Thursday, 16 February 2017

Star Effect

About a month away from Saint Patricks day and by then it'll be just a few days before Mass Effect Andromeda errupts -so to wet the appetite  a few videos featuring the upcoming game .

Looks closer to the first game although I bet it runs much smoother -and none of that messing around without auto saves on the console. I won't get into too much speculation-I'll just play the game when it comes out and then form a judgement but I do miss my Fem Shep she was a babe and Ryder? any relation to Shaun or Ryder from GTA (one of my fave gangsters from San Andreas totally based on Easy E) no doubt I'll try and turn my new Mass Effect experience into a never ending movie which no one will watch lol seeing as you can do that with ps4 currently trying to put one together for Fallout 4 may be a while before I finish making this one+it's modded out of it's eyeballs so more female bodyguards than Colonel Gadaffi -Who I don't mind been trapped in lift so much- it's like a post apocalyptic ultra violent  Benny Hill chase scene mostly/ Love doing these great for stills -may come in use for comic I'm developing... very much in the style of what I have planned .I'm also looking forward to the Visceral Star Wars game I'm hoping it's along the same lines as Mass Effect & Fallout meaning you can customize your own Smuggler/Bounty Hunter or whatever -now that would be cool .. I doubt it's a Han Solo game but I wouldn't be surprised if you get to meet the good captain and Chewie within the game -(should be out just b4 Solo movie comes out)I'm guessing that the timeline of story is about the same point in history as the 1st Death Star-perhaps we get to see how it's destruction effects thw whole galaxy -but heres a little more info via Ryan & Robbie - I hope there's alot of the stuff seen in 1313 that will turn up... seems a real shame that never came out Haven't played Uncharted but I have first two Assassins Creed games (didn't see the point of the time travel malarky though should of just had a dude from that time) but I know they are good games  -so I'm looking forward to 2018 already if it means you can travel to different parts of the Star Wars Galaxy via hypherspace ala Nass Effect that would be amazing ..we'll have to wait and see,

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Strange to think this only came out a couple of monthes after Revolver -lots of Texan Garage  and Roky too as well as other cool stuff -I start these things and it grows as I go along  .