Thursday, 17 November 2016

Falling Out.

Lackage of posting here is due to been stuck in a post nuclear war wasteland which makes more sense to me than this post Trump victory wasteland ..I guess it's best to be prepared lol .I bought myself a birthday present back in September and I haven't stopped playing it-which is odd for me as I tend to dip into games rather than play them constantly-well not since GTAV at least  but  this ones got me hooked even after completing the main story arc weeks ago-I guess it's the customisation-the fact you can not only Boba up your traveling companions but also entire  population of settlements -not one is the same -although they all seem to have same gripes and  grievences would of been better if each type of settler had differering lines (like the pedestrians in GTA and Saints Row 2-it added to to the experience)maybe next time-but it's great for unique cutscenes. It's the first Fallout game I've played I do have a copy of the third game but just couldn't get into it -very grim it's how you expect but this has a bit more colour although still grim  colours always appreciated & I-prefer actual spoken dialouge get eyestrain trying to read all the  responses -this games more accessable as it's meant to be-though more choices rather than been forced into going along with situations would of been better -but that said  -feels like the sort of game I prefer playing --as for 3  I'll give it a shot along with New Vegas if I ever stop playing this one lol... so a few vids about Fallout 4 rounding off with my ever growing cutscene playlist featuring my protagonist Miss Jo (another great thing is that story visually is close to the stories I've been writing and drawing except that story is set in London and the Marshlands of Essex -inspiring -I'll have to get back to The Deadly Sins at some point)but all these battling factions it's much like the gangs and organisations  I thought up for those stories along with it's retro stylings)Nick Valentine(Chandler meets William Gibson) and Mayor Hancock very much instant iconic figures - as is Dogmeat although barely ever go on missions with him as I hate to hear dogs in pain, and Codsworth is a jolly teapot although he has attacked me for  no reason on a few occassions lol . It's  not really about power armour for me barely ever use it - tend to kickass without it... feels more like a well earned victory if you do that. Far Harbours excellent-Wickerman/Cape Fear  Cyber Horror-I tend to send lazy settlers to Dalton Farm if they're not pulling weight or yapping on about me been a "synth!" those pesky  Fog Crawlers are hard to kill -not to mention the very surreal Hermit Crabs . Here's a few words from the games makers themselves.. " allowfullscreen>A few reviews had to be Joe first.. nah I like Longfella Although he likes starting trouble with the local wildlife as do most of the residents -better to run like hell.
My Gage is far cooler than the Travis Bickle trapped in a climbing frame look he sports as a default character -it's great you can mess with their look as I said before -no idea about mods though as I have PS4-whether anythings coming out for that I'm doubtful-but for sure bring on Fallout 5's my ever growing fallout4 playlist as promised ..
 Updated -there's actually a new patch that  arrived directly after I wrote this that includes mods for the PS4 -I'll have to check that out when I can...still so much to explore which is great.