Sunday, 24 July 2016

Hipsville365AD TV 3

Playlist dedicated to Alan Vega.. another worldchanger gone whats going on 2016?... wanna fight ?

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hipsville365ad TV 2

"The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of"

Started this playlist back in the Rumble Radio Days -(Jeez I miss  broadcastin' that   "Superstuff  "  Least I can be a  Transmitter this way -and I guess it's a more rounded experience -lots  of "fine fine music" plus "Till the End of the World" and a excellent Nick Cave documentary

I wanted to feature this at the end but only on Vimeo-

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Original Trilogy-Trumptonshire.

Spoof of Grand Theft Auto-which I did a couple of years before GTA V came out .. actually would be a nice game for young kids-people helping each other is always good way to learn-would like to take either the train or fire engine for a spin too(if done excatly like the tv shows be a nice way connect all three towns up )My tribute to Gordon Murray who died earlier this week Reminds me of Nick Drake the guitar work on these shows ... Windy likes a dram now and again ..mind you drinking in the afternoonis never a good idea. He is the Law I Never understood why the Army in Camberwick Green were stuck in Napoleonic times-I guess the Boer War (and the birth of Khaki) never took place in that universe .

Provding the voices and songs for all three shows is the legend that is Brian Cant... narrated by Fred 'Arris including a feature about Mr Benn (actually got every episode one Christmas from my sister on DVD -thanks Zippy) interview with Gordon -sad to hear what happened  to the original puppets-oh well .here's 1.5 Man 1.5 Biscuit More from them in a sec... Jesus don't let this be the future... should re-name England "Doucheland" after UK breaks up thanks to the vote Leave lot.
ahh now that's more like it. ... always thought they should re-make Fellini's "Amarcord" in the style of Trumpton
I still want this Fire Engine after 40 odd years. Used to think Dude who operated crane was my Dad when I first saw this as he drove diggers and rocked a hat like that.

must have a Brian Cant voice modulator lol ..Trumpton was great -but Chigley was my fave as it had a train....

More Half Man Half BiccyThe scene with the Butler walking forever it seemed  inspired this Oasis tune I remember reading back in the day... Only one way to end this post...

Friday, 1 July 2016

Somme Days

"We are Making a New World"-Paul Nash 1918.
Wanted to remember these lads properly..

Revolution Summer 2016

Thing about life its always unpredictable'll pass and move onto the next stage ... whether if its a plus or minus you adapt ... Revolution Summer Playlist..