Friday, 30 December 2016


Sweet Sixteen Sheen by my mate Wayne -of my creation Louisa -I'm gonna make an effort at least at the script of The Deadly Sins in 2017 its a valid story -heroines are refugees of war.
 16 songs featuring  the number 16
A year dominated by the Great Pighead distraction ( Brick It !)and Tangoman been elected -hopefully he'll be un-elected come Jan 20th -otherwise 2017 will be a shitstorm and then some....No matter pretty song to take my mind off unforseen chaos that ensues

All the greats we lost this year -makes you wonder if "Death" is a hitman working for a higher illumati that wants to stamp out culture and replace it with junk. least Sixteens a cool # -confusing age but get through it if 21st Century was a living being better years ahead Older I'm meant to get more I stick to my guns kinda liked my later teens even though Ihad to deal with a shipload of grief-kind of remained in that state of mind whilst everyone else gets married and start listening to Adele or something better to be a teenage head . Pass the Dutchie..sound words. Sam !!! lol some Muppet Action classic Steel Guitar slays me here.. wish I had a beer to cry into. I like Jack always busy.
Featuring Carie Fisher I'LL post a tribute soon either here or on other blog... another casualty of a rough year :( Think this was before Star Wars Ringos version of song came out 73 although vid looks kinda 80's Two Buzzcock #'s A Blue Year =only right to finnish with BB. I saw a few good things over Christmas period this was one of them... doubt it'll be around forever so check iplayer if your in UK

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