Friday, 30 December 2016


Sweet Sixteen Sheen by my mate Wayne -of my creation Louisa -I'm gonna make an effort at least at the script of The Deadly Sins in 2017 its a valid story -heroines are refugees of war.
 16 songs featuring  the number 16
A year dominated by the Great Pighead distraction ( Brick It !)and Tangoman been elected -hopefully he'll be un-elected come Jan 20th -otherwise 2017 will be a shitstorm and then some....No matter pretty song to take my mind off unforseen chaos that ensues

All the greats we lost this year -makes you wonder if "Death" is a hitman working for a higher illumati that wants to stamp out culture and replace it with junk. least Sixteens a cool # -confusing age but get through it if 21st Century was a living being better years ahead Older I'm meant to get more I stick to my guns kinda liked my later teens even though Ihad to deal with a shipload of grief-kind of remained in that state of mind whilst everyone else gets married and start listening to Adele or something better to be a teenage head . Pass the Dutchie..sound words. Sam !!! lol some Muppet Action classic Steel Guitar slays me here.. wish I had a beer to cry into. I like Jack always busy.
Featuring Carie Fisher I'LL post a tribute soon either here or on other blog... another casualty of a rough year :( Think this was before Star Wars Ringos version of song came out 73 although vid looks kinda 80's Two Buzzcock #'s A Blue Year =only right to finnish with BB. I saw a few good things over Christmas period this was one of them... doubt it'll be around forever so check iplayer if your in UK

Saturday, 24 December 2016


A bit of everything ..the usual...just a tadge christmassy ...Merry Christmas !

Monday, 19 December 2016

"It's Away!"

Finally got to see Rogue One (it's only been out a few days but seems like a eternity trying to avoid spoilers )the movie did not dissapoint especially glad to see a few familiar pilots amongst the films climatic finale battle Red Leader been one a fine tribute to Drewe Henley who passed away earlier this year who played Red Leader and uttered those immortal lines durring the Battle of Yavin-it could of been so different -he was that close ... Why George cut this scene out I'll never know .. added more to the mystery of The Clone Wars at the time viewing which Red Leader had fought in .. it didn't really expose the fact of who Lukes Father really was a bit confused as to why it ended up on editing floor along with "Bring My Shuttle!" It's strang as I was going to feature Red Leader and Porkins in the second part story I'm writing- Gold Leader also makes an appearence is this John D? remember his name appearing in the novel as a kid and was glad there were other John's out in space then again apparently red leaders nickname is "Dave "lol Good to see this mush again -seemed taller than I remember As well as seeing Rogue One I also got up to date with Rebels-I guess Wedge didn't show up in Rogue as he's kind of new to the Rebellion -strange seeing him in Imperial gear and black deffo suits Sabine Naturally this was the episode that intrigued me the most seeing as I'm writing a story about another Fenn although could be the same guy -perhaps Fenn is a title ? I look forward to the further episodes next year Killians great -he worked on Shadows of the Empire with John Wagner back in the 90's as well as the Jabba Tapes and various other Dark Horse Star Wars stories -as for Rogue One a thumbs up -similar in tone to ESB didn't play for laughs something the prequels suffered from-although Ithink humours important just prefer the Han Solo blend of humour to the Jar Jar kind Joan of Arc in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

"Where are You Taking this Thing!"

That's what I ask myself about Rogue One -which I've yet to see But one of the greatest  lines from Star Wars (can't call it a New Hope -saw it when that was called by it's proper name) uttered by the late great Malcom Tierney is he the very same guy who's in Rebels cartoon this dude ? -looks like Tom Baker (who was a good mucker of Malcolm's ) the facial expressions and nose but I like this guy -Brom Titus and Tom Baker's also in this episode too so great to hear his vox again .. I must catch up with all this only seen first episode may be a good thing I haven't seen Rogue yet as the episodes will eventually connect up with the events in that movie. so Ithink I'll have a Rebels marathon  binge watch  this weekend... Tagge , seems like Marvel have a thing for this dude  he evacuated off the Death Star in the new Vader series , whilst in the original his brother cyber disco king Baron Tagge and his cutie redhead  of a sister Domina was also after Lukes blood my Dad liked this scene he  recognised the actor who played Tagge, mind you  he'd call Jedi " Jedee !" he didn't uwar nderstand my obsession with these movies thought they were "Cat!" meaning nuts  but least he watched them and laughed at the right moments. nowadays parents get it -coz thats my generation any road so I'm stuck in that 77 of state of mind no time to grow up - odd really but I  find it odd to go against your dreams George Lucas was to go over to Vietnam to film the War also got a sense of this Apocalypse Now it's so strange that this movie became a form of (unintentionally) antidote or perhaps placebo is a better word to that war and Nixon- he and his kind have gotta be Palpatine , very similar name to Palatine in Taxi Driver- Attack of the Clones  also gave me  a sense of this about Afghanisthan and Iraq the way the battle scenes with the clones were created it's the best of the prequels in my mind. although there is a real stinker scene involving a cgi cow thing lol on Naboo  -Couple a decent fan films b4 I get to the Rouge stuff I'm trying to avoid spoilers - I hope this movie doesn't make me have to re-write "A Old Threat" which is set two years before Episode IV ( 18th birthday of Luke & Leia )as The Death Star, The Rebellion and Vader are featured heavilly in story-mind you I can write around anything and make it credible not that anyone gives a feck. 
still its fun to write I plan to write alot next year ... anyway here's a nice Han Solo fan flick -the lighting is good I thought made guy who plays Solo more Harrisonesque.

make me look forward to the Solo movie Disney have planned if Lawerence Kasdems writing it's bound to be good .. rather be Solo than a do gooding Jedi type ... Hoth Stuff Star Wars Battle of the Planets Stylee could of done with this in the Early 80's Like I said avoiding spoilers I know Vades kicks ass from very crude clip on youtube thats about it - but reviews I've heard seem very favourable so it sound s like a winner... so heres all the clips from Rogue One .. hope theres Rogue 2 & 3 would like to see what excatly happened on Jakku does seem like The Empires Waterloo and Jyn should be at the heart of that. Felicty . Ghost Dog , Mads guy who plays Orson seems awesome -apparently Tarkins great -but surely you can't outdo Cushing? a must see.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hipsville 365 TV7

Well I guess Americas Done ... how do  you fall for  this  Russian Spin Doctorey crap huh ? that's excactly whats happened  .. people need to work ... but  all I can foresee is a grand scale rip off  - again . 2016 been a total douchebag year  -I'll be glad to see the back of it and the start of something new

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Falling Out.

Lackage of posting here is due to been stuck in a post nuclear war wasteland which makes more sense to me than this post Trump victory wasteland ..I guess it's best to be prepared lol .I bought myself a birthday present back in September and I haven't stopped playing it-which is odd for me as I tend to dip into games rather than play them constantly-well not since GTAV at least  but  this ones got me hooked even after completing the main story arc weeks ago-I guess it's the customisation-the fact you can not only Boba up your traveling companions but also entire  population of settlements -not one is the same -although they all seem to have same gripes and  grievences would of been better if each type of settler had differering lines (like the pedestrians in GTA and Saints Row 2-it added to to the experience)maybe next time-but it's great for unique cutscenes. It's the first Fallout game I've played I do have a copy of the third game but just couldn't get into it -very grim it's how you expect but this has a bit more colour although still grim  colours always appreciated & I-prefer actual spoken dialouge get eyestrain trying to read all the  responses -this games more accessable as it's meant to be-though more choices rather than been forced into going along with situations would of been better -but that said  -feels like the sort of game I prefer playing --as for 3  I'll give it a shot along with New Vegas if I ever stop playing this one lol... so a few vids about Fallout 4 rounding off with my ever growing cutscene playlist featuring my protagonist Miss Jo (another great thing is that story visually is close to the stories I've been writing and drawing except that story is set in London and the Marshlands of Essex -inspiring -I'll have to get back to The Deadly Sins at some point)but all these battling factions it's much like the gangs and organisations  I thought up for those stories along with it's retro stylings)Nick Valentine(Chandler meets William Gibson) and Mayor Hancock very much instant iconic figures - as is Dogmeat although barely ever go on missions with him as I hate to hear dogs in pain, and Codsworth is a jolly teapot although he has attacked me for  no reason on a few occassions lol . It's  not really about power armour for me barely ever use it - tend to kickass without it... feels more like a well earned victory if you do that. Far Harbours excellent-Wickerman/Cape Fear  Cyber Horror-I tend to send lazy settlers to Dalton Farm if they're not pulling weight or yapping on about me been a "synth!" those pesky  Fog Crawlers are hard to kill -not to mention the very surreal Hermit Crabs . Here's a few words from the games makers themselves.. " allowfullscreen>A few reviews had to be Joe first.. nah I like Longfella Although he likes starting trouble with the local wildlife as do most of the residents -better to run like hell.
My Gage is far cooler than the Travis Bickle trapped in a climbing frame look he sports as a default character -it's great you can mess with their look as I said before -no idea about mods though as I have PS4-whether anythings coming out for that I'm doubtful-but for sure bring on Fallout 5's my ever growing fallout4 playlist as promised ..
 Updated -there's actually a new patch that  arrived directly after I wrote this that includes mods for the PS4 -I'll have to check that out when I can...still so much to explore which is great.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Hipsville365ad TV7

"Lets take it back to 79"... next one of these will be to celebrate 16,017 days on this rock-but lots of worthwhile stuff here in that farcebook malarky everytime.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Anderson PSI Division "The Four Dark Judges" Recoloured-Part 2

My re-coloured version of Robin Smiths classic cover from 31 years ago-so I was 12 when this originally hit the newstands -more PSmith in later episodes  if I carry on with colouring story.
 Brett on top form (Jack Kirby meets Gustave Dore) I made the dumb mistake of not  multiplying the scan  twice in photoshop on this and the following page  as it brings out the inks better -may come back to these pages ...  but I'm really tired right now ...
Really doing this for fun -most of my times taken up with working as a carer - I've coloured these before back in the 80's with felt tips -this story The Possessed  & Judge Death Lives as well as the first Bad Company book - next up the first few pages of a Star  Wars comic from around same era -but on a real Dredd and Anderson kick at the moment especially enjoyed the latest stories featuring the Texas City coup and Judge Joyces adventures in Brit Cit (most fond of Joyce been a Irish Judge)
great to the word "Feck!" hasn't dissapeared in the 22nd century -just ordered Dredd Year One Omnibus which concerntrates on Dredds early cases (kind of a mystery those years -bit like Jesus in his 20's cept  its Dredd lol so those stories should be intriguing )
Should of posted this a few weeks ago when I did my Trumptonshire post -but its more apt here

More classic Brett Interview with Anderson writer Alan Grant

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Hipsville365ad TV5

Tribute to R2 and Grisha ('Stompers drummer) August has been a bitch as it always is... lots of other stuff too Dads Army, Home Front a radio series set in my hometown a hundred years ago + lashings of Fuzz & Soul movie stuff -just whats going on in my head turned into a playlist .

Friday, 12 August 2016

Rogue On!

Hope this movie works maybe its the Guns of the Navarone Star Wars style ... but one concern -no John Willliams- perhaps different stories  will feature  different composers - but I find that the music to these movies are as valid as the scenes shown on camera ... it essential that soundtrack propels story along... it's crucial  they get that right ... but I like what I see -I can see the Ralph !
Forrest's character has been part of The Clone Wars saga -kinda like a intergalactic Che-I'll have to dig tha boxset out again.. also excited about Rebels returning in September ..mucho Mando by the looks of things.. would be nice to see how Uncle  Bobas been up to in that time period..

Mr Feckwad .. liked taking orders (very Red Laser this dude)

Awesome one of the greats is back Grand Admiral Thrawn -if theres anyway they can bring Mara Jade back would be appreciated too .. but yes a good foe to pitch the Rebels against -nice to see Fenn back too hope Sabine grows hair longer 4 season 4 lol(will there be a season 4 ?) Sabines my fave seeing as she's into art kinda girl I'd like to meet but as ever too far away and in the past :/ ...and Wedge too.. the Johnny Red or Killer Kane of the Star Wars Galaxy looking forward to those episodes already. All this takes me back to been 10 or 11 and writing imaginary sequels to Jedi with stickmen Tie Fighters and all ..really cool to see it's quite possible ... here's one from back in the day Boba's got a bit of a headache ...may look like a salute but he don't salute no one cept his Dad that's why he's cool although needed more time with old fella .
I saw his via feed day it came out I was caned at time so it's like a dream when I did  see it.
Ernest Borgine Wild Bunch style -gunner dig it!...always a mainman like Van Cleef  but that's Cad Bane for sure)Bane vs Fett would make a good sequel to a Old Threat story i'm chunking away at. (has to be  a trilogy - thing is you make a Fett movie ...gotta have Spaghetti Western humour for sure)
Been a Rogue is a way better than been a Clone(unless your Fett, Dredd . Rogue Trooper or Rex)but 4sure  Rogues drink and toke their way through dodgy situations even wars and make  it work again  .. way it goes ...Hey Joe?

armha oh aye. blimey fave single ever -Neal Ford and the Fanatics ..Zombies did the origina.. It's good to be a Rogue Squire.!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hipsville365AD TV4

The Start of August is always a rough time for me...I'm reminded of been 17 and its where my life  changed against my will-so here's a attempt to get back to a time before that...I think after my Dad dying I lost all will to "grow up" -I can't pretend like most of you do..never been any choice in the matter. Surprised within these last 26 years I aint gone nuts or wound up in the slammer -forgiveness and good humour keep me on a even keel ...but yeah sometimes it's just rough but you gotta get on with it by hook or by crook -there's alot to say about Dutch Courage,TV via a foxhole in Johnland..

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Hipsville365AD TV 3

Playlist dedicated to Alan Vega.. another worldchanger gone whats going on 2016?... wanna fight ?

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hipsville365ad TV 2

"The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of"

Started this playlist back in the Rumble Radio Days -(Jeez I miss  broadcastin' that   "Superstuff  "  Least I can be a  Transmitter this way -and I guess it's a more rounded experience -lots  of "fine fine music" plus "Till the End of the World" and a excellent Nick Cave documentary

I wanted to feature this at the end but only on Vimeo-

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Original Trilogy-Trumptonshire.

Spoof of Grand Theft Auto-which I did a couple of years before GTA V came out .. actually would be a nice game for young kids-people helping each other is always good way to learn-would like to take either the train or fire engine for a spin too(if done excatly like the tv shows be a nice way connect all three towns up )My tribute to Gordon Murray who died earlier this week Reminds me of Nick Drake the guitar work on these shows ... Windy likes a dram now and again ..mind you drinking in the afternoonis never a good idea. He is the Law I Never understood why the Army in Camberwick Green were stuck in Napoleonic times-I guess the Boer War (and the birth of Khaki) never took place in that universe .

Provding the voices and songs for all three shows is the legend that is Brian Cant... narrated by Fred 'Arris including a feature about Mr Benn (actually got every episode one Christmas from my sister on DVD -thanks Zippy) interview with Gordon -sad to hear what happened  to the original puppets-oh well .here's 1.5 Man 1.5 Biscuit More from them in a sec... Jesus don't let this be the future... should re-name England "Doucheland" after UK breaks up thanks to the vote Leave lot.
ahh now that's more like it. ... always thought they should re-make Fellini's "Amarcord" in the style of Trumpton
I still want this Fire Engine after 40 odd years. Used to think Dude who operated crane was my Dad when I first saw this as he drove diggers and rocked a hat like that.

must have a Brian Cant voice modulator lol ..Trumpton was great -but Chigley was my fave as it had a train....

More Half Man Half BiccyThe scene with the Butler walking forever it seemed  inspired this Oasis tune I remember reading back in the day... Only one way to end this post...

Friday, 1 July 2016

Somme Days

"We are Making a New World"-Paul Nash 1918.
Wanted to remember these lads properly..

Revolution Summer 2016

Thing about life its always unpredictable'll pass and move onto the next stage ... whether if its a plus or minus you adapt ... Revolution Summer Playlist..

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Anderson PSI Division --"The Four Dark Judges" -Recoloured.

 Rogue Trooper, Judge Anderson & Judge Dredd by Brett Ewins .
Two years ago I  started recolouring this Judge Anderson classic - sadly halfway I heard the artist Brett died - so gonna repost this today(as I terminated old blog) should get to work on the following episodes but  seeing as IDW have all this re-coloured now  not sure-but started colouring next episode feauring  Deadworld kinda inspired by old EC Comics for the colours on that  (as well as having to look after my house-ridden Mum's tricky juggling all these projects ) but I hope you like what I've done so far .. starts of with a  Kevin O'Neill cover script by John Wagner /Alan Grant -art  by Brett Ewins -Lettering by Tom Frame
2000ad A TO Z I'll need to get back to 2000ad playlist and add all of these so far..

Haven't picked up IDW's Dark Judges volume yet (in case it puts me off doing this  ) but I know they did a nice job on another Dredd classic -although my dream would be for Carlos Ezqurrea to do a fully painted Apocalypse those two Titan books  front covers rocked

Monday, 27 June 2016


Today is the 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme .. I deleted these along with Rumble blog (but they were up on flickr  and I think Tumblr although Tumblr title is totally innapropiate now but who cares no one looks anyhow kinda like here but whatever ..) I coloured this for me .. not to be sold -& no apologies to anyone who disliked  it  -it's a huge part of my development as a person and a artist -and you will never understand my reasons for trying  (Pat had a ganders though I hope he liked it- I don't live in the world of professional coloursts  but  I coloured  these  out of appreciation-of course I'd rather Joe could colour them -but I had a go .. but never tell me how to colour to make it look sale-able as it's not what I was aiming for .. I was thinking about the characters experiences - perhaps someday  I'll have a go at at Charleys BEF days not sure they're going to be re-printed but as always with Joe sublime artwork from Joe -story may of been more intriguing and historically accurate if written by Pat - but as a fan of the strip I'm glad it kept going although with another writer the late Scott Goodall.. for anyone who's never seen story here's what  I coloured many thanks to Moose Harris for providing scans  on his old site -and the late Neil Emery who was original Charleys War site owner (who sent me CD of the complete story hence smaller pic  on page 4 as computer crashed and lost my second version of that page) but this story may give a idea what it was like to be a lad  100 years ago.
You'll have to pick up all ten volumes of Charleys War to find out what happens next -it's my favourite all time comic just wish there was more stories that took this approach to real life events rather than a fantasised version of history which people rather go by (judging by some of the dumb rose tinted Winston Churchill loving  not giving a feck about the Polish which I had the misfortune to see on TV  today (which Winnie  did btw seeing as the Polish  helped Brits  out in Battle of Britain , North Africa, Italy , Monte Casino and liberating Western Europe  ) answers to why people voted Leave last Thursday.. I'm ashamed people people choose to be selectivly daft saddening -guess these freaks will always exist - heres's Pat talking about Joe .. take it away Edwin..