Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Pandoras In London

Haven't been posting much lately here or on other blogs-been looking after my older sister and her sons (who live where the original Star Wars trilogy was filmed-Jabba's Palace is located at the fish counter in Tescos in Borenwood lol) so I'm on Younger Brother duties up until the weekend -but I did catch The Pandoras and there support  on there latest world tour in a very crammed pub in east London  at the start of the month -really ass kicking stuff  -so heres some document of that evening filmed by a few punters who had a better view than me.Also Starring Oh! Gunquit!   and The Frankleys

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mass Effective

In the last month or so  got into Mass Effect at least the second and third games (I did buy the first one a couple of years ago for a mere fiver-but the lack of checkpoints and toughness of some of the bad guys did me in -perhaps I'll go back to that one on a rainy day -try to remember to save after every gun battle-but like one of the videos on this playlist confirms the second game is light years ahead )I'll stick up a few images of my two Commander Sheps eventually maybe even create a couple of films if I can figure out a way how to-it's galaxy spanning stuff and all great fun-trying to make my Shep as Dredd and Anderson like as possible trouble with that is he can't wear a helmet on ship and various scenes -the un-customised male Shep looks a bit too Roy Keane with a hairline of a six year old lol -mine looks like Kirk Douglas after chemotherapy -become most fond of both customised characters -and they've made some flawed decisons -which is all too human -but can always go back and play it another way - sounds like from some of these videos that the ending(s) of the third is a real stinker-but now I've played it with the dlc sort of rounds story off nicely although Iknow one of the endings has Shep (and Anderson survive so I'm aiming for that in the replay)-as well as been a steller RPG it's also one of the best third person shooters that I've enjoyed to date ... the next game I'm sure will be light years ahead of it's predecessors as it seems to follow that pattern -but right now ME2 and 3 are my top games so here's my Mass Effect Playlist-still can't embed on my own computer but using sisters at the mo so it works :) must sort out this mess out when I can...may go back to old windows as all this nonsense started with windows 10
but no matter here's the playlist.
I know the makers of these games have made  Star Wars games before-but would like to see one which is single player and set  within the galactic civil war or in the new movies timeline  -with familar characters - was hoping  new Battlefront game was going in that direction -but totally no story mode which is a bizzzare thing -Star Wars is alL about storylines -but Mass Effect though is a sprawling space epic in its own right gotta love the Vorcha -funny guys

.and Zaeed -the  geezer Bounty Hunter -very Johnny Alpha esque -One day day they'll be a Strontium Dog game I reckon-new fan films on the way from the makers of Judge Minty so it should be quality .

Strange thing is the name  John Shephard seeing as that's the same name as The Black Major-a Action Force character  (whose origin story I coloured around the same time as these games came out)I doubt there is  a connection - but hey could be an ancestor especially in renegade mode  I'll re-post that story once I get back to my own computer.