Sunday, 29 January 2017


Gutted about Sir John so he features a fair bit on this playlist as well as a bit of Madness ,Bubble Puppy's and Pulp Fiction

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Last Order

New Star Wars movie title isn't the first time it's been used dates back to this 1981 comic(although this is  the UK cover for part 2  as everyone will use the US cover) classic Walt Simonson although I think he really hit his stride when Ressurection of Evil kicks off ...feels more Star Warsy once that story begins - here's the one review I can find of it -Nathan again.. must of read everything this dude... not sure he liked Dark Empires sequels mind you , love Jim Baike especially on Judge Dredd , New Statesmen and Skizz  havent read the final instalment of that story but Jims top notch maybe story wasn't right.

I hope this movie has a Samarui vibe for sure I imagine it will if Knights of Ren and Stimpey are involved. these Knights that say "NOOOOOO!" are a curious thing - are they failed students of Luke or Fanboys of Vades -according to these Aftermath books looks like they are die hard Sith fanatics we had the Beatles & The Stones -they had The Emperor and old Darthy boy -mind you I can understand sorta. Prince is always great with the Star Wars craic ...Ireckon this guys one of them although he won't reveal himself till near end of the movie possibly. Been checking out this site look for ideas for  the Boba/Ben script I'm writing -trying to keep it 70's/80's George/Ralph  like in vision and scope -I may of  nailed whats going to happen in  the final act-no rush though just wait for Ewan to turn 60-we're about the same age so it may take a while b4 it hits screens lol  ) but I'm interested in what could of happened if George and Gary Kurtz didn't go seperate ways -have to say after reading early draft of Jedi with two Death Stars and Ben coming back to life they did make the right movie with the right beats , Jabba;s Palace, Sail Barge and Lukes Showdown with Vades and Palps  were handled and paced  much better in final script would of loved to have seen Had Abaddon on screen back in 83 though.

Guess Gary didn't like those canniabl Teddy Bears but I prefered it that Han survived -I mean whats the point of rescuing him fom Jabba if he snuffs it soon after so that's the right call.Theres a mix of sad and happy the end of that movie so it struck the right chord although didn't expect to wait till 99 for the next trilogy makes you wonder if Kurtz had stuck around they'd be a prequel in 86(doubt they could of done Jah Jah then) When Boss Nass met Anakin here's young Ani in a Powell /Pressburger classic

Monday, 23 January 2017

New Avengers

Been a while since I've featured The Avengers here..perhaps its the shock of hearing about Patrick and Brian Clemence  so soon after each other , but lately been re-watching old episodes on  DVD whilst writing and colouring (working on third part of Anderson at the mo )but a few major things have occured  in Avengerland since then ...starting with the discovery of a 1961 episode starring Ian Hendry -The Tunnel of Fear.

Fabulous news hope they find more - watched the Tunnel Of Fear reconstruction last night on DVD extras before I heard the news (bit slow on the up-take ) decided to do a search as I didn't expect anything new but yay!!..whats happpening in comicland?
I'll begin with the original strips that Big Finish have adapted into radio plays as have the first series scripts I think they adapted Luther Awkwright too with David Tennant just before he became the Doctor Luth's the very first example of what they call "Steampunk" these days . Seems there's also a Avengers /Batman 1966 series crossover goin' on too
Holy Catsuits Batman! looks awesome ..The artist has nailed that  70's Saturday morning  vibe on the head here (I wonder if Arthur Lee was writing about this very telephone? lol) I'm hoping this comes out in a collective format I bought a few of the Steed and Mrs Peel books but the art looks right here -like its rooted in that world rather than 21st Century which some of the newer stories make that mistake ...still going strong which is awesome to hear....hears interview with the Writer and Artist about the team up of the late 20th Century

I'm more of a Black N White era Avengers fan and I did write a script in the kind of format the show originally had -3 acts not so fantastical as the later episodes -more of a Cold War vibe - also wanted to explore characters origins as they all have an interesting backstory especially Steed , Gale and Peel so I tried to get a bit of that in ..
I will try and get around to completing a "Knights Tale"  the written side of it at least after Iwrite second part of latest Star Wars thing  - where Emma and Honey West are caught up in a battle royale -a prelude to The Superlative Seven which starred Donald Sutherland and Lobot (Lobot was in quite a few Avengers come to think of it) Here's Dame Diana talking about her experiences on the show.

Very short excerpt of interview from 1964 with Honor in Cathy Gale gear about getting her role in Goldfinger (I'd like to think Cathy is Pussy Galore possibly worth exploring in another script -but Avengers/Honey West crossover first I reckon) In these uncertain times The Avengers are very much needed hopefully more archive of first series will turn up fingers crossed hopefully they'll release Tunnel of Fear somehow on dvd or on stream I'm most curious to see that one as Steed to be on top form (Undercover as a magician with Belly Dancers-a must see)

Saturday, 21 January 2017


As I mentioned in last post I wanted to do a Cam Kennedy post as he's one of those artists that;s been with me since the beginning and has remained within various stages of my life ...from pocket sized books to Boba Fett he's the mann -Had to order this hardback as soon as I saw it on Amazon ,I guess I didn't really understand it well as a 7 year old I didn't really have a clue about The Vietnam War or Cambodia -even though it was five years after The Fall of Saigon when it first saw print but this time around having grown up under the shadow of these conflicts and seeing Apocalypse Now and the movies and documentaries that followed I understand story far clearly

Col Walter Mann sr Retired and Chong his comrade from The Korean War feature in a story I wrote some time ago -I think the object of that story was to connect the Battle ,Action and Valiant (with One Eye Jack)up with the Action Force stories ..possibly a failed experiment you be the judge
always prefered the concept of Action Force to GI Joe if your fighting international terrorism it should be an international team sent in to deal with it..I did like the early stories as they featured both  Cam and Gerry Day (who wrote Rogue Trooper , Harry 20 and many other Battle Stories  ...) although a  hardcore Battle fan would of seen stories for what they were a means to sell toys ..which by then I felt too old for -but the concept was good as the original Red Shadow era and early Cobra stories were page turners.But this post is about Cam .. looking forward to revisting War Dog too  a unique tale for it's time told from Kazan the dogs perspective

A few Cam related videos -first up a documentary which features Cam and his work on The Light and Darkness War -seems like the work on Fighting Mann, Rogue Trooper and the VC's led up to this collaboration with Tom Veitch -more of who later -video comes from 1988 (I can tell by the Acid House smileys the Presenter is wearing here)
This one goes out to Chopper .I liked Oz(but I was more into The Judda than the actual race) but the Midnight Surfer that's my fave Chopper story..guess it was good timing skate boarding was all the rage in mid 80's when this came out and was unusual as it cast Dredd more in a villians role -so John Alan and Cam did a top job on this story Cam was a bit of regular on Dredd-I guess Kenny Who is a little biographical
Heres a review of Cams Dredd/Batman team up I'd rate it higher as it invented The Chicken Fight -and a tight script is a good script Wagner/Grant/Kennedy are master story tellers I love the way Cam does movement -when someones shot he understands the fact that the whole body goes beyond control..he illustrates the impact , something I dig about Geoff Senior too, Got a nice surprise back in 91 ..this!
Cam was instrumental in the first Star Wars revival -kept the whole thang goin' and for that he must be applauded. You had to be there Nirvana and this 91 wasn't a bad year-on the surface at least  .Have to mention Cams Charleys War art .. I guess only him and Mike Western drew that strip apart from the mighty Joe. He'd draw for Summer specials and annuals ..I remember the story he drew was about soldiers letters been censored's one of those moments in life were you question who the enemy really are. One of my fave Cam characters in Dredd,this dude...Flip Marlowe.
All time fave though are the Fett books that came out  before the Special Edition  sort of leading up to that time ....if there is to be a Fett solo movie -I'd use this approach to the characters.
The Original Hulk

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

HV365TV -11

Reading new Fighting Mann /War Dog reprint book -which made me think of this classic front cover -new playlist -typically John So kinda Special.. next post will be about Cam the Man.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Clone Alone.

I've started writing second part Star Wars story as well as photoshop cover featuring Boba and Ben(in Rako disguise)usually a slow process for me these days having to deal with lots of other stuff going on in the real world-but it'll get done eventually but I did however find a website where you can create your own Star Wars crawl to wait almost a year before its converted to a mp4 file so for now I'll post this which I filmed (badly) with my own camera .. but its very groovy to see your words turned into a epic crawl... An Old Threat is my follow up of kinds to Bounty Hunter computer game that came out in 2002-and the Boba Fett Blood Ties comic series that Dark Horse produced a couple years back ..but in order to understand a little better the scripts that are to follow thought I'd give these another viewing to get me into the mood to write some more this week... The events that follow Bounty Hunter are within the pages of Jango Fett Open Seasons which are explained within this video although theres a chunk of stuff missing like Jangos training of Boba and the Zam Wessel comic although is it canon now? I'd say Bounty Hunter and Open Seasons would be as it makes sense as a whole and explains why Jango was chosen to be the Clonetrooper template. May as well feature ol Bobski too I guess most of this canon, I'd like to think Aiyleen and Vaders clash with him are (where he got the dent on his helmet)-another genius John Wagner moment. Blood Ties series is too good not to be canon so heres another review -whole things up on youtube but thats stealing really writers and artists need to eat. I like Connor(and the fact Bobas got relations) -come to think Bobs got the biggest family in the galaxy-well for a humunoid. The script I'm writing also has some very famous Star Wars characters and I did figure a way to get Luke off world as well as Ben possibly its a bit outlandish to do that-but I wanted Sir Alec in this story and his connection to Mandalore as he's very much connected to that system if you're familiar with The Clone Wars series.... nice to see this in colour I've known these scenes from novel and original comic adaptation but they wound up cut from movie but it does explain Biggs relationship and Lukes status before he hooks up with Ben . theres always assholes like Fixer in any universe sadly...maybe I should write a scene where Boba hunts him down and sells Camie to Jabba,.. Enjoying Marvels take on Star Wars -Vader, Lando, Han Solo , Leia Shattered Empire and the title series to name but a few  have all been great -not one bad one yet comics license is  in good hands

Would be nice to see a Jyn or Cassian comic somewhere down the line ... speaking of Rogue One got this beauty this week-good for research as my story takes place a year before so about the same time as where Rebels is right now in the timeline ..just waiting for them to get to Dantoinne (why the Rebels leave there is explained in my story ..but don't want to give that away besides i'm writing this for fun -they'll be another offical reason I'm sure as that series continues) Jyns toys are great "Mr Iggy" & "Stormie" been my faves, So many youtube channels about Star Wars .. lots of speculation about Snoke (I like to think he's a sock puppet with a name like that) Rey been a re-incarnation of Anakin sounds terrible I just hope that's not true..doesn't sound very George like- I'd rather her Great Grand Uncle Arnorld as a Force Ghost that would be wayy cooler -he's kind of Jedi like... when I read "Jawas of Doom" back in 84 as a school kid I thought YESSS! ...then thought Noooo! but it was one of my faves for obvious reasons.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Back to Work

Just wish this was the new Trump administration Bob's vapourising here -he's a no nonsense guy 4sure.
Must proceed with writing in 2017 .. nothing too heavy but for fun and a form of exocism of all that stuff I was thinking in the 80's (if Gareth Edwards can do it so can I  ..come to think of it  might of met him in pub long ago but not so far away and talked about Ridley Scotts debut The Shootists  and films we liked mind you memories a bit mashed)I'll try and inspire myself to write the second act of an "Old Threat" by painting a cover image of the script I've written over the next week or two- last time I painted on photoshop very happy with result , a portrait of Judge Dredd against Mega City Skyline got him just right -very Bollandy very Kirk Douglas -very John - but what happens? My  computer goes haywire and  I can't retrieve image .. took me over two mothes to get over the loss .. at least scripts still here .. I was planning a One Eyed Jack/ Dredd crossover .. the great news is that One Eyed Jack is going to see print again I hear today .. the best thing next to a actual comic about Dirty Harry- but been a long term Dredd & Wagner fan  this is awesome news as Jacks early stories are excellent for their time  -the first step out of old school British comics at least in the mainstream

Jack in his original form was a little before my time I first read his stories in Battle Action  -when he wasn't a cop but working as a  Secret Agent which wasn't his original character really so I missed out the good stuff -although years later had the idea where he'd come across the Red Shadows  durring this period in his life .. might do that story one day - but the early stories I got to see via Eagle although not a avid reader unlike Battle and 2000ad (photostrips were a bit Jackie-esque for my tastes back then-and that's where I first saw George Micheal -I could tell  he was gay then lol , but that didn't stop my sister from sticking those pics on her wall )Very sad to hear about his death over Christmas another great loss -George dug Funkadelic and Joy Division so he wasn't Bros or Take That -he had a vast talent just got there too early -He went to same primary school as my Nephs a Bushyboy Totally 80's meets BeeGees  but I like the fact he's anonyomous when this came out -guess this was same time as Faith - but I loved The Cure then and they had copyright over that word lol
Liked this one as it reminded me of Scott Walker in his heyday with a Greek Vibe (totally different vox 4sure but the feeling ) Seems like 2016 was nowt but grief not just for famous brothers and sisters but for democracy itself it seems the Mafia in all its international forms have taken over -Guess this is the one time I'm routing for the C.I.A -get rid of this Fink he's Boris Yeltsin 2(with a ego and no vodka but easilly manipulated by dosh ) ffs bad news allround- The Next 4 Years are gonna be historical at least.Captain America don't dig this Fool and neither would Jack Kirby and thats whats important.

Friday, 6 January 2017


Playlist featuring tribute to Carrie(...and Garbo)as well as other cool stuff.

Boba's nodding for sure here...

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Same idea as other day ..7's a lucky number so it'll be a better year -just needs positive action...My wee band used to cover this Love song back in in the days of grunge ...about 5 minutes ago at least in my mind.

Thee Tombs! Johnny Sid Steve & Paul! Prince been his usual Funky Bad Self. Jonnyboy-really needs a honoury H in name lol 1955 the year that punk broke, short lifespan... Fave 17 song ...real Johnny Zhivago style. When pretend Scally was all the rage Nice vid as ever Tym dude.
Some lovely lazy funk guitar amd check that typeset... Korean Punkas.. And from Japan BB17 Ol Blue Eyes makes me feel old and young that one. I dunno been too hard on yourself there Janis..but I think most real people can identify with lyrics.

80's freakfunk-. kinda Kevin Turvey the style here ..glad its Steve Wright and not that monster. Ithink thats 17 altogether but may as well see if Sesame Street did one too... I guess that's where Paul Hardcastle got the idea.

Monday, 2 January 2017


Final Playlist of 2016/First of 2017- I was going to post a "17" post but gotta find more songs -but hey this is awesome.. Could be the year MC5 enter the RNR Hall of fame-little brother band Stooges are up there so I don't see why not.. mind you Link Wrays also contending but at least Dennis and Wayne are still kicking would be cool if they got something. here's to 2017 may it at least be an improvement.