Sunday, 29 November 2015

"Back to the Front"

I've already muffed up this post twice doh ... bit lazy with the bloggin here at moment as I bought this aongside ps4 -so if I do get bored with that I end up watching netflix -but I'll and force myself to do a post this evening.. Kind of in two minds about this game after a week -the landscapes and maps are fantastic as are the character models -but the old battlefronter in me craved much more like the original games-which had far more maps -far more variety and a story -this is aimed at multi-players but so far I just dip into multiplayer experience as I aint got the time to build up a supertrooper -(I wonder if Abba were Boba Fett fans? lol) I have to get my Mum well again-which is the priority in my life at the moment so If I do play it tends to be on the single player modes at this time although I have tried out some of the multi-player . Wonder who'll win this? .. guy who plays Bobster isn't in character shooting from jetpack very easy.. flamethrowers weak-do like Leias Hoth garb the best.. tend to do hero battles solo against troopers more of a challenge and Fett tends to work alone usuallly .. but this game seriously lacks wookies .. more than likely dlc down the line as are other skins for the heroes but that was the nice thing about bf2 mods asit got people creating some fantastic skins and maps -so who knows what will happen a few years down the line with this title-got back into BF2 after about 10 or so years so these games really do have a lifespan... they're totally different games and it feels like if you want more you'll wind forking out money for it which is a draggy scene - but looking forward to Jakku on December the First -gotta check that planet out seeing as it's in The Force Awakens . Have to add this..always does the best reviews and he looks like my mate except he has a London accent lol

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