Saturday, 26 March 2016

Pedigree Nunb

New Battlefront content... any good?.. Here's first time I played as Greedo-no HUD  for more cinematic effect.

The more I think of it Greedo's like Scooter from the Muppets mixed with Sid Vicious .. I like his emotes the snort if my fave. First go on Nien Nunb -no Hud again (tried playing a big 40 player like that -it didn't go well- but might try again if I don't  feel like winning lol )love Nien-very cheeky like a Space Mutley .. this is how he faired in Battle against multiplayers on Hoth- first go really -have to get used to him - don't like his fate here -still payback for all the cheap laughs after killing so many Stormtrooper conscripts lol Here's one of the new maps -love the colour and setting(fire sparks are always cool looking ) the Bespin maps are bound to rock -going by these.. And a look at Jabba's Garage with an all Star Cast- There's also this fantastic mod for Battlefront 2 (I need to buy a decent mouse) I'm hoping that eventually a story based campaign will emerge (perhaps that's the mystery dlc.. would be neat based upon the Novel Battlefront Twilight Company perhaps?)or a Rogue One tie in perhaps :D

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Not sure why I blog here - other blogs get way more hits and I may put them into draft as they too are in decline-besides it's all so adolescent -I should be like a boring person by now at my age -maybe I'm having a bad day -but if these blogs disappear  you shouldn't be surprised .This blog originally was  a vehcile for my art (but never have the time and my ambition has waned) and radio  which has ended much of what I do here feels pointless  Saint Patricks Day tommorow hopefuly my state of mind will be different.
 I was going to do a Endor themed post but instead may as cover other parts of the galaxy as that's where I've been spending time the most (realities no worth writing about not unless it's about shopping errands and cooking ready meals lol fraid that's the short & long of my existence on Earth right now so gaming is my latest escape pod from all that ) I'll start off with a bit of Boba'ring around on the new Endor Surviours map . A very quick battle from first daythe new dlc dropped guess people didn't know map or wanted to check out the amazing surroundings (love the tunnels and the burning trees ) but was nice to take Boba for a spin and not get killed (I think it was the only time that I've played game without dying multi-numerous times)I'm very gung ho -as I know it's not real -and you don't get objectives by been a slouch .
Maybe Star Wars HQ Twins can explain it better than me..
still hate those bubble chickenshits (just pure cowardice -maybe that's why I die more than everyone ) -here's another example from my ps4 Supremency which is my fave mode so far )only done Walker Assualt a few times,but heres Betty Page on Endor.That first control points a drag...butwar is the ultimate drag From the newish Twilight on Hoth Map-have a brief go on Boba (nothing worse than dying as soon as you get a hero -you feel like a total muppet-thankfully that didn't happen this tme around) but worse than that is when you get hero icon just as you die -you get the hero alright but he or she doesn't move had this experience on Hoth Luke was totally motionless -team mates would shoot me order airstrikes but he just stood around motionless untill Vades arrived and killed him.. I think that's fixed now but man does make you feel powerless and hated by both sides,(and it's not your fault)but a excellent map again
I hope they keep the free dlc maps coming)although did buy the Outer rim dlc too as I gotta see new maps and hopefully new skins -(I would like there to be three warring factions -Jabba's cronies would be cool -perhaps that could happen somewhere down the line) Having a few Nikto, Barradas and Klatteus would add alot to the proceedings -as for Leia will she rock the bikini or Boussh outfit -they've changedskins suit each planet -just a thought. One more Battle -I felt rotten before this one as we were royally thrashed in the game proceeding it very much like first video here it was over in Less than 5 minutes (was expecting more of the same-but it didn't turn out that way) featuring Captain Phasma's Mum on Sullust.(well in my head anyway) You get thhese people that get over a hundread killstreaks I'll never be that good - I enjoy re-incarnation too much) Looking forward to the Outer Rim DLC which features more Sullust here's more speculation .about the future

 I wonder if these brothers from Boston they sound a bit like Loyd Grossman -not into the guns -it seems trusty Stormtrooper blaster suits me right now -as I'm not very sneaky like some players are but excited if Bossk and Chewie are in future content (would make alot of sense)Also I forsee  the Death Star DLC is going to tie in with Rogue One (it would be "clumsy "& "stupid£ if it didn't)

Monday, 7 March 2016

Nien & Greedo

I'm delilighted that Greedo and Nien Nunb will be appearing as characters in the DLC content  of Battlefront (many seem pissed off but I like the fact they are going by locality bound to be Lando's   next-he could have Bespin guards too ) -I kind of guessed it would be them as they have a few lines of dialouge in the movies -whilst bounty hunters like Dengar and IG88 didn't so it's logical they'd be first up-besides they already have Sullust and  Greedo  heads in the game although they should extend the  roster of heroes and villians  really as well as skins for Stormies and Rebels (fed up of seeing hipster troopers -I reserve my headshots for them-with Mark E Smith on this there should be beard tax )I'd )Would rather if  there were more helmets for the Imperials -not keen on Rebel helmet on Jakku and Tatoinne doesn't look  cool -(should of went for a Tantive IV look or Endor style helmet ) it doesn't look like the films looks -closer to a safety helmet for skaters in the 70's
First up a tribute to Frogboy -

First time I saw Nien was prior to Jedi as you hadto collect cards in order to send off for him -much like what they did with Boba before Empire came out -never understood why they got Zuckuss and 4 Lom the wrong way around . Isn't Nien about 5ft 3? they've Hugh Jackmanned him- I suspect Chewie won't arrive till Death Star DLC (may get Alec Guinness too I hope) seeing as all playable characters seem to be same height  right now It's Greedo Time Greedo was a chick
I think Jake was good in movie pity it  was a bit of a trudge(still think they should of made prequels in 1980's)

So lately got back into this game took a break for a while as there weren't enough maps -but with the new twwilight on Hoth map and theforthcoming new maps I'm excited again and can't wait for The Bespin Map-fave planet (arriving summer sometime) so here's a few vids were I did sort of well (doesn't really happen often -like Isaid b4 I'm laser fodder but I make an effort unlike those Bubblefuckers -kinda yellow I think.(and not at all Star Wars-sheilds on a ship sure-but not on individual soldiers-bit lame ) First up Sullust - best line in the game so far from Boba when he takes on Luke Uma Thurman on Jakku Did well here -not that Iget high kill ratios (did get 57 the other day but lost the battle)so I'm  just average gamer so I die alot.. probably feature Greedo and Nien gameplay once it's out.. . done some colouring on "Death in City of Bone"  hope to  post that here  as well -get distracted but inspired by these games