Thursday, 20 August 2015

Looking Ahead.

Bought a second hand XBOX360 yesterday-got fed up of my old one and it's laser failing to line up properly -even took it apart up to the point I didn't have the right type of screwdriver and gave in after that-the new/old one works far better thankfully -the fact I bought last generation console really is because theres so many games I haven't got around to playing -so I'll wait till Battlefront comes out before I decide to go with PS4 or XBox 1 .. (but after all the misery of XBox 360 conking up looks very much in Sonys favour a this time) On a gaming spree this week to see if I can get up to date with whats happenng in gaming universe (plus it's fun) -currently playing Mass Effect 2 (I imagiine it's very early days with that-Krogans seem easier to take down than the first game -which I gave up in frustration because of one of those charging bastards -couldn't take it down no matter what I did -) so I'll more than likely revisit tthat game too after I finish ME2 and 3 .. really awesome and immense stuff -a real treat-I just wish other games could be as epic in scale -If they ever do a Dredd or Strontium Dog game they should follow in that fashion . But this post is all about Looking ahead -and once I depart with cash for a next generation console this game will be in my top 5 of must plays. (it's really fucking me off that I can't embed -I go away for a few days and now all of a sudden it's impossible to embed videos wtf 's happened to blogger?if this keeps happening I'm leaving )anyhow here's link but it's not how I want to to present these posts Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer-
A few words from these games makers...
this lack of embedding though is ruining my blog experience as is not having those boxes "that you may also like" -sometimes I think they're screwing with me .

Also started playing Fallout 3 -very mushy so far -(as it's quite an old game)I've only just got out of the Vault so I imagine story hasn't really begun (I'll have to get used to controls too)-but this looks like a huge huge improvement-
A bit more about new game -looks like a must have
I may get obssessed -like how  I did  with Saints  Row - and make movies   out of these (ME been another epic trilogy that might get movie treatment but asking all those questions would make editing a nightmare) - but that depends on whether I want a social life again lol.

 Heard the very sad news that Yvonne Craig died yesterday -I'll feature a special Batgirl post on my other blog  later tonight (I'll more than likely have  to link those as oppossed to embedding - which is a drag -seeing as it's meant to be a video post) but  Arkham Knight is also on my shopping list once I pick up a new console -but I want to play Origins first as I never got   around to that one -(Loved Asylum and City) when I think of these games Ithink they really should do Dredd -it's a no brainer - so many stories  and  characters that could be turned into a epic game(s) -gotta be Karl and Olivia doing the voices as I think they nailed it. Arkham Knight trailer...
Luke Skywalker moonlighting-

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Afterlife On Mars.

The pages  for abandonded (I do that alot with these big projects) Gene Hunt comic -the idea was  to fill in the gaps . Had this idea of a mystery which  stemmed back to the time Gene died  back in 1953 and visit different time periods in recent history in the  Life on Mars /Ashes to Ashes history  it would of  been 8 episodes long (If I continued story  be about hafway through it now) and like Pulp Fiction all in the wrong order -until final episode where things would make sense .. but these aren't my creations -so instead figured do I wanna be a fan-artist or a creator? (not getting paid for this) whilst I was happy how it was going - bloody p.c crashed swallowed up the third page which took a while to do, so instead I'll do my own characters and world - but here's the pages I did work on

and then all of a sudden the story ends(because of computer crash and having second thoughts) -what followed was a car chase where DC Summers is shot by a motorcycle rider and he crashes car into a charity shop -all of a sudden he's transported back to the Brixton Riots (accidently caused by Hunt)- whilst in second episode Maya would of been transported back to 1976 and re-united with Sam at the Freetrade  Hall when the Pistols played  there ..would of been a  cool story -but it's better if I pursue my own creations misadventures instead-as I should have a bit more faith in my own characters -they're unique so I'll stick to my guns and work on that epic instead .. but here's a few other pics linked to my  Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes story.
Thought Gene was a magnifcent character -very much a 70's man -although didn't like him much towards  end of third season as  he's  seems to be a bit ofa  Thacterite-but that's keeping true to the character I suspose -and even though he 's a foul mouthed relic -still had a bit of sympathy for  him for some reason-maybe I miss that type of plain speaking- so the shows makers got his character spot on..
Now the cat is out of the bag doubt they'd make any more of these show's (it was great enigmatic t.v-reminded me of the first time I heard my sisters copy of Hunky Dory  and the lyrics to this...)

Song was actually written before for a french singer as "My Way " the Sinatra song -good ol Dave. Some Hippy bashing :) very crazy show loved it lol -also loved Ashes but missed Sam never really got to see him again -apart from a very strange dream sequence in third season Gene turns up likea bad rash at a feminist meeting... bit of a clue as what the hells going on with the feminist talking to Chris. A little more about Sam-I was going to do at least one episode featuring him.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Colouring Project-Star Wars -The Search Begins

This time last year was re-colouring this story from 1983 -also around the time my ceiling fell on top of me whilst I was sleeping-a close shave but lost computer tv and x-box360 was more than likely damaged too by the cave in(it don't work now at all which is most frustrating) .. so I'll repost this in it's entirity tonight. Story -David Michelinie -Art Gene Day -Inks Tom Palmer -Lettering Joe Rosen -which first appeared in Marvels orginal Star Wars comic books issue 68- I did want to colour issue 69 but can't find a black and white version of that yet.(did have it on old computer but it was killed by my ceiling) Coloured cover as Boba rather than Fenn as story centres around Leia's search for Fett -the new cover for hardback Marvel legends is more Shysa -esque -but the Bobster appears in flashback(or Spa if you follow Republican Commando  stories) but didn't have much of a chance to colour his armour so I stuck him on cover (besides would the other Mandalorians have Wookie scalps?)

I felt it right to feature the pages as they were intended on page of original comic (hence the smaller than usual images -but click on them for better view) but noticed that Gene knew how page facing other page should look -you could tell he was mindful of  page design  so this time around instead of pages been just plonked here wanted pages  facing each other although's  format didn't really help  matters.
New footage of next Star Wars movie today even if its less than a second -but looks like Empire are having second wind .. 

Maybe I'm nuts but I reckon dude in red gear and weird lightsabre might be Luke (turned to the dark side)- if not maybe he kills Luke echoing Obi Wan in original movie -perhaps this kicks off the whole Imperial/Sith craze again. It's bugging me having just ps2(with only one functional game lol everything else is scratched to fuck ) hope I got some money by the time SWBF comes out .. do think it's shitty having no campaign or story though- not fussed about multiplayer - maybe that'll change if I play it , but story something I like when it comes to a game... nice to see the Admiral again -naturally it's a trap lol Glad they got space combat in this -wonder if should even bother gettng new console pc version of original BF's have some incredible mods (Dark) lord knows what the modding on this will be like.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Warriors Night

Been sufferering as my XBox 360's conked out as I wait to get a new one(have to comple the  games I haven't finished) so back to the PS2 and The Warriors -still the best use of a fighting game and use of a movie source ever (yep even better than SWBF) as it used the story ,characters and backdrop to great effect.. Very influenced by movie and game as far as my latest story goes .. don't believe in doing superheros as well it was done back in 30's and 40's -but Supergangs  in a futuristic backdrop-all normal abilities like in The Warriors -superpowers is like waving a magic wand -life aint like that . I can believe in  a possible nightmare future -Brave New World meets this story is what I'm aiming for..anyway here's my Warriors playlist -worth watching on a rainy day

Also interview with the original novels  writer

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dad Night

 Dad always said he wanted to be buried at sea so nobody could dance on his grave -I can tune into that dark humour-:)
I've had a few jars and a spliff or four  so wanted to share some television  memories with  you -watching tv with Dad was a bonding experience  back in the day we were both asorbing vital infomation  -not junk as it is today on the most part-start off with some Rock  n Roll classics -first pieces of music I heard as a nipper  70's mind guess folks had a retro mindset  -like me ffs lol..butthe  best stuff was always on.

This aint a song it's a mannifesto... had to be done ...just found this footage..

When I think Eddie I think genius ..the 60's would of started sooner if he stuck around.hindsights a real pain in the ass. Hard to beat this cat. Dad was spitting image of Shatner on Star Trek .. blonde and handsome but hair was thinning like Williams so when I saw Shatner in curley wigon Columbo I knew lol - but he'd get it all the time till he opened his mouth and revealed thick northern Irish accent. lol -So here's a few Shatner clips as he looked excatly like my Dad in his thities. Honestly it was like watching the old man on the box lol I  must of went to same method school as Brando and DeNiro lol. Deffo need some Yarns and Python here we did watch that together Tusedays were great in early 80's comics would come through letterbox and this was on the box .. we both got Mikes character straight away. We'd sit and watch Moviedrome every Sunday usually high quality movies -for example "Come and See " or "Wings of Desire" it was a era for quality choices and quality broadcasting -it's a bit more free for all these days-which is a bit crap coz theres more shit amongst the shinola been screened .. its all on youtube and whatnot -no idea what Dad would of made of computers -hated video-we never had one till years after he died - he said there was no point to having one -I've taken that attitude myself -don't wanna phone it's transit capitalism -the persuasion of peer preasure always made me queasy so I don't listen most the time. If I like something that'll do .. don't expect too much .. We watched Apocalypse Now together a defining moment for Dad and Son -knew I loved the Doors but thought Jim was an eejit .. Thought America would release first missle when cold war was going as he thought America was an "immature nation" thats not an insult its a fact.. so it's a good job he saw Perestoika happen-sadly last news item he would of seen was the invasion of Kuwait -guess world went to pot wih his passing but to finnish off Dad night a anaylis of Apocolaypse Now as we both loved that movie Never thought of it this way.. good that he spotted this stuff.


My Dad's anniversary today so wanted to share some memories-special geezer naturally - sad to hear of George Coles passing today -see my Dads style back in 1984 lol -He is everything a Dad should be -the short time I had is more the special for it I guess.
Final pic of my Da this was 1990 -he was only 56 -The  world is a cruel place..kind of an artifical place now -my own worlds more comfy  -you learn this eventually.
You see the events that led to my Dads premature death and the legal outcome  well it knocked my logic sideways forever-I was 17 - I won't go into detail , but corruption is everywhere -I won't deal with it as you've lost me  society it's all a lie   but well any other man would be doing bird  or an out and out anarchist or dead... but not me.-I see the truth will out-it always does  given time.
So here's a few tunes and pics for  Dad -I'll start with Rabbit which he bought to annoy my Mum

One of earliest memories of music was Dads tapes -He was a greaser in the day -but marriage turned him into classiic easy listening dude with a rebel streak lol-Loved this when I was 2 or 3... More I think about this song the more I think I took on that persona lol. Youngest with three sisters Dad was only other male - so we'd get into boyish things like Dad and Sons are meant to
Christmas 1978 was the best for 3 reasons Evel -and Dads ramp -and these two movies were on the idiot box. Visits to expand my knowledge and inerests were key to Dad always thought I should have my own interests and hobbies at 7 Iwas fascinated by natural history -Life n Earth hit the screens and I was sold on it.. even though bought up catholic /star wars also had same effect.. there's more out there!
Got fascinated by Reptiles and Amphibians round that time Dad bought me this book in WH Smiths -still have it .. here's my fave pic of whole book at fave pic of a snake ever lol
Anaconda-which years later at University would be my nickname - Bit of Glenn to end this nostalgia trip.. Thing is listening to John and Sid in post prior -John saying that memory is key to who we are it forms our individuality it makes us who we are - I absolutly agree -and with Sid(sure he's off his head on smack -but I got the logic behind his thinking)  too saying that grown up is a cop out's something that's thrusted upon a person -don't need to be that way. I s'pose that's how I get through this mess - never gonna be no one else, my personal history is so out of whack with others - I have to learn to forgive -(one good thing about christianity is it's core rules-rather than the stuff before and after)  Lifes not for those who look back in anger -but for those who look back and laugh... been thinkingof Dad alot lately , not a day passes when he's not on my mind -it takes time -but all of sudden you realise they're with you every step of the way .

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pistol Packed

May even usurp the Matchbox toys logo this one -"Spunks" a very MC5 sounding word too.
Excatly what the post is .. lots of Sex and Pistols.

Very much the real Pistols as oppossed to what followed for me John did the proper stuff.ll I'll stick a few interviews and shows up featuring Johnny - very smart kid back in 77 -Likes Tim Buckley always a + strange to think of Tommy Vance as a reggae DJ -growing up with his heavy metal show -goes to show he wasn't just into one thing -you gotta be like that as this interview testifys (Complete with geniune 70's adverts -I like old adverts as they've passed their sell by date-unless it's music of course) Two recent interviews with John -always great with the Craic. First up 100 Club - a old haunt. For a Hip Hop Station -last thing John say's here is important. Two legends.. Steve,Glenn and Paul doing the rounds.. d/zbohySCCoQw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> Jah on Sid. Sid Speaks(alot of this makes sense)especially when he's talking about grown ups. A decent comic I read a few monthes ago.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Colouring Project -Codename Quickfire.

Re-Post this story I coloured a few years ago for Blood for the Baron website
Complete with original covers coloured by John Burns (tried to imitate that style of colour or at least be influenced by it ) Art from the late great John Cooper .- Bit of a crossroads this story for me -I wasn't  using layers prior to colouring this story -you call tell by the first page -but as story progresses style began to fall into place although in hindsght some of these would of benifitted from use of blur and motion filters -you can learn so much working with photoshop)Stories ultra-violent and not very believable(always liked Gerry Day's stories more as there would be tension before an action scene -this is a bit crash bam wallop )but I liked Muller a good catalyst to Scouser Trooper Jonesy and the uppercrust Rob Buckingham Codename Eagle-good character dymanic (I guess that was Gerry Day fleashing out the characters in Operation Bloodhound)GSG9 are very real -Jerry's equivilent of the S.A.S brave men .. Black October possibly based on R.A.F (Red Army Faction) or Bader Meinhoff group who these days I have more of an understanding of - it would of made a better story if we go a little insight into motivation -I guess at the time kids comics underestimated audience -Charleys War been a noteable exception to rule  but  here they are generic terrorists -Red Shadows without the uniform (cannon fodder for Quickfire)
When I think about this era we live in with eejits pointing guns at people to change how they may conceive the world -theres no revolution there -you become the enemy you are fighting -revolution is way more subtler than that ,you don't even notice it -that's the better kind .. subliminally rather than violently.

I'm wondering if I can squeeeze two pages into a week-next colouring project was meant to be "Hawks Challlenge " my problem is I'm thinking my own story now-but I did enjoy colouring these stories (I read this originally when I was 11 ) So I'll see if I can get the black and white pages for that sometime -looking at John's work here perhaps I should have a stab at Death in South America in it's entirity -but it's when can I get the time with all the stuff going on around me)Love JC he's like John Byrne one of those artists that shape your comic  book memory - One Eyed Jack been one of the first badasses I could identify from all the other comic strip characters around at the time -we lost one of the greats recently.
Seeing as this stories all about GSG9 -here's a doc about them..have to adjust subtitles for this one if you're not German.

 Had these as a kid -somewhat confusing at first as I also had Modern British Infantry and they'd always  be scrapping it out -till Dad told me that modern day Germany was an allie -I guess that's when the concept of living in peacetime first dawned on me at age of 5 lol .. not sure they made Modern Russian Infantry -Ruskie's were always the  good guys  in my battles though
Some R.A.F era Beats ...
love the seriousness and intent of the rhythm . I do believe the correct term for this tune is "Motorik" .. but here's some proper snotty Jerries... So Cool that The Mummies covered them.