Wednesday, 25 July 2018

"Reasons to be Cheerful"-Part 1

Rare pic of Joe smilin' -have admit haven't been a happy bunny lately -this time of the year always brings me down -heading towards my Dads anniversary if I over do it with the beer things just over run me & the weathers been blazing hot -most people love that but I'm hot and bothered I spose I'm lucky really that I live by the sea and my room is underground but first week of August is always rough especially in this heat brings back that uneasy vibe which I can't shake off - but at least there are a few things to look ahead too in the next few years hope they all go to plan -so to start off a new feature here named after this Blockheads Classic -I think Ian was a 2000AD Fan just like Lemmy Madness and Bob Smith- he'd dig a JD show I'm sure. Finally a bit of new news on Judge Dredd TV Show or rather Mega City One -good to see Rob Williams name associated (as he's written some good stuff )and whats more a Rogue Trooper movie in the works -nice one Zowie -stick with the Gerry Finley Day stories those ones are the best. If he loves the material he'll make it work -but yeah would make a decent series -maybe a trilogy where he hunts down the Traitor General- the original story is epic. Talking of Clone Troopers- good to know we'll get to see The Siege of Mandalore soon as well as The Bad Batch -The Dirty Dozen Star Wars style yeah a bit late with this but hey haven't been very bloggy lately -but it's most welcome news as I loved these shows - Just wish trollsville would feck off though ruining things I wonder when these Botbrains were born probably 1993 (not been ageist here just find that certain a demographic like trolling for no good reason other than to heighten there profile kind of sad really-I guess one finds it in all walks of life unfortunately)- Solo didn't deserve to bomb it was a nice addition to Star Was universe - all that negative energy gets nothing sorted- still at same time possibly the Solo stuff would actually of made a decent streaming show -but we are going to get a live action post Return of the Jedi show- plenty of potential within that timeline between the two trilogies

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

England 66

No time to post this almost kick off but best of luck England - one can only hope Brits lost?- nah always boss well every ones boss keep that in mind - lookin forward to 2020 big respect to Machine Man and Dikto -hey Marvel this one.... Herb & Barry - awesome overdrive They need to invent flying motorcycles asap only two years away this story lol

Sunday, 8 July 2018

HypTv 47

Started this playlist quite a while ago - I was pissed with The Prez and this jet trash world- just disbelief  I was living in 21st Century - but been writing  Boba Fett /Ben Kenobi story (next part should arrive soon)  also final part  of "Death in the City of Bone" - I have to re colour a splash page as Photoshop didn't save properly so I have re-do all that again but a majority of its done  near enough-
 New background  for World Cup -Motor City Rovers-really good day yesterday-maybe not so If your Russian or Swedish -but  Kanes a little bit Irish (Kane been a variant of Mum's maiden name Keane ) and  the other' Arry MacGuire you can't get more Irish than that - I was born and bred in England -but still Celtish rather than full blown Brit - but now here's something to look forward too again maybe embrace that feeling of unity 1966 and all that...actually feel positive again.
A few history docs among these featuring heroes and villains mainly real- yYesterday may be about winning, but lost a good one yesterday -some of my earliest memories of comics come from Dikto  I had the first few issues of Spiderman collected  in paperback format re-printed I guess in mid-late 70's - it was a Joy to re-find in attic  a few years back  -far from mint condition  as I drew my own little stick men  who wanted to help Spidey - Peter Parker the ultimate misunderstood outsider - that's why he's loved.