Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Never Mind the Ballots

Two years goes very quickly seems like a few monthes since I last went to ballot box -I hope calling a  early election backfires on  Ms Warhol and her smug toff and wannabee toff friends-Dangermouse & Penfold all the way!

there has to be a counterpoint to that Trump lunatic -I can only see May been poodle mark 2 -Corbyn's different , having voted against the second Gulf War and been present along with The Beast of Bolsover when Robin Cook resigned (the only MPs who had the guts and principles to defy Blair's Bush kow towing anyo) The Doris has no flow -everytime I see Jezzer Hunt I expect to see Fanny the Wonderdog to turn up ... wanted to vote for this geezer last time around but he was only running in Thanet/Broadstairs area ... he was running against Judge Death (who I suspose actually won )seeing as it was revealed that the Tory candidate didn't declare his expenses (real Alan Bstard style-pirates can't be trusted) Death got his own way ultimatly anyhow with Brickit (I mean Brexit) please not a five more years of these bandits I don't think they'll be a Election Screenwipe this time around seeing as it's a snap election(the arrogance of it all is disturbing)but here's hoping -but this will bring back some cringworthy memories..

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