Saturday, 26 March 2016

Pedigree Nunb

New Battlefront content... any good?.. Here's first time I played as Greedo-no HUD  for more cinematic effect.

The more I think of it Greedo's like Scooter from the Muppets mixed with Sid Vicious .. I like his emotes the snort if my fave. First go on Nien Nunb -no Hud again (tried playing a big 40 player like that -it didn't go well- but might try again if I don't  feel like winning lol )love Nien-very cheeky like a Space Mutley .. this is how he faired in Battle against multiplayers on Hoth- first go really -have to get used to him - don't like his fate here -still payback for all the cheap laughs after killing so many Stormtrooper conscripts lol Here's one of the new maps -love the colour and setting(fire sparks are always cool looking ) the Bespin maps are bound to rock -going by these.. And a look at Jabba's Garage with an all Star Cast- There's also this fantastic mod for Battlefront 2 (I need to buy a decent mouse) I'm hoping that eventually a story based campaign will emerge (perhaps that's the mystery dlc.. would be neat based upon the Novel Battlefront Twilight Company perhaps?)or a Rogue One tie in perhaps :D

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