Saturday, 17 June 2017


Short playlist by my standards -been an awful week what with the tragic events in London -my deepest sympathies go out to everyone who has lost loved ones.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Never Mind the Ballots

Two years goes very quickly seems like a few monthes since I last went to ballot box -I hope calling a  early election backfires on  Ms Warhol and her smug toff and wannabee toff friends-Dangermouse & Penfold all the way!

there has to be a counterpoint to that Trump lunatic -I can only see May been poodle mark 2 -Corbyn's different , having voted against the second Gulf War and been present along with The Beast of Bolsover when Robin Cook resigned (the only MPs who had the guts and principles to defy Blair's Bush kow towing anyo) The Doris has no flow -everytime I see Jezzer Hunt I expect to see Fanny the Wonderdog to turn up ... wanted to vote for this geezer last time around but he was only running in Thanet/Broadstairs area ... he was running against Judge Death (who I suspose actually won )seeing as it was revealed that the Tory candidate didn't declare his expenses (real Alan Bstard style-pirates can't be trusted) Death got his own way ultimatly anyhow with Brickit (I mean Brexit) please not a five more years of these bandits I don't think they'll be a Election Screenwipe this time around seeing as it's a snap election(the arrogance of it all is disturbing)but here's hoping -but this will bring back some cringworthy memories..

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Pepper Day

bit of joanna Les Dawson style at the end lol .. I think Revolvers my fave although this post is really about its follow up Sarge Pepper so Revolver I guess is Corporal Pepper lol Sometimes I drift between Revolverville & Pepperland (turn left  of Blue Blue Meanies )back to the main act -video featuring sleeve artist Peter Blake
Peter Blake - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover design from Turnbull Studio on Vimeo.
if that don't work don't see the point of vimeo -Always remember seeing the cover art for Sarge for the first time in 1980 guess I was seven , my next door neighbours folks had a copy I went over their so he could help me build a Stuka lol (modelling kits were the thing back then) Not sure I could name anyone on cover I know most of the cover stars  now of course but used to think Alister Crowley was Yul Brenner lol -I've done a few Pepper Collages myself I may do a third if I find a good reason to. the era  between Revolver & Pepper fascinates me it reminds me of how I used to think as a kid that everything before colour television came out was in black and white and when the first colour tv came out that made reality technicolor -I think Tomorow Never Knows captures the monochrome world on its deathbed whilst Pepper signalled colours birth -which is kinda true in a way ..John and Richard Lester OST provided by Paul -funny seeing this through a proper shaped tv rather than those glorified monoliths that switch themselves off (meaning flatscreen tv) More Austin Powers than Austin Powers .. It seemed a confusing time for the Fab 4 what with Brian dying and that swami con man waiting in the wings ...may as well as get onto the main course guess it was time Beatles stopped been "Mockers" I still sneer at hippies to this day thanks lol..I was doing my work experience so I was 14 in a Box Factory first couple of days I'd be sweeping the floor as the week progressed I was on production line and finally design at least the box design -the artwork would be elsewhere in the country (if only the real work life progressed in such a way and as fast ) but back in 87 I got to see a holographic CD Boxset of Pepper before it came out  I guess their was very ltd run of these but nice see artwork again.. looks like they've moved Beatles around not sure if Peter Blake was involved
fave songs from album can't feature coz of blue blue meanies no idea why people shoot themselves in foot it's 21st century and all that day money will be over, Pet Sounds and Pepper were huge evolutionary steps as was Smile if it did come out at the time but it half killed Bri mad mash :) that Joe Meek was onto something - George getting it right.. glad this here at least .. could of done every song but would of been a snippet or a cover or no audio at all so I'll finish off with a song that annoyed my dad on the jukebox in a granada service station heading towards a ferry to Belfast back in the day -its the sheer noise reminded me of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine but with strings so when I first heard this I got it... best place to play this is on a jukebox in a service station lol great way to divide the uncool

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


"Roger Roger!"as a wise old battledroid once said ..Lords & Savages - Han Solo in the West -Terry G on PKD and much much Moore .. JohnoVision,

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


:(....It's hard to think about anything else but the evil obscene events of Monday. Why prey on the innocent or anyone for that matter , the lack of mindset it frightens me- but here  I wanted to tip my hat to the Mancs . Only been there once but I liked it...I'm a sucker for trams don't get that kinda thing down south.."I'm totally wired" as a wise man once said .

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Johnny und Wulf

Been so looking forward tro seeing this..but first a few words from the creators... I've featured this on playlist before but I doubt anyone wades all the way through those things but classic double act ...
Onto the main act Johnny A --dude was created before Fett hard to say who I dig the most. I hope makers of film get to work on new JD TV show would make sense as would Stront's been walking around in that series .

Monday, 15 May 2017

Purple Floyd

Better in Mono but its a cool photo. Some great  Granddad dancing here (how do you dance to 'Stella anyhow???)dude probably went onto been Magnus Pike or something ...having a Floydian Hendrixian afternoon , As a 14 year old a mate lent me a  C90 tape which had Pink Floyds Relics on one side and The Jimi Hendrix Experiences "Are you Experienced " on the other it only occurred to me today that their  were released within a week of each other .. the rest of tape was made up of Creems Goodbye ..but  I thought Barrett and Hendrix were the meat and potatoes  from then on.. not Syd but always dug this fingermouse freakbeat... Syd Solo JB vs LSD (cool to see Syd's painting incorporated into the animations. Onto JimiExp
.But I miss cassette tapes they helped you survive the 80's lol best hussar jacket ever .When Jimi met "God" Innocent & Experienced .Good to hear from the man himself at peak of his power.

First recording of Jimi? (or that might be My Diary with Rosa Lee Brooks)
1967 and all that.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Big News and I need to pinch myself to see if I'm not dreaming been wishing for this since 1984.deffo needs John and Alan's humour -plenty of room for that in a TV series Dredd doesn't even need to be the major character -but the presence of the law -that's how to approach his world -could be onto a winner here if they handle it right ... here's a few stories that may be explored in series -but my first thought when I saw title of show  Mega City One was Marlon Shakesphere aka Chopper aka The Midnight Surfer (that needs to be live action without a doubt) A few live Action versions of Old Stoney face .. the 95 movie was a big let down -Sly had to play Hollywood game which is not what JD is about at all -but it did feature Hammerstein and Ian Dury and the Cure on the soundtrack -but The Movie just hit all the wrong beats which is a drokkin shame... the real Rico's is as ugly as sin having spent time on Saturn's Moon Titan rather than Aspen (jeez how did that happen?)Rico's meant to be identical to Joe -sylvester and Armand aint. cool to know Ian was a fan . From 90's PS1 game but I actually liked this more than the 90's movie he looks like Joe if drawn by John Burns or Cliff Robinson and he's very Clint which is the right Dredd vibe although lately as Joe's kinda old he reminds me of John Wayne (but in a good way) cool to see Chief Judge Griffin in this too- the closest so far to getting the uniform right. By today's standards not the greatest game-but it was fun to play and generous with all the different modes as well the main story- I thought voices and music were great -not sure why Chief Judge Hershey and Anderson were going around all unzipped like that(Judges don't do that) Dredd would of put them in a nympho cube 30 years lol- but I wish everyday for a new Dredd game Red Dead/Mass Effect/Fallout /GTA style -Rogue Trooper which followed was the business kept true to his story-but no major 2000ad games since.. now Rebellion have rights to Fleetway characters the worlds there oyster would love to see a Battle compilation game for example (third person mind nobody does that in these historical games apart from Rockstar & Assassins Creed,) One Eye Jack ,Rat Pack, Johnny Red Leopard from Lime Street Roy of the Rovers ,The Sarge etc would make such awesome games )Karl & Olivia should reprise these roles .. they got it right .   Looking forward to Search and Destroy The Strontium Dog fan film (not long now) -so to get in the mood here's Judge Minty again .. but it's so  Boss gotta see it again.Greg Staples is an excellent Dredd & Artist . I dunno do they need a sequel it's worth seeing as Ridley's an old Mucker with my old art teacher Brian Love who taught Ian Dury too , so glad it's him .. maybe film needs addressing seeing as we live in Blade Runner times .

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Iggy Days

By Mick Rock -A Real Street Walkin' Cheetah !...last week I had a Star Wars weekend -this Weekend a Stooges marathon ..guess it's the cool typeface where the S hits the T !Just saw the two Jim's Gimme Me Danger ..very good..(even saw a Hell in the Pacific Billboard a most  excellent  Lee Marvin movie that)The John Wayne stories great too.. so this playlist isn't a repeat of that but rather various snippets in random time in the life of the Ig -interviews as well as performances even manage to squeeze in a episode of Taxi lol  so a bit of Bowie, Ivan. Fred ,Josh , Ron, James Carlos ,Steve, James ...the list can go on .. Igs worked with the best- trying to remember first time I heard the Stooges -guess it would be 86 or 87 -but it wasn't the Stooges -I think it was around Blah Blah Blah  so I was  about 13 or 14 on Dutch Radio I  could pick up those stations .and they always played cooler stuff than English stations apart from Peel .taped it naturally as it was the best thing I'd ever heard ..Raw Power...then  Sixteen -life changing stuff- guess it was this performance (I think it was in Belgium )

I was aware of Iggy through Bowie  but not so much The Stooges -then I heard Penetration on Radio Caroline (it came back for a short while in the 80's they also played Tonite by MC5 so it was a good introduction to that Detroit sound)-then bought Raw Power at Tribes record shop and it grew from there ...bootlegs , rehearsal tapes , skydog records -as rough as these recordings were they sounded modern in the way sub pop and hardcore records did at that time so it was all the same thing to me ..the honesty and the guts of it that's what counted.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Saturday Club Playlist

Sad to hear about Brian of my fave DJs although I didn't live in those times .. he's proof that rationed rock n roll is best....some real rare gems here...all legends

Sounds of the 60's is what I would get to hear though  I used used to catch that show at work dish-washing pot-bashing and what not kept-but it kept  you going usually it would be average ass commercial stations in work places so his shows were all from heaven above on a Saturday morning ... R.I.P

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Star Ryder

 Looks like Captain  Phasma here .. but I could be wrong..
Been a very Star Warsy week what with Celebration going on in Florida -lots of highlights including Marks tribute to Carrie where he mentioned this Kinks song (He's going to be so good in this new movie looking forward to December) I've finally sorted out problem with embedding and mouse (settings doh!) still a struggle to embed vids though in some cases ... another highlight is of course was the actual trailer for The Last Jedi silly Yorkie Bar chomping voice over with but a narration and it's not quite clear who is saying those lines -could be Luke,Maz at the start or could be Ben Solo (Han Ren? -perhaps Ren is the Smith or Patel of the Star Wars galaxy lol)so Han changed it to be different . so still kind of mysterious as it should be that space battle looks epic and it looks like we get to see another Desert Planet or perhaps return to Jakku or Tatooine -I wonder about this reported Casino Planet -you'd think Lando would be there but I watched interview with Billy last night doesn't seem like he's going to be in these movies which is a pity I'd of liked to of seen what he's been doing over these last 30 years..The  other highlights included Boba Vs Bane although I hope this isn't canon or if it is it appears later but I always thought Vader created that dent in "Enemy of the Empire" besides don't want Bane to die I think he should still be around at least up till Episode 4 era so I see this as vid as a what might of been if there was a seventh season of The Clone Wars (so it's a bit early for the Bobster to have his iconic gear anyhow) Enemy of the Empires so cool it deserves to be canon ..but this is cool too so In my mind he has two helmets and they get dented in exactly the same place lol..roll on Bounty Hunter movie perhaps they explore Banes fate in that film... or perhaps thee Cad will appear in the upcoming Han Solo movie.
Another trailer  this time for Battlefront 2  good to see a story based campaign I got a bit bored with multiplayer and seeing as my ps4 packed in the other week I have to go way to the start so I can't be bothered now .. but this looks like an more expansive experience -kinda Kir Kanos (see Crimson Empire) storyline as we'll get to see from an Imperial perspective from the looks of things...but they'll never be the good guys -they have the wrong end of the stick -+ 30 years is a long time to I hope story isn't just zap zap bang bang -there's a novel that will proceed the game I'm sure that will be a great insight into the main heroine of the story.

The second Panademic Battlefront was great I still play it with the mods from time to time so I expect the same kind of leap in gameplay and innovation ..hope they don't muck it up. Then there's the final season of Rebels trailer -should be Mando City!!! ...will they carry on with another title through Galactic Civil War or will it be a Old Republic cartoon? perhaps they could do a Pirate Bounty Hunter themed show to tie in with The New Solo movie that would be a good way to feature Bane and Boba again - (will Rex get hair transplant by the time Jedi comes out seeing as he's meant to be that old Rebel Commando with a Willy Nelsonesque ponytail -thing is that dude aint a maori so how could he be Rex?)although it's nice to think he's still live and kicking in that time period.I think he disguises himself as a Biker Scout durring the Battle outside the bunker (I'm kinda eagle eyed when it comes to stuff like that seeing I've been around as long as these movies) goosebumps as Piper would say. Been busy Mass Effect Andromeda in-between buying new computer -finished main story (as they rolled credits but really halfway through as theres still tonnes to do loyalty missions , film nights making planets livable again-when game out seemed to get a grilling which it didn't deserve -my Sara's fine nowt wrong with her she's kinda like Natasha Kinski ..hopefully the initial problems will be ironed out, and that they'll be DLC on the way (they do a fine job on that usually Bioware)like the Fallout playlist this will grow and grow into a cutscene movie that'll last days. I did first video before ps4 and video crashed hence auburn hair so she had a major makeover before she went to Habitat 7  lol I was hoping to see this guy in game or that The Happy Mondays did soundtrack lol .. but here's the original Ezy Ryder

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Technical Difficulties

Yet again computer snuffed it -almost immediately  after ps4  conked out (and no I didn't smash it up or lose my cool with  it decided to  flake out on me too...machines huh!  if you ask me 21st Century so far is built in obsolescence by it's very artificial nature ..just  all the mad shit that's happening right now in the news it's like they want to break the world-I'm seriously bummed --feel like  Unlucky Alf from Fast Show -can't even embed they fuck up how you embed videos using a mouse and that stupid square thing at the front of the computer that seems to have replaced using a mouse -prefer mouse -that's how I'd paint with photoshop but oh no can't use that have to use something i'm not used to and it ruins things utterly -I rely on embed codes for all the blogs I've created -wanted to feature Mass Effect playlist ..but due to even more technical difficulties can't even do that just yet
I'll try and post again when modern life isn't so rubbish -"oh bugger!" as old Unlucky Alf would say...hopefully this computer will last a bit longer although I can't  guarantee it.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Mandalorian 7-Part 2-The Big Freeze preview

 Todays been a shite sandwich to say the least -I'm almost convinced since I bought the new Mass Effect game that the actual disc has a hex on it -firstly it didn't load game completly so I went back to start and tried to reload it -which it refused to do then my controller conked out so I went off and bought a recharging station -then  the icing on the cake my  screen froze pressed every button to eventually unplugged the damn thing after which it refused to do anything expecting me to have a usb stick with backup or something... fucking modern crap so it's dead now and it deserves to be bastard! shite machine! dealing with tech turns me Basil Fawlty with a  worse grasp of bad language -guess I'll have to fork out again and buy another but I'm totally browned off -and I need to fill in my Tuseday void with something-I have no tv I relied on PS4 for that and all   hence this post
 I recieved opening crawl for story I'm writing  so that cheered me up a little I guess -not sure  musics on there in certain countries (copyright issues? everyone knows it's John Williams  ffs -had same issue with Battlefront videos so I  don't bother with that either now) .. but this is much better than the one I originally filmed with my camera (its gone now as I've replaced it with this one)

Page 1:
 The Mandalorian Seven-Part 2 -The Big Freeze.
Frame 1:
The burning wreck of shuttle ST107 upside down in a Death Star hanger - A officer points towards the craft to a Firefighter Trooper as chaos erupts around the battle station

Officer:"This isn't a drill -extinguish that shuttle before it blows on the double!"

 Frame 2: Opun McGrrr awakens it's been a rough landing (again )-his hands still bound by cuffs -he is lucky to survive -smoke fills the the ships cells.

 McGrrrr: "Whuh? Whurr am I?"

 Fenn Shysha:" Unlock these binds or I'll snap your generals neck"

 Frame 3

:Fenn has General Basts head locked behind the energy binds and is close to throttling the life out of the Imperial General A Navy Trooper motions towards them weapon down cast.Opun still slumped on the ground is witness to all this as Bast begs for his life.

 General Bast :"Do as he ..ruurrr says....that's an order gasp*

 Frame 4 :Hands unfetted , Shysha bashes the guard square in the skull with is elbow -Bast wheezes down on the ground holding his neck .McGrrr attempts to raise himself up as this transpires.

Fenn Shysha:"Attaboy!.. I'll take ya blaster too gonna need that too "

Opun McGrrr:"Wha about me?

"Frame 5 : Fenn is already on the move-he's grabbed Bast too as he knows he's a valuable prisioner as he runs he's blasting with the stunned Navy Troopers weapon -as smoke and flames fill the shuttles interior .

 Fenn Shysha :"try and keep up- you're coming with us too General!"

Frame 6:

 Leaping from the shuttles upside down exit Fenn mows down two firefighter troopers who are trying to calm the shuttles flames - with Bast in tow

Fenn Shysha:"Wherever we are it's time to leave!"

 Page 2:

 Frame 7:
Big double page splash -huge battle scene as Tie Fighters & Interceptors locked in combat with the Mandalorian Cruiser -Gauntlet Fighters and various other Mando Craft dogfighting whilst the Death Star in its completed form watches on unaffected by the firefight going on in its orbit -we get a extreme close up of the cockpit of Tobbi Dala as he communicates to his fellow Commandos

Tobbi Dala: "Keep them busy ... I'm going in "

 Page 4:

Frame 8

:Tobbi's Gauntlet fighter sideswipes two exploding Tie Fighters destroyed by two of his fellow wingmen .
 Wingman:"Roger that Tobbi. "

"Frame 9:
As Fenn hits the ground gun pulled to General Basts head he is stopped in tracks by a deck officer who standing directly behind him with a large DLT-19 blaster aimed directly at the Mandalorian .

 Fenn Shysha:"One False Move...

"Frame 10:
McGrrr belly flops directly on top of the deck officer his body mass totally flattens the imperial as he drops from the shuttle doorway -Fenn twists around alerted to the danger .
 Deck Officer: "unnnkkk!"

McGrrr:" ooooffff!"

Frame 11:

McGrrr looks up to Fenn gesturing with his cuffed hands, eyes almost like a puppy -beneath him the deck officers lifeless hand protuding beneath crushed by Opuns weight .

McGrrrr:"Ahh cmon?"

Fenn Shysha:" guess I could do with another gun i'll see if I can free ya"

 Frame 12:
Tobbi skillfully evades the imperial gunners entering the hanger ,Imperial troops mobilize to prevent the Gauntlet from landing

 Frame 13:

 Fenn, McGrrr now carrying the deck officers rifle and Bast run from the crashed shuttle ...blasting troopers as they flee under heavy fire but with Bast as prisoner , the Imperials are hesitant in their choice of shots -
 Fenn Shysha:" I knew you'd come through Tobbi "

 Page 5:

 Frame 14:

 The Shuttle explodes as Tobbi swerves his ship into landing position troopers, walkers robots are all thrown backwards by the eruption. Fenn and Opun rush towards Tobbi's craft.

 Frame 15:
 From the rear door a astromech droid rolls down the ramp -a R2 unit but coloured much like Boba Fetts helmet greens oranges and reds. Imperial energy bolts zip past the little droid .

 Frame 16:
 The robot wheels it across the Death Stars shiny floors a blue light beaming from it's eye behind him .
Tobbi has left the pilot seat and is now covering both the droid but also Fenn who still has his gun to General Basts head and McGrrr who are rushing towards the Mandalorian ship.

 Tobbi:"Standard evac procedure ... you know the drill"

 Frame 17 :

 From the Imperials point of view -who are opening fire wildly through a platoon of blue-ish Mandalorian shocktroopers -some of Tobbi and Fenns shots hit some stormtroopers but this adds to the illusion as the R2 unit is projecting a big hologram .

 Imperial Officer:" Mando Squad gun them down!"

 Frame 18:

 Tobbi uses his wrist flamethrower to provide cover , Fenn releases Bast who crawls along the Death Stars deck McGrrrr has made it inside the ship and dashes towards the cockpit laser bolts shreek by crashing all around the ship
. .
Mcgrrrr:"Nice meeting you lads...!"

Frame 19:

The Gauntlet  raises of the Death Stars deck  in vertical take off mode , Tobbi and Fenn valantly  fight there corner but are increasingly out numbered by Troopers and now  Scout Walkers  begin to approach the two warriors .-Fenn turns to see that Mcgrrrr has stolen Tobbi's ship.

McGrrrr:"But I have business to attend to"

Fenn  Shysha:"Hey?"

Page 6:

Frame 20:

The two Mandolorians are surrounded by Stormtroopers as well as Death Troopers -their  is no other option  but to lower there weapons -if they have any chance to breath another day.,, The Gauntlet clears the hanger into the battle amongst the stars.

Tobbi:" That womp rat you picked up -is a dead man-better to get even than die here"

Fenn" I hear you - okay white hats we surrender!"

Frame 21:

Director Orson Krenix  is at the scene , in white uniform and cloak much like we see him in Rogue One (this story takes place a year prior) beside him to his left and right  weapons pointed at Fenn & Tobbi  are two Deathtroopers... Krennic grins.

Director Krennix:"We have the two intruders Lord Vader ...shall I...?"

Frame 22:

Darth Vader  elsewhere on The Death Star  rear view gazes out of a large window  into the battle  between the Tie Fighters and Gauntlets the Mandolorian Cruiser is also visable  and streaks of colours from laser blasts and explosions .

Darth Vader:"I will deal with them personally Director Krennic - commander direct your fire towards the cruiser"

Frame 23:

The Death Star Gunner commander recieves Vaders message  and obeys his order.

Death Star Gunner Commander:" Very Good my Lord -commence primary ignition "

Frame 24:
The Eight  green beams of the Death Stars Concave Dish merge into one  powerful beam  ...

Frame 25:
View of the Mandolorian Cruiser been absolutely  annihilated by the Death Stars superlaser  the impact is totally devasting  smaller ships are also caught up in the blast .

Frame 26:

Vader stands emotionless as ever  front view as he walks away from window ..what was once a superclass cruiser has been reduced to fiery embers and  then to nothing ... the space battle is all but over with one shot from the space station .

Darth Vader:"Bring the prisoners to me -unharmed we have much to discuss Director Krennic "/

 So there you go first 6 pages of second part  of The Mandalorian Seven(script will be around 26 pages per chapter)   I  suspect they'll be four parts to the complete story  as it's all planned out in my head as are the two follow ups If I ever get to write them  .. above Ben in Rako disguise with Boba .. based on Dredd/Strontium Dog 2000ad cover-That Carlos Ezquerra did back in early 90's I havent got around to completing it the above script but this is what I was getting up to b4 I became obbessed  with doing a Fallout4 movie (that would last god knows how many hours) it'll be much more jazzy than this once I feel in the mood to resume  working on it. Artwork at top of post is a preview of whats to follow in season 4 of Rebels -season 3 ended over the weekend - it's been a memorable journey especially Sabine and Bens episodes which I have to take into special consideration , If I am to write this story I have to be able to connect it to the real events of the time shown both in Rebels and Rogue One-I don't want to stray from that -this chapter explores Dantoinne as well and why it was evacuated (my ideas pretty neat-and connects way back to the original animated Clone Wars series with Mace but I won't reveal too much but it  here's the clip where Jules ,,, I mean Mace is kicking droid ass on Dantoinne )
I'll try and force myself to get back on the script and illustration -got so many ideas how this story is going progress but I must be careful if Ifind out what actually transpires is totally different in canon.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Mess Effect

Mr Messy -slightly before he sold out and became a conformist -nobody remembers him when he's all tidied up though...same goes for Mr Greedy after diet. My console seems kaput or at least the controller -I'm going livid -whats more can't progress off Nexus onto The Tempest says game loading isn't complete never seen anything like it b4 and hugely frustrating -so I can't really comment on a game that won't let me play it .Heres opening scenes wanted to do a playlist similar to Fallout4 -which is progressing very well as you'll see .. but it may be sometime before I can resume with Mass Effect playlist.
I think my Ryder needs a brace-I'll  have to reload everything all over again once I get new controller or re-install disc whatever the problem is... so may re-record these vids depending on how  next Sara or Scott look like.
My Fallout 4 vid playlist is growing by the day -not sure how many vids it'll be by the conclussion -but theres no end in sight could be about 600 to 800 at a guess -I'm including ps4 mods (yeah I  know seems like there are far more mods out there for xbox and pc )but least there are a few quest mods floating out there hope more will follow (these mods could do with audio though only realized halfway through that I needed subtitles )and if mods go too nutty doesn't fit in with story or world  so I keep that in mind -so far 223 videos and I haven't even got to the Institute yet .

Putting stuff out on youtube is sort of new to me-not really doing this to get tonnes of views but really for reference some cracking stills of my soul surviour in action point moments would make a good starter point for a pose in my comics especially The Deadly Sins which is visually similar to the characters i've created and the settlers too who also get the greaser makeover.
Seem to get views that don't show up youtube think many of the comments are spam sometimes I can't respond as youtube don't give the option to post some comments -so I'm not been rude .. but if it is spam fair dos,
Update-PS4 just died .. I'm in two minds to buy a new one or to get a xbox1 trouble with that is you can't record beyond 5 mins like I've been doing here-damn crummy machines they make me go all Abslom Darkk  Dalek Killer - maybe I' wont bother making any more videos -very depressed.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Chuck B

In 1955 There was Capitalism and Communism-but by 1957 there was a third route ...RnR! ahh man he was about to kill it! Chuck Berry no MC5? Chuck in more recent times..Stones Beatles Kinks..err everybody and anybody also would be non existent d/1UI8yq0B3Oc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> "Gone like a COOL BREEZE!" always the poet.I went to see Chuck with my eldest sister back in November 1993 or 94 its a while back at Hammersmith this song was one the hi-lights of the evening -as it's so different ..a calypso I love. all that jet propelled stuff but it showed another side to song writing skills.
 course 93 was when QT P-owned in cinemas so had to include this one. "Rotten Feckin' Jail!" Tulane Flat Topwith Keef-my fave song on 1st Stones album.. just for the speed and energy of it . best to stay that way been trying to take his advice all my life lol
They'll be Rockin' & Reelin' in Heaven now.

Friday, 17 March 2017


I dig snakes so Saint Pat isn't in my top ten saints but hey good excuse for some of the black stuff... A nod to the old country and all it's dominions,(meaning everywhere)

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Vic Fett?

Is this Vicrum Fett? possibly who's Vic ? well from details leaked from the net he's the role  Benico del Toro  is playing -Boba's son? or cousin (he'd have plenty come to think of it -been off  the same production line as the Clonetroopers) Though I doubt it's Boba himself as he's meant to be played by a  Maori -(Iimagine George was very particular with that been an anthropoligist )but could be a relation . Wasn't sure of the name at first -I liked Jango as a name as it harked back to The Spagetthi Westerns -not sure where the name Boba came from someone told me once it was Russian for The Devil -but I checked this out -perhaps it's from Bob Falfa -the Cowboy hatted  guy who Harrison Ford played in American Graffiti -who later became a motorcycle cop in More American Graffiti -maybe he's an intergalactic version of that guy lol..but Vic well theres Vic and Bob -and Dept S just .had to play this ..

U can't beat a bit of Cheggars possibly the most Stoogey thing to appear on Kids TV -. But back to all things Mandalorian here's some speculation -I'm avoiding spoilers - but with these Aftermath and Bloodline books that are out it's fun to fill in the gaps -apparently Laura Derns character  and Leia are bitter political rivals looking forward to seeing how that plays out.If Vicrum is Ezra that would be a neat twist as he disgused himself as a Bounty Hunter recently in a episode  to get on board a Star Destroyer and he's always using alias's Lando been one of them(Lando would pull the same trick in the old comics with a guy called Drebble) Gonna need some powerful blue contact lenses if this new Fett is really a Bridger .. Sad to see Sabine go recently -not sure she's left entirely -they'll have to return to The Mandalorian storyline hopefully in season 4 -but Sabine's the character I dig the most as well as Fenn (he'd make a decent Mando it was in the old comics ..he is apart from the armour kind of similar to Fenn Shysha)   glad they chose Tommy from Trainspotting to voice the character always figured from the original dialouge that he would talk like a Celt rather than your typical american sounding Stormtrooper .. I may get back to colouring Death in the City of Bone.. I made it to about page 5 or 6 last year as well as a portait of Dredd (actually got him the way I always wanted to illustrate him ) but then computer just said no and bloody lost everything )so been shying away from drawing and colouring on this new computer -but started work on colouring an episode of Judge Anderson-but writing no problem -but I'll have to wait till season 3's finished and catch up with whats happening with Old Ben - they should get John Sessions in to do the voice lol he does an excellent Sir Alec (so I won't return to writing that script until more details about Obi Wan , Dantooine and Mandalore are revealed) Classic Stella Street with George Smiley and "Anthony Hopkirk"

Friday, 10 March 2017


Celebrating The JB'S & 2000AD 40's years of Thee Zarjazz...

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Star Effect

About a month away from Saint Patricks day and by then it'll be just a few days before Mass Effect Andromeda errupts -so to wet the appetite  a few videos featuring the upcoming game .

Looks closer to the first game although I bet it runs much smoother -and none of that messing around without auto saves on the console. I won't get into too much speculation-I'll just play the game when it comes out and then form a judgement but I do miss my Fem Shep she was a babe and Ryder? any relation to Shaun or Ryder from GTA (one of my fave gangsters from San Andreas totally based on Easy E) no doubt I'll try and turn my new Mass Effect experience into a never ending movie which no one will watch lol seeing as you can do that with ps4 currently trying to put one together for Fallout 4 may be a while before I finish making this one+it's modded out of it's eyeballs so more female bodyguards than Colonel Gadaffi -Who I don't mind been trapped in lift so much- it's like a post apocalyptic ultra violent  Benny Hill chase scene mostly/ Love doing these great for stills -may come in use for comic I'm developing... very much in the style of what I have planned .I'm also looking forward to the Visceral Star Wars game I'm hoping it's along the same lines as Mass Effect & Fallout meaning you can customize your own Smuggler/Bounty Hunter or whatever -now that would be cool .. I doubt it's a Han Solo game but I wouldn't be surprised if you get to meet the good captain and Chewie within the game -(should be out just b4 Solo movie comes out)I'm guessing that the timeline of story is about the same point in history as the 1st Death Star-perhaps we get to see how it's destruction effects thw whole galaxy -but heres a little more info via Ryan & Robbie - I hope there's alot of the stuff seen in 1313 that will turn up... seems a real shame that never came out Haven't played Uncharted but I have first two Assassins Creed games (didn't see the point of the time travel malarky though should of just had a dude from that time) but I know they are good games  -so I'm looking forward to 2018 already if it means you can travel to different parts of the Star Wars Galaxy via hypherspace ala Nass Effect that would be amazing ..we'll have to wait and see,

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Strange to think this only came out a couple of monthes after Revolver -lots of Texan Garage  and Roky too as well as other cool stuff -I start these things and it grows as I go along  .

Sunday, 29 January 2017


Gutted about Sir John so he features a fair bit on this playlist as well as a bit of Madness ,Bubble Puppy's and Pulp Fiction

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Last Order

New Star Wars movie title isn't the first time it's been used dates back to this 1981 comic(although this is  the UK cover for part 2  as everyone will use the US cover) classic Walt Simonson although I think he really hit his stride when Ressurection of Evil kicks off ...feels more Star Warsy once that story begins - here's the one review I can find of it -Nathan again.. must of read everything this dude... not sure he liked Dark Empires sequels mind you , love Jim Baike especially on Judge Dredd , New Statesmen and Skizz  havent read the final instalment of that story but Jims top notch maybe story wasn't right.

I hope this movie has a Samarui vibe for sure I imagine it will if Knights of Ren and Stimpey are involved. these Knights that say "NOOOOOO!" are a curious thing - are they failed students of Luke or Fanboys of Vades -according to these Aftermath books looks like they are die hard Sith fanatics we had the Beatles & The Stones -they had The Emperor and old Darthy boy -mind you I can understand sorta. Prince is always great with the Star Wars craic ...Ireckon this guys one of them although he won't reveal himself till near end of the movie possibly. Been checking out this site look for ideas for  the Boba/Ben script I'm writing -trying to keep it 70's/80's George/Ralph  like in vision and scope -I may of  nailed whats going to happen in  the final act-no rush though just wait for Ewan to turn 60-we're about the same age so it may take a while b4 it hits screens lol  ) but I'm interested in what could of happened if George and Gary Kurtz didn't go seperate ways -have to say after reading early draft of Jedi with two Death Stars and Ben coming back to life they did make the right movie with the right beats , Jabba;s Palace, Sail Barge and Lukes Showdown with Vades and Palps  were handled and paced  much better in final script would of loved to have seen Had Abaddon on screen back in 83 though.

Guess Gary didn't like those canniabl Teddy Bears but I prefered it that Han survived -I mean whats the point of rescuing him fom Jabba if he snuffs it soon after so that's the right call.Theres a mix of sad and happy the end of that movie so it struck the right chord although didn't expect to wait till 99 for the next trilogy makes you wonder if Kurtz had stuck around they'd be a prequel in 86(doubt they could of done Jah Jah then) When Boss Nass met Anakin here's young Ani in a Powell /Pressburger classic

Monday, 23 January 2017

New Avengers

Been a while since I've featured The Avengers here..perhaps its the shock of hearing about Patrick and Brian Clemence  so soon after each other , but lately been re-watching old episodes on  DVD whilst writing and colouring (working on third part of Anderson at the mo )but a few major things have occured  in Avengerland since then ...starting with the discovery of a 1961 episode starring Ian Hendry -The Tunnel of Fear.

Fabulous news hope they find more - watched the Tunnel Of Fear reconstruction last night on DVD extras before I heard the news (bit slow on the up-take ) decided to do a search as I didn't expect anything new but yay!!..whats happpening in comicland?
I'll begin with the original strips that Big Finish have adapted into radio plays as have the first series scripts I think they adapted Luther Awkwright too with David Tennant just before he became the Doctor Luth's the very first example of what they call "Steampunk" these days . Seems there's also a Avengers /Batman 1966 series crossover goin' on too
Holy Catsuits Batman! looks awesome ..The artist has nailed that  70's Saturday morning  vibe on the head here (I wonder if Arthur Lee was writing about this very telephone? lol) I'm hoping this comes out in a collective format I bought a few of the Steed and Mrs Peel books but the art looks right here -like its rooted in that world rather than 21st Century which some of the newer stories make that mistake ...still going strong which is awesome to hear....hears interview with the Writer and Artist about the team up of the late 20th Century

I'm more of a Black N White era Avengers fan and I did write a script in the kind of format the show originally had -3 acts not so fantastical as the later episodes -more of a Cold War vibe - also wanted to explore characters origins as they all have an interesting backstory especially Steed , Gale and Peel so I tried to get a bit of that in ..
I will try and get around to completing a "Knights Tale"  the written side of it at least after Iwrite second part of latest Star Wars thing  - where Emma and Honey West are caught up in a battle royale -a prelude to The Superlative Seven which starred Donald Sutherland and Lobot (Lobot was in quite a few Avengers come to think of it) Here's Dame Diana talking about her experiences on the show.

Very short excerpt of interview from 1964 with Honor in Cathy Gale gear about getting her role in Goldfinger (I'd like to think Cathy is Pussy Galore possibly worth exploring in another script -but Avengers/Honey West crossover first I reckon) In these uncertain times The Avengers are very much needed hopefully more archive of first series will turn up fingers crossed hopefully they'll release Tunnel of Fear somehow on dvd or on stream I'm most curious to see that one as Steed to be on top form (Undercover as a magician with Belly Dancers-a must see)

Saturday, 21 January 2017


As I mentioned in last post I wanted to do a Cam Kennedy post as he's one of those artists that;s been with me since the beginning and has remained within various stages of my life ...from pocket sized books to Boba Fett he's the mann -Had to order this hardback as soon as I saw it on Amazon ,I guess I didn't really understand it well as a 7 year old I didn't really have a clue about The Vietnam War or Cambodia -even though it was five years after The Fall of Saigon when it first saw print but this time around having grown up under the shadow of these conflicts and seeing Apocalypse Now and the movies and documentaries that followed I understand story far clearly

Col Walter Mann sr Retired and Chong his comrade from The Korean War feature in a story I wrote some time ago -I think the object of that story was to connect the Battle ,Action and Valiant (with One Eye Jack)up with the Action Force stories ..possibly a failed experiment you be the judge
always prefered the concept of Action Force to GI Joe if your fighting international terrorism it should be an international team sent in to deal with it..I did like the early stories as they featured both  Cam and Gerry Day (who wrote Rogue Trooper , Harry 20 and many other Battle Stories  ...) although a  hardcore Battle fan would of seen stories for what they were a means to sell toys ..which by then I felt too old for -but the concept was good as the original Red Shadow era and early Cobra stories were page turners.But this post is about Cam .. looking forward to revisting War Dog too  a unique tale for it's time told from Kazan the dogs perspective

A few Cam related videos -first up a documentary which features Cam and his work on The Light and Darkness War -seems like the work on Fighting Mann, Rogue Trooper and the VC's led up to this collaboration with Tom Veitch -more of who later -video comes from 1988 (I can tell by the Acid House smileys the Presenter is wearing here)
This one goes out to Chopper .I liked Oz(but I was more into The Judda than the actual race) but the Midnight Surfer that's my fave Chopper story..guess it was good timing skate boarding was all the rage in mid 80's when this came out and was unusual as it cast Dredd more in a villians role -so John Alan and Cam did a top job on this story Cam was a bit of regular on Dredd-I guess Kenny Who is a little biographical
Heres a review of Cams Dredd/Batman team up I'd rate it higher as it invented The Chicken Fight -and a tight script is a good script Wagner/Grant/Kennedy are master story tellers I love the way Cam does movement -when someones shot he understands the fact that the whole body goes beyond control..he illustrates the impact , something I dig about Geoff Senior too, Got a nice surprise back in 91 ..this!
Cam was instrumental in the first Star Wars revival -kept the whole thang goin' and for that he must be applauded. You had to be there Nirvana and this 91 wasn't a bad year-on the surface at least  .Have to mention Cams Charleys War art .. I guess only him and Mike Western drew that strip apart from the mighty Joe. He'd draw for Summer specials and annuals ..I remember the story he drew was about soldiers letters been censored's one of those moments in life were you question who the enemy really are. One of my fave Cam characters in Dredd,this dude...Flip Marlowe.
All time fave though are the Fett books that came out  before the Special Edition  sort of leading up to that time ....if there is to be a Fett solo movie -I'd use this approach to the characters.
The Original Hulk

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

HV365TV -11

Reading new Fighting Mann /War Dog reprint book -which made me think of this classic front cover -new playlist -typically John So kinda Special.. next post will be about Cam the Man.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Clone Alone.

I've started writing second part Star Wars story as well as photoshop cover featuring Boba and Ben(in Rako disguise)usually a slow process for me these days having to deal with lots of other stuff going on in the real world-but it'll get done eventually but I did however find a website where you can create your own Star Wars crawl to wait almost a year before its converted to a mp4 file so for now I'll post this which I filmed (badly) with my own camera .. but its very groovy to see your words turned into a epic crawl... An Old Threat is my follow up of kinds to Bounty Hunter computer game that came out in 2002-and the Boba Fett Blood Ties comic series that Dark Horse produced a couple years back ..but in order to understand a little better the scripts that are to follow thought I'd give these another viewing to get me into the mood to write some more this week... The events that follow Bounty Hunter are within the pages of Jango Fett Open Seasons which are explained within this video although theres a chunk of stuff missing like Jangos training of Boba and the Zam Wessel comic although is it canon now? I'd say Bounty Hunter and Open Seasons would be as it makes sense as a whole and explains why Jango was chosen to be the Clonetrooper template. May as well feature ol Bobski too I guess most of this canon, I'd like to think Aiyleen and Vaders clash with him are (where he got the dent on his helmet)-another genius John Wagner moment. Blood Ties series is too good not to be canon so heres another review -whole things up on youtube but thats stealing really writers and artists need to eat. I like Connor(and the fact Bobas got relations) -come to think Bobs got the biggest family in the galaxy-well for a humunoid. The script I'm writing also has some very famous Star Wars characters and I did figure a way to get Luke off world as well as Ben possibly its a bit outlandish to do that-but I wanted Sir Alec in this story and his connection to Mandalore as he's very much connected to that system if you're familiar with The Clone Wars series.... nice to see this in colour I've known these scenes from novel and original comic adaptation but they wound up cut from movie but it does explain Biggs relationship and Lukes status before he hooks up with Ben . theres always assholes like Fixer in any universe sadly...maybe I should write a scene where Boba hunts him down and sells Camie to Jabba,.. Enjoying Marvels take on Star Wars -Vader, Lando, Han Solo , Leia Shattered Empire and the title series to name but a few  have all been great -not one bad one yet comics license is  in good hands

Would be nice to see a Jyn or Cassian comic somewhere down the line ... speaking of Rogue One got this beauty this week-good for research as my story takes place a year before so about the same time as where Rebels is right now in the timeline ..just waiting for them to get to Dantoinne (why the Rebels leave there is explained in my story ..but don't want to give that away besides i'm writing this for fun -they'll be another offical reason I'm sure as that series continues) Jyns toys are great "Mr Iggy" & "Stormie" been my faves, So many youtube channels about Star Wars .. lots of speculation about Snoke (I like to think he's a sock puppet with a name like that) Rey been a re-incarnation of Anakin sounds terrible I just hope that's not true..doesn't sound very George like- I'd rather her Great Grand Uncle Arnorld as a Force Ghost that would be wayy cooler -he's kind of Jedi like... when I read "Jawas of Doom" back in 84 as a school kid I thought YESSS! ...then thought Noooo! but it was one of my faves for obvious reasons.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Back to Work

Just wish this was the new Trump administration Bob's vapourising here -he's a no nonsense guy 4sure.
Must proceed with writing in 2017 .. nothing too heavy but for fun and a form of exocism of all that stuff I was thinking in the 80's (if Gareth Edwards can do it so can I  ..come to think of it  might of met him in pub long ago but not so far away and talked about Ridley Scotts debut The Shootists  and films we liked mind you memories a bit mashed)I'll try and inspire myself to write the second act of an "Old Threat" by painting a cover image of the script I've written over the next week or two- last time I painted on photoshop very happy with result , a portrait of Judge Dredd against Mega City Skyline got him just right -very Bollandy very Kirk Douglas -very John - but what happens? My  computer goes haywire and  I can't retrieve image .. took me over two mothes to get over the loss .. at least scripts still here .. I was planning a One Eyed Jack/ Dredd crossover .. the great news is that One Eyed Jack is going to see print again I hear today .. the best thing next to a actual comic about Dirty Harry- but been a long term Dredd & Wagner fan  this is awesome news as Jacks early stories are excellent for their time  -the first step out of old school British comics at least in the mainstream

Jack in his original form was a little before my time I first read his stories in Battle Action  -when he wasn't a cop but working as a  Secret Agent which wasn't his original character really so I missed out the good stuff -although years later had the idea where he'd come across the Red Shadows  durring this period in his life .. might do that story one day - but the early stories I got to see via Eagle although not a avid reader unlike Battle and 2000ad (photostrips were a bit Jackie-esque for my tastes back then-and that's where I first saw George Micheal -I could tell  he was gay then lol , but that didn't stop my sister from sticking those pics on her wall )Very sad to hear about his death over Christmas another great loss -George dug Funkadelic and Joy Division so he wasn't Bros or Take That -he had a vast talent just got there too early -He went to same primary school as my Nephs a Bushyboy Totally 80's meets BeeGees  but I like the fact he's anonyomous when this came out -guess this was same time as Faith - but I loved The Cure then and they had copyright over that word lol
Liked this one as it reminded me of Scott Walker in his heyday with a Greek Vibe (totally different vox 4sure but the feeling ) Seems like 2016 was nowt but grief not just for famous brothers and sisters but for democracy itself it seems the Mafia in all its international forms have taken over -Guess this is the one time I'm routing for the C.I.A -get rid of this Fink he's Boris Yeltsin 2(with a ego and no vodka but easilly manipulated by dosh ) ffs bad news allround- The Next 4 Years are gonna be historical at least.Captain America don't dig this Fool and neither would Jack Kirby and thats whats important.