Sunday, 31 December 2017

18 (And I hope I like it)

Never know what New Year will bring hopefully not more of the same -Plan to stay in tonight I've already had my share of beer last night -but best laid plans of Mice and Men  a  bit like this time last year this post except songs about the # 18 Johnny Rotten auditioned with this for the Pistols- actually prefer 19 and 20 -it's all downhill after that wish I was frozen in carbonite back then but possibly more dim back then too May struggle finding cool songs -but remember these guys from back in the day a song called 18 Wheeler this time around. The Big O The Bobster Well it does contain 18 in it's opening line lol-any excuse for The Pogues Prince been a sexy MF cOOL THAT iactually got to see these guys -very out of it though -met Ian Dury that night. "Only 18 exiled he was .." Left school by then (sixth form seemed really square used to drink martini during playtime -then chuck up when I got home lol-think I out grew uniform ) far too manly for school
Some early Roses
For Long Distance Clara More Trucks GTA style "18 Years of American Dream" bit of a Alice influence in this one lol.. well it's got the number 18 in it lol Glad 2017 was a good year for some of my friends -I had a bad year -least I'm still alive and kicking at least I miss my mate Chris should really be here now sounded a bit angry yesterday hope mood lifts - felt better by end of evening but feel like crap today-1812 will stir my spirits I'm sure - May 2018 be a magical year and things begin to sort themelves out -I want my life to change for the better -gonna set my sights on that .

Saturday, 30 December 2017

"Out Demons Out!"

:(Fuck 2017 - a total stinker - need air freshner for 2018 good job I got no sense of smell cut through all the lies and deceit.Why did things go tits up so badly -remember watching this a few years back-the writing was on the wall  then and only a few people fecking noticed- as young Jimbo said "Wake Up! " Sounds familar this is why tiny handed worlds most expensive vapour sea slug comb-over head thinks he's king-I've never seen such panto and it's all real - and yet another grand theft I hope people cotton on and remove this tripe before it's too late perhaps it is... losing faith in people but not all -
2018 21st centuries almost grown -but I tell myself that everyday at 45 and still nonedewiser  how do you combat mass bullshit and bullshitters ? - I dunno gonna drink myself stupid tonight a curse all the cowards and betrayers ,daft eejits that buy this crap and BS Artists that provide it -well least it's a start. forgive me I modded out for a second lol- my Neph got me Odessey & Oracle for Crimbo whatta dude Not sure anyone really gives a monkeys about me -- but Christmas was alright coming back home not so -a total dampner so I'm getting blasted won't celebrate New Years Eve probably build a Anderson Shelter instead -
Needed to hear some beardy lunatic rock - but it's good beard not lego  beard

Thursday, 21 December 2017


Err a tiny bit Christmassy but not too much -not unless you think Swans are christmassy lol- Xmas bug hasn't bit me yet

Sunday, 17 December 2017

"Can You Feel the Force?"

Had to call post something this tune popped into head some old skool Disco Funk Finally saw The Last Jedi today- I'd say it's a 8 out of 10 -Bittersweet ending like all good Star Wars movies -seems like it's a divisive movie many people not liking what's not been explained -  that's bound to be explored in Third Movie -few scenes may seem unbelievable and no Knights of Ren..Del Toro wasn't a Fett lol but a guy called DJ -I won't go into spoilers but I do hope all the loose ends are tied up by episode 9-perhaps they'll find Star Peace .I still wonder how George would of handled it -but so good to see Luke & Leia again almost teared up in that scene as well as a few surprise characters which I won't mention here... it's own animal  -not how I  predicted -not mad with the movie like  some people - things will never be the same again-how long will the time jump be by episode 9? would be nice if the comics pick up directly after the closing scenes of the movie just like the 70's or 80's - doubt they'll do that but they have the space to do that now... there could be a three year gap between these two films like there was with a New Hope and Empire - so plenty of time to work with there,

These red guys remind me of an episode of Mr Ben hen he becomes a knight lol-I still think Royal Guards are cooler though -space ninjas- if they keep making these separate Star Wars movies like Rogue1 and Solo maybe they'll get around to seeing them in action.

Talking of Solo spent a fair bit of time on his home planet lately - I do hope it's a little like this excellently modded BF2 map Been playing both The original and EA's  Battlefront but thanks to the great work done by modders been able to play a few maps from the cancelled Battlefront 3 and it's very good even in it's Beta stage

Solo next very little info on that even now ..hopefully a trailer or a clip will appear by end of the year -and there's the second half of the final season of Rebels to also look ahead to.

Monday, 11 December 2017


My first Action Man -The Adventurer - guess my Dad didn't like the militaristic theme- (next door neighbour had tanks and jeeps all sorts)I  guess he's more like a folk singer who gets lost in the wilderness- possibly the most sussed of all the action men- Playlist features documentary all about Action Man , Brian Wilson , Bowie, Iggy & Woody, and a ocean of Soul...the usual. Oh and this guy pops up throughout ...

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Maidens Of Fuzz

May turn this into a series of posts or it may be a one off- I think I did this playlist back in Rumble Comic days -but I'm sure I had loads more on playlist before I started putting vids on it again this week- Garagey/Psychy Girls(although there are a few fellas here too ) -originally wanted to compile a all Sixties thing like Nuggets or Pebbles but decided to cover numerous eras instead -although may come back to that idea.

Saturday, 2 December 2017


I Put a fair bit of Jack in this one lol ..just Johnning around Youtube and finding Sonic Gold.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Back to the Front 2

A Battlefront post -lots in news about loot boxes all negative and I can see why I  did go online on Monday for first time- and it does hurt the game+ I kinda sucked - I did enjoy Death Star 2 space battles but not keen on not been able to play as hero untill I've got enough credits prefered the random thing they had going on in the first game and so going back to campaign -which is great if a little too short - but I do hear there's more to come of story mode closer to the events of The Last Jedi -but would be neat to have a prologue set during the events of the book that came out last summer Ironic planets called Crait just like a lootbox lol A few movies made from the first EA game these are pretty good. Not a fan of Hans Beard in new game-this is Star Wars not the Fugitive (bloody so called hipsters bearding everything up - think I'd look like Badger/Lobot crossbreed if I grew one-so not for me that look but beardy Han it does tie in with the timeline I guess.  Emperor on Endor wanted to see the Red dudes and good job on the dialogue . bunch of Hicktroopers lol cept Frankie  ..good to hear Creedence though there's loads of these Machinma may add them to random playlists Still love the original BF2 and all those great Mods out there may dive into this again if I aven't forgotten how to install mods. but here's two lists of some of the best mods out there and theres plenty more..the way to with these games is to add mods I reckon like they with Fallout4 and Skyrim fans first rather than dosh(which I'm sure EA have got plenty of anyhow till recently having lost 3 billion or something recently)Dude here does the best BF based channel imo

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Dreams Never End.

  Dreams Never End Chuck?

Drew that when I was 14 or 15 about 1987-88 did one of Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch and a huge Jim Morrison (used a projector for that and took over the art room  whilst everyone else was getting  cuts and bruises in the playground )didn't look like Jim -not sure this looks like Ian  very baggy shirt lol but glad I scanned it from all those years ago
Hooky on Vocals-sounding like Australian lol  Ian dude,Maincat. Total Respect for no Deleting  as well made this playlist a few years ago. For PINS total love & respect for covering this -might be my fave JD song-hard to say.First time I heard original it blew me away-prefer this to one that was in the Crow  sounds more Martin Hannetty

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Hyp TV30

My eldest sister Evil Edna had this  7 inch when I was 6 or 7 had no idea Bonn was gone or not guess he died just after it's release   just a cool record 2me - kinda scary back then with the horns but it was my introduction to AC/DC  by my mid teens I checked first album-man it  was boss .. I hadn't aieven heard Stooges  MC5 or Velvets back then   I'd heard  Minor Threat  7 Seconds Black Flag etc..But .this album -killer - lots of metal bollox around then I was a  little mini version of Scott Ian back in the day lol   but  YEAH  like Back in USA  it's a Classic .. changed my life  .. Chuck approved Rock N Roll 100%
This is for Malcolm Young & Fred Cole, R.I.P plus tonnes of Emu (first memories belong to him no wonder I'm like this lol even had a Emu got me through those dark days of TV strikes )Nick Drake .. gotta  tip my hat again as it's his anniversary  on Saturday the usual cool obscure biker movie ,with music from The  LollipopShoppe , Johnny Belush  and usual Boss .sounds .. but I guess you have a life  so lose it  just for this playlist   (well not literally)...good to have a new mouse :)

Monday, 20 November 2017


Better link this was meant to post a few weeks ago before life turned into a Bob Dylan song what with Scammers on the Blower and Fuzz on my Door.
Actually I'll link Channel as last time it sent me a dead link
Should work now just hit the Rockin' Chair .
Sorted now just got a mouse so I can embed again.

I'm in Middle of Playlist 30-It'll feature a Boba Fett  Nod to Malcom & Fred  who we lost this month.
 when it's done I'll either link it or embed -lack of a mouse is the bane of me lol dunno how people do without.
May as well edit "Fuzzing Up. " least I can do proper paragraphs again.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

More Gear Grinding

Finally a new computer- but no mouse just this finger bobbins (not a fan) relied on mouse to come up with my unique painting style as well as embed videos kinda in the dark with this finger bollox . 21st Century seems to be designed to confuse me-wish clock stopped at 1992 -perhaps that's my mindset I may get older on outside but still 20 on the inside - not sure I've made much of a effort to try and become old like my contemporaries sometimes I reckon a UFO has abducted them  operated on brain made them content to sit in front of Strictly or X Factor and not complain  .. A weird kind of Soma  I haven't discovered yet-maybe it's for the best.

The Saga of the Cops continues-seems like next door  which was originally frequented by a family who rented it out as a guest house -until they moved over to India may of been broken into by Squatters -another hiding place for the creep I was mistaken for - so feels like life is under surveillance - got a hard taste of that last Friday- can I trust the Old Bill now? I'd like to , but my neighbour she's got me all wrong , yesterday I was putting trash out (including her rubbish) I felt bad about the noise created by the fracas in the hallway -sure I was effing and blindin'  but really I've explained this in last post -I wasn't going to take no shit if I was totally innocent -and I'm through with groups of people who in my experience are out to harm me - when you have so many beers inside you enoughs enough -but my flatmate oh no she gave totally the wrong answer -"You can't handle your drink" then fucked off with her mutt and shut the door -I was livid -I needed to explain what happened and apologize but the situation was all of the polices creation- I've walked back home with more booze on me from a Friday night session never caused no aggro -just as I explained in last post , opened door into flat , then into my living room and that's that - but this woman is just looking for an excuse to piss me off further, whats more did the Police tell her a different take on the events ? to make them look like they weren't in the wrong -that better not be the case ,don't need another excuse to distrust the law- I just want them to catch who they need to catch -may of vented my spleen at them  , but that's only as I could see the injustice of what they were trying to do to me. There could be further fallout from this situation as I have another flatmate who lives in the middle flat-seems like a decent fella , he's a John Joseph too - but what if he just thinks I'm some kind of Pisshead Thug too- I'm fed up of people who jump to conclusions and people who weave a convenient lie just to get there own way - these people too may of be UFO abductees Mum wrote her a letter -but she don't get along with her either or my sisters for that matter -some people are fecking weird anyhow, showing no displays of empathy or understanding -don't see why I should be thick skinned -I'm the good guy here(as ever)-but this stuff grinds my gears like Peter ..
One good thing that's come out of this situation at least is it shows how much my family love me , despite been steaming as that silly mare upstairs thinks I was , they know I wasn't at fault and it was the polices mistake -they want me to take action- but if it interferes with there workhich I'd rather see done properly -and really  I'd rather forget about all this and move on .. but having stuff thrown back in my face makes me reconsider-but had a nice box of Heroes from my nieces , a DVD of Wonder Woman from my Brother in Law  and Marvel 1602 graphic novel from sister Zippy & the boys - so Il love them very much and it really cheered me up that they thought of me in this hard time.

Won't to out on the piss tomorrow instead purchase copy of Battlefront 2 go through campaign maybe check out The Punisher on Netflex - not that I'm gonna hermit out I'm only connection to outside world for my Mum (over the years she's become a housecat ) so I have to do everything  shopping wise , cooking wise and washing wise -like to break from it and have a "life" but what can you do ?
but hopefully this Friday will not be so chaotic

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Fuzzin, Up

Still no joy with computer  and i,ve got a mega hangover nothing unusual about that but I was atacked last night coming home in my front porch by what turned to be plain clothes police officers I knew I had done nothing except maybe have a fair bit too much to drink just watched Tracey Ulman Q.I and the Dectorists with my mates Dave and Ginny once I had last beer walked home only 5 mins this would around midnight so a typical Friday really untill I got to my front door   I did not expect to jumped upon by a bunch of lanky plods who I didn't  know for certain were plods as they didn't produce any i.d I just entered my own hallway and first thing they wanted to do was slam cuffs on me too right I'm gonna resist I had no idea what the hell was going on I don't expect to be set upon by complete strangers in my own home I was bloody furious booze didn't  help.
I dont think I hit them I may of knocked one against wall I was frightened  and angry as you can imagine but they trying to hold me down my natrual reaction is to fight back I don't like bullies i'd stand up to them at school and come out on  top but now  i'm forty fekin five I dont expect be bopping with some 20 something  whatever the hell these intrusive things in my own hallway were ._.
 I figured they may of been rozzers although how could I be sure  tried to explain they had pride integrity  and guts and I had done nothing  but they weren't   buying it  then it dawned on me  they'd made a mistake, I told the youngest one they were sloppy   you could see the resentment in his eyes .
There were 4 of these strangers in my hallway one was woman  she was smart enough to listen to my protests of innocence   I mean all I wanted to was make a coffee have a few rounds of Injustice 2 gripe & mourn my shitty lonely existence and then hit the sack the usual Friday thing in recent times .
I live as carer for my Mum shes 78  been a widow since 1990 no thanks to another violent  incident the  asshole responsible for that did no time either  I have to live with that day to day the worlds been outta tune since I was was 17 I doubt anyone ever understand me so called friends have fecked off and had nice safe lives some will never be forgiven,  I'm only son and the youngest my sisters have kids and careers;   so look after her since I got back from living in Surrey .

Anyhow lady cop rang door and got Mum I'm yelling and trying to defend myself thankfully it all came to a halt once she popped head through door and explained I was her son she had never looked more pretty  but Jesus I don't need this  I'm at no fault and  strange people are trying to shackle you jus dont mess with a unfettered  punka  like me  after a few gallons of the black stuff .
As it transpires they were after someone else  they were watching house I think it may of been a homeless person who'd been in a fight earlier that evening apparently he'd kip in bicycle  shed in our front basement ._they thought I was him when I came through front door I was wearing my wooly hat I've had since 90's so may looked a wee bit like whoever they were after but was wearing my newer leather jacket which don't  look like street person  clobber ,but they jumped on me bleeeding marvelous._ hope they  get the proper perpetrator  but "It weren't me guv onest!"to quote DB

Cheers Flintstone constabulary had a rotten week already you made it even worse.Can't punctuate writing on PS4  so a bit Joycian.
Updated -since typing this had time to reflect I know been old bill is a tough job  and I  respect that but that night I got a mad shock though
 Generally I'm a good boy  may smoke odd blunt now again but I hope I'm not a threat to anyone.I  try to act civil  .Just that Police got to me  at wrong time I'd had about 10 beers inside me when walk up the street that leads to Supermarket I'm kinda on my guard  I was mugged almost ten years ago to the day lost a chunk of front tooth as the scumbags kept kicking me that's what you get been brave they were gonna kill my friend I had to intervene they had knocked him out and held broken bottles  I was glad when police did arrive  I'm in two minds weather to get tooth sorted but it's kinda like a battlescar  kinda  Shane kinda Jery Dammers but doubt chicks understand .Just like they dont understand hair loss and all ego crushing shite life throws at me,but anyhow back to now.
Cops have visited again in there proper attire to explain there side of story which is fair enough I don't hold grudge  if there's a dangerous person out there  he needs to be caught  just my damn bad luck to get caught in crossfire.
I do feel bad about been abusive to cops I was loaded but fine not wobbly not unaware._but when was going for my key to open front door they thought I was reaching for a shank I had no idea what there game was had Trump invaded UK and declared martial law ? Did I defy a curfew? I was was watching iplayer prior but avoided news as it bums one out after all that beer  ._I'll let this slide fortunate our police don't carry firearms as I might be brown bread .
I doubt I'd get away with it anywhere else just a megashock  to system but rather have our Busies over anyone else like l said b4 hope they get the real guy we've been victims of crime it's distorted our lives ._.Always better if true  justice  was served.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Communication Breakdown's always the same

I swear I'm cursed or the people who make computers don,t have this  particular  caveman in  mind ._typing this on a PS4 so spacings may wind up been  a mess but  l go away for  a evening by next morning the computer gets all arsey and gives me the  blue screen of  death._.Again really frustrating as i,d i'd shot some wicked footage from gig not saying i'm David Lean anything but bands were excellent so I was looking forward uploading on youtube instead l get this wollocks.    Anyway it'll be a week   or two before I can post again  here or on other blogs ._.Then again I have two scripts that need compleating The Deadly Sins who make up the latest background image and Star Wars A Old Threat It'll  be a tricky task as typing on this thing is trying especially   but can't upload pics or videos just yet so gotta do something

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Rogue Zero

Sad to hear about John Mollo I was going to do a Star Wars post anyhow but it's only right I begin with John a well deserved Oscar still fascinated with his & Ralph's  designs today 40 odd years later - that's good design

A  few familiar faces here... Interesting video about costume Design  for the original Star Wars

I thought this week I'd immerse myself in The Star Wars galaxy -I do want to complete writing the second part of my Boba/Ben story So I guess The Clone Wars and Rebels will be on heavy rotation on my PS4 whilst I type-I seem to watch more dvds and tv on it than play games these days - The last two episodes tie in with Rogue One -I guess this takes place a few monthes before the events in that movie - fascinated to see what happens to the Ghost Crew I hope they surprise the audience -rather than take the predictive path of Ezra and Kanan biting the dust(could be sent off on pilgrimage beyond the Star Wars Galaxy or frozen in carbonite -or even just off the Imperial radar -same could be said about Ashokha if she is indeed alive- I reckon she is ) Disappointed to hear about Visceral - Ragtag seemed right up my street just like 1313 would of stop doing this EA just stop -I hope I'm not let down by Battlefront 2 but I'm not super exited the say way I was in 2015 (expected something along the same lines as Panademics Battlefront but instead got half of a game)you can buy it now for a tenner but eventually they'll be nobody online as they'll be playing the sequel offline is just as important and story is fundamental too. Mind you "Ragtag" sounds more of a Battlstar Galactica type of word -a Mass Effect planet hopping style Star Wars game that would work seriously could kick off countless sequels - especially if it involves Bounty Hunters and Pirates - lets hope that all the hard work put into this game evolves into something eventually.
Been playing Injustice 2 alot lately Boba Fettin' with Black Manta - a decent Star Wars fighting game would be cool - you could have a wicked spectrum of fighters to choose from now -seeing as prequels tv series the original movies  all the new stuff coming out - it's about time Masters of  Teras Kasi got a sequel lol .. bit of late 90's PS1 nostalgia here..Cool dog .

I wonder if Woody is playing Cad Bane in Solo movie ? would be cool to see a live action version of him- Tag & Bink never read it- Robot Chicken I do get -so a bit worried this film won't turn out as well as I hoped then again  might even be a spoof version of Solo films makers could be messing with our heads   .

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Crystal Spirit .

Thinkin' about where it all went wrong - WW1 is the main offender -WW2  again may seem  straight forward to a naive eye but gave birth to other Wars some which never ended - how do you  deal with North Korea  for example  - we're left with so many  disputes which should be resolved ..  subject  of this post is The Spanish Civil War - in my mind the birth of modern thought, be it art ,politics or reason ... Spanish Civil War should of been a signal rather than excuse .. no one says's it better than Orwell..

Doc about Eric Blairs aka Georges time in Spain Hemingway also was present would make a good Top Gear Remember reading "Condors" by Garth and Carlos and been inspired to write The Defiant my alternate World War 2 story - perhaps I'll come back to that - the more you learn about history the more it surprises you - McArthur planned a US Invasion of the UK around the time of The General Strike - what a crazy alternate history that would of made - nevermind Wolfenstein.
 Remember seeing this back in the day  The only  mentions before then of Spanish Civil War in my life before then were mentions in  "When  the Boat Comes In" and "The Waltons " lol this movie made it more real to me as it's a part of history that's been buried by other events - I guess I became curious about it when I was about 8 or 9 there was a coup in Spain the same day that Lady Diana and Prince Charles got engaged - seemed like a more interesting story that got buried by something jingoistic ..guess then and there I figured I  shouldn't trust the media  but Kens always grand ..

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Goin' Batty

Fave Bat Artist Neal Adams (as well as Green Arrow & Green Lantern ) that dude can draw  big time.
I've wondered how this would turn since I was  4 or 5 here's my personal answer lol

I'm the Arrow here .. but the Batdude always holds fascination coz he's been around so long - and a baddass but reliving Neal Adams covers from when I was a nipper  lol well up to a point-since then we've had the Burton Movies - the non Keaton movies which weren't half as good ,animated series which retell some Batman classics - The Nolan Trilogy which I did like -no idea what the latest films are like have to catch up with those The Arkham  games  but right now  I am enjoying Gotham at the moment -I'm just concerned that Young Bruce & Gordon will have put away or killed(in Gordon's case) all the main baddies before he gets a chance to become Batman lol-mind you plenty of resurrection going on as I'm halfway through season 3 (good ol Netflix-but I'm not sure I can wait a year for season 4 which is been broadcast right now on American TV) I was hoping to see Gordon rock the glasses and tash by now though -mind you he didn't have a tash in 1966 show -just when I visualize his character it would be like Year One. ..maybe eyes get worse off by time Bruce hits 20's Scene where young Bruce loses his parents - strange how one panel from 1939 has created such a mythos.. mind you they went to see a Zorro movie not a musical (unless it was a musical about Zorro lol) Least Bruce's voice has got a little deeper since-he gets taller with every season lol -good move having Selena witnessing killing -makes sense they grew up around same time - One of my fave scenes so far is in the second season where young Bruce tracks down the shooter - the pay off is satisfying and true to the character-I lost my Dad young -due to another persons violence -you carry all this rage inside you-I guess I still do but you have to control it you don't let it get the better of you -a tough break -but gotta live with it day in day out -but that scene made so much sense I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it - better to be like Brucey boy in mind than the crazy crooks in this show although they seem to have more fun but they too of course are defined by tragedy Dig Vic and Barnes who I figure must be The Executioner the most (kinda like a mad proto Dredd yelling I am the Law a nod to Danny Canon I guess) Vic would make perfect Agent 47 so mainly scene stealers in this show Penguin obviously -I like his take on Cobblepot never knew he was gay though but hey makes kinda sense good dress sense and all -reminds me of Johnnyboy in Mean Streets and Tuturro in Millers Crossing so Robins excellent dig the way he loves his Mum , almost a sympathetic character -guess that's the genius of shows like these ... same could be said about Captain Nerd .. The Riddler another excellently cast actor as is Jerome who may or may not be The Joker -but so perfect for that role... Catwoman when she's Cat rather than Catgirl (sounds a bit weird-makes more sense ) and Young Bruce both convincing in there roles  Camren's a great dancer and agile enough to play Selena  and David's going to be a great Bats hope they can keep show going into there 20's but can't ask too much Never expected Alfred to be ex SAS (maybe SBS actually they did mention he was a Royal Marine) I wonder about lingo he uses as it's my normal phrasing but would a American audience grasp it ? seems more working class which is better Butlering has changed over the years. I do wish Donal would get more story though a good sideman to Gordon but he needs more episodes about his character as he's most Irish of the cops and I can Identify with him the most -hope his kids ok only just heard about that  just now. Dude always gets the chicks -but then they turn nuts -mind you doubt that will happen with Lee -I'll feature more about female cast on other blog in a couple of days but yeah gotta get some face fluff & plastic glasses by close of season 5 Ok back to my Gotham Marathon -keep up the good work loving it so far... can't watch this trailer till see all of season 3 though

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Rebels with a Cause.

 Nice pic of Fenn Rau by Bartek Fedyczak .
One of the big questions in Rebels tv show is who is The Manda Lore ? I 'm putting my money on Fenn Rau seeing as Fenn Shysha and Tobbi Dala were the head honchos in the original Marvel run but I've been  wrong b4 -for example I  thought Benico Del Torro was gonna be a Fett -but seems like he's a guy called DeeJay we'll have  wait till December to see how that transpires -perhaps Bo is the new Manda Lore although seems hesitant here -good to see her back -looking forward to seeing first episode of new season should be out on Monday.

so cool to see Mando's do there thang especially against the Empire -I've been waiting since 83 for this -I really wanted to see this in prequel trilogy but perhaps it was a tall order for a live action movie-I'm a bit concerned for Luke here-seems like he's bricking it -fear leads to dark side -and he's lost his friend and perhaps his sister in the next movie -he could lose it big time - perhaps he'll be the real bad guy in the ninth movie -rather than that Snoke thing (excellent name for a sock puppet though)I hope not kinda love the guy -and you want it to be true to what George intended (we never hear of George these days but the whole SW universe would of never happened without him) should of asked him to involved in final movie of this trilogy I reckon.. November see's Battlefront 2 hit the shops - I'm looking forward to the story mostly -not keen on idea of micro-transactions though(all that star card power up stuff puts me off a bit on MP-I think it's a bit different this time around but I notice people online aint too happy about it  ) -you see this kind of thing in Injustice 2 as well would be better if characters you buy came with unique maps as well that would of been nice... but here's Finn if he digs it I know I will too.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Falling Out 2

At long last I've got to completing uploading  the main story quest of Fallout 4 although this is by no means the directors cut or special edition as there is much more  Fallout   in the aftermath of the events at the Institute - but I'll take a break from uploading these for a while -gets alot better when I  use Lois instead of Jo as I had access to Cheat Room and Mods Galore  -so I got alot better and had more access to clothes and weapons and action points (bit of a junky for action points and criticals  very handy reference for comic so made sure I got the most out of that)-I doubt anyone will watch this from start to finish -it's just nice to have )

theres more than 200 vids approaching 400 in fact -it'll go beyond if I upload the ending of Far Harbour and Nuka World.
Currently playing Injustice 2 it's a thing of beauty -the story mode is worth playing by itself -characters look like there Brian Bolland or Neal Adams  vibe to them - very nicely done -it's not a bad fighter either - makes you wish there was a Marvel Alliance 3 though  that would be beyond neat .
Black Canary Vs Catwoman - some wishes do come true lol

Thursday, 28 September 2017


Got the Blade Runner bug after watching Blade Runner Blackout 2022 the other night.. I  can't put that  on youtube playlist so I'll link it directly
I have to admit I thought the gap between the original film and this new one would be too great but after seeing anime kinda makes sense  - Got a good feeling about this ..
The other two live shorts that serve as a prelude to the main Movie  are also present on playlist ..
First experience of Blade Runner would of been re-prints in Return of the Jedi weekly back in 83 or 84 -loved Al Williamson and  Carlos Garzons art already from the Star Wars strips  as well as Archie Goodwins scripts so it was a curiosity introduced me future noir at a young age(I wasn't old enough to see it in the cinema) my sister saw it though -not sure what she made of it -not sure it was what she was expecting - I'm sure that would of been true to many other cinema  goers at the time  - I always come back this movie -I love how there are no heroes or villians -it's about perception  for me - one second you abhor Roy Batty (was Nora Nexus 1 lol) for example the next you have great empathy for him and his kind - I hope 2049 can  tell a story as well as it's older brother.

pic I did way back in 2005

Monday, 25 September 2017

Platter Matter.

Papa don't take no  mess .. but he ain't around .. finally I can listen to these .. after about 12 or so years without a record player (got it sorted ) so  I'll  blast myself senseless again .. this is just a fraction  and I'll probably buy more .. wanted to christen my record player on facebook  but they wouldn't let me perhaps lyrics of song are too close to mark -just wanted to see James head spin around lol but great to hear  records again for real,
Playlist based on contents of record collection .. have a huge CD and tape archive too- far more than records not really a collector just bought stuff I thought was cool doubt I'd wanna sell them like other people do - just been a while since I heard them too  but cant beat vinyl just looks right.

A bit of Nirvana towards the end from Wipeout bootleg today or yesterday was the anniversary of Nevermind coming out I remember buying tape of it in Maidstone -stuck it in friends car as we drove back to flintstone she thought it sounded like Sisters of Mercy lol ..the first triad chords of Teen Spirit that is funny how other people hear things..mind you Come as You Are is The Eighties by Killing Joke so she may have a point.

Sunday, 24 September 2017


It's strange to think I'm same age as Zippy(I think first episode of Rainbow was in 72) Post birthday playlist mainly music from 1972  when I  was  a  baba. It's funny age .. well it is when you don't keep up with the Jones -not sure where the hell I'll be next hopefully away from here and doing what I want to do but birthday turned out shitty firstly got a record player as a present -which is great but it turns out to from America and ac power cable won't fit -I've tried others but they don't fit either so that ruined things no magic oxo ended up drinking myself daft - began thinking about the past always a bad thing when the one person that mattered will never be how you wanted .. it's tough carrying this stuff around -been like that since I was 26 if only I could find a way to move on ... kid myself every day guess that's how you survive gotta be optimistic otherwise you become a shell - maybe a good sleep will put mind back in order but glad I made this playlist 72 was actually a cool year even if Jimi & Jim weren't around to see it  not sure what my Dad  would of made of all the glitter and stuff lol  he was kinda old school but as Marc says  "All Schools are Strange" in The Slider .. wise fella  for his age Marc.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Final playlist before I turn half 90 -assholes will tell you that's getting on  but that's bollox still feel like a 18 year old just a bit more Stipe headed (which aint a bad thing as he's kinda smart) hopefully I won't get too drunk on Saturday .. I'm looking forward to some magic oxo -a luxury for me -does help from time to time too much booze for me is poison but a good smoke does  make me see clearer rather than the opposite -a tribute to Grant, Harry and Jake amongst this playlist -I may have to get a new youtube account as  flashplayer seems to want to put wrong videos in  the many various playlists I've made over the years .. the real beast is the Fallout 4 playlist I'll post that soon -still a fair bit away from end though -although it keeps growing with all these mods that keep cropping up -creation club should really focus on creating new quests and locations if you ask me seems to be getting alot of negative feedback -but looking forward to the Tunnel Snakes content if rumours are to be believed
but on with the show ..
. thankfully I could go back to the old skool player the new one kept on creating a new playlist with the same name -it was driving me nuts and impossible to embed thankfully it's sorted now.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

"Sweet Christmas!"

Really Good ticked alot of boxes -Diamondback and Cottonmouth were cool too, Shades Iago ,style a perfectly good hoodie getting ruined  he gets a better one from Meth later,I always knew QT was into this comic- He could still do Master of Kung Fu that would be a must see -I can dream lol I get where he's coming from but these Marvel stories aren't set in the 70's although they would work in that context too -Luke's gone from Funk to Hip Hop .. his characters evolved over the years but soundtrack is fantastic -evokes that era as well as the flashback scenes-good to hear this again shit if this don't play... been getting that alot with the new youtube may end playlists altogether (not a fan -even more difficult to make playlists now ) Who's this Luke cat anyhow.?.. A few interviews with stars from show- starting with Mike hope his hair don't grow back lol(I had to put up with that drag since I hit 30) -but he looked very scruffy in prison -this is a much smoother look -more like the modern civil war era Cage than the original 70's look but I don't mind Mike plays Luke  with a humbleness and grace not a gun toting idiot-he  knows how strong he is . Interview with Misty Knight actress Simone Missick (who I can't wait to see in season 2)and Cottonmouth old skool gangster with a talent to tickle the ivories had to feature Diamondback  the final clash is kind of like The Quiet Man in Harlem -more please... Where next for Luke -well he finally met Iron Fist in The Defenders -it's the best partnership since Starsky and Hutch -seems natural they work together Gonna be thee Nazz I'll leave the last word to Johnny Blaze

Monday, 4 September 2017

Devil Days

First Daredevil I read -early Frank Miller must of been 7 or 8 -found it kinda scary -always a good sign as far as comics go- I'm Totally hooked on Daredevil tv show -they've got it right-Matt, Foggy ,Karen ,The Kingpin , Elektra , The Punisher , Stick -totally how it should be in film form -far superior to movie that was made in the last decade -captures that vibe I got when I read these stories as a kid (much more menacing than any other superhero title back in the early 80's it's also great they went back to "The ,Man Without Fear" graphic novel from early 90's for first season and parts of season 2-which is like Daredevils year one - -only thing is where the hell is Bullseye ? DD's arch nemesis apart from The Kingpin -the dude in bowling alley episode would of made a great Lester -perhaps we'll see Bullseye in season 3 (it's gotta happen-and he's gotta have his iconic outfit not an Irish mush with a circle drawn on his head like the movie -shows been kinda of faithful in some respects hopefully old Bully will appear.)would be nice to see DD'S yellow costume too-I'm  sure his tailor can come up with a spare in case red one gets damaged -I'm  still having probs with playlists -not sure if this will go directly to parts 2 & 3 afterwards maybe a good thing if you don't want spoilers for season 3 as after John Romita JR 's interview it may contain the plot for future episodes. Charlies done a great job on show -didn't realize until today that he's a Brit -he shouldn't complain about his age -I'd say Matt in my estimation would be in his 30's I was reading comic before he was even born lol-gawd sometimes I feel ancient then realize hell of alot of people waayy older than me-so it's ok lol
This dude totally nailed the Kingpin -Wilson Fisk in some ways you have sympathy for him especially when he's a little kid what he goes through with his bastard of a father -but of course he's the bad guy -but he's bloody good at it ... the kid that bullied by the Drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket -perfect sense the casting here Foggy & the lovely Karen Daredevil wouldn't be complete without Elektra -Elodie 's great too - hope she's in season 3 didn't take long to resurrect her in The Defenders Love this guys take on The Punisher -I'm reminded of DeNiro's take on Jake Le Motta - more on the side of DD's take on justice -gonna have his own show you actually care about Frank even though he's all rage. Really smart move coming up with The Defenders -got me to check out the original shows -Power Man after my Daredevil binge I may even re-watch all of Jessica Jones again also a cool show.Gonna see if this gives away any clues to what Marvel & Netflix have up there sleeves for the future....

Friday, 1 September 2017

Texas Fuzz

The big country.. Texas City aka Mega City 3(art by Mike McMahon ) wanted to tip my hat to Texans as they've had a crappy week -Jim from Florida kicks off it's good intro kinda makes sense -but the Texas sounds rules after-got into garage I guess around the same time Mudhoney & Nirvana were doing there thing in Seattle so to learn about these flourishing scenes 20 or years prior was great too. Seems like YouTube have changed everything lately -can't embed playlist just individual songs which is a very draggy thing especially as my blogs kind of rely on them so all I can do right now is link it

even managed to squeeze in some JR Ewing -thee Hagman always a cool hat and a drink in hand  lol

Saturday, 26 August 2017


Very strange week-be glad to see back of it-rounded it off watching Trainspotting 2 or T2 as they seem to call it-so a wee bit of that amongst the mix -a decent follow up

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Colourquake -Post 12


Haven't done any of these abstracty things  in a while-wanted to see if I could reduce this feeling of numbness and shock  -not sure I succeeded -awful feeling grief - you'd think by now I would be used to it -but each person lost is a  world of there own -there own individual story -it's still very raw how I feel about my mate Chris -last time I saw him he was sober for a change -helped some people move some furniture -looked good too -clean shaven-he was usually bearded  - I saw him a few weeks before then -I was heading to the polling station as it was election day- been a mate we shared some weed -said he'd get some more later -he was always good like that-generous although he was over fond of the hard liquor been kinda short I never touch the stuff -it hasn't done me any favors in the past so it's not for me any more -I stick with the stout sadly the bottle  it took my friend away -I have another friend whose a fair bit older whose also addicted -I'm very worried I will lose him too  as it wasn't just the drink but prescribed medication - he's on alot of tablets as well as a nasty vodka habit..
I went to the funeral on my own -never done that before -but I really had to -I'm sure his family and other friends wondered who the hell I was but Chris had loads of mates as you can imagine -I'll never get over this -I guess it's best to remember the funny moments - but its rough right now -I'm sure it's a 1000 times more so for his kids and wife -they'll have to be strong -
I'll try and do a bit of a tribute on next playlist -so it'll be kinda sad in parts.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Dorset Days

Something a bit different -some holiday snaps-had a nice time in Dorset as you will see -this was outside a shop that only sold teddy bears in Swanage-I did go in searching for a hippo but exclusively Bears, Panda's and Unicorns but well worth visiting if your in the area-sunburnt on the nose always happens.

My Sister George took the majority of these photos -this was from first evening -Swanage again very tranquil -unlike Flintstone which is all ferries fishing boats and seagulls -only heard one seagull -he must of followed me all the way from Kent
Traveling to Swanage station to go by train (a proper choo choo train ) we saw this fantastic house with painting of collies in the windows -having grown up with two collies ourselves had to take a snap -owner must of loved dogs very much.
snap of my sister at platform-by a diesel train -I have far more pics of this but my older sister Zippy hasn't got those photos yet so I can't upload those (there may be a part 2 to this post or I'll post them on flickr /facebook or whatever for people to ignore-really is squaresville mostly hence this blog )-here's first example of me been incapable with my camera - may give in to pressure of not having a smart phone soon seems great for taking pics and films -it's just that when I did have a normal mobile I'd have a friend phone me up in the middle of the night when he was pissed up I got fed up of it -so thats one reason I don't bother with phones -kinda like living in 20th Century more than 21st -I'm a  bit of a luddite.

More steamy moments later.
pic of George again looking like a Rolling Stone on the set of a Wickerman type movie -this is Corfe Castle -well worth a visit saw archery and wee kids running around dressed as Knights a good afternoon out -and fab coffee -
head was too big to fit through stocks) maybe it's just for kids -goes to show they were evil gits back in medieval times...had some better ones of castle again I'll have to post them later...
must of been final day seeing as I'm in grey shirt -but another shot of steam train -bought my friend hat I'm wearing here getting a bit attached to it may not give it to him now hopefully his head will be too big lol-mind you its more Sydney Greenstreet than Bogart so perhaps not.

You'll have to watch this whilst performing yoga or something lol thought I could edit in youtube alas no might be able to fix with camera -but it's fecking complex with my fat fingers right now.
Some awesome shops in Swanage and lots of Jack Hargreaves clones although they missed that vital thing -a pipe .
Day three met a baby Triceratops along the trail
Hippo on the move in Durlston- as well as the sights saw a excellent exhibition by Mandy Barker of good artists in the area it seems)

Another flattering pic of my sister -mines worse went hat-less  for a change but got wrong angle for hanky on head.
Day 4 was spent in Bournemouth -nightmare journey on open top bus very windy -spent a fair bit of time on Swanage beach too both very busy.
One more choo choo train -still don't know what a Minion is they look like mad peanuts to me.. kind of movie parents take kids to -

Had to get some culture whilst in Bournemouth -all that  shopping stuff is everywhere -does my head in so instead we headed for The East Cliff Hall which is where the Russell Cotes Museum is located
Some incredible paintings, sculptures , pottery , furniture armour  you name it collected by the couple as they travelled the world - highly recommended if you want to expand your  knowledge even met a few Napoleonic superstars (sorta)

puckered up to Nelson but Horatio would have none of it.
Not tonight Johnnyboy - mind you Bonaparte would be Napo soon seeing as this was sculpted when he was on Saint Helena his final resting place.
Othello-awesome  bust as was the black queen which is visible in next pic
A fine collection of art -George took lots of pics -but my fave had to be "Christmas Morning 1886" by John Brett (I dig storm pics)

Picked up a fantastic manga in gift shop -usually read European and American comics but this was really cool -good way to learn about Merton and Annie's travels to the Orient

I almost caused a bomb scare in the museum as I'd bought a copy of Axis Bold as Love for my Nephew (as he'd passed his exams) I was so involved looking at all the art I left record by the wall -would of hated to see such a classic destroyed by a controlled explosion -thankfully there was an attendant that notified me that I'd  been so forgetful -so that's the record I'm carrying in a few of these pics in the black bag.
Final day was spent in Wareham -visited  St Martins Church pre Norman so over a thousand years standing -within lies a effigy of  Lawerence of Arabia -got film of that so I'll get screen-capping  that and other parts of my holiday soon
Final stop before heading back to train station was Harry's for a Pint and a half of the black stuff and a burger -gonna miss the place - and there's only so much you can do in four and a half days so may return in a few years check out the tanks, monkeys and Stonehenge.
It's certainly a highlight of the year for me so far-wish I could get out more -but it's a rare thing these days -no doubt I'll post other stuff related to my little summer break soon enough .