Monday, 27 March 2017

Mess Effect

Mr Messy -slightly before he sold out and became a conformist -nobody remembers him when he's all tidied up though...same goes for Mr Greedy after diet. My console seems kaput or at least the controller -I'm going livid -whats more can't progress off Nexus onto The Tempest says game loading isn't complete never seen anything like it b4 and hugely frustrating -so I can't really comment on a game that won't let me play it .Heres opening scenes wanted to do a playlist similar to Fallout4 -which is progressing very well as you'll see .. but it may be sometime before I can resume with Mass Effect playlist.
I think my Ryder needs a brace-I'll  have to reload everything all over again once I get new controller or re-install disc whatever the problem is... so may re-record these vids depending on how  next Sara or Scott look like.
My Fallout 4 vid playlist is growing by the day -not sure how many vids it'll be by the conclussion -but theres no end in sight could be about 600 to 800 at a guess -I'm including ps4 mods (yeah I  know seems like there are far more mods out there for xbox and pc )but least there are a few quest mods floating out there hope more will follow (these mods could do with audio though only realized halfway through that I needed subtitles )and if mods go too nutty doesn't fit in with story or world  so I keep that in mind -so far 223 videos and I haven't even got to the Institute yet .

Putting stuff out on youtube is sort of new to me-not really doing this to get tonnes of views but really for reference some cracking stills of my soul surviour in action point moments would make a good starter point for a pose in my comics especially The Deadly Sins which is visually similar to the characters i've created and the settlers too who also get the greaser makeover.
Seem to get views that don't show up youtube think many of the comments are spam sometimes I can't respond as youtube don't give the option to post some comments -so I'm not been rude .. but if it is spam fair dos,
Update-PS4 just died .. I'm in two minds to buy a new one or to get a xbox1 trouble with that is you can't record beyond 5 mins like I've been doing here-damn crummy machines they make me go all Abslom Darkk  Dalek Killer - maybe I' wont bother making any more videos -very depressed.

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