Thursday, 24 August 2017

Colourquake -Post 12


Haven't done any of these abstracty things  in a while-wanted to see if I could reduce this feeling of numbness and shock  -not sure I succeeded -awful feeling grief - you'd think by now I would be used to it -but each person lost is a  world of there own -there own individual story -it's still very raw how I feel about my mate Chris -last time I saw him he was sober for a change -helped some people move some furniture -looked good too -clean shaven-he was usually bearded  - I saw him a few weeks before then -I was heading to the polling station as it was election day- been a mate we shared some weed -said he'd get some more later -he was always good like that-generous although he was over fond of the hard liquor been kinda short I never touch the stuff -it hasn't done me any favors in the past so it's not for me any more -I stick with the stout sadly the bottle  it took my friend away -I have another friend whose a fair bit older whose also addicted -I'm very worried I will lose him too  as it wasn't just the drink but prescribed medication - he's on alot of tablets as well as a nasty vodka habit..
I went to the funeral on my own -never done that before -but I really had to -I'm sure his family and other friends wondered who the hell I was but Chris had loads of mates as you can imagine -I'll never get over this -I guess it's best to remember the funny moments - but its rough right now -I'm sure it's a 1000 times more so for his kids and wife -they'll have to be strong -
I'll try and do a bit of a tribute on next playlist -so it'll be kinda sad in parts.

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