Sunday, 17 December 2017

"Can You Feel the Force?"

Had to call post something this tune popped into head some old skool Disco Funk Finally saw The Last Jedi today- I'd say it's a 8 out of 10 -Bittersweet ending like all good Star Wars movies -seems like it's a divisive movie many people not liking what's not been explained -  that's bound to be explored in Third Movie -few scenes may seem unbelievable and no Knights of Ren..Del Toro wasn't a Fett lol but a guy called DJ -I won't go into spoilers but I do hope all the loose ends are tied up by episode 9-perhaps they'll find Star Peace .I still wonder how George would of handled it -but so good to see Luke & Leia again almost teared up in that scene as well as a few surprise characters which I won't mention here... it's own animal  -not how I  predicted -not mad with the movie like  some people - things will never be the same again-how long will the time jump be by episode 9? would be nice if the comics pick up directly after the closing scenes of the movie just like the 70's or 80's - doubt they'll do that but they have the space to do that now... there could be a three year gap between these two films like there was with a New Hope and Empire - so plenty of time to work with there,

These red guys remind me of an episode of Mr Ben hen he becomes a knight lol-I still think Royal Guards are cooler though -space ninjas- if they keep making these separate Star Wars movies like Rogue1 and Solo maybe they'll get around to seeing them in action.

Talking of Solo spent a fair bit of time on his home planet lately - I do hope it's a little like this excellently modded BF2 map Been playing both The original and EA's  Battlefront but thanks to the great work done by modders been able to play a few maps from the cancelled Battlefront 3 and it's very good even in it's Beta stage

Solo next very little info on that even now ..hopefully a trailer or a clip will appear by end of the year -and there's the second half of the final season of Rebels to also look ahead to.

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