did of a story my sister used to tell me when I was little about an electric eel who couldn't make any friends under the sea lol -(but they life in rivers I guess ) -kinda of a Pepe le Pew situation really- life can be  like that lol - it was nice to see my sis the other week we went to see The Red Arrows - but close up  this time  rather than watch from back garden from afar (back in the day of Polystyrene Lockheeds Zeros and Hellcats  - that's how one would wile the way the hours in 1980 )
Tomahawks were my fave though -I was big on the Flying Tigers as a nipper -from reading Cassidy in Warlord -I think story may of gone back to 1937 when the Sino Japanese war was raging -I'll have to see if there are any decent documentaries about the Tigers for next playlist.
But what got me the most about Red Arrows display was  the Battle of Britain fly pass - very lucky to capture final moments as  we rushed towards seafront - I guess it was Spitfire , A Hurricane  and Lancaster  I wouldn't be typing this if it weren't for those aircraft  and the men who originally flew them over the Kent skies .I kind of find that somewhat surreal -I guess the past is like that.
Cropped this  from much bigger pic but wanted to focus on what I  was looking at .