Tuesday, 19 June 2018


 Bit of Daddy of Dada -John Heartfield
Follow up to my Euro66 Playlisthttp://hipsville365ad.blogspot.com/2016/06/euro-66.html RetroKool playlist featuring  artists from each country  who qualified for  The World Cup -mostly 1960's garage/freakbeat -with a slice of funk  but had to make a few exceptions such as  Saudi Arabia (but hey it's a song from the 60's!) and Costa Rica which features a modern group but the videos very Sixties - had to start with Beatles sums up arriving in Russia nicely.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Freedom of 77

The Female and Male "V's" of Cyberpunk 2077 of course you can create your own character which is always great (bound to look like my Fallout 4 character a bit) or if I chose a male play through I'll try and make him more Rick Deckard or Dredd( I hope helmets are a option) not into beards or man buns -kinda of like a granny with too much HRT  that look will never appeal to me as it's imposible for me anyhow lol  hopefully you can opt for invisible tattoo's whilst your at it (I'm old fashioned )But this game looks the bees knees kinda disappointed that you can't switch from first to third person point of view- but still very impressive so far- maybe it'll make sense in first person

The amount of detail here -and that's just a drop in the ocean Gotta be the Joe interview as he's a dead ringer for my mate (except he's from Cyprus) ;Back to 1899 can't wait to ply this -I may have to go back to my Xbox 360 and revisit the first game (then again is it the first game? as I loved Red Dead Revolver too )I hope that trademark Rockstar humours all there with it's brand of crazy coots like Seth,Irish ,Shaky  and Nigel West Dickens anyway here's  the history of Red Dead  & all three trailers so far for RDR2

Another game I'm hoping will be good won't be out till Christmas 2019 (fingers crossed) Star Wars:Jedi Fallen Order -set between Sith & Hope(good name for a pub lol) I'm hoping it'll incorporate some of the cancelled Star Wars games such as Project Ragtag and 1313 - it would be madness if they didn't - Could the story begin in Coruscant when Vader went on his  rampage killing younglings and your character escapes off world -or will it take place during Order 66 on a Battleground -I hope the character is of your own creation too - could even choose it's species but first scenes should feature the Padawan as a kid then second part of the game could take place around the time of Solo (or maybe they'll save that for a follow up - perhaps because your Master has been killed -all kinds of paths could be followed some kind of leveling system like Renegade /Paragon system in the Mass Effect games where you can either follow the light side or fall to the Dark Side as game progresses -could be lightsabre centric or blaster centric I mean it's  not a good idea to expose your characters identity if you go around waving a laser sword whilst the whole  might of the Empire are after you so picking up blaster skills would also be important as well as adopting other identities and friends along the way (that's where the Rag Tag team building thing could come into it) but those are just my thoughts for now -I just hope they do a good job of it -the Padawan who slipped through the net has plenty of story potential-if it turns into a trilogy spanning the decades between the two sagas that would be great too It would   be great  to see much more of the Galaxy and hang out with scum and villainy- those are my thoughts-what do  others make of this game? -barely anything solid like screenshots or trailers at the moment but at least we have a better idea of the timeline

Voss pah over-rated DEAD space hippy-I'd rather hook up with a cyborg half crazy Mace Windu  or Bultar Swan

Monday, 11 June 2018

Freedom of 76

Ms Lois  my Fallout avatar bit more exciting than my Nate who is based on me -but I can't do nothing with my lack of  hair lol  she looks much cooler -serves story better as it's about a mother - much much more of her later
I think I only heard of Fallout 76 a few weeks ago so it was nice to find out a bit more last night 

Choice of location is inspired -glad you can play solo too-I have a kind of love/hate thing with multiplayer-first time I tried it was on Max Payne 3 which was ok although sometimes wondered if there were cheats that's the thing some people seemed bulletproof -then I tried GTA V-again like Fallout it's the story I like - first I tried it some asshole started shooting up the clothes shop had to blow him away- that's just one incident, but weren't so lucky other times but it's the lack of co-operation with some players that put me off and the relentless pursuit of money and materialism and barely any story I lost interest -this was last generation console though -perhaps it's vastly improved since then but felt more like a sports game in parts-prefer a big old story (should be getting that in Red Dead 2 ) Star Wars Battlefront also played online but got bored-prefer if anybody can pick up a hero card rather than work towards it -got other stuff to do - can't spend all life playing multi-players . Solo play though? does that mean Bots? or fighting real life players? Would like to do straight up quests follow a storyline meet new characters and if action points and those cool animations are gone may not bother come up with these cool poses for Lois- and it's kind of like directing your own science fiction epic  if that aspects gone and it's all about "shop shooters " I dunno.
Decided to feature all the endings the new mods and creation club content also add something new -later videos feature a fair bit of that-re uploaded a different beginning too in first person rather than third which includes a few mods too I don't expect people to watch all of these - you'd be watching for about a year still it's my Citizen Kane meets Mad Max- probably do more if Fallout 76 is anything like this -seems people like the Third Game and Vegas better -but I do find them very last generation - I hope 76 is a step forward
I haven't seen this yet-should be interesting viewing-I think the first game I got from Bethesda was Rage- maybe  - much has happened since then... Updated this came out last night a little more info about 76 mind you I also saw Rage2 Trailer as well Cyberpunk 2077 (I bet you 2077 will look just like now-gonna be 105 by then- the future's kinda slow moving seems like just subtle things change )we're gonna be spoilt for choice .

Sunday, 10 June 2018

HypTV 46

With Realistic hair... which is more than you can say for  today-A Bobby Charlton Action Man would of been cool lol - World Cup Approaching -I think it's the one time I watch football -but I'll probably be busy -I hope it goes smoothly -it's strange times we live in

Plenty of Fire Engine related stuff , Bit of German Expressionism- Two Wonders, Go Betweens  a Western I saw with 3d glasses  back in 82  the usual nostalgic mess... no Star Wars for a change  halfway through colouring final part need to get it as right as I can.
I had this one-still have except it's all rusty and the ladders long gone .

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Fett a Star Wars Story.

Cover of Tales of the Bounty Hunters  by Stephen Youll -which came out mid 90's before Prequels and before Boba's origin was all changed -actually preferred what George did -nice to know there were billions of potential Boba Fetts out in the cosmos during the Clone Wars -& it made sense Boba's old man would be the Clone template -I guess I enjoyed this book though as I attempted to adapt it -but gave up after first two panels - dunno where it went -thought I posted it on Deviant Art years ago but nope - maybe it was Myspace -I guess it's lost forever unless I find the original someday.
I guess Solo may go down as Lucasfilms "Heavens Gate" - it doesn't deserve that - it added to the lore and I  enjoyed it - sure Alden don't look like Harrison but he did do a good job of capturing Hans character and essence .The Ten year period before a New Hope is fertile stomping ground story wise - whether  it will be explored again either in movies or Disneys streaming service one can only hope -just really bad luck -bad timing - and it begs the question should Lord and Miller been left alone to finish the movie in the first place? Ron did an excellent job getting things back on track though - the film worked for me -I hope they ask him back to make another movie , it didn't have the wtf moments Last Jedi had  -that film really divided the fans -but  having been around to see original trilogy when it first came out  I figured well lets see how it plays out in the third act - some dialogue felt a bit off - and Luke been so different  to how he was expected to be has set a cat among pigeons -I can see Ryan's reasons though -Luke has the  weight of the galaxy on his shoulders +  it's been 30 years but would he try to snuff out his nephew? that was a odd one -I think he'd try to help him first- I hope things become clearer by the  end credits of Episode 9 -perhaps Resistance and Live Action TV  show will fill in the gaps .. but back to my homeboy Boba
There are people out there that only want to see Jedi -centric movies god that would be boring - sure I'd like to see Maul again- if this Boba movie does come to fruit why not have either Jabba or Vader hire Bobby to take out old metal legs - would be sweet to see Quira Lando, and Han again -although as supporting characters - talking of supporting characters- got plenty if it's Bounty Hunter movie

I'd certainly like to see a live action Cad Bane and Embo but that's really down to Dave Filoni as they're really his creations -in my mind this didn't happen but maybe it did but later on in the timeline -perhaps it'll wind up in movie or a streaming mini series (I think that's the way to go after Solo ) The choice of directors right though by the sounds of it -I'd go for that intergalactic Spaghetti Western flavor -handle the story like John Wagner did on "Bounty on Barkooda trilogy   and Enemy of the Empire- with lashings of black humor - not for everybody but hey what do they know?

 BTW go and boycott guns,Trump and his cronies  instead of movies they're are real things in this world to get pissed off about -  and whats a SJW anyhow? .I've only heard this term in recent years seems like a rubbish and lazy way of describing a story which might be right on except in many cases the reader isn't right on -in my mind you either have a good story or a crap story that's all- a good writer or creator can get message across without been mega preachy I guess -just seems a odd thing to complain about   but  .this is a  real proper SJW from the 80's lol- Milli Tant  from Viz