Sunday, 11 October 2015

Jetboy Sunday

hmm all these recent rumours about Fett movie -not sure they should ever show him without mask (he's up there witth  Dredd on that) firstly-fair enough we get a glimpse of him as a kid -but I don't think Micheal B Jordans actually playing him perhaps he's his quarry but if he is and Disney want facetime it'll ruin the cult of thee Bobster forever -so keep the bucket on. I mean they'll be alot of characters in this movie -if you're going for a spaceghetti western that's how you approach it Fett don't need to talk much just Clint around lol -but if your gonna have a unmasked Boba (gawd forbid) stick with the canon and have Daniel Logan he's the actual guy -or Tem if it's post ROTJ -I would like Jeremy back too. But found some nice fan films night- these are great pointers to how a Boba movie should be approached .
Whoever's directing the standalone Fett Film should be checking Leonne and Corbucci -the two Sergios and mix it up with Lucas, Kershner and Marquand's vision -that would work for sure.- love the poncho in this short old T-face would win any staring competion ... dig the camels lol Seen this before but it's been updated another short from the makers more Bobacentric And another trailer that looks intriguing -but did he actually survive the Sarlacc ? The canons been re-written by Marvel/Disney I have mixed feelings about that -- I do like how Marvel are handling latest stories though-they hire the right writers and artists - Lando's series was very good -Vaders class too- so it's in good hands Boba properley and not through rose tinted visor either-he's preety much a cruel bastard -buts that's cool he's meant to be.

Hearing mixed reviews of new Battlefront-do love the old one-some very creative mods out there -is a great game-will be hard to top even though it's over ten years old. ahh this chestnut -Devs side mod- Great voice acting from Tem :D Music's great on this.. featuring a Rare Max Rebo  b-side -Mandos gotta love them...

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