Monday, 16 April 2018

Project 1313 of the Rag Tag Republic 3

Kir Kanos -by Paul Galaucy. I should really be colouring -I will resume with that soon enough - but lately been sucked back into Mass Effect 2 and after that Mass Effect 3 no doubt -must of completed both games about 4 times but keep coming back same applies to Fallout 4 and Red Dead Redemption - I'm hoping Respawn have good sense to follow this pattern of storytelling when new Open World(s) game comes out (Worlds would be better )the more freedom in these games the better ,
 My ideal would story feature a Senate Commando  between Clone Wars and  Galactic Civil War  he/she could either take the path of good or evil It would really be down to the player  which routeto go down    -the more good you do the more blue armour you pick up  the more in touch with the empire the more Red gear  as you go further through story you''ll be rewarded perhaps pickup force powers along the way  -could also go undercover tangle with the Hutts Pikes and Black Sun gangster syndicates maybe help out various systems under pirate attack or be part of the attacks  -maybe that'll be a game that lives in my brain  but it's a good idea..maybe go back to it in writing  a story .
As we've already had Republic Commando  this would be a much different perspective , human or maybe even non human protagonist rather than clones who would prey witness first hand  the  vast  change from Republic to Empire -and the disintegration of the Senate- planet by planet ...That would work more in a third person RPG  style game rather than a straight out shooter , the nature of the combat would be different possibly character masters the various galactic martial arts . We didn't really see much of Senate Commandos except in Clone Wars series where they seemed to be unworthy on the title Commando but I'm sure that wouldn't always be the case.

I can imagine Palps assigning these guys wet work seeing as no one knows their faces. This post really concerns the future game made by Respawn and the cancellation of what seems perfectly well executed games that we will never see in there true form -I'm hoping the new game will take aspects from these cancelled games as they look exactly the kind of thing I had in mind, I hope they do a good job needs a on-going single player with dlc of planets rather than microtransactions -if multi-players a focus follow Rockstars example GTA V still doing well seems like eons ago since it's release Project Rag Tag seemed the perfect bridge between Hope & Empire I can see this been revived somehow ; although should have character creation not sure I could celebrate Movember throughout duration of  a whole  game-Dodgers kinda Stacy Keach  in space.. the chicks very Aphra too I'd liked to have a chin wag with her in a RPG setting-I do have a issue with one of the reasons this game was cancelled that been it focused too much on players creativity -reason I love Fallout 4 so much is that is like directing your own movie you can choose the aesthetics of that world and it's inhabitants - the lighting (if you have a companion with a mining helmet for example )cut scenes can differ every time -can even mess up the weather conditions with mods -this would work very well in a Star Wars context-players could make there very own take on series I see nothing wrong with that-It was nice to bump into Luke Han, Leia and Lando in BF2 -it would of been neat to bump into familiar faces or helmets  well known or not so well known and recruit them to your crew for a few missions -perhaps that'll happen in the new Respawn game if that doesn't get cancelled too.
No Spoilers now :(
Batuu would be a cool location to explore in game -seeing as it's a hideaway and trader world.

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