Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Anderson PSI Division -The Four Dark Judges (re-coloured ) Part 4

The first solo Judge Anderson story continues.. I  may need a break from this as computer kept crashing at awkward moments so  it became very frustrating -I still have psd's of these so if  I want to jazz or tidy these up I can but due to windows 10 been a ass I'm through with these for now- Story by John Wagner and Alan Grant-Art by Brett Ewins -(gotta love that dude that say's "Dodder for it!" ) kind of like a 22nd century Norman Wisdom-Judge Critchley on final page has a hint of Harry Dean Stanton too ...Chief Judge McGruder  sports red shoulder pads as that's how Chief Judges were coloured back in the 80's so I stuck with that look (I'm sure if your top Judge you have more than one pair of Shoulder and Knee pads anyhow.
I  might have a change of scene for next colouring project -always wanted to colour Mike Westerns The Sarge , so that's a possibility or  Star Wars -Death in the City of Bone- heres a few Judge Death vids -first up Sidneys and Anderson's debut from 1979 -from Mr H's channel -art by the wonderful Brian Bolland,
Who is this Death Chappy anyhow?

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