Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Misunderstood

The Misunderstood have gotta be one of the most underreated groups from the 1960's. I Can Take You to the Sun recorded before The Beatles Revolver came out signalled the birth of the psychadelic era just as much as Tommorow Never Knows in my mind come to think of it My Mind -there's nothing quite like that song on Earth or beyond (knocks spots off The Yardbirds if you ask me .. the young John Ravenscroft had a very good ear even as far back as 1965. .. that's where I first heard My Mind and I Can Take You to the Sun in early 1990's just before Nirvana got big when they used to put Peel on very late at night .. but it was perfect timing to hear those tunes.. I was just getting into Garage music I'd come back from a club watching bands trying to sound like sixties punk but once I got home and switched radio on and heard The Misunderstood I realised that's how it's meant to be done.I've also included a few Juicy Lucy tunes as steel guitarist Glenn Campbell Ross was instrumental in creating that godlike sound(I wonder what a steel slide sitar electrified would sound like ) and rare footage of singer Rick and Glenn in their 1980's incarnation of The Misunderstood, Influence. I hope someday the screenplay that's been written about the band does make it to the silver screen as it's quite a story.I envy anyone who hears the early stuff for the first time ever ..prepared to be blown away.

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