Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Same idea as other day ..7's a lucky number so it'll be a better year -just needs positive action...My wee band used to cover this Love song back in in the days of grunge ...about 5 minutes ago at least in my mind.

Thee Tombs! Johnny Sid Steve & Paul! Prince been his usual Funky Bad Self. Jonnyboy-really needs a honoury H in name lol 1955 the year that punk broke, short lifespan... Fave 17 song ...real Johnny Zhivago style. When pretend Scally was all the rage Nice vid as ever Tym dude.
Some lovely lazy funk guitar amd check that typeset... Korean Punkas.. And from Japan BB17 Ol Blue Eyes makes me feel old and young that one. I dunno been too hard on yourself there Janis..but I think most real people can identify with lyrics.

80's freakfunk-. kinda Kevin Turvey the style here ..glad its Steve Wright and not that monster. Ithink thats 17 altogether but may as well see if Sesame Street did one too... I guess that's where Paul Hardcastle got the idea.

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