Friday, 12 August 2016

Rogue On!

Hope this movie works maybe its the Guns of the Navarone Star Wars style ... but one concern -no John Willliams- perhaps different stories  will feature  different composers - but I find that the music to these movies are as valid as the scenes shown on camera ... it essential that soundtrack propels story along... it's crucial  they get that right ... but I like what I see -I can see the Ralph !
Forrest's character has been part of The Clone Wars saga -kinda like a intergalactic Che-I'll have to dig tha boxset out again.. also excited about Rebels returning in September ..mucho Mando by the looks of things.. would be nice to see how Uncle  Bobas been up to in that time period..

Mr Feckwad .. liked taking orders (very Red Laser this dude)

Awesome one of the greats is back Grand Admiral Thrawn -if theres anyway they can bring Mara Jade back would be appreciated too .. but yes a good foe to pitch the Rebels against -nice to see Fenn back too hope Sabine grows hair longer 4 season 4 lol(will there be a season 4 ?) Sabines my fave seeing as she's into art kinda girl I'd like to meet but as ever too far away and in the past :/ ...and Wedge too.. the Johnny Red or Killer Kane of the Star Wars Galaxy looking forward to those episodes already. All this takes me back to been 10 or 11 and writing imaginary sequels to Jedi with stickmen Tie Fighters and all ..really cool to see it's quite possible ... here's one from back in the day Boba's got a bit of a headache ...may look like a salute but he don't salute no one cept his Dad that's why he's cool although needed more time with old fella .
I saw his via feed day it came out I was caned at time so it's like a dream when I did  see it.
Ernest Borgine Wild Bunch style -gunner dig it!...always a mainman like Van Cleef  but that's Cad Bane for sure)Bane vs Fett would make a good sequel to a Old Threat story i'm chunking away at. (has to be  a trilogy - thing is you make a Fett movie ...gotta have Spaghetti Western humour for sure)
Been a Rogue is a way better than been a Clone(unless your Fett, Dredd . Rogue Trooper or Rex)but 4sure  Rogues drink and toke their way through dodgy situations even wars and make  it work again  .. way it goes ...Hey Joe?

armha oh aye. blimey fave single ever -Neal Ford and the Fanatics ..Zombies did the origina.. It's good to be a Rogue Squire.!

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