Saturday, 24 October 2015

Playlist A-Go-Go-Post 1

On the old Rumble blog featured a fair amount of playlists I cooked up to remind me that the world aint square -seems a waste not to resurect them - have to compile vol 3 of Snott  before I post a full on Garage  playlist.. they were great too - some songs missing sadly as  people delete them .. but can't complain everythings good that is still on these playlists ..Startoff with Oz/Kiwi Playlist Always loved Group Sounds ever since I heard The Bunnys Test Driver so it's kind of a passion that era...but playlist focuses on all Asia durring the beat explosion that had the good sense to don Beatle Boots Europe-before Joey Tempest lol I know I made a Latin American playlist -must be on other youtube channel-but theres enough here to "get hip to that crazy trip" already -When I find it I''ll feature it on a follow up post.

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