Wednesday, 21 March 2018


"Me Grimlock!" defying alpha rhythms and trying to make the hard drive of reality crash .
Good way of not posting these on facebook -although it's tempting but then again... Songs of  Innocence and Experience -Dinosaurs Metallic  and a splodge of God.

Monday, 12 March 2018


Drawing I did back in 94 of Kurt  a few days after he was shot... think I did  2 other portraits round then  Miles Davis and Joseph Stalin  -art school thang.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Colouring Project-"Star Wars-Death in the City of Bone" Part 2

W.I.P this one - need to sort out Bespin  and Space  -but wanted a cover image for this  post -Art by Al Williamson- originally cover of issue 42  of Star Wars  during  adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back- found a black n white print of the cover thought I'd have a go ... but needs more work for sure..
On with the story ...From Star Wars# 69  Story by David  Michelinie -Art by Gene Day and Tom Palmer-Lettering by Joe Rosen.
Wollox  need to sort out a smudge here and there .. but it's 2 in the morning been at it all day and all week  so properly upload later next week.- before Supreme Leader Snoke  there was Suprema- the main bad boy in this tale.
More to follow in next few weeks.. although  may do a Dredd and a Johnny Alpha from Carlos Ezquerra's Colouring book -not sure how I can photoshop pdf files but got a few pics to start off with and they are bloody huge .(and I think they're just a segment)

Rebels is drawing to a conclusion on Monday - I'm hoping "Resistance" is follow up show (would be a bit boring if its follow up is called "Imperials" bunch of white guys following orders would get a bit tiresome lol - my hopes are that story begins directly after Return of the Jedi  rather than in new trilogy era as there's much to explore within that 30 year timeline for example who takes over Jabba's  Palace ? The Battle of Jakku  Boba's rise from the pit...talking of which... this
wasn't garbage to me when I was 11 !

But I get there point why chuck Boba back in the hole again ..maybe Lucasfilm wouldn't allow it.. but loved that comic -beautiful painted cover by Tom  and it's the first time we get to see Han in real time after about 3 years stories that preceded this one were set between Empire & Jedi, but  I always wanted to see what happened after "Ellie" a classic story one of the most memorable end sequences ever featuring 3P0 heartbreaking.
 Looking forward to Monday -who lives ? who dies? please spare Sabine shes too cool to die.

Kanan =Canine should of seen that-I guess he's a wolf spirit -would make sense for follow up to be just after Return of the Jedi - can't imagine Ezra been a forty something - but whatever Dave does bound to be great he hasn't mucked up yet.