Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Skorned -The Deadly Sins Mk1

The prototype story fot "The Futureless" -"The Deadly Sins " been just one segment of a big book -and when I say big book I mean it in the sense of a dystopian bible  in three parts (rather than Old and New Testements) Past, Now and Future would make up the trilogy. but The Skorned was too much too soon -you can tell I drew this really fast- scanned the pencils and coloured over them -wanted to see if settings would  equal inking (something I'm not over confident with) the experiment didn't work - instead " Sins" will be a wholly Photoshop affair at the time of drawing this I thought I could speed up the process by just drawing -but at end of theday Ten  major characters is too much .. instead Seven -plus it's a mythical number  and ties in nicely with each of the girls their are but 7 Deadly Sins.
But here's The Skorned warts and all before I quit on page 4
Alot of the ideas and characters I dreamt up for this story will pop up again in "The Futureless"- just better rendered  and a little  more subtle
Idea for the covers came from Rolling Stones  5x5 EP thought that would make a cool template for a Girl Gang -I'll post the songs off that in a moment.

Never heard this version :)or this for that matter(heard radio session with "Satisfaction" though Joint was kinda mild seeing as it was the last one lol .. next one will be rockin' though. .

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