Monday, 23 April 2018

Bourne Again

Charleys War is  back in print  courtesy of Rebellion (The backwards S was always the best logo ) I actually had a stab at colouring this image myself a few years back along with the first two episodes -  
(I sound a bit snarky here -probably had a few beers that night plus it was post brickit  or The Pig Head distraction incident-what  I was trying to describe was somebody complaining about Polish immigrants  kinda  makes me mad when people don't know there history- and distort it to there own fantasyland - perhaps this is why I like  this comic so much, alongside Joe's artwork it tries to tell the truth ) 
As much as I  love this story maybe it would of been too much of a challenge to colour  and maybe I'm more suited colouring  more fantastical stories set in the future or  Star Wars galaxy -it's become a thing to do  rather than a carrer goal -seeing as I have to work as a carer - still it would be my dream job-and  my eyesights getting  much worse . They've done a nice job on the covers here- I  left background white  in mine -but that wouldn't work on a front cover as its negative space I was thinking along the lines of inside cover at the time  as that image was used on the Titan Books inside cover back in the 80's - I now have Charleys War on disk as well as the Hardbacks with photo covers and  historical essays and the first volume of The Rebellion collection -with the other two volumes to follow in next couple of monthes -(I have to mention in the first edition the lettering is much better as before it was done mechanically as opposed to hand -I think Peter Knight and Steve Potter took over those duties in the later volumes  it's  also nice to see the colour pages inserted as they did not reproduce well in the hardback versions - But here's the writer Pat  who can explain Charley waaayy better than I  ever could.

I guess my next purchase has to be "Colour Like Carlos" I coloured this page today and I'm halfway through a Dredd pic but watching this vid it's not the full pic so alongside this book I'll have to buy a scanner -I wouldn't want to ruin originals anyhow but here's my colouring of Strontium Dogs  Johnny Alpha, & Durham Red and  Mega City Judge Joe Dredd himself-I'll have a go at Carlos and Alan Hebdens creations  Major Eazy and El Mestizo (Django before Tarantino's Django in the American Civil War) once I get a copy
I figured Durham would be kinda pale as she's always in need of blood .

"Alec Trench " lol -bit of a in-joke  -America has Jack Kirby we have Carlos -I hope one day Third World War will be collected .

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