Thursday, 28 September 2017


Got the Blade Runner bug after watching Blade Runner Blackout 2022 the other night.. I  can't put that  on youtube playlist so I'll link it directly
I have to admit I thought the gap between the original film and this new one would be too great but after seeing anime kinda makes sense  - Got a good feeling about this ..
The other two live shorts that serve as a prelude to the main Movie  are also present on playlist ..
First experience of Blade Runner would of been re-prints in Return of the Jedi weekly back in 83 or 84 -loved Al Williamson and  Carlos Garzons art already from the Star Wars strips  as well as Archie Goodwins scripts so it was a curiosity introduced me future noir at a young age(I wasn't old enough to see it in the cinema) my sister saw it though -not sure what she made of it -not sure it was what she was expecting - I'm sure that would of been true to many other cinema  goers at the time  - I always come back this movie -I love how there are no heroes or villians -it's about perception  for me - one second you abhor Roy Batty (was Nora Nexus 1 lol) for example the next you have great empathy for him and his kind - I hope 2049 can  tell a story as well as it's older brother.

pic I did way back in 2005

Monday, 25 September 2017

Platter Matter.

Papa don't take no  mess .. but he ain't around .. finally I can listen to these .. after about 12 or so years without a record player (got it sorted ) so  I'll  blast myself senseless again .. this is just a fraction  and I'll probably buy more .. wanted to christen my record player on facebook  but they wouldn't let me perhaps lyrics of song are too close to mark -just wanted to see James head spin around lol but great to hear  records again for real,
Playlist based on contents of record collection .. have a huge CD and tape archive too- far more than records not really a collector just bought stuff I thought was cool doubt I'd wanna sell them like other people do - just been a while since I heard them too  but cant beat vinyl just looks right.

A bit of Nirvana towards the end from Wipeout bootleg today or yesterday was the anniversary of Nevermind coming out I remember buying tape of it in Maidstone -stuck it in friends car as we drove back to flintstone she thought it sounded like Sisters of Mercy lol ..the first triad chords of Teen Spirit that is funny how other people hear things..mind you Come as You Are is The Eighties by Killing Joke so she may have a point.

Sunday, 24 September 2017


It's strange to think I'm same age as Zippy(I think first episode of Rainbow was in 72) Post birthday playlist mainly music from 1972  when I  was  a  baba. It's funny age .. well it is when you don't keep up with the Jones -not sure where the hell I'll be next hopefully away from here and doing what I want to do but birthday turned out shitty firstly got a record player as a present -which is great but it turns out to from America and ac power cable won't fit -I've tried others but they don't fit either so that ruined things no magic oxo ended up drinking myself daft - began thinking about the past always a bad thing when the one person that mattered will never be how you wanted .. it's tough carrying this stuff around -been like that since I was 26 if only I could find a way to move on ... kid myself every day guess that's how you survive gotta be optimistic otherwise you become a shell - maybe a good sleep will put mind back in order but glad I made this playlist 72 was actually a cool year even if Jimi & Jim weren't around to see it  not sure what my Dad  would of made of all the glitter and stuff lol  he was kinda old school but as Marc says  "All Schools are Strange" in The Slider .. wise fella  for his age Marc.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Final playlist before I turn half 90 -assholes will tell you that's getting on  but that's bollox still feel like a 18 year old just a bit more Stipe headed (which aint a bad thing as he's kinda smart) hopefully I won't get too drunk on Saturday .. I'm looking forward to some magic oxo -a luxury for me -does help from time to time too much booze for me is poison but a good smoke does  make me see clearer rather than the opposite -a tribute to Grant, Harry and Jake amongst this playlist -I may have to get a new youtube account as  flashplayer seems to want to put wrong videos in  the many various playlists I've made over the years .. the real beast is the Fallout 4 playlist I'll post that soon -still a fair bit away from end though -although it keeps growing with all these mods that keep cropping up -creation club should really focus on creating new quests and locations if you ask me seems to be getting alot of negative feedback -but looking forward to the Tunnel Snakes content if rumours are to be believed
but on with the show ..
. thankfully I could go back to the old skool player the new one kept on creating a new playlist with the same name -it was driving me nuts and impossible to embed thankfully it's sorted now.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

"Sweet Christmas!"

Really Good ticked alot of boxes -Diamondback and Cottonmouth were cool too, Shades Iago ,style a perfectly good hoodie getting ruined  he gets a better one from Meth later,I always knew QT was into this comic- He could still do Master of Kung Fu that would be a must see -I can dream lol I get where he's coming from but these Marvel stories aren't set in the 70's although they would work in that context too -Luke's gone from Funk to Hip Hop .. his characters evolved over the years but soundtrack is fantastic -evokes that era as well as the flashback scenes-good to hear this again shit if this don't play... been getting that alot with the new youtube may end playlists altogether (not a fan -even more difficult to make playlists now ) Who's this Luke cat anyhow.?.. A few interviews with stars from show- starting with Mike hope his hair don't grow back lol(I had to put up with that drag since I hit 30) -but he looked very scruffy in prison -this is a much smoother look -more like the modern civil war era Cage than the original 70's look but I don't mind Mike plays Luke  with a humbleness and grace not a gun toting idiot-he  knows how strong he is . Interview with Misty Knight actress Simone Missick (who I can't wait to see in season 2)and Cottonmouth old skool gangster with a talent to tickle the ivories had to feature Diamondback  the final clash is kind of like The Quiet Man in Harlem -more please... Where next for Luke -well he finally met Iron Fist in The Defenders -it's the best partnership since Starsky and Hutch -seems natural they work together Gonna be thee Nazz I'll leave the last word to Johnny Blaze

Monday, 4 September 2017

Devil Days

First Daredevil I read -early Frank Miller must of been 7 or 8 -found it kinda scary -always a good sign as far as comics go- I'm Totally hooked on Daredevil tv show -they've got it right-Matt, Foggy ,Karen ,The Kingpin , Elektra , The Punisher , Stick -totally how it should be in film form -far superior to movie that was made in the last decade -captures that vibe I got when I read these stories as a kid (much more menacing than any other superhero title back in the early 80's it's also great they went back to "The ,Man Without Fear" graphic novel from early 90's for first season and parts of season 2-which is like Daredevils year one - -only thing is where the hell is Bullseye ? DD's arch nemesis apart from The Kingpin -the dude in bowling alley episode would of made a great Lester -perhaps we'll see Bullseye in season 3 (it's gotta happen-and he's gotta have his iconic outfit not an Irish mush with a circle drawn on his head like the movie -shows been kinda of faithful in some respects hopefully old Bully will appear.)would be nice to see DD'S yellow costume too-I'm  sure his tailor can come up with a spare in case red one gets damaged -I'm  still having probs with playlists -not sure if this will go directly to parts 2 & 3 afterwards maybe a good thing if you don't want spoilers for season 3 as after John Romita JR 's interview it may contain the plot for future episodes. Charlies done a great job on show -didn't realize until today that he's a Brit -he shouldn't complain about his age -I'd say Matt in my estimation would be in his 30's I was reading comic before he was even born lol-gawd sometimes I feel ancient then realize hell of alot of people waayy older than me-so it's ok lol
This dude totally nailed the Kingpin -Wilson Fisk in some ways you have sympathy for him especially when he's a little kid what he goes through with his bastard of a father -but of course he's the bad guy -but he's bloody good at it ... the kid that bullied by the Drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket -perfect sense the casting here Foggy & the lovely Karen Daredevil wouldn't be complete without Elektra -Elodie 's great too - hope she's in season 3 didn't take long to resurrect her in The Defenders Love this guys take on The Punisher -I'm reminded of DeNiro's take on Jake Le Motta - more on the side of DD's take on justice -gonna have his own show you actually care about Frank even though he's all rage. Really smart move coming up with The Defenders -got me to check out the original shows -Power Man after my Daredevil binge I may even re-watch all of Jessica Jones again also a cool show.Gonna see if this gives away any clues to what Marvel & Netflix have up there sleeves for the future....

Friday, 1 September 2017

Texas Fuzz

The big country.. Texas City aka Mega City 3(art by Mike McMahon ) wanted to tip my hat to Texans as they've had a crappy week -Jim from Florida kicks off it's good intro kinda makes sense -but the Texas sounds rules after-got into garage I guess around the same time Mudhoney & Nirvana were doing there thing in Seattle so to learn about these flourishing scenes 20 or years prior was great too. Seems like YouTube have changed everything lately -can't embed playlist just individual songs which is a very draggy thing especially as my blogs kind of rely on them so all I can do right now is link it

even managed to squeeze in some JR Ewing -thee Hagman always a cool hat and a drink in hand  lol