Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Radio July 2015 Update

Man in bra alert -some chaps need them mind you ..not me just yet Bed In Parks-Two Songs on latest playlist first time I heard them I thought "Yep!" they've got that Velvet Underground groove and image (Image can be important at end of the day-even if no one see's it lol you know in your head you were right  -I do wonder if I'd dig the Velvets if they looked liked flower power hippies with fucking beards -most  uncool in Johnworld) -a bit Galaxy 500 too .I  better thank Wildblanket the photo dude  http://www.wildblanket.com/as I'd  probably never of heard of them  otherwise... it's all happening  again it seems - pity I'm stuck where I am .. least internets a good window to  the world... if John Peel died before the internet we'd all be f**ked now.

Sisu not to be confused with Niko Bellic type rapper guy-I've featured them lately on a another blog I was most impressed -only discovered them but this materials about 3 or 4 years old -we hear nothing in UK -I hope a follow up is in the works after next Dum Dum release as I'm reminded of Cure especially Faith (a record that got me through a very rough time)and Curve as Toni had a seductive vocal .. return the favor reminds me much of  her  delivery Sandra sounds a bit like her- I really love all the Dum Dums  like a "Buzzsaw Banarama"but cooler and more clued up , Yet Sisu's  very much Sandra's project and has a long life outside that band too I hope... Peter Frame will have a grande job constructing a Rock Family Tree one day when it comes to Dum Dums and Crocodiles  lol
  It may seem I'm getting away from playing pure garage punk  -but really if it's going to be one tone one texture in a radio playlist it  gets a bit samey -and I'm not trapped in a timewarp- just selective (tend to ignore the shite and pay attention to the good )I'm not about to  start playing Happy Hardcore or Dubstep just yet - but as with last few monthes broadened the spectrum of music  I play - which is a good thing- I used to mix up funk and hip hop with the fuzz  in the early days  of Rumble Radio (The Mid 2000's I wasn't a elitist  snob -may do that again not sure might mean rearranging genres. though - I just  put it under one genre-"Cool" but that just don't exist... unless you're talkin about "Straight "here.. Mo Dapper than Wilde

A Crazy Louise Brookes never entered my mind when I first heard this lol .. Gotta hear the original now -why ? it's like Ali it's the Greatest!!! Oi Elton leave Ig alone he's trippin' his nut off and you turn up in gorrila suit -not cool.First heard this one on "Turn It Up" Radio Sussex too hence playlist the other day... "Looking at You" too.. but "Tonite " and "Velvets" was Radio Caroline (should do a playlist about them too living in mid 80's was nothing without them-but I fear they did play alot of hippy music too lol.. but yeah -have to consult memory to work out what they played) Jame's Album made up of those legendary Stooges rehearshal sessions and demos which I based my little college bands whole attitude and approach whilst Britpop was a wee embryo . .. should of kept going  but I'd look daft now . This is just Right!.. wish Jello ran for Prez he's the man... put any phoney in their place. Some great guest stars doing Iggy Duties - Wild Love is even turned ino a duet - I notice a few songs left off that album though as well as the 71 stuff (would be nice to hear those tunes properly-I have the live recordings but Iggys vocals are hard to hear) lyrics may be way too un -pc too (Fresh Rag for example) bu tthats the state the Ig was in at the time .. he's moved on and alive thank Grud.
Need more listeners changed name of station coz of stuff like this..
What is Rumble  Radio well it was the name of my station -until I decided I'm fed up of people nicking my name .. ahh whatever.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Colourquakes-Post 3

1."Alan's Psychedelic Brunch"

2."Onion Saturday's"
3. "Monday Madness"
 4. "Unsound."

6. "Oh D"

Another Monday -bored shitless no green left, no one to talk to -so I ended up  creating shit nobodies seen before-kills time I suppose.. the  worlds an  ugly and a beautiful place at the moment -(I guess it always is) I needed to get that down.

Haven't heard this in years until other day(it's on my turn it up playlist) Lawerence was always one for hats ...I hate monking too

Friday, 26 June 2015

Patrick you're Needed.

Very sad day.. thought I'd pay tribute to Patrick  Macnee -with a few videos and illustrations - this above is a try out for a photo comic may or may not do one day (I've written the script -may revise it  as after reading" Bowler Hats and Kinky Boots" -realized there are certain rules in order to write an Avengers story ) but for me John's the perfect fictious hero- an ideal to live up to, but been of working  class origins and hardly a connoisseur of Champagne (the few times I have drank it -didn't do anything for me) but it's not John's class or Eton upbringing I liked it was the fact he was  a perfect  gentleman -something I wish I could learn to be in this day and age  where it's all  horribly crass and vulgar.- he struck me as the genuine artical he  played that role so well - it's a character that will live on forever-I'm not interested in re-makes with other actors -but if there were  computer games or-animated movies they should not deviate from the original show and the comics are been produced now still bare Patrick  Macnee's likeness rather than say Ralph Fiennes -Pat  is Steed no doubt about that)
I'll feature the cover for the first Act of Story  I wrote set in the Cathy Gale era then feature a few vids featuring Pat.

One of Patricks early roles -although he'd be uncredited in many films before this one Including the original Pygmalion and The Live and Death of Colonel Blimp- He's so thin here you'd barely recognise him as "Phillips" Macnee also starred in this Powell and Pressberger classic alongside cousn David Niven Pat saw action on the channel on E Boats- as stated in first video -he's very lucky to of had that spell of bronchitis -The film also featured another recently departed legend Christopher Lee. Pat did a fair bit of work on TV (Mainly in Canada ) before The Avengers - but here is talking about the show on it's 40th Anniversary I do find it disgusting that both ITV (who would not exist without this show) and BBC  didn't even mention Patrick in the news this afternoon -instead they talked about Harry Potter -it's totally shoddy of them. Really does deserve a mention at the very least.
Great little interview  Edited version of This is Your Life from the 80's  can't embed so have to link instead https://youtu.be/PQCYK-of1lk
 Starred in this classic Battlestar two parter-which was perfect TV before Bullseye on Sunday afternoons. I'll round off my tribute to Pat with hs take on Steed... Ahh that's how he got the character:) and a Celt too ... related to Robn Hood from what he claims -I totally believe him. .. R.I.P Patrick -you truly  are a one off.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Box Set Go.

Music "The Ballad of Iron Eyes Cody"-The Mummies. Thee Original Trilogy -(including special features )closest I'll ever get to making a movie franchise featuring my creations-but you never know...

Trailer for second and the  best installment-Music -The Pink Fairies-"Raceway"
Third Trailer-with music from "Superstars"-"Heavy Action"- lots of Alan Hawkshaw in these games too I noticed Jonah didn't wind up in the final cut actors fee was too high lol... gotta hispanic Elizabeth Taylor instead. I had  far too much time on hands at the time-but it was fun -pity I don't know how to make these vids properly -(maybe I will with next console I buy)  but kinda cool -the way you create character and you can evolve them if you chose -that's something last game didn't have (aint played it yet my consoles playing up) hasn't been working properly since ceiling fell down on top of it last year ... nice to have all this one place though -still not sure what I'll do with fourth game can't string it together to make a film -not over keen on all tha Zinyak /Superhero stuff-wasn't the games original theme - still I admire the fact they've taken the risk  to move into new terroritory and they lampoon everything in these games -Next console everythings possible I hope-would like to customize the whole world and story -hope they go in that direction ... but bring back the tv or cinema made it way easer to piece together these little movies... or have mission replay in other words -

Monday, 22 June 2015

Stinkin' Inkin'

 Gene Vacant-1996.
Some old old pen and ink stuff -everybody does that -ever since I got photoshop in 2001 kind of moved away from this way  of working -did like some of the stuff I did -but ultmately I think I put too much stuff in (I do enjoy  drawing I get too carried away - but theres  a certain degree of ecomonics required in cartooning - hence working the way I do now)

Very Early Jonah  Jacks(my Mod of the Future character)-his second incarnation - this characters look  changed a fair bit in time but the shades and cool haircut remained (unlike the illustrators) very Han Solo inspired this one -and I think the guns a rip off of Boba's blaster but I did like the idea of  a digital Big Ben.

Very early Louisa Sheen -from about about 1995 -except she was called Brat back then and Cyborg boyfriend was called Borg  -ditched that idea - thought  a demonic schoolboy would make a better partner... could identify with him  more lol
Drew this a bit later on this one 1998 or 99 -which I came back to when first started Radio - Demonic School Kid  is known as "Masher Thompkins" -he'll resurface  again in new story as has Louisa  -very inspired by Julie Cafritz from Pussy Galore(Gold 500 pose ) and a girl on foundation course who had a really cool psychedlic backpatch ... need to make a start on a new station i.d tonight -I'll keep the Sgt Pepper theme -but I'd like to re-do it properly.

1995 again -so just after leaving university - wondered if I could draw  the Mona Lisa -then I wondered -lets take this further -so I had a go  at De Kooning's "Woman " and "American Gothic"
Andy Wormhole was curator of the gallery.. was big on the Velvets and Warhols world  back then.

A Dredd from about the same time - you can tell I used same pen -guess it of been of benefit if I knew  about different pens and brushes -but I'm about been instant - thats why photoshop suits me - no messing about with technical things... (back then I was very anti computer art  -funny how things change when you actually do stuff you never thought possible)

This is a bit more current-well 9 years ago and a copy of a classic Carlos Ezquerra(He is the Greatest!  )  drawing of  Johnny Alpha but in my style -should really re-add Carlos and various 2000ad other artists back on FB  -I left briefly - but sometimes I get so blown away -I wind up doubting myself -and I never get time to sit down and  work on anything -trapped in my role as a carer and when I have free time I don't feel the incentive as I did back then .. rather get plastered-it's wrong but  I wanted more out of life and it  didn't happen - I tell myself I've got to make it happen - but then I get to  thinking -well if I was  any good  I'd of made it in my  20's - my eyesights getting worse too - you put in the effort and no-one cares that also preys on my mind - The only way I think I can  approach this is for enjoyment rather than been a bigshot - would like to come up with an original story  that  even if just a handful of people saw  might  think " I liked that "... so underground but in a big epic sense -I hate the term small press as I have big budget dreams - (meaning theirs no  limit to imagination rather  than in the film  sense) nothing I do is twee - not my nature .. I'll round off with the  crazy characters I've come up with in the past - a  big nod to Brian Bolland  2000ad Eagle Cover .. it's up there with Blakes Pepper too .

Happy Monday...

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Turn it Up Sundays

"Turn it Up1"-was a show broadcast by Radio Sussex from about 1983 or 84 up until mid 90's
I do miss that show - it was a rare thing -a show made by youngsters for youngsters and the ingrediants were great- I'd tune in every Sunday from about 1988 till 1994 -where I think  it got replaced by fucking Cricket or something that  I couldn't give two monkeys about -(whoever decided to cancel it was from squaresville and in effect killed the urgency of the 90's for me -not Kurt topping himself ) I did miss it towards the end as I was at University in Surrey so I couldn't pick up the signal but I could from my hometown .. that show exposed me to so  many different acts , it wasn't the standard fair computer programmed playlist or the never ending chatter which Radio Kent offered a the time(I think they only had about ttwo records Alison Moyet and Shaky lol) -it was so refreshing (the 80's and early 90's were more vibrant than I gave them credit at the time) so In a attempt to recreate that feeling of trying to pick up a decent signal on my old ghetto blaster(I live in Kent so sometimes signal wasn't so great) It was first time I heard local heroes The Mystreated on the radio -then once show was over trot over to Sandgate and see them play -which was great... also first place I heard the Mummies (I will always remember their Garage special -with  14 Iced Bears and Fire Dept covering classics from 66..introduced me to so much .. I have that show on tape as well as live concerts of Spitfire and House of Love broadcast  from that show... just  a pity I have no tape recorder anymore lol ).. so what I've tried to do here is gather up my memories of that show and compile a playlist to give you a gist of what the show was like the -a few concerts and songs  featuring the artists  they'd play and interview -was  on par with what John Peel was doing -only lasted two hours once a week -but a great  escape from the norm -.. So thank you Mike, Gem ,the dude that worked at Shakin Street recorda(got lots of cool stuff from there )and the other DJ's on that show(it's where Jo Wiley got her start as well.. though don't really recall her )

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Painterman 2

Another early photoshop portrait- bit of a breakthrough this one -not sure about the hair but skin tone and eyes  I like (really scary how ten years seem to go like lightning -when I was ten seemed to take a long while to get to that age lol) now it's gone in the blink of a eye... maybe I drink too much coffee.
This is rather a sad one for me this one-this is Hanne a lovely girl on  Deviant Art  a animator -she was great at that-she studied in London but was from Denmark . I painted this shortly after she died for her boyfriend  -it was a terrible shock one minute we were chatting on myspace about the Joboxers - the next she was  gone -this was around christmas as well.. she was having a baby at the time too -died in childbirth -you'd think Denmark was a modern  country with really good health care - I hope her man is ok - life is so cruel.
Another girl from deviantart -a beautiful Scottish model and photographer Tryste -I  really liked the red stripe at the front of her fringe had a good fashion sense when it came to gothing up too - she took a brillant photo with these colours in the background (I guess froma aeroplane)So  thought I'd make that the background  .I guess it must of been one of the first times I used motion or gaussian blur  too..
When your a kid from my generation -the original  Star Wars generation -you either wanna be this guy or this guy...
It's good to know within thirty or so years I'll still want to be like Captain Solo -he'll probablystill be blastin' these guys well into his hundreads lol

I do love Cloud City -especially the Carbon  Freezing Chamber -in the unlikely event I ever strike it rich I'd have one myself -would be a nice lounge lol -love the colours and smoke you see - Guess the starting point for  this was a cover by Cynthia Martin  on the  80's Star Wars comics and Gene Day's Fenn Shysha cover  was the inspiration for the Boba picture above-thought it would  be cool to use space photography for the background-I think it's the Belt of Orion (Seeing as he's  a hunter)
Final pic today features Hedy Lamarr the actress - I think I was inspired to paint this after seeing a documentary about her - not this one -but very smart lady as you'll see from this  clip.

Really had to put something up here again-sure you can find all this on flickr but it's easy to get distracted by all the photography there -which is what that sites primally for -so thought I'd stick these up again .. not sure anyone really notices on Facebook either -gets kind of frustrating - perhaps you find true happiness in creativity rather than just trying to get noticed all he time a past time that some people are real masters at but not me - I really need to keep going as this is the only thing I have ultimately/-and that's a good thing as some people  can get very lost...
It does bug me that  the linkwithin thing doesn't seem to work for some reason-no idea why? perhaps it's because I changed the name and address of blog - and I don't thiink I'm installing it wrong or anything.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Colourquakes -2

1."Aohd Exile"
2." Pasted."
3."Strange Wool"
"Exclusion Zone"
These are absolutly huge- much bigger than usual -another five attempts at abstract art using photoshop -I must of done well over a hundread of these by now -happiest with the first picture -i think the colours sum up how I feel at this time and place - totally forgotten how I got there as usual lol - mind you all this mad experimentation may lead somewhere wih how I approach comic -always learning about new ways of how things can be done-isn't that what it's all about? -
Seriously need to stick a link within gadget here as this will be new home for more personal blog.

Sunday, 14 June 2015


Strange to think this is ten years ago when I painted this with a mouse-I was 32 -I thought I was ancient back then-lol -this is titled Mona -as it's her name-I've lost contact with her sadly we were  pals over the internet -probably married now -everybody seems to be except me-sometimes I think  been an artist is the lonilest occupation in the  world(don't mind me got a  bit of hangover today)I hardly ever draw with a pen or pencil these days got so used to  this technique it's totally my own style now. .. wish I could get the spirit back to finnish my latest page so thought I'd stick some of my portraits up to reeboot my arse into gear lol..
Another lady-friend I won't give out her name as she'd kill me lol .. but I like this one I thnk I got her excatly right this time -I've done quitea few portraits of her over the years - but I think this one's has the best resemblance -pics not very big-but it doesn't really need to be... I'll post a few pics of some friends kids next...

More recent this picture-last year in fact my mate misses his kids, he wanted me to paint them so I did I think this took about two days -I am kind of fast when it comes to portraits -but not so fast with comics these days -perhaps I'm becoming too precious -shouldn't really -should just blast them out and move onto the next page..
An Old school mate wanted a pic of his Son with Boba Fett and Jango Fett with his kid in the thick of the action -always liked Bespin for its colours-and always thought Boba looked dead cool -so  this was fun to do-and good practice for  Mandalorian story I'm writing (not sure I'll actually paint it -but I might put script up on this page if I feel it's good enough to post (started writing it at start of the year  only a quarter of the way through first episode -have to get the Star Wars bug again to resume writing it I guess)
Tohka -a Japanese model -one of the first portraits I did with a mouse -kind of practice for my Louisa Sheen character as she wears this kind of gear- Before I worked in pen and ink -but with photoshop rather than just blacks and whites found that it's way more interesting to get the genuine colours -that's how I hope I approach my comic - I got the idea to paint comic with a mouse one Sunday night whilst waiting for a train to take me to work(I was working in post office at the time doing night shifts -all I could think about was how was I going to approach this comic from a new angle and try and make a success   out of it so I wouldn't have to work nights)I work as carer now so I'm always flying about -So my concerntration goes to pot -but might post the new page this week along with the rest of the  story so far
Again shocked by the dates of these as it just feels like yesterday when I painted these -Venezuelan model who I thought was very beautiful so I tried to see if I could get her right.-happy with the flesh tones and shadows- really had to put some objective  art up here as that's what I'm all about -I'll try and complete new comic page this week if I don't get side-tracked
Wanted to hear this cool surf song before I end this post...

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sir Van

Not a fan of British Royal Family seeing as I'm of Irish Royalty back in the day of Liz the First ..my ancestors  fought and long and hard to save country from English brigands -we all know how that turned out -still I congratulate Liz 2 for excellent taste in her Birthday honours(Van and Lenny) and the strenghning of bond between the Irish and the Brits in recent times (it is better to try and heal wounds than leave them open)-I hope one day people will look ahead rather than to the past-  -always liked Liz 2 really -(good at fixing cars too I imagine seeing as that what she learnt during ww2 and accidently a punk icon lol )not keen on all the pomp and stuff -looks very Austro-Hungarian to me -but she's alrite for recognising Ivan and Delbert Wilkins... a few of my fave Van moments...

Channeling Bobby"Blue" Bland here big time. The best version-no question about that. Always intrigued since I was a kid about The time Them and Doors played the Whiskey A-GO GO -a legendary gig for sure they ended up on stage together -it must of been amazing (just wish there were bootlegs of that night)
Check the Deerstalker -Van liked the Downliner Sect as far as I know... a few solo songs .. won't be too comprehensive as I gotta split plus waaay too many songs for one post-maybe I create a playlist one day. TB Sheets is amazing -The Stones must of loved that record too as it sounded like the direction they went in. A rare interview on Dutch TV (guess that's the show where he teamed up with Cuby and the Blizzards to mime Mystic Eyes in a Zoo lol) Ilove Astral Weeks-who doesn't? My fave version of a very old song...

Friday, 12 June 2015

Hipsville 2015ad Triple Bill.

Original image comes from http://retroman65.blogspot.co.uk/
who also filmed some footage -way beter than my effort I uploaded the other day..I'll feature a song from that video  on other blog playlist  but my post the other day   it was first time I filmed anything at a event -not used to using camera much-and certainly not used to using one after hours of boozing in a unfamiliar area -I'm very fortunate to get camera back though -I'm eternarly grateful to staff member of club who sent it back to me.. the footage I'm about to embed features Oh!Gunquit-at same show not sure there was enough room on stage to Hula Hoop -(actually "Stampede" features Hula Hoop and Trumpet )but did see a few Hula Hoops been spun before show -guess it's catching on -I didn't film this part of the evening but remember "Sinkhole" tearing off the roof .. glad this in existence .

Filmed a little bit of Kinoco Hotel Show as you may of saw the other day-perhaps somebodies filmed the whole thing-I dunno- but what a band!!!-I'm in love with all of them  -Mariannes amazing frontwoman and keyboardist -you should check out their albums I'll feature a couple more tracks on Radio playlist over the summer(as well as OhGunQuit) I'm so lucky to have seen them in action but this is the Bristol show -look at how many cameras! ...that really should be a moshpit by rights.
Here's a band I'd like to have seen that played Hipsville 2015 -real authentic rave up sounds -vocalist even sounds a bit like Pretty Things singer Phil May on Hully Gully Wind -hope more stuffs on the way -must certainly  an exiting act -they've got this sound down right.-

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ig Confidental

Thee Ig has a Radio show-seems like everyone has -my old school mate is doing hospital radio I noticed too yesterday -I did try to do a few live broadcasts in mid 2000's on Pirate Radio when that was the rage-but now I leave it to Batman,Clint, Jack among others to link songs ,I can't be around 24/7 besides haven't really got a radio voice-i'd make up shit on the spot rather than write a script(may of sounded awkward) here's my old version of logo I added a few more heads and changed the logo to "Rumble" later in the decade but here's the first Pepper rip off
Gawd this is ten years ago!! feels like yesterday -.. anyway back to Iggy's show -gonna give it a listen -don't usually get a chance on Friday usually getting pissed up with someone who'd rather listen to the Shipping  Forecast or the  Archers.. so I'll listen from here . I think this may be only availiable in UK -still you never know-may be ways around that http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03yblbx
Click on Episodes should give you a few episodes ..

Gonna have to come  up with a  new logo-for Hipsville365AD -It may involve the "Jolly Mosher"
Hope the title of blog and radio doesn't  attract those man bun beardo types -my interpretation of "hipster" is closer to "hepcat" rather than the media  version -beards are for Richard Stilgoe,Count Dooku (R.I.P) and ZZ Top but  not younglings lol I just chose title after a very cool song  nothing to do with with a fakeass imported yoof scene that the news has only just cottoned onto lol..