Sunday, 19 March 2017

Chuck B

In 1955 There was Capitalism and Communism-but by 1957 there was a third route ...RnR! ahh man he was about to kill it! Chuck Berry no MC5? Chuck in more recent times..Stones Beatles Kinks..err everybody and anybody also would be non existent d/1UI8yq0B3Oc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> "Gone like a COOL BREEZE!" always the poet.I went to see Chuck with my eldest sister back in November 1993 or 94 its a while back at Hammersmith this song was one the hi-lights of the evening -as it's so different ..a calypso I love. all that jet propelled stuff but it showed another side to song writing skills.
 course 93 was when QT P-owned in cinemas so had to include this one. "Rotten Feckin' Jail!" Tulane Flat Topwith Keef-my fave song on 1st Stones album.. just for the speed and energy of it . best to stay that way been trying to take his advice all my life lol
They'll be Rockin' & Reelin' in Heaven now.

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