Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Back to the Front 2

A Battlefront post -lots in news about loot boxes all negative and I can see why I  did go online on Monday for first time- and it does hurt the game+ I kinda sucked - I did enjoy Death Star 2 space battles but not keen on not been able to play as hero untill I've got enough credits prefered the random thing they had going on in the first game and so going back to campaign -which is great if a little too short - but I do hear there's more to come of story mode closer to the events of The Last Jedi -but would be neat to have a prologue set during the events of the book that came out last summer Ironic planets called Crait just like a lootbox lol A few movies made from the first EA game these are pretty good. Not a fan of Hans Beard in new game-this is Star Wars not the Fugitive (bloody so called hipsters bearding everything up - think I'd look like Badger/Lobot crossbreed if I grew one-so not for me that look but beardy Han it does tie in with the timeline I guess.  Emperor on Endor wanted to see the Red dudes and good job on the dialogue . bunch of Hicktroopers lol cept Frankie  ..good to hear Creedence though there's loads of these Machinma may add them to random playlists Still love the original BF2 and all those great Mods out there may dive into this again if I aven't forgotten how to install mods. but here's two lists of some of the best mods out there and theres plenty more..the way to with these games is to add mods I reckon like they with Fallout4 and Skyrim fans first rather than dosh(which I'm sure EA have got plenty of anyhow till recently having lost 3 billion or something recently)Dude here does the best BF based channel imo

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