Saturday, 26 August 2017


Very strange week-be glad to see back of it-rounded it off watching Trainspotting 2 or T2 as they seem to call it-so a wee bit of that amongst the mix -a decent follow up

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Colourquake -Post 12


Haven't done any of these abstracty things  in a while-wanted to see if I could reduce this feeling of numbness and shock  -not sure I succeeded -awful feeling grief - you'd think by now I would be used to it -but each person lost is a  world of there own -there own individual story -it's still very raw how I feel about my mate Chris -last time I saw him he was sober for a change -helped some people move some furniture -looked good too -clean shaven-he was usually bearded  - I saw him a few weeks before then -I was heading to the polling station as it was election day- been a mate we shared some weed -said he'd get some more later -he was always good like that-generous although he was over fond of the hard liquor been kinda short I never touch the stuff -it hasn't done me any favors in the past so it's not for me any more -I stick with the stout sadly the bottle  it took my friend away -I have another friend whose a fair bit older whose also addicted -I'm very worried I will lose him too  as it wasn't just the drink but prescribed medication - he's on alot of tablets as well as a nasty vodka habit..
I went to the funeral on my own -never done that before -but I really had to -I'm sure his family and other friends wondered who the hell I was but Chris had loads of mates as you can imagine -I'll never get over this -I guess it's best to remember the funny moments - but its rough right now -I'm sure it's a 1000 times more so for his kids and wife -they'll have to be strong -
I'll try and do a bit of a tribute on next playlist -so it'll be kinda sad in parts.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Dorset Days

Something a bit different -some holiday snaps-had a nice time in Dorset as you will see -this was outside a shop that only sold teddy bears in Swanage-I did go in searching for a hippo but exclusively Bears, Panda's and Unicorns but well worth visiting if your in the area-sunburnt on the nose always happens.

My Sister George took the majority of these photos -this was from first evening -Swanage again very tranquil -unlike Flintstone which is all ferries fishing boats and seagulls -only heard one seagull -he must of followed me all the way from Kent
Traveling to Swanage station to go by train (a proper choo choo train ) we saw this fantastic house with painting of collies in the windows -having grown up with two collies ourselves had to take a snap -owner must of loved dogs very much.
snap of my sister at platform-by a diesel train -I have far more pics of this but my older sister Zippy hasn't got those photos yet so I can't upload those (there may be a part 2 to this post or I'll post them on flickr /facebook or whatever for people to ignore-really is squaresville mostly hence this blog )-here's first example of me been incapable with my camera - may give in to pressure of not having a smart phone soon seems great for taking pics and films -it's just that when I did have a normal mobile I'd have a friend phone me up in the middle of the night when he was pissed up I got fed up of it -so thats one reason I don't bother with phones -kinda like living in 20th Century more than 21st -I'm a  bit of a luddite.

More steamy moments later.
pic of George again looking like a Rolling Stone on the set of a Wickerman type movie -this is Corfe Castle -well worth a visit saw archery and wee kids running around dressed as Knights a good afternoon out -and fab coffee -
head was too big to fit through stocks) maybe it's just for kids -goes to show they were evil gits back in medieval times...had some better ones of castle again I'll have to post them later...
must of been final day seeing as I'm in grey shirt -but another shot of steam train -bought my friend hat I'm wearing here getting a bit attached to it may not give it to him now hopefully his head will be too big lol-mind you its more Sydney Greenstreet than Bogart so perhaps not.

You'll have to watch this whilst performing yoga or something lol thought I could edit in youtube alas no might be able to fix with camera -but it's fecking complex with my fat fingers right now.
Some awesome shops in Swanage and lots of Jack Hargreaves clones although they missed that vital thing -a pipe .
Day three met a baby Triceratops along the trail
Hippo on the move in Durlston- as well as the sights saw a excellent exhibition by Mandy Barker of good artists in the area it seems)

Another flattering pic of my sister -mines worse went hat-less  for a change but got wrong angle for hanky on head.
Day 4 was spent in Bournemouth -nightmare journey on open top bus very windy -spent a fair bit of time on Swanage beach too both very busy.
One more choo choo train -still don't know what a Minion is they look like mad peanuts to me.. kind of movie parents take kids to -

Had to get some culture whilst in Bournemouth -all that  shopping stuff is everywhere -does my head in so instead we headed for The East Cliff Hall which is where the Russell Cotes Museum is located
Some incredible paintings, sculptures , pottery , furniture armour  you name it collected by the couple as they travelled the world - highly recommended if you want to expand your  knowledge even met a few Napoleonic superstars (sorta)

puckered up to Nelson but Horatio would have none of it.
Not tonight Johnnyboy - mind you Bonaparte would be Napo soon seeing as this was sculpted when he was on Saint Helena his final resting place.
Othello-awesome  bust as was the black queen which is visible in next pic
A fine collection of art -George took lots of pics -but my fave had to be "Christmas Morning 1886" by John Brett (I dig storm pics)

Picked up a fantastic manga in gift shop -usually read European and American comics but this was really cool -good way to learn about Merton and Annie's travels to the Orient

I almost caused a bomb scare in the museum as I'd bought a copy of Axis Bold as Love for my Nephew (as he'd passed his exams) I was so involved looking at all the art I left record by the wall -would of hated to see such a classic destroyed by a controlled explosion -thankfully there was an attendant that notified me that I'd  been so forgetful -so that's the record I'm carrying in a few of these pics in the black bag.
Final day was spent in Wareham -visited  St Martins Church pre Norman so over a thousand years standing -within lies a effigy of  Lawerence of Arabia -got film of that so I'll get screen-capping  that and other parts of my holiday soon
Final stop before heading back to train station was Harry's for a Pint and a half of the black stuff and a burger -gonna miss the place - and there's only so much you can do in four and a half days so may return in a few years check out the tanks, monkeys and Stonehenge.
It's certainly a highlight of the year for me so far-wish I could get out more -but it's a rare thing these days -no doubt I'll post other stuff related to my little summer break soon enough .

Friday, 11 August 2017


Got myself a new hat in honour of Jack H , the dude out of Can, LL  and Hunter S(needed a summer hat for my trip off to Dorset so I've thrashed out this playlist -haven't got to watch it myself -something to look forward to when I get back ) no social media for two weeks-don't have a phone don't  believe in them -plenty of Sonic Lamenting Johnny O'in ' and general coolness -hopefully WWIII  hasn't broken out by the time a get back.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Always liked Glen since I was about 3 my Dad was from same generation as Glen so my folks weren't exactly counter culture types (although he liked Dylan and Johnny C -he and Mum actually saw him when he played Ireland) so the records I'd first hear would be Glen , Perry Como Andy Williams all that kind of easy listening stuff - but you'd realize in later years it was secretly hep (like The Bangles lol) I'd read interviews with Moose in very early 90's about the genius of Jimmy Webb and that ethereal sound that they were trying to capture and I got where they were coming from as I'd hear these tunes as a 4 or 5 year old Lineman been a prime example with it's atmospheric strings , one the greatest love songs ever .. but it's a must to play that at end of this post . I'd get confused with the other Glen Campbell that played steel guitar in The Misunderstood and Juicy Lucy-I bought Sound of Confusion by The Spacemen 3 when I was about 16 and saw writing credits for Mary Ann for years thought it might be an obscure Glen record that he did when he was hanging with The Beach Boys or something -seems to have always been a household name as well as a fine musician good to know he was part of The Wrecking Crew- here's a couple of vids about that... Must of been a strange Doors gig-I think Simon & Garfunkle also supported Jimbo & the boys in there early days. Pure Magic -(any wonder theres a group of Spiderman villians named after them) here's some B Boy era Glen ://" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>never heard this -dude could sing hard song to cover ...time for the Duke vs Kilgore Glenn & The Leaves feature in 60's flick -kinda funny like Riot on Sunset Strip some great dialogue lines like" Daddy Warbucks!" sounds very Trumpy must give it a look sometime Remember hearing this first time on Out on Blue 6 radio show and been blown away features Glen and assortment of other musos including half of the Boniwell Music Machine-Glen Byrding it up Nice way to spend an hour -probably feature a few more of his shows on next HYPTV playlist- a Documentary from 2000 deserves respect for sure More Glen on next playlist but round off with another Jimmy Webb classic

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Summertime Blues 2

Bit of a tough one today it's my Dads anniversary always difficult day for me , it's been a difficult week too as  I found out one my mates also died -only a few years older than me I photoshop painted his son and daughter a few years ago posted it here before but no harm in posting it again
cheated a bit on hand lol but I wanted to get it done as he wanted it asap -and I did learn a few things from drawing this portrait - I will miss him loads , he was very funny in a Private Walker /Tommy Cooper type way and he was related to my Godfather -who was very much like Tommy Cooper lol-my Godfather even named his doberman after my Dad "Mad Queey " my Dad's names Hugh but most people called him Queey (not sure of the official spelling )
I was meant to post the coloured pages of The Sarge which I worked on in the last few weeks but seems like the third page got corrupted and I'm in no mood to go back to the start (I will come back to it but not today)Hopefully I'll be heading for Dorset with my sis on the 14th it'll be good to have a break from here and looking after my Mum (I'm hoping my other sister can take over those duties)a break will do me a world of good.