Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Love is the Law

May come back to  this after I complete "Death in the City of Bones" The Star Wars story I'm re-colourng (for fun  not profit)but got the inclination to colour this on Valentines Day always a 2000ad  Star Scan that stuck out in my memory-Steve Dillions  fab -love the expression , body language and drains(seems comic artists are always thinking about drainage systems -see Dave Gibbons comments about fire hydrantswhn working on Watchmen )-not used to using pink either so may re-think  this when Iget back to colouring Anderson PSI Division story .. always wanted Joe and Cas to be a item since  Judge Death Lives .. Poor Dredd never known real affection -devoted to the law - his characters  fascinating as he can show  real  humanity one minute and he next he's a total fascistic tool -Andersons the opposite -highly strung -and instincive -brillant characters hope they go on forever.. ..and marry in retirement lol  when I saw this illustration again -made me think of this song -hence title of this post..

John "Dangermouse" Squire  .I really hope there's a third Roses record on the way .. don't care if they're middle aged like me-don't believe in term you are as young as your soul dictates not the media -bound to be quality if it is on the horizon.

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