Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Vic Fett?

Is this Vicrum Fett? possibly who's Vic ? well from details leaked from the net he's the role  Benico del Toro  is playing -Boba's son? or cousin (he'd have plenty come to think of it -been off  the same production line as the Clonetroopers) Though I doubt it's Boba himself as he's meant to be played by a  Maori -(Iimagine George was very particular with that been an anthropoligist )but could be a relation . Wasn't sure of the name at first -I liked Jango as a name as it harked back to The Spagetthi Westerns -not sure where the name Boba came from someone told me once it was Russian for The Devil -but I checked this out -perhaps it's from Bob Falfa -the Cowboy hatted  guy who Harrison Ford played in American Graffiti -who later became a motorcycle cop in More American Graffiti -maybe he's an intergalactic version of that guy lol..but Vic well theres Vic and Bob -and Dept S just .had to play this ..

U can't beat a bit of Cheggars possibly the most Stoogey thing to appear on Kids TV -. But back to all things Mandalorian here's some speculation -I'm avoiding spoilers - but with these Aftermath and Bloodline books that are out it's fun to fill in the gaps -apparently Laura Derns character  and Leia are bitter political rivals looking forward to seeing how that plays out.If Vicrum is Ezra that would be a neat twist as he disgused himself as a Bounty Hunter recently in a episode  to get on board a Star Destroyer and he's always using alias's Lando been one of them(Lando would pull the same trick in the old comics with a guy called Drebble) Gonna need some powerful blue contact lenses if this new Fett is really a Bridger .. Sad to see Sabine go recently -not sure she's left entirely -they'll have to return to The Mandalorian storyline hopefully in season 4 -but Sabine's the character I dig the most as well as Fenn (he'd make a decent Mando it was in the old comics ..he is apart from the armour kind of similar to Fenn Shysha)   glad they chose Tommy from Trainspotting to voice the character always figured from the original dialouge that he would talk like a Celt rather than your typical american sounding Stormtrooper .. I may get back to colouring Death in the City of Bone.. I made it to about page 5 or 6 last year as well as a portait of Dredd (actually got him the way I always wanted to illustrate him ) but then computer just said no and bloody lost everything )so been shying away from drawing and colouring on this new computer -but started work on colouring an episode of Judge Anderson-but writing no problem -but I'll have to wait till season 3's finished and catch up with whats happening with Old Ben - they should get John Sessions in to do the voice lol he does an excellent Sir Alec (so I won't return to writing that script until more details about Obi Wan , Dantooine and Mandalore are revealed) Classic Stella Street with George Smiley and "Anthony Hopkirk"

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