Wednesday, 31 January 2018

HypTV 35

Lots of The Fall for obvious reasons - grim reapers been a right get again - as well as a bit Wallace & McGraw  , Boba Fettin' tips Psychotic Reactions -the usual stuff.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Black Major Colouring Project Part 3

Final part- coloured the Major differently from colourist here though as he's meant to be wearing  snow gear(as with the last cover with the Polar Bear) I had a look at the the first wave of Action Force figures they had arctic gear so I went with that look-kind of made more sense to me rather than Khaki ..more about them after I've posted these.

That Concludes The Black Sheep boy's origin  -kind of a origin story for Action Force as it' there first encounter with The Baron and the Red Shadows loons of the first order-

We didn't have GI Joe but it sneaked it's way into the pages of Battle ,and then onto it's own title I dug The Baroness and Storm Shadow but the Red Shadows were for me were the main bad boyz in that  universe-I wasn't into figures more into comics  so only had about 2 figures Phones(from Q Force -who was Irish so had to have him lol)  and  a Red Shadow  like Star Wars I didn't really have the figures-although I did have a Revenge of the Jedi  Boba Fett which would be worth a few thousand now but I took it out of the box bah!! you just don't have that foresight as a kid -I'd get a quid for pocket money back then-that would go on comics or batteries for my Tomy Tronic lol .. but this is a good informative video from over the pond and good  that he name checks The Baron's site which I  did this colouring for

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Fall Days

Respect to the E ! Day of The Fall-guess he liked his Garage -Other Half cover Spotty Pat Butcher always cracks me up :D Fifa Anthem From NME comp Sgt Pepper knew my Father.

Kind of Reminds me of Serge here...

Felt for Mark then just after he broke up with Brix of his best... but there are so many Fall in Viz
JP loved The Fall .. think I heard them first though with "Ghost in My House"or "Hit the North " as they got in the charts (advertised in 2000ad no less)so got to really listen to them and Peel about 88 after that heard Sonic Youth cover them so they must of been a big deal - never off John Peels turntable "Sad day" indeed :(..almost got to see The Fall they had played the Leas Cliff Hall back in 80's but this was before I knew of them then in early 90's they were over again to Flintstone , sadly Marks voice wasn't up to it wound up in a jam packed pub instead pity really was really looking forward to it
I'll more than likely feature more Fall on next playlist-it's a big deal Mark been gone - His songs will one day be sung at school assemblies like Jerusalem -I knew he liked William Blake -I think he'll remembered in a similar way for generations to come.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The Black Major-Colouring Project part 2

Part 2 featuring art by a young Geoff Senior -who'd later go onto Transformers,Zoids,Deaths Head, 2000ad, Action Force (Marvel UK  this time)Judge Dredd -love the way he captures action  and movement -  styles a bit different here-think he also worked on Warrior before this story  And Josep Gual  who worked on many titles Eagle (Fists of Danny Pike) James Bond , Newspaper strips such as George & Lynne but I'll always remember him for Codename Tracker for Battle Action Force too  I think I  enjoyed coloring his art the most even though I wish I layered -would be considerably better if Idid that at the time.
 You sure get around in the Marines -not sure I'd like Shepherd as my C.O though -part 3 the final part to follow-SBS training the Dawn of the Red Shadows and the Birth of Action Force... here's my pic of a Red Shadow -evil Red Nazi  Kermits lol -toy terrorists, the  real things aint so easy to spot sadly. I did a few years back -AK blazin' and all