Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Fool Killer- "Death of a Clown/Long Days Flight"

From 2003-04 the very first story I completed painting with a mouse - these day's I have a touch screen laptop but Ican't get used to working that way(don't have a phone either-leave shit alone  inventors I figured out a unique  way to create stuff  but technologies moved on as usual - and people too - but I dont' want to. got my own method and it  works for me - I'd feel like finger painting without getting dirty  it I used hands and photoshop(do people do that?).. names on wall is a homage to a few old muckers (it's the handles I gave them)Best Logo in the world thanks to my friend Leon - but the days of Rumble are gone -other people have started using that name  - plus reminds me of bad incidents in my life -want to re-think what banner all my new stuff is going to go under-a new start.
But here'sthe story  again did appear  on old blog - but doubt anyone saw that either.

Part two is entitled "Long Days Flight" suffers from my crappy lettering(It's first time I did it) "The Cobra" did a fine job on first chapter -although I havent got the originals hence small size.. these are bigger though.

The ending is extremly rushed -It was going fine in first part- till jobcentre people thought it be good idea to get me  into business (been out of work over six monthes -I  was temping solidly working all over the place   till that firm went out of buisness ) So went to bank, who  wouldn't help me so instead went on course in order to prove I was serious(which anybody can tell I was )I  had to finnish story in a short space of time which I did .. art suffered for it - still led nowhere -so now my attitude towards this is that of a monk(my life is comparable to that I'm afraid) -I work as a carer rather than this professionly .. but if I want to work on new story I will and put more care and attention into it than prior  -I'll work on this in order to get story out into the world -the more it progresses hopefully it will improve in quality-I have to keep my interests up -which is  difficult -but I find outsiders haven't helped n the slightest -my vision my story - leave it at that -how much did the disiciples get an hour ? lol -I'll keep it"strictly personal" as the good Captain  wisely stated-
The songs that influenced the  titles of these stories..

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