Wednesday, 31 May 2017


"Roger Roger!"as a wise old battledroid once said ..Lords & Savages - Han Solo in the West -Terry G on PKD and much much Moore .. JohnoVision,

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


:(....It's hard to think about anything else but the evil obscene events of Monday. Why prey on the innocent or anyone for that matter , the lack of mindset it frightens me- but here  I wanted to tip my hat to the Mancs . Only been there once but I liked it...I'm a sucker for trams don't get that kinda thing down south.."I'm totally wired" as a wise man once said .

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Johnny und Wulf

Been so looking forward tro seeing this..but first a few words from the creators... I've featured this on playlist before but I doubt anyone wades all the way through those things but classic double act ...
Onto the main act Johnny A --dude was created before Fett hard to say who I dig the most. I hope makers of film get to work on new JD TV show would make sense as would Stront's been walking around in that series .

Monday, 15 May 2017

Purple Floyd

Better in Mono but its a cool photo. Some great  Granddad dancing here (how do you dance to 'Stella anyhow???)dude probably went onto been Magnus Pike or something ...having a Floydian Hendrixian afternoon , As a 14 year old a mate lent me a  C90 tape which had Pink Floyds Relics on one side and The Jimi Hendrix Experiences "Are you Experienced " on the other it only occurred to me today that their  were released within a week of each other .. the rest of tape was made up of Creems Goodbye ..but  I thought Barrett and Hendrix were the meat and potatoes  from then on.. not Syd but always dug this fingermouse freakbeat... Syd Solo JB vs LSD (cool to see Syd's painting incorporated into the animations. Onto JimiExp
.But I miss cassette tapes they helped you survive the 80's lol best hussar jacket ever .When Jimi met "God" Innocent & Experienced .Good to hear from the man himself at peak of his power.

First recording of Jimi? (or that might be My Diary with Rosa Lee Brooks)
1967 and all that.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Big News and I need to pinch myself to see if I'm not dreaming been wishing for this since 1984.deffo needs John and Alan's humour -plenty of room for that in a TV series Dredd doesn't even need to be the major character -but the presence of the law -that's how to approach his world -could be onto a winner here if they handle it right ... here's a few stories that may be explored in series -but my first thought when I saw title of show  Mega City One was Marlon Shakesphere aka Chopper aka The Midnight Surfer (that needs to be live action without a doubt) A few live Action versions of Old Stoney face .. the 95 movie was a big let down -Sly had to play Hollywood game which is not what JD is about at all -but it did feature Hammerstein and Ian Dury and the Cure on the soundtrack -but The Movie just hit all the wrong beats which is a drokkin shame... the real Rico's is as ugly as sin having spent time on Saturn's Moon Titan rather than Aspen (jeez how did that happen?)Rico's meant to be identical to Joe -sylvester and Armand aint. cool to know Ian was a fan . From 90's PS1 game but I actually liked this more than the 90's movie he looks like Joe if drawn by John Burns or Cliff Robinson and he's very Clint which is the right Dredd vibe although lately as Joe's kinda old he reminds me of John Wayne (but in a good way) cool to see Chief Judge Griffin in this too- the closest so far to getting the uniform right. By today's standards not the greatest game-but it was fun to play and generous with all the different modes as well the main story- I thought voices and music were great -not sure why Chief Judge Hershey and Anderson were going around all unzipped like that(Judges don't do that) Dredd would of put them in a nympho cube 30 years lol- but I wish everyday for a new Dredd game Red Dead/Mass Effect/Fallout /GTA style -Rogue Trooper which followed was the business kept true to his story-but no major 2000ad games since.. now Rebellion have rights to Fleetway characters the worlds there oyster would love to see a Battle compilation game for example (third person mind nobody does that in these historical games apart from Rockstar & Assassins Creed,) One Eye Jack ,Rat Pack, Johnny Red Leopard from Lime Street Roy of the Rovers ,The Sarge etc would make such awesome games )Karl & Olivia should reprise these roles .. they got it right .   Looking forward to Search and Destroy The Strontium Dog fan film (not long now) -so to get in the mood here's Judge Minty again .. but it's so  Boss gotta see it again.Greg Staples is an excellent Dredd & Artist . I dunno do they need a sequel it's worth seeing as Ridley's an old Mucker with my old art teacher Brian Love who taught Ian Dury too , so glad it's him .. maybe film needs addressing seeing as we live in Blade Runner times .