Thursday, 27 July 2017


Usual random nuggets- lots about WW2 -research for story I'm colouring (only three pages but has to be good as the artist is so great)

Friday, 21 July 2017

The Thang!

Soul Chunks in many undiluted forms..a  good way to kick off the weekend.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Anderson PSI Division -The Four Dark Judges (re-coloured ) Part 4

The first solo Judge Anderson story continues.. I  may need a break from this as computer kept crashing at awkward moments so  it became very frustrating -I still have psd's of these so if  I want to jazz or tidy these up I can but due to windows 10 been a ass I'm through with these for now- Story by John Wagner and Alan Grant-Art by Brett Ewins -(gotta love that dude that say's "Dodder for it!" ) kind of like a 22nd century Norman Wisdom-Judge Critchley on final page has a hint of Harry Dean Stanton too ...Chief Judge McGruder  sports red shoulder pads as that's how Chief Judges were coloured back in the 80's so I stuck with that look (I'm sure if your top Judge you have more than one pair of Shoulder and Knee pads anyhow.
I  might have a change of scene for next colouring project -always wanted to colour Mike Westerns The Sarge , so that's a possibility or  Star Wars -Death in the City of Bone- heres a few Judge Death vids -first up Sidneys and Anderson's debut from 1979 -from Mr H's channel -art by the wonderful Brian Bolland,
Who is this Death Chappy anyhow?

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Dredd the Future

Classic Bolland artwork for Madness side project The Fink Brothers -reminds me of last summer as I attempted to paint old stoney face myself it wasn't too bad a bit like Brians Joe and Kirk Douglas  mixed in with my style of mouse painting but  of course my computer died-this is the streak of bad luck I've been having these last few years  so it's lost forever I daren't even try anymore although I am colouring an Anderson story that's going ok so far I'll probably post that episode in a few days -would like to paint Dredd and One Eyed Jack together had an idea for a story where the two great lawmen meet (maybe I should leave that to John Wagner -but would make a nice bit of fan fiction -but the idea I have is kind of cool so might give it a whirl)
The Valiant strips written by Wagner- I first read Jack in Battle Action -he wasn't a cop then though more of a secret agent type It may of been Gerry Day who wrote those stories -but this books great each episode would make a decent Dirty Harry movie but I reckon Jacks even Dirtier than Harry so it's a good purchase stories tended to be 3 to 4 pages but somehow action packed from start to finish -no idea how John Cooper got New York so right -this is a era before video recorders and computers so he must of had lots of photo reference -draws NYC better than most Superhero artists -totally Mean Streets ... more news about the upcoming Dredd //Mega City One TV show -sounds like they're gonna get it  dead on -I hope they keep the future slang like "Drokk" , "Spugg£ and "Stomm" no swearing that would ruin it- language changes so would make sense but would it make sense to the nonscrots ?theres too many of them out there....but this show could change all that .. interview with the shows producers from the excellent Mr H

I doubt they'll muck it up -genuine fans so I'm most hopeful--bit more Star Wars stuff I just noticed on Youtube can't be arsed with facebook at moment does my nut in so this is first I've seen this. ooh !

Monday, 10 July 2017

Revolution Summer 2017

Kinda like a older brother to playlist on other blog -a virtual festival -if only I could resurrect the dead-it's the next best next thing I guess