Sunday, 31 January 2016

"When the Musics Over"

Live365's gone so has my sonic haven I'm sad to say -like to thank all who listened and sent me mp3s (and I do mean all) -sorry I couldn't add more stuff towards the end as I've been looking after my Mum who's been unwell since Autumn so playlist towards end of the year was less of a priorty -sadly after Christmas got the news that  Live365 were shutting up shop -as you can see  this pic was done about 11years ago originally for Pirate Radio then  that folded (actually used to do a  live show once a week -ad-libbing and talkin to myself really isn't a talent of mine lol)may of got 1 or 2 listeners lol-then moved over to Live 365 about 2007  -stayed there for a while-then left and came back about 2011 so  this is all priorto Spotify -may do something with them -perhaps a monthly playlist which I can link on this page or something -but right now bit blue about  losing such a great platform for broadcasting-as well as the other stations that were also very entertaining .. was working on some new artwork for station -this is very much work in progress about 3% complete -when it is finaly sorted I'll possibly start  broadcasting elsewhere..but  I did have plans for the future ..

"When the Musics Over..." err turn up the Volume and find music in other noises? lol-take it Jimbo..

Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Return of Fenn.

My first attempt at colouring in a while-first time since I started wearing bifocal glasses -actually I think I need my old ones back as I tire easy when doing stuff like this -so I know it isn't's the original drawn by the legend that is Tom Palmer

Want to get back to colouring Leia's adventure on Mandalore -I've began work on splash page once I've completed three or four pages I'll post them.the big news is that Fenn is back -whether Fenn Rau is any reation to Fenn Shysa is yet to be seen -but it's cool his first  name is Fenn (if he has a buddy called Tobbi that'll be cool too) and he's a Celt too voiced by  Tommy out of Trainspotting  so I'm dead chuffed -if he's a good guy or bad guy is yet to be revealed really -but thank you Rebel makers as it's a tip of the helmet to the original Fenn..

I wonder if Bo Katan is Sabines Mum .. hope Bo's still alive? gotta be...mind you looks like her helmets been nicked and painted over.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Golden Years-Bowie Playlist 4

I've enjoyed compiling these ol DJ always a cool fella...Low,Heroes,Marc,Iggy,Lodger,Ashes..nuff said.

Thank You Mainman -

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Golden Years-"Bowie Playlist 3

1974-1976 amazing to see and hear the journey from the dystopian Orwellian/Burgess theatrics of Diamond Dogs to the Blue and Green Eyed soul of Young Americans - to the Feedback drenched Funk all of Station to Station and Bowies first part in a motion Picture "The Man who Fell to Earth"-I noticed that tracklist to albums got smaller within this period -so it was a good thing that he got away from America as he got back to writing more songs Low, Heroes and Lodger been proof of that( A subject hat will be covered in this next playlist)although it's the quality not the quantity that makes this period of transition important-Would be cool to see a Diamond Dogs Movie maybe that'll happen one day) -

Monday, 18 January 2016

Golden Years-Bowie Playlist 2

Which came first ? the Ziggy or the Egg? -Bowie's outfit he wore on Top of the Pops when he performed Starman reminds me o Cadburys Creme Egg but in human form lol -had to choose this image as it featured all The Spiders from Mars (apart from pianist Mike Garson who arrived around Aladdin Sane - Ronno's the ultimate 70's Guitar Hero -i guess that was the mission to move out of th 60's and create something altogether new-the clothes were outlandish and it could of gone horribly wrong -but because of the strength of the songs and Bowies charisma and self belief it worked.. I watched all this from my mums belly button window as it all kicked off in June 72 . My original 5 Year plan has fallen through so instead these playlists will be based around a three yearperiod instead-what gets me is Ziggymania lasted or just a year within that year they had recorded three albums and played many dates all around the world -quite amazing really-also featured The Hype, Arnorld Corns(only found out about that project the other day -much of the future Ziggy material came from those days) and possibly my fave Bowie album Hunky Dory (although on this playlist it's mainly alternate versions of those songs just to make it interesting)also lenty of interviews and a documentary Iwachedlast night about the Zigsters reign. One week on.. still hard to believe - after waching and listening to all of this (80+ videos -see why the 5 year idea went out the window)you wonder if Dave pulled off a Regnald Perrin and he'd be back in about two or three years) but it's highly unlikely of course but you want to believe it- stil its great to recall the guy at his creative peak and theres Halloween Jack, The Thin White Duke and Thomas Newton to follow...

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Golden Years-Bowie Playlist 1

First playlist featuring Dave -starting off with the 1960's should of featured the Konrads really but he don't sing on those and wanted to kick off with his vocals -some fascinating stuff including his early cover of Velvet Undergrounds "Waiting or The Man"(which had'nt' even been even released )I have admit prefer his moddish period to the music he produced in late Sixties but when he got it right he got it spot on. And Laughing Gnomes a good pop song (up there with "Right Said Fred" by Bernard Cribbens lol) the journey from Gnome to Heroes is a fascinating one- I think I'll concerntrate on five year periods with these one Bowies output was at breakneck speed in the 70's the next playlist will be killer.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Bowie Man!

We lost a brother today.. so here's my tribute to the Mainman I think the first time I heard David Jones was on Kenny Everett- good macho song - done in in a weird way - guess Lodger was when I was when I first heard him as a ankle biter although remember a Nationwide talking about how he changed fashion from long hair to short hair -as a kid I was grateful as I thought all hippies were like Charles Manson- I guess  this was my first introduction to Bowie and Eno They all looked liked characters out of Coronation Street lol -God knows what the old fella made of Dave - but I bet he dug his voice (did stay up one New Years Eve to Watch Serious Moonlight with him) When your young you seek heroes only later do you find them everywhere -not constructs but reality -that's whats Dave was on about a world that confines creates heroes or villians It's called Junk for a reason- I think it was Iggy who was by the wall -Song about Marc Bolan-although in my mind it's about Iggy and the StoogesScary Monsters was out and this video appeared on Multicolored Swap Shop or Saturday Superstore also remember they played DJ  too- still no idea who he was though but this one changed everything.. The greatest cry for help ever? - althoough Dave was so cool to sort his probs out b4song was recorded & help Iggy too so big respect !(At the time there was all  this stupid talk about Bowie been a "traitor" back then but why couldn't he appeal to New Romantics ? I mean he could appeal to so many different scenes but  I didn' give a shit i was 7 lol) My oldest sister Mary had awesome tapes to grow up with Kate Bush, The White Album, & Hunky Dory of course- I'd never heard anyone swear before on record back then on Dory -"Bitch" - "Bullshit" these two words made impact- most subversive - heard "Get" on White album ;- but it's how we real folk talk -so it was engraved on my memory as is Motorhead and the Pistols back then... swearing in song has little impact now i imagine but when you're a a kid bought up were you expect outside world to know their P's and Q's s it was something else back then .. Hunky Dory is beyond awesome. Totally Velvets (another thing to thank Mr Jones for.. getting Lou to record Transformer other sweary song lol now older I know these names  he mentions Hunky Dory thats the 1 that was a household as The "Good Life" or "Blankty Blank" I think it's his best record -well for me on a personal level - love the stuff after - But ol DB wrote My Way b4 all this - not that it matters now I I think I watched Ivor the Engine and then Natiowide when first heard this.. it changed my life.. way better than  Franks song really as it was like a cut-up Burroughs style -the Beatles were surrealistic too with there  lyrics come to think of it -but Bowie back then could really paint pictures in your head  Gotta end post somewhere -  Dave  shaped new realities new possibilities so it's tricky to wind down  this post(he was always writing killer tunes since he was a mod but i'll go with this one. from Diamond Dogs-in full Halloween Jack persona .. Ziggy after a eye operation? lol "They'll never Clone Ya"