Thursday, 22 June 2017

"Going Somewhere Solo?"

Bit of old Han Solo art from about 12 years ago -Seems like Solo movies run into trouble -hopefully things will smooth out -but sounds worrying at the moment.

John from Jedi Council-always good that show - but yeah 4real the same thoughts about Ron & he does know Bobby F not sure why those two guys got fired may be a misunderstanding might be a difference with opinion -no idea what gives ?.. haven't seen there movies so can't say if they're good directors but my idea of a good Han Solo movie would be like a episode of Only Fools and Horses in HypherSpace with Blasters but with Han been Rodney , Lando been Del Boy-Chewie been Trigger I guess lol) American accents lol something like that a deal that goes all "Pete Tong  - I hope it's clever and funny like the original characters.. another old drawing from about 91 or 92 I guess got the Star Wars bug again after Dark Empire came out badly scanned so Hans the fuzzball here rather than Chewie
I've neglected the art for a while- I've been wearing wrong spex bi -focals or something -my eyes have suffered -they've got worse I've tried some new colour recently though hopefully new glasses (both of them long and short distance will help) but I haven't been able to do what I wanted to do and it's frustrating -as is my internet connection which keeps cutting out -I may quit blogging altogether if things don't improve ... will get back to writing -seems easier than painting although keeps me up at night trying to figure out how to make an interesting middle (beginnings and ends are simple -it's the journey in-between that's the true meat) maybe this will inspire me to complete that Boba/Ben story I'm jotting down here. Boba Fett Vs Johnny Alpha? hmm time grenades no competition .

Saturday, 17 June 2017


Short playlist by my standards -been an awful week what with the tragic events in London -my deepest sympathies go out to everyone who has lost loved ones.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Never Mind the Ballots

Two years goes very quickly seems like a few monthes since I last went to ballot box -I hope calling a  early election backfires on  Ms Warhol and her smug toff and wannabee toff friends-Dangermouse & Penfold all the way!

there has to be a counterpoint to that Trump lunatic -I can only see May been poodle mark 2 -Corbyn's different , having voted against the second Gulf War and been present along with The Beast of Bolsover when Robin Cook resigned (the only MPs who had the guts and principles to defy Blair's Bush kow towing anyo) The Doris has no flow -everytime I see Jezzer Hunt I expect to see Fanny the Wonderdog to turn up ... wanted to vote for this geezer last time around but he was only running in Thanet/Broadstairs area ... he was running against Judge Death (who I suspose actually won )seeing as it was revealed that the Tory candidate didn't declare his expenses (real Alan Bstard style-pirates can't be trusted) Death got his own way ultimatly anyhow with Brickit (I mean Brexit) please not a five more years of these bandits I don't think they'll be a Election Screenwipe this time around seeing as it's a snap election(the arrogance of it all is disturbing)but here's hoping -but this will bring back some cringworthy memories..

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Pepper Day

bit of joanna Les Dawson style at the end lol .. I think Revolvers my fave although this post is really about its follow up Sarge Pepper so Revolver I guess is Corporal Pepper lol Sometimes I drift between Revolverville & Pepperland (turn left  of Blue Blue Meanies )back to the main act -video featuring sleeve artist Peter Blake
Peter Blake - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover design from Turnbull Studio on Vimeo.
if that don't work don't see the point of vimeo -Always remember seeing the cover art for Sarge for the first time in 1980 guess I was seven , my next door neighbours folks had a copy I went over their so he could help me build a Stuka lol (modelling kits were the thing back then) Not sure I could name anyone on cover I know most of the cover stars  now of course but used to think Alister Crowley was Yul Brenner lol -I've done a few Pepper Collages myself I may do a third if I find a good reason to. the era  between Revolver & Pepper fascinates me it reminds me of how I used to think as a kid that everything before colour television came out was in black and white and when the first colour tv came out that made reality technicolor -I think Tomorow Never Knows captures the monochrome world on its deathbed whilst Pepper signalled colours birth -which is kinda true in a way ..John and Richard Lester OST provided by Paul -funny seeing this through a proper shaped tv rather than those glorified monoliths that switch themselves off (meaning flatscreen tv) More Austin Powers than Austin Powers .. It seemed a confusing time for the Fab 4 what with Brian dying and that swami con man waiting in the wings ...may as well as get onto the main course guess it was time Beatles stopped been "Mockers" I still sneer at hippies to this day thanks lol..I was doing my work experience so I was 14 in a Box Factory first couple of days I'd be sweeping the floor as the week progressed I was on production line and finally design at least the box design -the artwork would be elsewhere in the country (if only the real work life progressed in such a way and as fast ) but back in 87 I got to see a holographic CD Boxset of Pepper before it came out  I guess their was very ltd run of these but nice see artwork again.. looks like they've moved Beatles around not sure if Peter Blake was involved
fave songs from album can't feature coz of blue blue meanies no idea why people shoot themselves in foot it's 21st century and all that day money will be over, Pet Sounds and Pepper were huge evolutionary steps as was Smile if it did come out at the time but it half killed Bri mad mash :) that Joe Meek was onto something - George getting it right.. glad this here at least .. could of done every song but would of been a snippet or a cover or no audio at all so I'll finish off with a song that annoyed my dad on the jukebox in a granada service station heading towards a ferry to Belfast back in the day -its the sheer noise reminded me of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine but with strings so when I first heard this I got it... best place to play this is on a jukebox in a service station lol great way to divide the uncool