Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ah Heck!

Drawing of Kurt the week he died -second year at university living in a shitty boxroom - I drew this on wallpaper ,
My playlist made up of my memories of Nirvana as it happened-(a few tunes missing as they were deleted but I doubt it will ruin things too much -does go on a bit lol)-posted this on Rumble blog -but that's done with now- Kurts like my generations Buddy Holly -I'm lucky John Peel got me into Mudhoney and all that Sub Pop stuff as I knew how great this band were prior to Neverminds release - very exiting when it was happening it was like the old guard was been dismantled in front of my eyes-for that I am thankful-really inspiring -Wish he didn't pick up that stupid habit -there - is always a snake in eden - a few beers (not too many) and spliffs good enough-why it  isn't for some people I'll never know  or complete sobriety anything stronger  well it ruins lives -it broke my heart for sure ended something that could of gone so much further-but that said -I love what the younger generations are doing now ,  there are still punk kids out there with valid music-you may have to go out of your way to look for it in this sponsership world but it's there and bloody great - It wasn't in vain -but in 1994 it seemed to come to a  to an almighty halt and cast a dark shadow for a long  long time but the shadow has lifted and Kurts influence is eveywhere.
I'm aware of this "Montage of Heck" (strange title ) is out there -I've yet to see it -theres a version on youtube -seems sludgy and at wrong speed so won't bother with that-best wait for it to come out on DVD (had same attitude about True Testimonial-but that never came out properly-but I doubt this will be the case here )so here's a few clips- starting with vid for Serve the Servants- possibly the most autobiographical song Kurt penned "Bored and Old " at 27? ...you're a kid ffs , wish I saw it that way at the time when I hit 27 too but my hair was jumping off my scalp  shit like that aint meant to happen to me in my 20's so for a long time resented everything too ,but that was about insecurity -rather than been hooked on a killer drug -in the end problems no matter small or big are usually a product of the mind - solutions well they're simpler than you may think -it's a mattter of perspective and outlook .I'd like to think I'm still a kid I as figured growing ups a falsehood it's kidding yourself to fit in -it's a cop out- I think of Kurt as a  bit of a innocent, with an amazing gift it's no wonder that final record is called In Utero..       If he could believe in himself  and his  abilities it defeats the facile everytime - it's all  bollocks yet the media pressure in Kurts case must of been so great that makes you want to disappear - I'm anti fame because of what happened to Kurt -I look at fame as part of a big machine that helps commerce and big brother widen it's eyes -I prefer the idea of creating  the art you wanted to make in the first place  and to  leave that behind as a legacy - and not get hounded for it -thats why in this day and age of  self promotion and social networking confuses the hell out of me,theres  no point competing -just need to get on with own thing  as it's an extension of yourself which may outlive you if it's good enough . It saddens me that there is so little of Kurts music as life was so short - but  it's the quality rather than quanitity I guess in this case... it's heartbreaking like I say -he was one of us... I'll post a few clips from " Montage of Heck".. Surely Kurts mums as old as mine .. but she looks great- that said she may of had him young. That's who you leave behind if you join the "Stupid Club"  the person who bought you into the world -always think of your Mum I say no substance no matter how powerful can ever replace their love (in most cases anyhow.) so it's a mugs game -met junkies they're like holes, selfish  to the core -never wanna be like that have a friend who quit the junk bought up family had a near enough normal life and carrer but then came a huge alcohol addiction and it wrecked everything -like I say death drugs they can get you even years after -horrible but true.Elvis Cooper lol :) .. they gotta a good one in the end -mind you there wasa sixties english psychedelic band with same monicker. I'm not sure why they need to these trailers twice maybe they want more hits as its double the  length- But I will give this a look when its out on DVD feel like I grew up with Nirvana used to cover School and D7 (The Wipers song they did on Peel ) as well as Teen Spirit in rehearshals(guitarist used to try and teach me the triad chords.. never got far with guitar lol ) when Nevermind came out -it really energised by what was happening - naturally I miss those days and young Kurt,

Monday, 27 July 2015

Colourquakes -Post 7

2. "Back to Jackson"
3." Deviate"
4. "Skittleboy"
Not  as good as last weeks- at least thats how I see it -these random freakouts can be a bit hit and miss -seem to do these better if I'm a bit mashed rather than super sobre  I suspose -minds more freed out  although some very strange effects and colours going on in these -
"Back to Jackson" -Lee and Nancy and Jackson Pollock (now that would be a bizzare love triangle)I know it's a Johnny Cash song but had the Lee and Nancy version going on in my head. ..-"Deviate" as it began to look a bit like an evil demonic creature so I went with that -and "Trapped" as a random Admiral Ackbar head appeared as if trapped in hell (I warp and twist these images into shape ) the Admiral had to stay .- bit concerned these are not random enough though lol.

Whatta guy -would be handy to have him around but I do hate it when they voice mon calamari all wrong (like in The Clone Wars for example)-they all sound like Churchill as far as I'm concerned ... more Ackbar

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Brother Wayne

My mate Waynes take on Louisa Sheen -this  ones from about 10 years ago - maybe I'm borring but  she won't be as cartoony (meaning her bosoms will be more realistic in The Deadly Sins) but I guess she had an idealistic figure back when  I first came up with character- but really new story trying to get away from how superhero artists depict the human form...but this is wonderful got alot of hits on the original Rumble blog.
Here's Jacky Oh .. not sure if this how Wayne percieved me lol seeing as O'H is in my surname .. bit of a miscreant -it was to be back up story in issue 2 printed a few of them his blacks came out really nice -much stronger than my scrawls
Follow up story was in full colour -doesn't seem like Wayne has much time these days for illustration photography and helping out his local music scene seems to be his thing these days -but guy at end of story(Byron Pine) will play a key part in The Deadly Sins .
As you can see Wayne is the master of flying automobiles - I did a few designs for Louisa and Jonah's vehiciles  but Waynes made mine look naff -he understands how these things work betterthan me .. I'm better at characters.
Chilean flag in honour of my lost love .. :( .. she's actually in the "Sins" lol-we still chat now and again after years apart but she's  married and I gotta take it on the chin.like a good little Bogart... But Waynes the greatest- like me used to be on D.A but we hardly go there now .. not sure why maybe it was facebook where I just post cool songs and everyone ignores me as they're so mature or immature or both .. some people spend far too much time there-but it's handy to catch up on fave bands and comics and show support for them.And to catch up with old friends -but blogs home fort his stuff for now anyway here's Waynes gallery a DA. http://spaceplant.deviantart.com/
A crucial player in the development of comics..


Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Wanted to see if I could find as much footage of The Wipers as I could -we covered one of his tunes in my little college band(as it was what Nirvana were doing at that time -glad I discovered his music through Kurt as well as so many other bands)Gregs super-underated-but maybe he prefers it to be a cult thing -this music is too righteous for a square world... the lyrics are poetry .. the kind I like which has space for different intreptations -I tried to do that back in the day- s'pose that's what I try to do with those odd photoshop pictures that I do ...I didn't overdo this playlist smaller than usual but I'd  rather if visitors actually downloaded mp3s or bought physical copies of Greg's output - as well as that their is so little footage of this band :(so a few slidehow and fan made vids chucked in too  but here's a few covers .. starting with good ol Kurtd Nice One Buzz-one of my faves.. one of the best songs from the era of Reagan's America :) didn't get to hear it till years later mind you -hardly no airplay in UK whatsoever when this music originally came out-they prefered those other guys with headbands lol Dire  Straits- if only peoople knew how great this stuff was back then. Wish Ian could get Greg on Soft Focus -now that would be something!... ahh Keep dreaming Muttley.. so good here it is again VG style Featuring Ex Wipers J.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Red Rosa

Rosa Luxemburg has always been someone I wanted to know more about -the 20th Century could of been so different-I'm not a marxist or anything just a Johnist a individual with no political affiliation ,but I know good from bad -I try to live the best I can within the limitations this world offers -at least on a materialistic sense -so It's more of a historical investegation than anything else and also to see if her ideas correspond with mine -many great thinkers and idealists are wiped out of the history books as what follows is so terrible -I find this is also true with certain figures  in the Spanish Civil War , -their were other ways other solutions -that's what fascinates me - why do we forget ? when so much seemed progressive -I'll start of with a film perhaps this may shed some light on the mysterious Rosa. .You have to set the subtitles on this one ..but worth seeing in this quality . It's a period of history that's always fascinated me ever since I saw it on an old BBC Schools show called "20th Century History" might of been Brian Redhead who narrated it- cat had long hair and a beard -but smartly attired -would of liked to of found that episode.Instead I found the Kaiser Cheifs lol An old boy I know harps on about Norm so I'll go by his expert opinion... I guess the best way to find out about her is from her own thoughts and words.
I like what this poster has to say -you may kill the body -but you cannot kill the spirit.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Colourquakes 6

1."Blessed Curse"
3."Bassett World "
4."Smilin' Mountain"
5."That's the Spirit!"

Don't usually talk about these happy accidents -(well sometimes they turn out as  that.) I'm happy with at least three of these apart from one or two .
I was thinking about how my celtic descendents and how they worshiped a fire god by the name of Aohd  -where my own surname derives from-wanted to learn more about his mythology -turns out he was turned into a swan for 900 years -so first pic subconciously reflects that old irish mythology -I stop the images when I feel they've hit their peak - pity I didn't learn this little gem of a story at an English primary school.

I reckon christians messed with the story -their are still swans out there with the gift of the craic lol.
Kinda Liquorice influenced picture 3.
What's Angus Deyton On?..
Final pictures title comes from a line in Blade Runner .. ..liked how this pic turned out so needed a upbeat title.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Futureless-Chapter 1"The Deadly Sins-Kleptomania -Pages 1-6

Bout time I put these up again -
a new page which took an age -all pages subject to updating -I needed to thrash this one out in order to get back in swing of things-but thrashing turned into sludge got burdened down with other duties but hopefully my own style dictate sand no elses does  next page will be easier
I think "Understanding " is just as valid as "All You Need Is Love" and more realistic..

Had to get PP inti the party scene another Legend. Seeing as this is a ttype of bible for the disillusioned made sense to cast Peter Sellers asDoctor Rajev loosely based on this fella I'd we're all like him.You gotta make u,se of Sellers he may turn up in other roles as story progresses The Song that Inspired this story. But Liz2's right though record speaks for itself

Saturday, 18 July 2015


Funny how Kurt and Frances now embody a Spirit-both decent souls.Like to see this again saw it when I was 9 powerful stuff for a TV movie...thought this apt after seeing that doc. And you can't beat a bit of Bazza  either for that matter!.!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Fool Killer- "Death of a Clown/Long Days Flight"

From 2003-04 the very first story I completed painting with a mouse - these day's I have a touch screen laptop but Ican't get used to working that way(don't have a phone either-leave shit alone  inventors I figured out a unique  way to create stuff  but technologies moved on as usual - and people too - but I dont' want to. got my own method and it  works for me - I'd feel like finger painting without getting dirty  it I used hands and photoshop(do people do that?).. names on wall is a homage to a few old muckers (it's the handles I gave them)Best Logo in the world thanks to my friend Leon - but the days of Rumble are gone -other people have started using that name  - plus reminds me of bad incidents in my life -want to re-think what banner all my new stuff is going to go under-a new start.
But here'sthe story  again did appear  on old blog - but doubt anyone saw that either.

Part two is entitled "Long Days Flight" suffers from my crappy lettering(It's first time I did it) "The Cobra" did a fine job on first chapter -although I havent got the originals hence small size.. these are bigger though.

The ending is extremly rushed -It was going fine in first part- till jobcentre people thought it be good idea to get me  into business (been out of work over six monthes -I  was temping solidly working all over the place   till that firm went out of buisness ) So went to bank, who  wouldn't help me so instead went on course in order to prove I was serious(which anybody can tell I was )I  had to finnish story in a short space of time which I did .. art suffered for it - still led nowhere -so now my attitude towards this is that of a monk(my life is comparable to that I'm afraid) -I work as a carer rather than this professionly .. but if I want to work on new story I will and put more care and attention into it than prior  -I'll work on this in order to get story out into the world -the more it progresses hopefully it will improve in quality-I have to keep my interests up -which is  difficult -but I find outsiders haven't helped n the slightest -my vision my story - leave it at that -how much did the disiciples get an hour ? lol -I'll keep it"strictly personal" as the good Captain  wisely stated-
The songs that influenced the  titles of these stories..