Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015- Go Away!

Kinda a tradition to link Screenwipes end of year show- has been a bit of a git if years were people -already heard that radio stations ending as well  at the end of January so 2016  aint a groovy prospect either, but just had some nice fish n chips  and supping onmy Guinness so I'm happy for now-won't make plans usually go astray and a quitter never  wins.- had a tough time lately lost friends-had to look after nephew and mum both were ill but glad I helped and made a difference - there are times were I don't feel I matter very much-but not last few monthes as we survived the best we could- learnt that I had some kind of value at least.. It is better to help others than help yourself I think that's the crux of what I'm trying to say.. anyway heres Screenwipe - hoping 2016's a more sane year -

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


The Grim Reaper's been a right dick this year -Brett, BB,Coop,Philthy,Allen,Steve,Stevey,Patrick,Leonard, Sir Christopher,Rose,Lady Bo now Lemmy - I'd like to put Death in intensive care to see how he likes it -So tonight is dedicated to Lem -first single I owned was The Motorhead team up with Girlschool Saint Valentines Day Massacre E.P..first up a documentary- I was going to feature Classic Albums Ace of Spades but copyright is been uptight so instead "The Guts and the Glory" I  think I saw a bit of this before  Glastonbury appearence earlier this year. (they played my hometown many a time -wonder if that's coz of Noel Redding a Flintstonian too seeing as Lemmy was a roadie for the Jimi' Hendrix Experience It aint "out of the question"-you kept it real . Last up gig from mid-eighties -lots of special guests -Lem was well loved by so many.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas on Hoth

I wont go into great detail about The Force Awakens -but I can see why it is called that- looking forward to the follow up- perhaps we'll see Lando in that one? (like to think Lobots still doing his thang too)Nien Nunb (more of him later ) popped up as a resitance fighter as did the good Admiral. It is all very mysterious and I like that-didn't like one aspect of the story does make me hate Kylo but at same time you know the kids sick (not in cool way)-it'll drive the story on I hope It's a very different style Star Wars film -but Rogue One will have it's on style too -I imagine it's a heist movie on the Death Star -"The Galactic Job" has a fascinating cast -that'll be the next SW film to look forward to.. The leads Rey played by Private Godfreys grandniece was excellent as was Finn the Stormtrooper with a good heart the world they inhabit also fascinates me -the First Order seem to be Nazis who escaped to South America and got there act together -but they seem even more inept than the original Imperials this Snoke creature better get his act together for Episode 8 what was the Battle of Jakku like? .. I noticed Rey picked up a helmet a little like Lukes .. hope she aint his daughter too obvious and done before .. although she is a little bit like Shimi (Anakins Mum)they're are other Skywalkers apart from Luke .. perhaps we will find out why Anakin didn't have a Dad ..that has always bothered me
The battle may of been a little bit like his except a different outcome-I`get killed alot but I go for the objective unlike those homing rifle woofters.( It's seriously un-sporting)don't save them from defeat though. I've been living this game for last month or so.. looking forward to the new content although I think it should of been on disc in the first place! (like the old Battlefronts)but it's bound to be additcive and fun -just hope I'll have money when it comes out. Bit of Nien and Boba on Hoth(fave map especially on Multiplayer)when played right .. bit of Leia on Niens homeplanet -Sullust -who's better off without AI team mates -lightweights . I'm writing a script entitled "The Mandolorian Seven"- "A Old Threat" it's sequel may feature Boba on Hoth (prior to Empire Strikes Back) he would of tracked Han down within three years I'm sure.. talking of Han thee Man.. You win some you lose some ...
Updated- getting addicted to uploading these vids(only really discovered I could do this the other day) -apparently Battle of Jakku occured a year after Return of the Jedi-guess you could say it was The Empires Waterloo -this time around the proper outcome of he battle featuringthe blue Tweek chick-Leia and Han Solo -notsure how Vader, Fett and The Emperor could appear in these post Jedi battles -but it's just a bit of fun I guess.. I did have a better one than this-where I got top score for a change (usually laser fodder) but the bloody thing didn't record though -maybe another time -new maps aren't going to be from new movies -but I hope to see Tantive 4 , Death Star, Yavin 4, Bespin, Jabba's Palace or Coruscant - wonder who new heroes and villians are too(Lando, Chewie, Wedge, Nien perhaps?-I would like to see more Bounty Hunters too but they didn't get many lines unless it's Greedo for the emotes so not sure who'll they'll pick for that)

Thursday, 10 December 2015

The 2000AD Playlist

Art- Chris Weston.
Recieved DVD of Future Shock!The Story of 2000ad through the mail today- re-watching it now -love the animated opening sequence -works really well - here's trailer for documentary highly recommended-
Which is a great excuse to re-post my 2000ad(with a nod to other Brit Comics too)playlist- looking forward to the Strontium Dog fan movie coming soon(from the makers of the excellent Judge Minty )-I'll post that here if it's on youtube or wherever  as soon as it comes out but  here's that totally Zarjaz playlist ..some new stuff added -more than likely add more as I go along-seeing as they have A-Z  of stories happening(it'll be a very long playlist ever they ever get to Z lol)

As D.R says...
Art -Brian Bolland.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Playlist Strikes Back

Boba and Iggy 88 -I must of been ten when I drew this
The Star Wars playlist I made a year or two ago for old blog -did add a little more towards the end but lots of interviews behind the scences footage and fan films(The Aussie Star Wars fan flick been one of my faves) some stuffs been deleted or private videos (whats the point?)so I've removed them but there's more than enough here
Another from 83 - Boba's got a headache...which reminds that I've finally got hold of theblack and white version of "Death in the City of Bones" so I'll get to work colourng that story through the winter monthes

Sunday, 29 November 2015

"Back to the Front"

I've already muffed up this post twice doh ... bit lazy with the bloggin here at moment as I bought this aongside ps4 -so if I do get bored with that I end up watching netflix -but I'll and force myself to do a post this evening.. Kind of in two minds about this game after a week -the landscapes and maps are fantastic as are the character models -but the old battlefronter in me craved much more like the original games-which had far more maps -far more variety and a story -this is aimed at multi-players but so far I just dip into multiplayer experience as I aint got the time to build up a supertrooper -(I wonder if Abba were Boba Fett fans? lol) I have to get my Mum well again-which is the priority in my life at the moment so If I do play it tends to be on the single player modes at this time although I have tried out some of the multi-player . Wonder who'll win this? .. guy who plays Bobster isn't in character shooting from jetpack very easy.. flamethrowers weak-do like Leias Hoth garb the best.. tend to do hero battles solo against troopers more of a challenge and Fett tends to work alone usuallly .. but this game seriously lacks wookies .. more than likely dlc down the line as are other skins for the heroes but that was the nice thing about bf2 mods asit got people creating some fantastic skins and maps -so who knows what will happen a few years down the line with this title-got back into BF2 after about 10 or so years so these games really do have a lifespan... they're totally different games and it feels like if you want more you'll wind forking out money for it which is a draggy scene - but looking forward to Jakku on December the First -gotta check that planet out seeing as it's in The Force Awakens . Have to add this..always does the best reviews and he looks like my mate except he has a London accent lol

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Brother Nick

I seem to feature Nick every year although I tend to hop around with these blogs either deleting them or been unable to sign into them ever again ... but I won't break with this tradition - so tonight I'll feature the radio documentary narrated by Brad Pitt no less (guess he's a decent fellow if he digs Nick)plus the same documentary in its complete form naratted by bass player Danny Thompson I think theres only two pieces of film footage of Nick -one is when he was a little boy on holiday with his family the other is possibly him here bowling around a rock festival .. Ilike to think it's him. And here's Nick chatting away into a tape recorder -was a well spoken young man -

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Colourquakes-Post 11

1. "Arch"
2."Advanced Guard"
3. "Dreams Dashed"
What a week--Paris the City of Light -birth of the modern world -see Eiffel Tower everywhere -so thought I'd feature a few videos about it - I like it's structure and what it represents... I was in Paris and up the Eiffel Tower the very day "Trompe Le Monde "was releashed

Saturday, 14 November 2015

The French Playlist

Earlier in the year I made this playlist in reaction to first attacks on Paris but I've swapped blogs so needed to relocate it here plus add a few other videos to it-not just music but various things I love about my French Brothers and Sisters- I'm only 26 miles away from Calais so do feel for the victims of the attacks- as I do for anyone caught up in this insane crossfire all across the globe -violence achieves nothing Satre was wrong.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Playlist A-Go -Go -Post 3

Gonna Party  like it's 1989 ..."1999 I Still Hate You !"

Didn't really celebrate the millenium I think I just discovered the Spiderman cheat on Tony Hawkes pro skater 2 as clock struck 12 and I think I watched Hal Hartleys "Book of Life" after that-so the new century was very low key for me -89 was cooler -three more playlists about a more exciting time starting with Kurt and the Gang. I was a fan from moment I first heard "Love Buzz" on Peel -was into Mudhoney around then too so Nirvana were like the little brother band -also happening at the same time in Engand although seemed press were more interested in Joe Bloggs trousers lol but I thought they were the best thing going on these islands...I was getting into MC5 ,Stooges ,Stones ,Blue Cheer and Hendrix so these guys made alot of sense to me..

Rounding off this late 80's/early90's mix with some "Sonic Catherdrals of Sound" as some DJ( Steve Wright?) taking the mick out music journos at the time would phrase it - journos back then  seemed kill off scenes when they saw fit and replace i with something else usually with something you didn't like -it's bollocks really good musics good music-end of story - one or a small group of  persons opinion should never dictate what's happening ... and people shouldn't be fickle enough to believe them .

Thursday, 5 November 2015

November V

Bonfire Night I don't really care about that it' - it's really about burning spanish catholics who were my ancestors muckers -and enjoying  been a slave - not my bag - so it's a weird and macabre thing to celebrate -besides it used to drive my dogs crazy with the noise-they should make stealth fireworks Brian De Palma's "Blow Out" style -would be far prettier without all that un-warranted noise :)But without  Guy and his terrorist plot  there would be no V So  tonight  a few videos featuring V for Vendetta's creators I saw the movie (Saw it again at sisters a fewweeks ago  least she knows who this V chappy is now and what he represents as well as many more people so the movie did do some positive things  )but I read the comic years before -it's  alright much like Watchmen was -but not great in the way the original books were but  the comic will always be superior- like literature there are things which are impossible to film  It  would of made a good tv serial though if it was filmed around the time it was published (Play for Today style).
Big Al.. I think the first stories I must of read of his were a few one off Ro Busters and a beautifully illustrated and coloured ABC Warriors story in a 2000ad Annual a Steve Dillon/John Higgins Collaboration- I do wish all comics were as good as that-following that there was D.R and Quinch (I dare them to make that into a movie lol Deadpools nothing on those guys)
 Halo Jones came along around 1984-now that is a fantastic story-a daring thing to write about a female character(who wasn't just a supporting character) she wasn't a warrior type quite a normal  girl in a farf lung future -in truth Alan was writing about what was happening in 80's Britain , that clicked in my mind I guess and it was refreshingly different kind of story almost like a sci fi Love and Rockets   Just wish that Alan would come back to that story.We've  been waiting for the follow up since about 1987-

then Watchmen came out which I bought alongside first issue of the re-coloured V for Vendetta, Hellblazer #1 and Marshal Law (Dad mustof won the pools that week or it was my birthday or something)wish I still had them .. never really heard of Warrior I guess it was a little before my time -I suspect it would of been advertised in Marvel UK comics  at the time - but re-discovered it years later-a title way ahead  of it's time I guess the only other comparrison I could make is Deadline -except Deadline wasn't episodic  with  it's stories. .. Nice interview with Dave :) Old fave of mine from Marvel UK NightRaven- a badass 1920's/30's vigilante -who would appear in Hulk Weekly and Captain Britain..usually just two pages- really deserves a collected Graphic Novel treatment..I'll have to have a butchers to  see if such a thing exists

Ol V had a pretty decent singing voice...sad lyrics though.

Monday, 2 November 2015

"Colourquakes"-Post 10

2. "Ages" (actually did this ages ago lol)
3."Anti" (another one I did back in the summer)
4. "Away".
5. "SlopOut"
Haven't  done  these for a while(was over at sisters-) not sure i'll get much of a chance to do as many as usual as my Mums not well  so much of my time wil be devoted looking after her -but  least I got these out of my system -was looking at the Captains paintings the other day  on youtube and felt inspired to do  some more of these crazy pictures... Don's art makes absolute sense...

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Playlist A-GO GO -Post 2

Lou looking cool with Mary Woronov 1967.
Lou's aniversary today and it dawned on me thatI had made  quite a few Lou Reed/Velvet Underground  related playlists when I had the old blog-so I'll post them here again tonight to remember the great man -I imagine a few vids may be missing(fair do's has been  a while )but I'll leave this playlists up here unless I delete blog.
First Playlist was originally for a post called "V for Velvets"

The Second playlist was constructed as soon as I heard about Lou's death two years ago concerntrates on his post Velvets music
Final Playlist features Velvet Underground Covers(I don't overdo things here lol)

Monday, 26 October 2015

Return of The Red Devil.

Mother of Kazan!! great news .. Johnny Reds back and now has his own full colour comic ..this is long overdue as he's such a classic character - and Garth's excatly the right writer to continue the late Tom Tully's creation. Garth read the same stuff as I did growing up big fan of Battle Picture weekly still am really as stories were so well written and illustrated in most cases so this is most welcome news -I hope title is on-going or perhaps other characters that appeared in comic get the monthly treatment -I could imagine Garths take on Panzer G Man or The Sarge , maybe even Major Eazy -but here's another aerial classic that Garth bought back to life -following his spell in North Africa (according to these picture libary covers from the 60's Battler Britton had an ilustrious distinguishing carrer -he was all over the shop lol -although the way Ennis and artist Colin Wilson went about it struck me as credible as oppossed to far fetched) Just wish somebody made a video for another Ennis re-vamp Enemy Ace -beautifully illustrated by Chris Weston that too is a fantastic comic . I have to admit I liked Johnny Red and his Warlord counter part Cassidy and the Flying Tigers as they were in different locales to the standard air ace comic character-they made you aware of what was going on the Russian and Asian fronts at a very young age -these stories never shied away from the reality of the war writers and artists did the research ( -they weren't propaganda either-Johnny was very much a free spirit who lived to fly -but a fugitive too (hence not returning to R.A.F -& he wouldn't take shit from Stalin's boys neither -very much a rebel  but he did his bit against the Lufwaffe to protect his comrades ) I wonder what kind of McCarthyism he'd have to endure once he was back in Blighty post 1945...he did survive the War in original story run although it wasn't Tully writing those stories by then -the conclussion to Johnny's epic felt rushed perhaps that's a period in  the story Garth will explore in these new books. .. but 3 graphic novels of the original run of the story are out their to buy with incredible artwork provided by Joe Colquhoun with a fourth one on the way wih artwork provided by the late great John Cooper (who could draw Johnny with his eyes shut so he claimed)... more here -
There was a much more comprehensive site dedicated to Johnny and the Falcons by the guy who scanned  all the stories -not around anymore it seems -but that may mean that the whole run of  Johnny Red will be printed into hardback editions which is good news .. discovered this Russian serial whilst looking for stuff for this post- about The Night Witches which appeared in Garths Battlefields stories as well as  Johnny Red back in the 70's -this was made in 81-so it's from the time of Brezhnev we wouldn't of got to see this in the west - I imagine 'far more truth in this than Airwolf though lol

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Playlist A-Go-Go-Post 1

On the old Rumble blog featured a fair amount of playlists I cooked up to remind me that the world aint square -seems a waste not to resurect them - have to compile vol 3 of Snott  before I post a full on Garage  playlist.. they were great too - some songs missing sadly as  people delete them .. but can't complain everythings good that is still on these playlists ..Startoff with Oz/Kiwi Playlist Always loved Group Sounds ever since I heard The Bunnys Test Driver so it's kind of a passion that era...but playlist focuses on all Asia durring the beat explosion that had the good sense to don Beatle Boots Europe-before Joey Tempest lol I know I made a Latin American playlist -must be on other youtube channel-but theres enough here to "get hip to that crazy trip" already -When I find it I''ll feature it on a follow up post.

Monday, 12 October 2015

"Blow Steve Blow!"

Gotta quote the Igster on Funhouse for title of this post.
The Dum Dum Boys weren't so Dumb at all... this ones for Steve.
Nice interview interview..can't embed browers playing up... Funhouse remains the all time  heavyweight champion of the world.. Steve will be sorely missed.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Jetboy Sunday

hmm all these recent rumours about Fett movie -not sure they should ever show him without mask (he's up there witth  Dredd on that) firstly-fair enough we get a glimpse of him as a kid -but I don't think Micheal B Jordans actually playing him perhaps he's his quarry but if he is and Disney want facetime it'll ruin the cult of thee Bobster forever -so keep the bucket on. I mean they'll be alot of characters in this movie -if you're going for a spaceghetti western that's how you approach it Fett don't need to talk much just Clint around lol -but if your gonna have a unmasked Boba (gawd forbid) stick with the canon and have Daniel Logan he's the actual guy -or Tem if it's post ROTJ -I would like Jeremy back too. But found some nice fan films night- these are great pointers to how a Boba movie should be approached .
Whoever's directing the standalone Fett Film should be checking Leonne and Corbucci -the two Sergios and mix it up with Lucas, Kershner and Marquand's vision -that would work for sure.- love the poncho in this short old T-face would win any staring competion ... dig the camels lol Seen this before but it's been updated another short from the makers more Bobacentric And another trailer that looks intriguing -but did he actually survive the Sarlacc ? The canons been re-written by Marvel/Disney I have mixed feelings about that -- I do like how Marvel are handling latest stories though-they hire the right writers and artists - Lando's series was very good -Vaders class too- so it's in good hands Boba properley and not through rose tinted visor either-he's preety much a cruel bastard -buts that's cool he's meant to be.

Hearing mixed reviews of new Battlefront-do love the old one-some very creative mods out there -is a great game-will be hard to top even though it's over ten years old. ahh this chestnut -Devs side mod- Great voice acting from Tem :D Music's great on this.. featuring a Rare Max Rebo  b-side -Mandos gotta love them...

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Pandoras In London

Haven't been posting much lately here or on other blogs-been looking after my older sister and her sons (who live where the original Star Wars trilogy was filmed-Jabba's Palace is located at the fish counter in Tescos in Borenwood lol) so I'm on Younger Brother duties up until the weekend -but I did catch The Pandoras and there support  on there latest world tour in a very crammed pub in east London  at the start of the month -really ass kicking stuff  -so heres some document of that evening filmed by a few punters who had a better view than me.Also Starring Oh! Gunquit!   and The Frankleys

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Mass Effective

In the last month or so  got into Mass Effect at least the second and third games (I did buy the first one a couple of years ago for a mere fiver-but the lack of checkpoints and toughness of some of the bad guys did me in -perhaps I'll go back to that one on a rainy day -try to remember to save after every gun battle-but like one of the videos on this playlist confirms the second game is light years ahead )I'll stick up a few images of my two Commander Sheps eventually maybe even create a couple of films if I can figure out a way how to-it's galaxy spanning stuff and all great fun-trying to make my Shep as Dredd and Anderson like as possible trouble with that is he can't wear a helmet on ship and various scenes -the un-customised male Shep looks a bit too Roy Keane with a hairline of a six year old lol -mine looks like Kirk Douglas after chemotherapy -become most fond of both customised characters -and they've made some flawed decisons -which is all too human -but can always go back and play it another way - sounds like from some of these videos that the ending(s) of the third is a real stinker-but now I've played it with the dlc sort of rounds story off nicely although Iknow one of the endings has Shep (and Anderson survive so I'm aiming for that in the replay)-as well as been a steller RPG it's also one of the best third person shooters that I've enjoyed to date ... the next game I'm sure will be light years ahead of it's predecessors as it seems to follow that pattern -but right now ME2 and 3 are my top games so here's my Mass Effect Playlist-still can't embed on my own computer but using sisters at the mo so it works :) must sort out this mess out when I can...may go back to old windows as all this nonsense started with windows 10
but no matter here's the playlist.
I know the makers of these games have made  Star Wars games before-but would like to see one which is single player and set  within the galactic civil war or in the new movies timeline  -with familar characters - was hoping  new Battlefront game was going in that direction -but totally no story mode which is a bizzzare thing -Star Wars is alL about storylines -but Mass Effect though is a sprawling space epic in its own right gotta love the Vorcha -funny guys

.and Zaeed -the  geezer Bounty Hunter -very Johnny Alpha esque -One day day they'll be a Strontium Dog game I reckon-new fan films on the way from the makers of Judge Minty so it should be quality .

Strange thing is the name  John Shephard seeing as that's the same name as The Black Major-a Action Force character  (whose origin story I coloured around the same time as these games came out)I doubt there is  a connection - but hey could be an ancestor especially in renegade mode  I'll re-post that story once I get back to my own computer.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Looking Ahead.

Bought a second hand XBOX360 yesterday-got fed up of my old one and it's laser failing to line up properly -even took it apart up to the point I didn't have the right type of screwdriver and gave in after that-the new/old one works far better thankfully -the fact I bought last generation console really is because theres so many games I haven't got around to playing -so I'll wait till Battlefront comes out before I decide to go with PS4 or XBox 1 .. (but after all the misery of XBox 360 conking up looks very much in Sonys favour a this time) On a gaming spree this week to see if I can get up to date with whats happenng in gaming universe (plus it's fun) -currently playing Mass Effect 2 (I imagiine it's very early days with that-Krogans seem easier to take down than the first game -which I gave up in frustration because of one of those charging bastards -couldn't take it down no matter what I did -) so I'll more than likely revisit tthat game too after I finish ME2 and 3 .. really awesome and immense stuff -a real treat-I just wish other games could be as epic in scale -If they ever do a Dredd or Strontium Dog game they should follow in that fashion . But this post is all about Looking ahead -and once I depart with cash for a next generation console this game will be in my top 5 of must plays. (it's really fucking me off that I can't embed -I go away for a few days and now all of a sudden it's impossible to embed videos wtf 's happened to blogger?if this keeps happening I'm leaving )anyhow here's link but it's not how I want to to present these posts Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer-
A few words from these games makers...
this lack of embedding though is ruining my blog experience as is not having those boxes "that you may also like" -sometimes I think they're screwing with me .

Also started playing Fallout 3 -very mushy so far -(as it's quite an old game)I've only just got out of the Vault so I imagine story hasn't really begun (I'll have to get used to controls too)-but this looks like a huge huge improvement-
A bit more about new game -looks like a must have
I may get obssessed -like how  I did  with Saints  Row - and make movies   out of these (ME been another epic trilogy that might get movie treatment but asking all those questions would make editing a nightmare) - but that depends on whether I want a social life again lol.

 Heard the very sad news that Yvonne Craig died yesterday -I'll feature a special Batgirl post on my other blog  later tonight (I'll more than likely have  to link those as oppossed to embedding - which is a drag -seeing as it's meant to be a video post) but  Arkham Knight is also on my shopping list once I pick up a new console -but I want to play Origins first as I never got   around to that one -(Loved Asylum and City) when I think of these games Ithink they really should do Dredd -it's a no brainer - so many stories  and  characters that could be turned into a epic game(s) -gotta be Karl and Olivia doing the voices as I think they nailed it. Arkham Knight trailer...
Luke Skywalker moonlighting-

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Afterlife On Mars.

The pages  for abandonded (I do that alot with these big projects) Gene Hunt comic -the idea was  to fill in the gaps . Had this idea of a mystery which  stemmed back to the time Gene died  back in 1953 and visit different time periods in recent history in the  Life on Mars /Ashes to Ashes history  it would of  been 8 episodes long (If I continued story  be about hafway through it now) and like Pulp Fiction all in the wrong order -until final episode where things would make sense .. but these aren't my creations -so instead figured do I wanna be a fan-artist or a creator? (not getting paid for this) whilst I was happy how it was going - bloody p.c crashed swallowed up the third page which took a while to do, so instead I'll do my own characters and world - but here's the pages I did work on

and then all of a sudden the story ends(because of computer crash and having second thoughts) -what followed was a car chase where DC Summers is shot by a motorcycle rider and he crashes car into a charity shop -all of a sudden he's transported back to the Brixton Riots (accidently caused by Hunt)- whilst in second episode Maya would of been transported back to 1976 and re-united with Sam at the Freetrade  Hall when the Pistols played  there ..would of been a  cool story -but it's better if I pursue my own creations misadventures instead-as I should have a bit more faith in my own characters -they're unique so I'll stick to my guns and work on that epic instead .. but here's a few other pics linked to my  Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes story.
Thought Gene was a magnifcent character -very much a 70's man -although didn't like him much towards  end of third season as  he's  seems to be a bit ofa  Thacterite-but that's keeping true to the character I suspose -and even though he 's a foul mouthed relic -still had a bit of sympathy for  him for some reason-maybe I miss that type of plain speaking- so the shows makers got his character spot on..
Now the cat is out of the bag doubt they'd make any more of these show's (it was great enigmatic t.v-reminded me of the first time I heard my sisters copy of Hunky Dory  and the lyrics to this...)

Song was actually written before for a french singer as "My Way " the Sinatra song -good ol Dave. Some Hippy bashing :) very crazy show loved it lol -also loved Ashes but missed Sam never really got to see him again -apart from a very strange dream sequence in third season Gene turns up likea bad rash at a feminist meeting... bit of a clue as what the hells going on with the feminist talking to Chris. A little more about Sam-I was going to do at least one episode featuring him.