Sunday, 29 November 2015

"Back to the Front"

I've already muffed up this post twice doh ... bit lazy with the bloggin here at moment as I bought this aongside ps4 -so if I do get bored with that I end up watching netflix -but I'll and force myself to do a post this evening.. Kind of in two minds about this game after a week -the landscapes and maps are fantastic as are the character models -but the old battlefronter in me craved much more like the original games-which had far more maps -far more variety and a story -this is aimed at multi-players but so far I just dip into multiplayer experience as I aint got the time to build up a supertrooper -(I wonder if Abba were Boba Fett fans? lol) I have to get my Mum well again-which is the priority in my life at the moment so If I do play it tends to be on the single player modes at this time although I have tried out some of the multi-player . Wonder who'll win this? .. guy who plays Bobster isn't in character shooting from jetpack very easy.. flamethrowers weak-do like Leias Hoth garb the best.. tend to do hero battles solo against troopers more of a challenge and Fett tends to work alone usuallly .. but this game seriously lacks wookies .. more than likely dlc down the line as are other skins for the heroes but that was the nice thing about bf2 mods asit got people creating some fantastic skins and maps -so who knows what will happen a few years down the line with this title-got back into BF2 after about 10 or so years so these games really do have a lifespan... they're totally different games and it feels like if you want more you'll wind forking out money for it which is a draggy scene - but looking forward to Jakku on December the First -gotta check that planet out seeing as it's in The Force Awakens . Have to add this..always does the best reviews and he looks like my mate except he has a London accent lol

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Brother Nick

I seem to feature Nick every year although I tend to hop around with these blogs either deleting them or been unable to sign into them ever again ... but I won't break with this tradition - so tonight I'll feature the radio documentary narrated by Brad Pitt no less (guess he's a decent fellow if he digs Nick)plus the same documentary in its complete form naratted by bass player Danny Thompson I think theres only two pieces of film footage of Nick -one is when he was a little boy on holiday with his family the other is possibly him here bowling around a rock festival .. Ilike to think it's him. And here's Nick chatting away into a tape recorder -was a well spoken young man -

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Colourquakes-Post 11

1. "Arch"
2."Advanced Guard"
3. "Dreams Dashed"
What a week--Paris the City of Light -birth of the modern world -see Eiffel Tower everywhere -so thought I'd feature a few videos about it - I like it's structure and what it represents... I was in Paris and up the Eiffel Tower the very day "Trompe Le Monde "was releashed

Saturday, 14 November 2015

The French Playlist

Earlier in the year I made this playlist in reaction to first attacks on Paris but I've swapped blogs so needed to relocate it here plus add a few other videos to it-not just music but various things I love about my French Brothers and Sisters- I'm only 26 miles away from Calais so do feel for the victims of the attacks- as I do for anyone caught up in this insane crossfire all across the globe -violence achieves nothing Satre was wrong.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Playlist A-Go -Go -Post 3

Gonna Party  like it's 1989 ..."1999 I Still Hate You !"

Didn't really celebrate the millenium I think I just discovered the Spiderman cheat on Tony Hawkes pro skater 2 as clock struck 12 and I think I watched Hal Hartleys "Book of Life" after that-so the new century was very low key for me -89 was cooler -three more playlists about a more exciting time starting with Kurt and the Gang. I was a fan from moment I first heard "Love Buzz" on Peel -was into Mudhoney around then too so Nirvana were like the little brother band -also happening at the same time in Engand although seemed press were more interested in Joe Bloggs trousers lol but I thought they were the best thing going on these islands...I was getting into MC5 ,Stooges ,Stones ,Blue Cheer and Hendrix so these guys made alot of sense to me..

Rounding off this late 80's/early90's mix with some "Sonic Catherdrals of Sound" as some DJ( Steve Wright?) taking the mick out music journos at the time would phrase it - journos back then  seemed kill off scenes when they saw fit and replace i with something else usually with something you didn't like -it's bollocks really good musics good music-end of story - one or a small group of  persons opinion should never dictate what's happening ... and people shouldn't be fickle enough to believe them .

Thursday, 5 November 2015

November V

Bonfire Night I don't really care about that it' - it's really about burning spanish catholics who were my ancestors muckers -and enjoying  been a slave - not my bag - so it's a weird and macabre thing to celebrate -besides it used to drive my dogs crazy with the noise-they should make stealth fireworks Brian De Palma's "Blow Out" style -would be far prettier without all that un-warranted noise :)But without  Guy and his terrorist plot  there would be no V So  tonight  a few videos featuring V for Vendetta's creators I saw the movie (Saw it again at sisters a fewweeks ago  least she knows who this V chappy is now and what he represents as well as many more people so the movie did do some positive things  )but I read the comic years before -it's  alright much like Watchmen was -but not great in the way the original books were but  the comic will always be superior- like literature there are things which are impossible to film  It  would of made a good tv serial though if it was filmed around the time it was published (Play for Today style).
Big Al.. I think the first stories I must of read of his were a few one off Ro Busters and a beautifully illustrated and coloured ABC Warriors story in a 2000ad Annual a Steve Dillon/John Higgins Collaboration- I do wish all comics were as good as that-following that there was D.R and Quinch (I dare them to make that into a movie lol Deadpools nothing on those guys)
 Halo Jones came along around 1984-now that is a fantastic story-a daring thing to write about a female character(who wasn't just a supporting character) she wasn't a warrior type quite a normal  girl in a farf lung future -in truth Alan was writing about what was happening in 80's Britain , that clicked in my mind I guess and it was refreshingly different kind of story almost like a sci fi Love and Rockets   Just wish that Alan would come back to that story.We've  been waiting for the follow up since about 1987-

then Watchmen came out which I bought alongside first issue of the re-coloured V for Vendetta, Hellblazer #1 and Marshal Law (Dad mustof won the pools that week or it was my birthday or something)wish I still had them .. never really heard of Warrior I guess it was a little before my time -I suspect it would of been advertised in Marvel UK comics  at the time - but re-discovered it years later-a title way ahead  of it's time I guess the only other comparrison I could make is Deadline -except Deadline wasn't episodic  with  it's stories. .. Nice interview with Dave :) Old fave of mine from Marvel UK NightRaven- a badass 1920's/30's vigilante -who would appear in Hulk Weekly and Captain Britain..usually just two pages- really deserves a collected Graphic Novel treatment..I'll have to have a butchers to  see if such a thing exists

Ol V had a pretty decent singing voice...sad lyrics though.

Monday, 2 November 2015

"Colourquakes"-Post 10

2. "Ages" (actually did this ages ago lol)
3."Anti" (another one I did back in the summer)
4. "Away".
5. "SlopOut"
Haven't  done  these for a while(was over at sisters-) not sure i'll get much of a chance to do as many as usual as my Mums not well  so much of my time wil be devoted looking after her -but  least I got these out of my system -was looking at the Captains paintings the other day  on youtube and felt inspired to do  some more of these crazy pictures... Don's art makes absolute sense...