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The Mandalorian 7-Part 2-The Big Freeze preview

 Todays been a shite sandwich to say the least -I'm almost convinced since I bought the new Mass Effect game that the actual disc has a hex on it -firstly it didn't load game completly so I went back to start and tried to reload it -which it refused to do then my controller conked out so I went off and bought a recharging station -then  the icing on the cake my  screen froze pressed every button to eventually unplugged the damn thing after which it refused to do anything expecting me to have a usb stick with backup or something... fucking modern crap so it's dead now and it deserves to be bastard! shite machine! dealing with tech turns me Basil Fawlty with a  worse grasp of bad language -guess I'll have to fork out again and buy another but I'm totally browned off -and I need to fill in my Tuseday void with something-I have no tv I relied on PS4 for that and all   hence this post
 I recieved opening crawl for story I'm writing  so that cheered me up a little I guess -not sure  musics on there in certain countries (copyright issues? everyone knows it's John Williams  ffs -had same issue with Battlefront videos so I  don't bother with that either now) .. but this is much better than the one I originally filmed with my camera (its gone now as I've replaced it with this one)

Page 1:
 The Mandalorian Seven-Part 2 -The Big Freeze.
Frame 1:
The burning wreck of shuttle ST107 upside down in a Death Star hanger - A officer points towards the craft to a Firefighter Trooper as chaos erupts around the battle station

Officer:"This isn't a drill -extinguish that shuttle before it blows on the double!"

 Frame 2: Opun McGrrr awakens it's been a rough landing (again )-his hands still bound by cuffs -he is lucky to survive -smoke fills the the ships cells.

 McGrrrr: "Whuh? Whurr am I?"

 Fenn Shysha:" Unlock these binds or I'll snap your generals neck"

 Frame 3

:Fenn has General Basts head locked behind the energy binds and is close to throttling the life out of the Imperial General A Navy Trooper motions towards them weapon down cast.Opun still slumped on the ground is witness to all this as Bast begs for his life.

 General Bast :"Do as he ..ruurrr says....that's an order gasp*

 Frame 4 :Hands unfetted , Shysha bashes the guard square in the skull with is elbow -Bast wheezes down on the ground holding his neck .McGrrr attempts to raise himself up as this transpires.

Fenn Shysha:"Attaboy!.. I'll take ya blaster too gonna need that too "

Opun McGrrr:"Wha about me?

"Frame 5 : Fenn is already on the move-he's grabbed Bast too as he knows he's a valuable prisioner as he runs he's blasting with the stunned Navy Troopers weapon -as smoke and flames fill the shuttles interior .

 Fenn Shysha :"try and keep up- you're coming with us too General!"

Frame 6:

 Leaping from the shuttles upside down exit Fenn mows down two firefighter troopers who are trying to calm the shuttles flames - with Bast in tow

Fenn Shysha:"Wherever we are it's time to leave!"

 Page 2:

 Frame 7:
Big double page splash -huge battle scene as Tie Fighters & Interceptors locked in combat with the Mandalorian Cruiser -Gauntlet Fighters and various other Mando Craft dogfighting whilst the Death Star in its completed form watches on unaffected by the firefight going on in its orbit -we get a extreme close up of the cockpit of Tobbi Dala as he communicates to his fellow Commandos

Tobbi Dala: "Keep them busy ... I'm going in "

 Page 4:

Frame 8

:Tobbi's Gauntlet fighter sideswipes two exploding Tie Fighters destroyed by two of his fellow wingmen .
 Wingman:"Roger that Tobbi. "

"Frame 9:
As Fenn hits the ground gun pulled to General Basts head he is stopped in tracks by a deck officer who standing directly behind him with a large DLT-19 blaster aimed directly at the Mandalorian .

 Fenn Shysha:"One False Move...

"Frame 10:
McGrrr belly flops directly on top of the deck officer his body mass totally flattens the imperial as he drops from the shuttle doorway -Fenn twists around alerted to the danger .
 Deck Officer: "unnnkkk!"

McGrrr:" ooooffff!"

Frame 11:

McGrrr looks up to Fenn gesturing with his cuffed hands, eyes almost like a puppy -beneath him the deck officers lifeless hand protuding beneath crushed by Opuns weight .

McGrrrr:"Ahh cmon?"

Fenn Shysha:" guess I could do with another gun i'll see if I can free ya"

 Frame 12:
Tobbi skillfully evades the imperial gunners entering the hanger ,Imperial troops mobilize to prevent the Gauntlet from landing

 Frame 13:

 Fenn, McGrrr now carrying the deck officers rifle and Bast run from the crashed shuttle ...blasting troopers as they flee under heavy fire but with Bast as prisoner , the Imperials are hesitant in their choice of shots -
 Fenn Shysha:" I knew you'd come through Tobbi "

 Page 5:

 Frame 14:

 The Shuttle explodes as Tobbi swerves his ship into landing position troopers, walkers robots are all thrown backwards by the eruption. Fenn and Opun rush towards Tobbi's craft.

 Frame 15:
 From the rear door a astromech droid rolls down the ramp -a R2 unit but coloured much like Boba Fetts helmet greens oranges and reds. Imperial energy bolts zip past the little droid .

 Frame 16:
 The robot wheels it across the Death Stars shiny floors a blue light beaming from it's eye behind him .
Tobbi has left the pilot seat and is now covering both the droid but also Fenn who still has his gun to General Basts head and McGrrr who are rushing towards the Mandalorian ship.

 Tobbi:"Standard evac procedure ... you know the drill"

 Frame 17 :

 From the Imperials point of view -who are opening fire wildly through a platoon of blue-ish Mandalorian shocktroopers -some of Tobbi and Fenns shots hit some stormtroopers but this adds to the illusion as the R2 unit is projecting a big hologram .

 Imperial Officer:" Mando Squad gun them down!"

 Frame 18:

 Tobbi uses his wrist flamethrower to provide cover , Fenn releases Bast who crawls along the Death Stars deck McGrrrr has made it inside the ship and dashes towards the cockpit laser bolts shreek by crashing all around the ship
. .
Mcgrrrr:"Nice meeting you lads...!"

Frame 19:

The Gauntlet  raises of the Death Stars deck  in vertical take off mode , Tobbi and Fenn valantly  fight there corner but are increasingly out numbered by Troopers and now  Scout Walkers  begin to approach the two warriors .-Fenn turns to see that Mcgrrrr has stolen Tobbi's ship.

McGrrrr:"But I have business to attend to"

Fenn  Shysha:"Hey?"

Page 6:

Frame 20:

The two Mandolorians are surrounded by Stormtroopers as well as Death Troopers -their  is no other option  but to lower there weapons -if they have any chance to breath another day.,, The Gauntlet clears the hanger into the battle amongst the stars.

Tobbi:" That womp rat you picked up -is a dead man-better to get even than die here"

Fenn" I hear you - okay white hats we surrender!"

Frame 21:

Director Orson Krenix  is at the scene , in white uniform and cloak much like we see him in Rogue One (this story takes place a year prior) beside him to his left and right  weapons pointed at Fenn & Tobbi  are two Deathtroopers... Krennic grins.

Director Krennix:"We have the two intruders Lord Vader ...shall I...?"

Frame 22:

Darth Vader  elsewhere on The Death Star  rear view gazes out of a large window  into the battle  between the Tie Fighters and Gauntlets the Mandolorian Cruiser is also visable  and streaks of colours from laser blasts and explosions .

Darth Vader:"I will deal with them personally Director Krennic - commander direct your fire towards the cruiser"

Frame 23:

The Death Star Gunner commander recieves Vaders message  and obeys his order.

Death Star Gunner Commander:" Very Good my Lord -commence primary ignition "

Frame 24:
The Eight  green beams of the Death Stars Concave Dish merge into one  powerful beam  ...

Frame 25:
View of the Mandolorian Cruiser been absolutely  annihilated by the Death Stars superlaser  the impact is totally devasting  smaller ships are also caught up in the blast .

Frame 26:

Vader stands emotionless as ever  front view as he walks away from window ..what was once a superclass cruiser has been reduced to fiery embers and  then to nothing ... the space battle is all but over with one shot from the space station .

Darth Vader:"Bring the prisoners to me -unharmed we have much to discuss Director Krennic "/

 So there you go first 6 pages of second part  of The Mandalorian Seven(script will be around 26 pages per chapter)   I  suspect they'll be four parts to the complete story  as it's all planned out in my head as are the two follow ups If I ever get to write them  .. above Ben in Rako disguise with Boba .. based on Dredd/Strontium Dog 2000ad cover-That Carlos Ezquerra did back in early 90's I havent got around to completing it ..like the above script but this is what I was getting up to b4 I became obbessed  with doing a Fallout4 movie (that would last god knows how many hours) it'll be much more jazzy than this once I feel in the mood to resume  working on it. Artwork at top of post is a preview of whats to follow in season 4 of Rebels -season 3 ended over the weekend - it's been a memorable journey especially Sabine and Bens episodes which I have to take into special consideration , If I am to write this story I have to be able to connect it to the real events of the time shown both in Rebels and Rogue One-I don't want to stray from that -this chapter explores Dantoinne as well and why it was evacuated (my ideas pretty neat-and connects way back to the original animated Clone Wars series with Mace but I won't reveal too much but it  here's the clip where Jules ,,, I mean Mace is kicking droid ass on Dantoinne )
I'll try and force myself to get back on the script and illustration -got so many ideas how this story is going progress but I must be careful if Ifind out what actually transpires is totally different in canon.

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Mess Effect

Mr Messy -slightly before he sold out and became a conformist -nobody remembers him when he's all tidied up though...same goes for Mr Greedy after diet. My console seems kaput or at least the controller -I'm going livid -whats more can't progress off Nexus onto The Tempest says game loading isn't complete never seen anything like it b4 and hugely frustrating -so I can't really comment on a game that won't let me play it .Heres opening scenes wanted to do a playlist similar to Fallout4 -which is progressing very well as you'll see .. but it may be sometime before I can resume with Mass Effect playlist.
I think my Ryder needs a brace-I'll  have to reload everything all over again once I get new controller or re-install disc whatever the problem is... so may re-record these vids depending on how  next Sara or Scott look like.
My Fallout 4 vid playlist is growing by the day -not sure how many vids it'll be by the conclussion -but theres no end in sight could be about 600 to 800 at a guess -I'm including ps4 mods (yeah I  know seems like there are far more mods out there for xbox and pc )but least there are a few quest mods floating out there hope more will follow (these mods could do with audio though only realized halfway through that I needed subtitles )and if mods go too nutty doesn't fit in with story or world  so I keep that in mind -so far 223 videos and I haven't even got to the Institute yet .

Putting stuff out on youtube is sort of new to me-not really doing this to get tonnes of views but really for reference some cracking stills of my soul surviour in action point moments would make a good starter point for a pose in my comics especially The Deadly Sins which is visually similar to the characters i've created and the settlers too who also get the greaser makeover.
Seem to get views that don't show up youtube think many of the comments are spam sometimes I can't respond as youtube don't give the option to post some comments -so I'm not been rude .. but if it is spam fair dos,
Update-PS4 just died .. I'm in two minds to buy a new one or to get a xbox1 trouble with that is you can't record beyond 5 mins like I've been doing here-damn crummy machines they make me go all Abslom Darkk  Dalek Killer - maybe I' wont bother making any more videos -very depressed.

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Chuck B

In 1955 There was Capitalism and Communism-but by 1957 there was a third route ...RnR! ahh man he was about to kill it!...no Chuck Berry no MC5? Chuck in more recent times..Stones Beatles Kinks..err everybody and anybody also would be non existent d/1UI8yq0B3Oc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> "Gone like a COOL BREEZE!" always the poet.I went to see Chuck with my eldest sister back in November 1993 or 94 its a while back at Hammersmith this song was one the hi-lights of the evening -as it's so different ..a calypso I love. all that jet propelled stuff but it showed another side to song writing skills.
 course 93 was when QT P-owned in cinemas so had to include this one. "Rotten Feckin' Jail!" Tulane Flat Topwith Keef-my fave song on 1st Stones album.. just for the speed and energy of it . best to stay that way been trying to take his advice all my life lol
They'll be Rockin' & Reelin' in Heaven now.

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I dig snakes so Saint Pat isn't in my top ten saints but hey good excuse for some of the black stuff... A nod to the old country and all it's dominions,(meaning everywhere)

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Vic Fett?

Is this Vicrum Fett? possibly who's Vic ? well from details leaked from the net he's the role  Benico del Toro  is playing -Boba's son? or cousin (he'd have plenty come to think of it -been off  the same production line as the Clonetroopers) Though I doubt it's Boba himself as he's meant to be played by a  Maori -(Iimagine George was very particular with that been an anthropoligist )but could be a relation . Wasn't sure of the name at first -I liked Jango as a name as it harked back to The Spagetthi Westerns -not sure where the name Boba came from someone told me once it was Russian for The Devil -but I checked this out -perhaps it's from Bob Falfa -the Cowboy hatted  guy who Harrison Ford played in American Graffiti -who later became a motorcycle cop in More American Graffiti -maybe he's an intergalactic version of that guy lol..but Vic well theres Vic and Bob -and Dept S just .had to play this ..

U can't beat a bit of Cheggars possibly the most Stoogey thing to appear on Kids TV -. But back to all things Mandalorian here's some speculation -I'm avoiding spoilers - but with these Aftermath and Bloodline books that are out it's fun to fill in the gaps -apparently Laura Derns character  and Leia are bitter political rivals looking forward to seeing how that plays out.If Vicrum is Ezra that would be a neat twist as he disgused himself as a Bounty Hunter recently in a episode  to get on board a Star Destroyer and he's always using alias's Lando been one of them(Lando would pull the same trick in the old comics with a guy called Drebble) Gonna need some powerful blue contact lenses if this new Fett is really a Bridger .. Sad to see Sabine go recently -not sure she's left entirely -they'll have to return to The Mandalorian storyline hopefully in season 4 -but Sabine's the character I dig the most as well as Fenn (he'd make a decent Mando leader..as it was in the old comics ..he is apart from the armour kind of similar to Fenn Shysha)   glad they chose Tommy from Trainspotting to voice the character always figured from the original dialouge that he would talk like a Celt rather than your typical american sounding Stormtrooper .. I may get back to colouring Death in the City of Bone.. I made it to about page 5 or 6 last year as well as a portait of Dredd (actually got him the way I always wanted to illustrate him ) but then computer just said no and bloody lost everything )so been shying away from drawing and colouring on this new computer -but started work on colouring an episode of Judge Anderson-but writing no problem -but I'll have to wait till season 3's finished and catch up with whats happening with Old Ben - they should get John Sessions in to do the voice lol he does an excellent Sir Alec (so I won't return to writing that script until more details about Obi Wan , Dantooine and Mandalore are revealed) Classic Stella Street with George Smiley and "Anthony Hopkirk"

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Celebrating The JB'S & 2000AD 40's years of Thee Zarjazz...