Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Anderson PSI Division --"The Four Dark Judges" -Recoloured.

 Rogue Trooper, Judge Anderson & Judge Dredd by Brett Ewins .
Two years ago I  started recolouring this Judge Anderson classic - sadly halfway I heard the artist Brett died - so gonna repost this today(as I terminated old blog) should get to work on the following episodes but  seeing as IDW have all this re-coloured now  not sure-but started colouring next episode feauring  Deadworld kinda inspired by old EC Comics for the colours on that  (as well as having to look after my house-ridden Mum's tricky juggling all these projects ) but I hope you like what I've done so far .. starts of with a  Kevin O'Neill cover script by John Wagner /Alan Grant -art  by Brett Ewins -Lettering by Tom Frame
2000ad A TO Z I'll need to get back to 2000ad playlist and add all of these so far..

Haven't picked up IDW's Dark Judges volume yet (in case it puts me off doing this  ) but I know they did a nice job on another Dredd classic -although my dream would be for Carlos Ezqurrea to do a fully painted Apocalypse those two Titan books  front covers rocked

Monday, 27 June 2016


Today is the 100th anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Somme .. I deleted these along with Rumble blog (but they were up on flickr  and I think Tumblr although Tumblr title is totally innapropiate now but who cares no one looks anyhow kinda like here but whatever ..) I coloured this for me .. not to be sold -& no apologies to anyone who disliked  it  -it's a huge part of my development as a person and a artist -and you will never understand my reasons for trying  (Pat had a ganders though I hope he liked it- I don't live in the world of professional coloursts  but  I coloured  these  out of appreciation-of course I'd rather Joe could colour them -but I had a go .. but never tell me how to colour to make it look sale-able as it's not what I was aiming for .. I was thinking about the characters experiences - perhaps someday  I'll have a go at at Charleys BEF days not sure they're going to be re-printed but as always with Joe sublime artwork from Joe -story may of been more intriguing and historically accurate if written by Pat - but as a fan of the strip I'm glad it kept going although with another writer the late Scott Goodall.. for anyone who's never seen story here's what  I coloured many thanks to Moose Harris for providing scans  on his old site -and the late Neil Emery who was original Charleys War site owner (who sent me CD of the complete story hence smaller pic  on page 4 as computer crashed and lost my second version of that page) but this story may give a idea what it was like to be a lad  100 years ago.
You'll have to pick up all ten volumes of Charleys War to find out what happens next -it's my favourite all time comic just wish there was more stories that took this approach to real life events rather than a fantasised version of history which people rather go by (judging by some of the dumb rose tinted Winston Churchill loving  not giving a feck about the Polish which I had the misfortune to see on TV  today (which Winnie  did btw seeing as the Polish  helped Brits  out in Battle of Britain , North Africa, Italy , Monte Casino and liberating Western Europe  ) answers to why people voted Leave last Thursday.. I'm ashamed people people choose to be selectivly daft saddening -guess these freaks will always exist - heres's Pat talking about Joe .. take it away Edwin..

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Dystopia A Go Go!

Yep I know it's backwards lol just hat I've posted this picture before  The  script for" Kleptomania " -First part of The Book of the Futureless my sci fi story  I started work on a few years back -current situation in life doesnt give the time to work on this or other projects -but script was resting in draft on the old Rumble blog and I need to get reacquainted with it-perhaps it might make me want to get back into it -but here's link for the pages I've illustated so far...

Frame 1: Full moon over London ,View on Tower Bridge against the yellow moon three tiny spots can also be seen against the distance. Two Policemen stand by their grounded Aero Panda Car one gazes at the three dots with his advanced binoculars

 Policeman 1:"Full moon brings out the loons they say"

 Policeman 2:(with the binoculars) "Too right Sarge-'ere have a ganders at this."

Frame 2:

 Side view of Police Sergeant with binoculars his eyes widen at the sight-

Policeman 1:"Kliqueys! -proper troublemakers maybe we call up the microbe cam division for this.

Frame 3:
A better view of the 3 dots on the moon.. the silhouettes of air scooters appear-including wind-mirrors and there riders.

 Policeman 2:"Allo Microbes required at this location,I'll punch you in the co-ordinates."

 Frame 4:

The Images draw closer three riders are approaching but they also have pillion passengers-In the center is Rudy Churchill -with his girlfriend Pillbox clinging onto him wearing trademark black and white suit pork pie hat and two tone scooter "Buster"-whilst Pillbox wears her police chiefs hat and plastic mack -to his right is Jonah Jacks replesent in Astro-Parka ever present roll up in mouth and ever present sunglasses fixed firmly to his face he too has a girl riding in the back seat-this is Emilia Wood , long honey blonde bunches flying in the wind done up in the height of mod fashion in a yellow suit dress -similar to one worn by Verna Bloom in Medium Cool.. white belt white high boots. To Rudy's left  Bruiser Collin's- a big man burgundy suit he isn't as lucky as Jonah and Rudy as in his back saddle sits Davey Crocker -wears a Davey Crockett hat made from raccoon and astro parka similar to Jonahs with a few personal alterations -the scooter bruiser flies differs somewhat from the Jonah and Rudy's as it's an older model.

 Microbe Cam Control:"Wilco-You'll get clear I.D's in a tick."

 Policeman 1:" Thank you control."

 Frame 5:
 Side view of the Klique gang members their names appear in electronic writing above their heads except Emilia's for some reason.We are getting view via binoculars-

 Policeman 1:"Well looky here -Bruiser Collins wanted for extortion, Jacks smoking in a public area
-Pillbox ere's got a record long as your arm for pushing narcotics. Churchill's clean far as I know-I think he's in with The Skroats"

 Policeman:"Makes him untouchable -pity and it's a shame we can't get a I.D on the girl -wonder what she's doing with these losers"

 Frame 6:

 The two cops standing on the bridge Sarge lowers binoculars as he chats to fellow officer.

Policeman 1:"I think we'll keep tabs on these can you summon up any "MetalTops" if any troubles brew.
 Police Car:" Affirmative-we'll keep tracking them Sergeant"

 Policeman 2:"Could be quite a haul-I'd love to go one to one with those Sky Scum!"

 Page 2:

 Frame 7:

Front view of the scooters as they fly over the Thames , the riders converse in a conversation. Bruiser Collins:" This is where we go our separate ways Rude Boy-debts to collect"

Rudy Churchill:"Yeah catch you later-Party at Steve's House-your invited as long as you and your sidekick don't throw wait around" Davey Crocker:"Harp at Lord Churchill ere..Sidekick my fanny!"

 Jonah Jacks:"Zip it Crocker you shit stirrer!

" Frame 8: Side view of Jacks -and view of Crocker giving it some on the back of Collin's scooter

-Crocker points knife at Jacks and sneers.

 Davey Crocker:" and you Jacks! you need striping boy!"

. Jonah Jacks:"Shut it Toerag!"

 Frame 9:
 Rear view of the scooters as they fly over the lit up London skyline.Bruisers Scooter dips down.Away from the straight path the newer scooters are taking.

 Pillbox:" You two get a room will ya!" Frame 9: Side view of Collins and Crocker -Collins is irate with his co-passenger.

 Bruiser Collins :"Cheeky Git, mind you he's got a point."

 Frame 10: Concerned look on Crockers face as he clutchs his hat- Davey Crocker:" How do you mean boss?"

 Frame 11:
 The Scooter slowly glides down towards a public house a long black car is parked outside we can make out the bumper of the Deluxe Dragwulf - the pubs sign say's "The Cockney Bastard" which has the illustration of a angry looking Pearly King giving the V sign.

Bruiser Collins:"You are a manipulative little weasle.."

 Frame 12: The two mods dismount the scooter which is now touched down on the pavement-Collins approaches the old pubs doors whilst Crocker lifts his backside off the scooters seat.

Bruiser Collins:"Leave the talking to me alright!"

 Davey Crocker:"Manipulative hmm I like the sound of that."

 Page 3:

 Frame 13:

Bruiser opens door with two hands view inside of pub we see a black clad girl with the word "Zenta" written on back of jacket and a psychedelic pattern with a pyramid and an eye at the center.She's served by a toothy grinned barmaid -

Frame 14:
Bruiser and Crocker are now fully inside the pub back view of girl chatting to barmaid still they are deep in conversation. Bruiser and Crockers body language suggest impatience .

 Bruiser Collins:"Oi Oi Doris! is Chas about?"

Barmaid:" Then I said you enjoying that sandwich .. "

 Frame 15:Front view of girl-Louisa Sheen side view of Barmaid still yacking away -Louisa seems to enjoying the story.

Barmaid:"and I said mines appalling I can tell you that much.."

 Bruiser: "Can we get some service here?"

 Frame 16: Bruiser's hand approaches Louisa's shoulder.

 Bruiser:"S'cuse me darlin' got business to take..."

 Frame 17:
 Suddenly Bruiser grabs his wrist he's burnt his hand as he placed his hand on Louisa's shoulder..steam coming from his palm, he yelps in pain .. Crocker stares on in disbelief.the other punters in pub are alerted by Bruisers yelps-Sierra Lima, JJ and Rio Royale sit at a round table facing the bar.
 Bruiser:"AHHH Fack !me 'and!"

 Frame 18:

 Crocker produces a large blade he reacts quickly to the situation -Louisa stares coolly at him .Bruiser whince's in pain .

Crocker:"Acid Jacket-bleeding Rucka's I'm gonna you carve up good and proper Gurl!

 Page 4:
 Frame 19:

 Side view of Crocker ready to use blade -the gang leader just slouches on the bar , like Crocker's threats mean nothing to her. The Barmaid produces two pints and smiles her idiotic smile... but she's more sly than she looks.

 Crocker:"Gonna dice n slice ya nice"

 Louisa Sheen:"Oh spare me !"

Barmaid:"C'Mon Lads Chas is on the Khazi he'll be with you in a mo',Drinks are on the house".

Frame 20:

Crocker eye to eye with Sheen.He's trying contain his rage.

 Davey Crocker:"Good job for you we're both parched - you even look in our direction .."

 Louisa Sheen:" I get the Picture -just hope you see it was an accident little man."

 Frame 21:

Louisa walks away towards her fellow gang members at the table- Crocker consoles Bruiser handing him his pint.
Louisa Sheen:"For you're information sunshine Rucka's aint no friends of ours either"

 Frame 22:

Crocker slurps his beer back turned to Louisa - whilst Bruiser stands aimlessly full pint in his left hand. Louisa takes a seat as she joins her friends.

Davey Crocker:"Bitch!"

 Frame 23:
 The girls at the table-Louisa looks totally chilled even after the incident at the bar-Rio in her red special forces beret red Jacket and pink hair scans the room-her twin non pink haired sister JJ sits on other side of the table with back to readers, Sierra Lima has her nose buried in a news paper.

 Rio Royale:"You OK Boss?"

 Louisa Sheen:"Yeah fine." Sierra Lima:"You know she's at it again?"

 Louisa Sheen:"Who?..oh Rita."

 Frame 24: Close up of JJ Hat on head.

 JJ Royale:"If you ask me that girls got no morals"

 Frame 25:
Close up of Louisa sipping her drink.

 Louisa Sheen:" And whats morality got to do with it we're the Sins JJ you better evil up or your out."

 Page 5:

 Frame 26: The girls sitting around table sipping drinks Sierra shuffles newspaper

. Sierra Lima:"She's going through an older man phase again"

 Louisa Sheen:"She's got Chas in there?" Sierra Lima:"uhuh!"

 Frame 27:

 Bruiser and Davey Crocker glare at the girls at table from the bar.

 Davey Crocker:"Skanky Cows!"

 Bruiser Collins:" Forget it man-was an accident!-we'll just wait for Mr Flowers."

 Frame 28:

 Crocker and Bruiser turn towards bar and continue their conversation.

 Bruiser Collins:"See that Burd Jonah was with-a real smasher!"

Crocker:"Russian or Somefink.. too bad your right hands fucked"

 Frame 29:
 Bruiser takes umbridge to this remark close up of his fuming face.

Bruiser Collins:"I still got a devastating left hook mush! just saying..."

 Frame 30:

 Jonah, Emilia , Rudy and Pillbox glide above the rooftops of a London Street.

 Bruiser Collins:" some guys have all the luck."

 Crocker:"But in his case it's bad luck -they don't call him Jonah for nuthin',"

 Frame 31: Rudy waves to Emilia

 Rudy Churchill:"Almost there you alright ?"

 Frame 32:
 Jonah and Emilia close up Jonah arches head to Rudy

 Jonah Jacks:"It's no use Rudy- she only knows a few English words-I think she's lost her dog or something? that's how I met her"

 Page 6:
Frame 33:
The two scooters pull up to a swank flat-with steps leading up to the doorway - a drunk mod type sits passed out on the door

 Rudy Churchill: "Number 13 Chester Street-It's Rave Up Time!"

 Frame 34:

 The four youths clamber up the steps Rudy reaches front's answered by a man in a beige suit red tie, looking for all the world like Peter Sellers in the 1968 film The Party ,this is Doctor Rajiv.

Doctor Rajiv:"Hey Rude Boy glad you can make it's a great jam man!"

 Frame 35:

 The five walk through the luxurious flats hallway various party goers can be seen as they walk by.

 Jonah Jacks:"c'mon comrade we got nibbles to nobble "

 Pillbox:"Is Stevie about? he owes me a few bob"

 Frame 36:

 Big panel showing swinging party in full swing in the living room-to the back of the room a band play- a supergroup- on guitar a young Jimmy Page-on vocals and rhythm guitar a dead ringer for Steve Marriot - the bass player looks like he's auditioning for the Downliner Sect in his tweeds and deerstalker-whilst the drummer seems to be very young Keith Moon.Tickling the ivories is Georgie Fame.Backing vocals are provided by PP Arnold. Among the party you can make out Mrs Pink-the Japanese member of the Sins with her big distinctive pink hat. Doctor Rajiv points over to Steve on vocals to indicate he's busy on stage.

 Doctor Rajiv :"He'll be with you soon as he's done his set Missy -in the meantime try out our punch -powerful stuff-guaranteed to blow your mind ha ha!.. my own recipe "

 Stevie:" ..I'm alright!... COME ON CHILDERN!"

 Page 7:

 Frame 37:

 Rudy knocks back a glass of punch as the music blares away in the back ground -Jonah tries to encourage Emilia to Dance- Pillbox chucks a few pills down her throat. Revelers are having a good time.
Jonah Jacks:"C'mon sweetheart lets shake some action!"

 Emilia Wood:"Hooy na ny!!!"
 Rudy Churchill:"I take it your going to get blocked tonight"

 Pillbox:"Don't blame me it was you who got me hooked on these sweeties!"

 Frame 38:

 Enter Alan Christ- the mod god -white make up on face black eyeliner bowler hat white boiler suit carrying an umbrella looking all the world like he owns the place (his modified clone gorrila bodyguards in boiler suits and bowlers re-inforce this notion) his group of hangers on cowering behind him-his entrance catches Rudy and Pillbox's attention as well as the rest of the room..

Pillbox:"Who's this joker - he needs to catch some ray's"

 Rudy Churchill:"Pipe down girl-that's Alan Christ King of the Klique!"

 Frame 39:

 The white faced deity turns to Rudy - Alan Christ:"Hey Rude Boy -wheres the Bruiser at?"

 Rudy Churchill:" He's down the Bastard doing a errand for the Skroats!"

Frame 40:

 Close up of Alan Christ grinning

 Alan Christ:" Ahh the Skroats -the big time boys -harder they come harder they fall I say .. this youngbloods moving up if you see Collins.."

 Rudy Churchill:"I'll tell him Mr Christ"

 Frame 41:
Crocker seems to be dozing off Bruiser gives him a nudge .We can make out the girls table in the background.

 Davey Crocker:"Wha where wuh!"

 Bruiser Collins:"Fer Nazz sakes sharpen up Crocker-you've only two pints and having 40 winks."

Frame 42:

 Sierra who sitting close to the mens room the sound pulsating is too much she shields her ear from the grunts groans and football scores.


Chas Flowers:"West Bromich Albion One-Crystal Palace Three--urrghh- Fulham ahh two-Liverpool Threeeeeee!"

Sierra Lima.."Oh this is just wrong.. he's old enough to be.."

 Frame 43:

 Rio and Sierra gaze at each other blankly in complete silence shot of toilet door.

 Chas Flowers:" * "

 Rio Royale:"There goes the final whistle"

 Frame 44:

 Chas bursts through the door glasses crooked comb-over all over the place , lipstick kissmarks on cheek and head,he adjusts his fly as he leaves the gentlemens toilet .

 Chas Flowers: " Pah -I could of done with extra time, could of taken it to penalties!"

 Frame 45:

 Rio and Sierra stare at Chas as he saunters to the bar as toilet door swings open we can make out Rita Tusk fixing her auburn beehive in the mirror .

 Rio Royale:" Can't see why we can't smash up the place up like a proper gang."

 Sierra Lima:"I quite agree..that was agony to listen too"

Page 8:

 Frame 46:

 Louisa stands up from her stool and gestures to the scene going on in the background..Chas potters towards the bar where Bruiser and a lethargic Crocker are waiting for him .

 Louisa Sheen:" Like those two cavemen over there would -watch how this plays out and you'll thank me later

Frame 47:

 Chas casually strolls towards Bruiser and Crocker (who's now passed out on the bar ) Bruiser seems uneasy on his feet too eyelids seem very heavy Chas friendly asks them.

Chas Flowers:" Good evening gentlemen what will it be?"

 Bruiser Collins:" Your gaff Flowers .. The Skroats want you to cough up pronto!"

 Frame 48:

 Close Up of Chas, rolling his eyes...
 Chas Flowers:"Buisness hasn't excatly been blooming this month .. tell your guvnor to ease off "

 Bruiser Collins:"Or what? I've a good mind to.."

 Frame 49:

 Bruiser falls flat on his face ..much to Flowers astonishment ..Crocker is snoozing on the bar dead to the world.

 Frame 50:

 Chas gaves down at the unconscious enforcer not quite sure what to make of it. The bar maid Doris looks concerned at her employer

 Chas Flowers:"You been plying these jokers with drinks Doris?"

 Doris Moat:" Nahh Chas ..these lightweights only had two beers?"

 Frame 51:
 Louisa and the other Deadly Sins approach the landlord ..

 Louisa Sheen:" No Mr Flowers ...that would be our doing.. or rather JJ's doing.."

 Page 9:

 Frame 52:
 Louisa, Rio, Sierra and JJ Royale front view Profile view of Chas.JJ holding small bottle of sleeping tablets-

Louisa Sheen:" You could call JJ our sleeper agent she specialises in tranqulising creeps like these"

 JJ Royale:" They call me Sister Sloth.. slipped a couple of mickeys in their drinks.. they should be out for a couple of hours"

 Chas Flowers :"hmm subtle I like your style of protection -saves the aggro -the amount of the times I've had to re-decorate this place"

 Frame 53:

 Rita Tusk approachs the rest of The Deadly Sins -she walks the walk that drives men crazy - very much the epitone of lust with beehive going skyward and her nose in the air ..

 Rita Tusk :" I wouldn't speak too soon Charley -if Mrs Flowers were ever to discover the footage of our quickie :"

 Chas Flowers:"You mean to tell me you filmed"

 Frame 54:
 A robotic arm extends from Rita's bouffant with a device that looks like a lense. Chas stands in shock and disgust.

 Chas Flowers:"Should of known.. too good to be true"

 Rita Tusk:" Look at this way - we can have as much fun every month if you pay up- better than having head flushed down the bog by Skroats goons wouldn't you agree"

 Frame 55:

 Louisa arms folded addresses Chas who is trying to lift up the dozing bruiser towards the pub exit.

 Louisa Sheen:"Sex is another weapon at our disposal -Rita here specializes in mens core weaknesses"

. Chas Flowers:" hussies!.. pah give us a hand 'ere can't have these slobs putting off punters"

 Frame 56:

 Rio Royale: speaks to Doris the barmaid who stands behind the counter.

 Rio Royale:" If you could make the cheque payable to Byron Powell .."

 Doris Moat:" Byron Powell.. the former M.P? surely he's dead?"

 Rio Royale:" and No questions and another pint of slobbit .. I'm a real glutton"

 Louisa drags Crocker by his feet back view , whilst Rita and Chas try to shift the much more bulkier Bruiser .

 Chas Flowers:" What 'appen's when Skroats heavies come looking for these bozo's?"

 Louisa Sheen:" They won't..."

 Frame 57:
 Close up of Louisa Smiling

Louisa Sheen:" After what we pull off tonight -you won't hear from Harry and Syd ever again."

 Page 10:

 Frame 58:

 13 Chester Street -The Party is full swing drinks are consumed booties are been shook ,purple hearts swallowed, people are having a good time - all accept Jonah who is having trouble trying to get Emillia into the spirit of things .. who is more concerned about her dog who was dashed off through the legs of some go go dancers

 Jonah Jacks: "C'mon gurl , shake a tail feather"

 Emillia Woods:"Niet! Niet! "

 Frame 59:

 Emillia runs from Jonah in pursuit of her dog front view . Jonah is wrong footed and falls backwards

. Emillia Woods :"Yuri Yuri!!"

 Frame 60:

 A big suedehead with a porkpie hat grabs the blonde by the wrist ,he doesn't want Emillia to leave any place in a hurry.

 Suedehead:"Going somewhere luv.. hows about.."

 Frame 61:
 Emilla hurls the big man over her shoulder as if it he was nothing the big mod lands flat on his back.

 .Frame 62:

 Emillia skuttles off in pursuit of the running dog-the suedehead flat on his ass ponders what has happened to him -it's not quite what he expected .We see his friends trouser leg as he offers to lift him up to his feet.

 Suedehead:" What the..?"

 Suedehead's Friend:" You alrite Tel? .."

Frame 63:

Front view of Tel and his two mates... Jonah opens his big mouth at the wrong time.

 Jonah Jacks :" Don't touch what you can't afford mate"

Tel:" Where she get to?"

 Tel's mate:"Never mind that-get her boyfriend"

 Frame 65:

 The trio of mods surround Jonah brandishing fists Jonah is backed into a corner -he's no push overbut at leasttwo of the other Kliquers are bigger than him .

Jonah Jacks:"C'mon lads .. she's not my bird, just met her ..onest!"

 Page 11:

 Frame 66:

 Crocker and Bruiser lying down on the tarmac the tranqulisers JJ slipped them had the desired effect in the distance two robotic cops -Metaltops catch sighr of the two dozing on the pavement.

 Metaltop 1: "Allo Allo Allo ,sensors indicate two vagrants "

 Metaltop 2:" I'll run a alcohol scan "

 Frame 67 :

One of droids arches down and runs hand over the unconsious Bruiser whilst his partner watches on.

Metaltop 2:" Light traces of lager hardly enough to get intoxicated..."

 Metaltop 1: "Seems like these carbon based units have a very low constitution .. "

 Frame 68:

 Aerial view of two robots standing over the two drugged mods.

 Metaltop 2:" Sensors do indicate high traces of horse tranquliser ..they've been drugged."

 Frame 69:

 Cops fingers light sensors turn blue as it scans Crockers head .

 Metaltop 2: "but get this.. records show this is Bert Tupin ..Special Branch"

 Frame 70:

A view of the robots feet as they survey the sleeping men.

 Metal-Top 1: "We'll take them to the Yard keep them separated, we don't want to blow Tupins cover -best get the big one chipped -he doesn't seem to have a implant."

 Page 12:

Frame 71:

 The Drag Wulf the Deadly Sins ride high above London City the ground sparkles with lights in the night the wheel Rio, in the passenger seat Louisa.

Rio Royale:" Running into those Kliqueys could of blown our mission"

 Louisa:"Don't sweat it Rio ..everythings going to schedule"

 Frame 72:

In the back seat sit Rita, JJ and Sierra who is looking at her phone (has a union jack on it-like Carolinas)
 Sierra Lima: "It's Mrs Pink ... how's the party?"

 Frame 73:

 Mrs Pink in her distinctive pink hat appears on Sierras phone screen she looks worried..

Mrs Pink:" I've seen Emillia .. but she's dissapeared I'll try and.."

 Frame 74:
 Mrs Pink on the phone surveys room -see's Jonah getting the crap beaten out of him.

 Jonah "Gerrrofff!"

Mrs Pink:"I'll get back to you at the party Sierra, there's some kind of fracas going on -I can barely make you out"

 Frame 75:

 Mrs Pink reveals a beautiful katana from under her long trenchcoat she moves like a ninja -the thugs beating up Jonah suddenly freeze in terror .

 Mrs Pink:"Clear off you bullies!"

 Frame 76:

 The trio run off- they know not to mess with hard japanese steel Mrs Pink bends down to assist the beaten Jonah.

 Mrs Pink:" You ok ?"

 Jonah Jacks"yeah bloody tip top..fucking cowards.."

 Frame 77:

 Side view of Louisa in seat looking straight through window.

Louisa Sheen:" Sounds like Emillia's gone awol just typical..."

 Frame 78:
 The Drag Wulf points its nose downwards towards the city lights..

. Louisa Sheen:" Take her down Rio , can't be fashionably late if our russian sisters in trouble"

 Page 13:

 Frame 78:
New Scotland Yard -a huge Policemans Hat shaped floating sky station -like a mini Death Star -lots of windows lights and funnels below the city all lit up and pretty.

 Bruiser Collins:" Friggin' pigs -get your filthy mitts off me!"

 D.I Blackfoot "Strap him down -I'd say this guy needs a Compeller 4000-"

 Frame 79:

 Bruiser struggles in vain as the heavilly armoured cops are more than a match for the big mod as they heave him over to a big sinister looking chair the unarmoured Detective Seargeant -

 Bruiser Collins: "You aint fuckin' chipping me you maggots"

DS Blackfoot:" The 4000 is very popular-considering it has  all the latest aps -you'll be right as rain after we're done"

 Frame 80:

 Bruiser has head in straps now a laser dot on head... he's fuming.

 Bruiser Collins:"You aint turning me into no shopping junky you bastards!"

 Frame 81:

 The laser ignites and pierces Collins forehead in the chair as this happens Blackfoot walksaway to leave.

 DS Blackfoot:"We could of thrown the book at you Collins, extortion , smoking , lord knows what else.. this is the best option for both of us."

 Bruiser Collins:" Niiieeeerrrrghhh!"

 Frame 82:

 Back view of Blackfoot walking down corridor..

 Bruiser Collins:" eeeeeeeeeeee!"

 DS Blackfoot:" No shame in been a happy shopper .. I have to attend to your sleeping partner"

 Page 14:

 Frame 83:

 Bert Tupin aka Davey Crocker is sitting in a futuristic version of a police canteen, looking relaxed cup of hot tea - no longer wearing parka , in his putrid purple suit -he's lost hat -DS Blackfoot enters canteen and greets the undercover cop.

 DS Blackfoot : "wotcha Bert -whats it like to back in civilization"

 Bert Tupin:" Custhy Sarge, I'd almost forgotten how foul this tea is"

 Frame 84:

 Blackfoot sits down .. it's been a tiresome day.

 DS Blackfoot:"It's hardly earl grey I grant you, Korporation cut backs saw to that.. so whatcha got?."

Frame 85:
 Close up of Tupin , very Putin and Shifty

 Bert Tupin :"A few weeks ago, got word from The Skroats to do a little job for him... lift a couple of scooters from a car showroom -thing is there was more to these flying  hairdryers than meets the eye.."

 Frame 86
: Bert continues story -view from Blackfoots point of view as he sips his tea.

DS Blackfoot:" Go on "

 Bert Tupin :"Top of the range machines -straight off the processing plants of Trade City .. thing is inserted into machines computers jamming equipment.. not sure what for.. but not regular if you ask me"
 DS Blackfoot:"Jammers?"

 Frame 87:

Side view Blackfoot:
 DS Blackfoot: "Could be Korps technology-military hardware -the worse case scenario is that it's Militia equipment-but they're not that advanced in that field"

 Frame 88:

 Side view of Tupin.
Bert Tupin:" The Skroats were as shocked as we were -still he figured these scoots might come in use -perhaps for breaking into banks and whatnot"

 Frame 89:
" View of other off duty cops in canteen walking around with trays and chatting whilst Blackfoot and Tupin continue conversation.

 DS Blackfoot:"So where are these machines now?"

 Bert Tupin:" Well the flash gits the faces , fly around on them , they aint aware of what these scooters are carrying mind-you'll find them all at Steve Chariots-he's having a rave up."

 Frame 90:

 Blackfoot rises from seat...

 DS Blackfoot: " Chariot? where do I find him.."

 Bert Tupin:"13 Chester Street.. I think.."

 DS Blackfoot:" Better send the heavy mob-those jammers could be lethal to the security of this city "
 Page 15:

 Frame 91: Chester Street the Drag Wulf is now parked on he pavement the Sins are all out the car apart from Rio -there is a bashing noise coming from the car boot...

 Louisa Sheen:" You know the drill.. we go in get Pinky and Woody out of there then hop on the scooters -the correct ones mind "
 Rita Tusk :"Better let that cretin out I guess,"

 Frame 92:
 Pulp Fiction /Resevoir Dogs trunk shot of Rita opening car boot

Rita Tusk:" Out you come Masher"

 Frame 93:

 Rita and Sierra are greeted a very breathless and irate Masher Thompkins -the devil child mutant in old school , school uniform

 Masher Thompkins:"Thanks a bunch! why can't I ride in back with you lot?"

 Sierra Lima:"Because You're a fiend!"

 Rita Tusk:"And a mucky pup to boot"

 Frame 93:

 Louisa unzips jacket , JJ standing next to her by car

. Louisa Sheen:"Better lose the jacket JJ - Kliqueys don't take to our sense of style"

 Frame 94 :

Louisa hands jacket to Rio in car whilst JJ disrobes-

 JJ Royale:"Wouldn't want to burn all those party-goers either -well some of them anyhow."

 Frame 95: Masher talking to Louisa's boot and trouser leg (he's only little)

 Masher Thompkins:" Bring us back some nibbles sweetheart !"

 Louisa Sheen:" I'll see what I can do, look after Rio and The Wulf for us big guy"
More too follow if I get re-inspired I wrote this I could form a OST in my head -if story restarts I'll add more ..

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Euro Nuggets 2

Post refreremdum post-concerntrates on Brit groups that moved to Europe and created magic starting off with The Sorrows who came from Coventry and moved over to Italy after Don  Fardon left (who'd go on to have massive hits with "Indian Reservation""I'm Alive!"  and" Belfast Boy" a song all about his mate Georgie Best)but here's The Sorrows mk2 in a  Italian movie teaming up with Ennio Morricone no less...
Movie looks great he he -like Cannonball Run but waayyy b4 The lengths that people go to win...but more about that later...
More badass snakey machine gun guitar that i'm so fond of. -"Take a Heart " in Italian.Beautiful Song.. I better move on to The Primitives -not The Coventry ones with the ever Lovely Tracy Tracy but the 1960's ones...

Apparently they played  on "Ready Steady Go!" I hope the footage hasn't been destroyed (as well as the Downliner Sect when they appeared on TV -but these were the days when they'd do that ) but plenty of footage of them in Italy although I have to admit prefer the wild rave up  r&b  of the early singles.. but here they do a "Young Rascals" song with tha Mal dude...

Ballsy version of Spencer Davis Group classic
Some serious Dad dancing going on here lol-This next song makes my little brother syndrome worse than it already needs to be.. Some swingin' chicks-ladies only club ? deffo a bloke directing this ..onto Finland before things get too crazy lol ..
Now that's how to do "Bill Haley".. heard a version of this on X Factor or some shite-it was lame naturally ..looks like The Renegades invented headbanging too.followed by cover of Vince Taylors Brand New CadillacAnother take on Sorrows tune...
 All this of course was long before EU and I was a twinkle in me Dad's eye-So Judge Death ,The Dulux Dog, Private Pike and Pob got there way  I think votes outcome is a huge mistake -sometimes I think people want to believe in lies in order to get  there crummy single viewed version of the truth up and running -and it's a ugly truth-built on a lie... I hate these people who whinge on about immirgration -don't they have anything else to think about -wankers! I do think they are mentally unsound - I remember on myspace some douchebag trying to convince me to agree with him about his hateful take on immirgration-my arguement was the fact we have so many methods of transport and that man by his very nature is nomadic -these people alongside I.S 2& 8 are trying to make the world more divided than it really is -didn't these people get a sense of borders collapsing with the birth of computer age?-better to understand than make wild accusations about people who've been more bad shit in a week than they have in life time -yep I'm furious -fearmongers negative people fucking weirdos got there way and we will be lesser off because of it.-unless we normal people who are caught in the middle wake up to  the fact these people have to be stopped  before even more damage to these Islands.. not sure its a plus side that Scotland and perhaps Ireland (although very much doubt it  way some people are)could gain independance-bound to hear tonnes about it in next few monthes -but may turn back compleatly on reality by then as I'm  not overtly fond of it a the moment.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Classic John Higgins -actually saw the original of this back in 82, 83 or 84 at Folkestone Libary -"Impressive most Impressive"
Finally Bespin dlc content has arrived and Dengar -here's a testdrive on the single player (took away hud to make it a little more cinematic-not advisable online -which I've done a few times wind up shooting my own side which must be irritating )He does talk like a geezer -I wonder if original actor  Maurice Bush sounded like this-seems to have a touch of the old Ray Winstones.. he was a boxer and a stuntman as well as an actor , maybe I should check out those old Hammer movies. and Doctor Who  episodes to see if they got it right.but here's what  Dengar looks like  without the Mr Bump bandages  and scars.
I'm not like those whiney kids online -who  want more popular characters  -always had a soft spot for Dengar-looked a bit like Johnny Cash -but was surprised it wasn't  Boussh (as we know what he sounded like  )and we  can estimate how Bossk sounded from his one line in Empire ... I reckon we may see him on Death Star or the mystery DLC coming out in  2017.. as he briefly appears on  a computer screen in this E3 video

A lot of people give EA stick -I think Panademic did such a great job that expectations were sky high-
But business is business  in a world of piracy they gotta make  money so that's how I see it -the next game I think will be a evolutionary jump - as was the original Battlefront 2 was--would be nice to see a story though seriously) not much of a MP type of guy -like a big massive story Mass Effect style  rather than get the next best weapon .. I do want to give these a go BF2 mods but these look the Daddy

I think this was made by same guy who made the excellent Tatoinne at War mod so it's bound to be great....theres another that features Bespin that looks great too ... but I've forgotten the name of it ..when I remember I'll feature it here At last I can show Lando in action -I had to wait for this for some reason ps4 wouldnt upload my Lando vids  to youtube but here's one finally,,, I do love the new maps -I wil have to find time to sit down and get shot and blown up alot lol but here's one of my first goes on Cloud City..the Carbon Freezing chambers great too-but I'm hopeless at "Blast".. prefer "Supremacy" Just hope the Expanded Universe Referemdum goes in my favour -good that we can have a democratic say in countries future without resorting to shooting at each other- the result may be in my favour if it isn't I'll have to take it on the chin(as usual lol) but yeah a monumental day on the Silly Isles .

Monday, 20 June 2016

Euro Nuggets -Part 1

Funny how I didn't get to hear this stuff till the 90's -love my Euro stuff just as valid as America & UK .. The Q65 & Outsiders I discovered from reading CD booklet for The Pretty Things and then I heard The Lyres doing there music  so I had to trackdown their stuff... Some rare C.Q era Outsiders videos next
opy.jpg" width="640" /> ..C.Q's a masterpiece-they totally invent Thrash with "Misfit"sounds modern to my ears. (the early stuffs fast for it's time too come to think of it) France next and another Ronnie..
Videoes featuring Les Problemes
-other guys have silly ponytails (hipsters of there day?) Have to feature Jacque (kinda reminds me of dude who hosted RAPIDO lol.but  with a better tailor.

Thor's Hammer doing a Zeppy Number towards end of Sixties
.. the  first a fuzzpunk classic.Hope Iceland do well in Euro's been good so far..

Maybe do another one of these before Thursdays  referendum-I will vote for sure now ., before Jo died I was cynical about casting vote as I think in every election I've ever voted in the wrong lot get in lol (but that's democracy-and I wouldn't have it any other way )but I was  beginning to think ballot card was cursed -I hope that's not the case this time.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Bespin Days

Cassablanca in the Sky!.. I dig it!
New trailer for Battlefront Bespin content-been bit slow with this as world keeps turning in a mad direction and I've  been re-discovering the joys of Battlefront 2 mods -more of which later  .

Dengars gotta pucker accent -is it Simon Pegg? would make sense as he was a mockney Dengar in Clone Wars .. the thing is though didn't feel the impact of trailer as what I saw on the news was so horrible -hard to think of anything but that... anyway who is old toilet roll head anyway? He's also in "The Search Begins "& "Death in City of Bone" good to have more reference to colour his character ...can't wait to try Lando out too but more about that in a future post.
I would like to have one of these in my crib lol... Royal Guards with Bazooka's ?... those guys are so good they don't carry blasters..that's what I thought anyhow-Space Ninja's hey suit force pikes more than blasters..
From Crimson Empire-now that would make a decent game if story was alterred to correspond with the new canon...BF2 mod featuring Royal Guards doing there thang. Dark Times 2 bit of a fave.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Euro 66

Euro Mix went a bit crazy towards end (kinda funny-only thing I know about Albania + some countries didn't have a beat scene as they were occupied by those pesky Sov's)better to watch on youtube some vids don't travel ..

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Safe European Home.

All this natter about Euro thang  made me think of  this song...

May as well make it a Clash night..First Clash song I heard my eldest sister bought a copy.. I think she was punk for about a week.
Best dressed punks... (apart from The Slits)
Lots of Nationwide footage lol Nuff Said!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Thee Greatest!

Really had to feature Muhammad here -yet again that lamester Death is picking on the really cool people -I'm not a boxing fan really couldn't be after losing my Dad how I did but I would watch it as a kid -and Ali was kind of like a real life Superhero (kinda like Bruce Lee is)As a 70's kid have memories of when he was in his prime and talking the best trash ever (Dad thought he was a loudmouth fair enough he was  a serious motoromouth but now   I think about it  my Dad died before Ali was diagnosed with Parkinsons he had to get in as much out there  as possible as for a long time he was a silent figure on the tv that exhumed a radience of  dignity about him -Dad I suspect was a fan really it's hard not to like the  champ -although he didn't fancy Frank Bruno's  chances against Tyson - saw this advert yesterday and it made me smile

It's not untill I was a little bit older that I realised why Muhammad was so important when you're little you have no knowledge of the Vietnam War or racisim wasn't really till I learnt about Malcolm X and The Black Panthers (this would be late 80's as I was into Public Enemy and The MC5) that I saw that he more than just a boxer and why he had every right to say he was "Thee Greatest!" He was a fighter in more ways than one -fantastic poem he wrote about  AtticaMuhammad had Irish roots One of his best interviews two heroes There was a Parkinson interview where Muhammad talked about been the greatest trash collector if he never got his break -he'd go out and be the greatest no matter what was doing -and around that time that was the kind of work I was doing -left uni straight into jobs like been a binman and cleaning -(who needs comic artists ? it's like that in the real world )I was fortunate to hear that interview as I'd think about that when I did those jobs some people would turn nose up at and it registered- I'd do my best because theres a type of freedom in that - never half ass anything and you'll get to where you're going I tell myself  to this day you can apply what he said to everything in life thats why he's special to me -like James Brown he'd empower the individual-. Final vid features "Arry who'd host Sportsnight every Wednesday this is gold -